16:00:05 <vgrade> #startmeeting MeeGo Community OBS Replacement Meeting 24/4/2012
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16:00:18 <vgrade> Welcome everyone I have the Agenda at http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00445.html
16:00:28 <vgrade> Last meeting log at http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-04-10-16.00.log.html
16:00:56 <vgrade> If you are new to this meeting give us a wave and a short intro, if you've been here before give us a wave
16:03:51 <vgrade> slaine, just us so far, lets wait a bit
16:05:57 <vgrade> ok lbt is not around so lets take agenda item 3
16:06:05 <vgrade> #topic 3. Feedback from Maemo OBS discussions
16:06:12 <lbt> back now
16:06:22 <vgrade> I received an apology from SD69 but he sent the following status report.
16:06:33 <vgrade> #info from SD69,  At the last meeting, I indicated that Maemo would try to address the topic of a community OBS and provide guidance.  We have been able to do that.  We had a Maemo Council meeting on the topic, and I am pleased to say that the general consensus was to move forward with it.  It seems that we have the support of Nokia in this effort as well.  We have already formed a Task Force as well to handle techn
16:07:02 <vgrade> #info Meeting log http://mg.pov.lt/maemo-meeting-irclog/%23maemo-meeting.2012-04-23.log.html
16:07:18 <vgrade> #info A preliminary wiki page is up at  http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Maemo_OBS#Goals
16:07:45 <vgrade> Things seem to be progressing there any more status updates anyone wants to make here?
16:08:10 <lbt> I can
16:08:37 <vgrade> on item 3, go ahead
16:08:57 <lbt> oh, sorry #1
16:09:11 <vgrade> #topic 1. Mer NFP Status including progress on Donation/Sponsorship Procedures
16:09:24 <lbt> #info I've made some small progress on the NFP side and we now have a bank account in Mer Project name.
16:09:32 <vgrade> \o
16:10:25 <lbt> I also have an idea about how to take donations from organisations and not cost us VAT - I need to run that past my accountant first though
16:11:22 <vgrade> ok how close are we to being able to start accepting donations
16:11:26 <lbt> I wanted to clarify Mer Project donation policy so I have a draft here:
16:11:36 <lbt> http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Donation_Policy
16:11:49 <lbt> vgrade: I'll give bank details to people  on demand
16:12:09 <vgrade> ok, can you add that to the Donation Page
16:12:11 <lbt> I'm not sure but I think it's OK to actually put them on a website
16:13:32 <vgrade> if you can't then just detail the process, " eg, ping lbt for account deets"
16:13:37 <lbt> yep
16:13:58 <lbt> I don't know how to best handle saying "thanks" either. I'd like to have a page of "people and companies that support Mer"
16:15:02 <lbt> (so suggestions welcome!)
16:15:19 <vgrade> you also did a spreadsheet for the AB meeting I recall, that could be updated and published if people want their donation recognised
16:16:18 <lbt> *nod*
16:16:32 <X-Fade> Hi, got in later than expected.
16:17:03 <vgrade> X-Fade, http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-04-24-16.00.log.txt
16:17:27 <X-Fade> vgrade: Thanks, was reading the backscroll already :)
16:17:38 <vgrade> X-Fade, we took item 3 first, if you have any status for that we can take it now?
16:17:55 <lbt> OK - that's all for me on #1
16:18:31 <lbt> I have no progress to report on #2 either yet
16:18:43 <vgrade> #topic 2. Legal Entity Progress
16:18:54 <vgrade> <lbt> I have no progress to report on #2 either yet
16:18:58 * timoph is a bit late
16:19:12 <lbt> hmm
16:19:23 <vgrade> timoph, http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-04-24-16.00.log.txt
16:19:45 <lbt> I will say that the Mer AB approved the concept of Mer Project running a community OBS
16:20:05 <lbt> let me get a link and quote
16:20:51 <lbt> "AB decides that Mer project is interested in contributing to the community area with the discussed constraints (legal risk to core,  collaboration between multiple  entities/projects) and allows lbt to investigate solutions to this"
16:21:09 <lbt> http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-04-20-11.03.html
16:22:08 <vgrade> ok thanks lbt
16:22:10 <lbt> there's lots of discussion in the log but I don't think it's that interesting :)
16:22:42 <lbt> for the record, I personally don't see this as a high priority task just yet
16:23:33 <lbt> If people do feel a sense of urgency about having a legal entity established then let me know
16:24:22 <vgrade> yes, we have time to set this up, just keeping it on the agenda so we get a sync
16:25:29 <vgrade> anything else from anyone?
