09:59:48 <Stskeeps> #startmeeting Mer platform SDK sync meeting 23/3/2012
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10:00:14 <lbt> morning all
10:00:14 <Stskeeps> hi all, welcome to another week's platform SDK sync meeting - i'll be chairing today instead of timoph
10:00:27 <Stskeeps> let's get the status'es going :)
10:00:39 <Stskeeps> #topic Status (please prefix your progress with #info )
10:01:07 <lbt> #info main news is that we got another SDK release out with Scratchbox2 incorporated
10:01:50 <lbt> #info This includes documentation and mini-tutorial at http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK and http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_and_SB2
10:02:57 <lbt> #info Details for simple local compiles (using sb2) against 'any' rootfs image are provided
10:04:50 <lbt> #info We've had some reports of problems building raw images using the loop devices - please help us track this issue down if you hit it
10:05:23 <lbt> done as far as progress goes  (I think)
10:05:31 <timoph> I'll try to get automated tests done for image creation and cross compiling during the weekend with E-P
10:06:49 <Stskeeps> does latest SDK include build/osc fixes?
10:07:13 <lbt> ah yes
10:08:17 <Stskeeps> anyone else has anything to report, else we'll go for planning
10:08:39 <lbt> #info SDK also includes Mer version of osc and build (fixes #221 and #222 iirc) which allows OBS builds that use sb2 (ie mer-core etc) to build locally
10:10:16 <Stskeeps> ok, moving on to planning
10:10:18 <Stskeeps> #topic Plans
10:11:07 <lbt> So I think the chroot SDK is about done
10:11:21 <lbt> I don't want to add much more other than to fix bugs
10:12:10 <lbt> maybe things like extlinux for raw images
10:12:18 <lbt> I do want to provide easy installation of tool groups
10:13:08 <lbt> so I think our next goals are around maintaining the SDK
10:13:18 <lbt> both from a user and delivery PoV
10:13:51 <lbt> so one thing is to move from using 'latest' release
10:14:08 <Stskeeps> makes sense, it's a good checkpoint for adding testcases
10:14:18 <timoph> btw, is the sdk now build with mer releases?
10:14:20 <lbt> and yes, to start testing
10:14:32 <lbt> timoph: not concurrently, no
10:15:20 <lbt> nor do we do testing on pre-releases
10:15:54 <lbt> once we have some tests in place I think we can begin to do that kind of thing
10:16:02 <timoph> yep
10:16:10 <lbt> let me just info
10:16:49 <lbt> #info Move from using 'latest' symbolic release to a named release with an easy 'upgrade to latest' mechanism
10:17:16 <lbt> so I think the big one is to focus on testing
10:18:18 <timoph> yes
10:18:37 <timoph> hoping to have something to show after this weekend
10:18:48 <timoph> along with documentation on how to do it
10:20:18 <timoph> when talking about automated tests.. it's worth to note that all the things executed automagically can be executed manually as well
10:20:29 <Stskeeps> good for reproducability
10:20:38 <timoph> so there's no need for everyone to setup the full TA toolchain
10:20:47 <lbt> nice
10:21:28 <timoph> but I think it'll be much clearer after we do it
10:21:35 <timoph> it's not that complicated
10:21:54 <E-P> shouldn't be :)
10:23:20 <timoph> E-P: so would do you think about the testing goals? (tests for image creation and cross compilation plus docs)
10:23:36 <timoph> I'd say doable over the weekend
10:24:26 <E-P> I think so too, lets take couple of simple test cases first
10:24:47 <timoph> yeah
10:26:22 * timoph has to go. cy
10:26:29 <lbt> o/
10:26:31 <E-P> bye
10:26:34 <Stskeeps> right, any other plans?
10:27:15 <E-P> after we have some tests running, we need the reporting (qa-reports example)
10:27:16 <lbt> Next step for testing is to establish goals and docs over the weekend then?
10:27:42 <Stskeeps> E-P: right, a good question how to work with that
10:28:09 <lbt> #info Next step for testing is to establish goals and docs over the weekend.
10:28:20 <E-P> also some kind of test management would be good, what is executed and when
10:29:26 <E-P> I have setup qa-reports couple of times
10:29:43 <Stskeeps> what technology is qa-reports built on?
10:29:53 <E-P> ruby on rails
10:29:55 <Stskeeps> ok
10:30:03 <lbt> we could put up a VM for that
10:30:40 <E-P> yes, that should be enough
10:30:52 <Stskeeps> is there anything that can turn results.xml into a .pdf or similar?
10:31:01 <Stskeeps> just out of curiousity / a render or something
10:31:30 <E-P> there might be, if I remember correctly
10:32:16 <E-P> I have to find that out, can be that it was for the tests.xml
10:32:49 <Stskeeps> ok
10:33:06 <lbt> ISTR something like that from SF ?
10:33:16 <E-P> one way is to use the qa-reports and print that page to pdf
10:36:27 <E-P> anyway, not the highest priority at the moment
10:36:40 <lbt> E-P: can you raise a task bug to setup qa-reports please
10:37:04 <E-P> when we have something up and running, then we can plan how to integrate tests to release process and/or code changes
10:37:10 <Stskeeps> (bugs.merproject.org , severity=task)
10:37:11 <E-P> lbt: sure
10:37:22 <Stskeeps> should we set up a QA planning meeting sometime next week?
10:39:37 <Stskeeps> #info QA planning meeting probably a good idea
10:39:46 <Stskeeps> ok, anything else?
10:40:32 <lbt> anything on Qt Creator side?
10:40:57 <Stskeeps> nothing much new there, still waiting for qtonpi release as that helps understand the setup better
10:43:23 <lbt> OK
10:43:25 <Stskeeps> ok, thank you all for coming :) good meeting today
10:43:30 <lbt> ty
10:43:31 <Stskeeps> #endmeeting