16:26:37 <X-Fade> Not really :)
16:27:04 <vgrade> I'll keep the agenda items the same so we can sync with the Maemo efforts and set another meeting for say the 15th May as people will be out at Tizen conf
16:27:14 <lbt> OK
16:27:19 <lbt> hmm
16:27:32 <lbt> usernames
16:27:49 <vgrade> for
16:28:05 <lbt> the replacement for the meego cobs :)
16:28:22 <lbt> essentially we can't take meego accounts
16:28:44 <timoph> imo not a big thing to ask for a new acc
16:28:47 <lbt> but we can take data
16:28:49 <X-Fade> Well..
16:28:53 <lbt> there are maemo accounts - but they don't map to meego ones
16:29:02 <X-Fade> We can probably take the username + pw when the user agrees?
16:29:14 <X-Fade> And afaik MeeGo.com is an openid provider?
16:30:10 <lbt> I'd like to get users to register their meego.com account on mer and verify that the emails match or something
16:30:29 <slaine> I wouldn't have thought you'd want a defacto migration
16:30:41 <lbt> slaine: normally no
16:30:47 <lbt> but home:<username>
16:30:48 <slaine> and you should be able to do a copy pac from the meego servers to the mer servers
16:31:02 <lbt> privacy policy matters
16:31:04 <slaine> as a user that is
16:31:26 <lbt> and I don't want people to 'lose' their meego account/home names
16:31:33 <lbt> unless they want to
16:31:37 <timoph> yep. I was prepared to having to move my stuff manually
16:31:41 <timoph> can live that
16:31:58 <timoph> good excuse to do some cleaning there :)
16:32:08 <lbt> mmm
16:32:11 <X-Fade> Hehe
16:32:14 <lbt> I don't see it happening :)
16:32:27 <lbt> I see a last minute "ooh, can't you do it automatically"
16:32:48 <lbt> but anyhow... just raising the issue for consideration
16:33:13 <timoph> yeah. a valid point
16:33:20 <lbt> maybe as something to raise for discussion in maemo and meego and mer communities
16:33:31 <timoph> yep
16:33:35 <slaine> totally, but I think timoph and myself are on the same page, it's a good chance to clean up and take over only what you need
16:33:38 <vgrade> #info username and migration policy to be discussed and agreed
16:34:05 <timoph> actually the cleaning thing might be a good reason to make people move their stuff manually
16:34:22 <lbt> I can see the benefit there
16:34:23 <timoph> I bet there's a lot of broken abandoned packages there
16:34:24 <slaine> otherwise we'll inherit a lot of cruft
16:34:27 <lbt> oh yes
16:34:32 <X-Fade> And copypac is not a whole lot of work anyway.
16:34:38 <X-Fade> We can write a short howto.
16:34:39 <slaine> exactly
16:34:54 <slaine> from a hosting perspective there'll be a win too
16:35:54 <lbt> well, people may want to ensure they have their usernames registered on bugzilla on merproject then.... and maybe I need a captcha there soon
16:36:51 <vgrade> I'd like to get someone from Plasma Active to comment
16:37:18 <X-Fade> I'd think that account collisions are rare.
16:39:04 <vgrade> can we make a decision here then for manual migration?
16:39:51 <vgrade> or add as an agenda item for next time?
16:40:51 <lbt> manual migration makes sense
16:40:56 <lbt> I just know I'd be a bit miffed if someone took my nick :D
16:41:20 <lbt> not sure how likely it is though
16:42:07 <vgrade> I can't see it and it should be easy to rectify
16:42:19 <lbt> np
16:42:30 <X-Fade> With maemo and meego, I haven't seen one issue with that though.
16:43:06 <vgrade> I will add to the agenda for next time so if anyone has any stong feelins they can air them next time
16:44:05 <vgrade> AOB?
16:44:22 <lbt> not here
16:44:56 <X-Fade> No from me
16:45:00 <X-Fade> *not
16:45:19 <vgrade> Thanks for giving your time today
16:45:31 <vgrade> #endmeeting