12:00:05 <E-P> #startmeeting Mer QA meeting 10/5/2012
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12:00:17 <E-P> Hi all
12:00:46 <E-P> Let's keep it short today, because many of you are in the SF
12:01:45 <E-P> #topic Current status
12:02:15 <E-P> #info the test selector implementation started
12:02:44 <E-P> #info Mer QA process pictures updated
12:02:56 <E-P> #info http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Talk:Quality/Test_processes
12:03:23 <E-P> wrong link, sorry
12:03:27 <E-P> #info http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Quality/Test_processes
12:04:45 <E-P> #info changed tr-lite hwinfo package name, https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=326
12:04:59 <E-P> #info create instructions how to make own hwinfo package
12:05:38 <E-P> phaeron, mdfe_: welcome, http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-05-10-12.00.log.txt
12:06:49 <E-P> I haven't talk with l3i about the ots development, but I moved the OTS from the meego.gitorious to test-execution-tools repository
12:07:31 <E-P> #info Moved OTS source code to http://gitorious.org/test-execution-tools
12:08:46 <E-P> nothing else from me
12:08:53 <phaeron> E-P: I had imported the packages to pub.build about 6 months ago some of them don't build yet
12:09:11 <phaeron> do you want to take over that area ?
12:09:17 <phaeron> or has lbt already done that
12:09:45 <E-P> I can take look at them, if lbt hasen't
12:10:06 <E-P> phaeron: what is the OBS project?
12:10:26 <phaeron> I meant has lbt already given you maintainership there
12:10:36 <phaeron> one second trying to remember
12:11:31 <E-P> as far as I know, I don't have any maintainer access
12:11:57 <E-P> we can talk about that later when lbt is back
12:12:05 <phaeron> the search is still broken in cobs :(
12:12:17 <E-P> https://build.pub.meego.com/search
12:12:19 <E-P> that should work
12:13:39 <phaeron> found it https://build.pub.meego.com/project/monitor?project=Project%3ATools%3ATesting
12:14:18 <phaeron> those were the packages l3i asked me to import
12:14:29 <E-P> great
12:15:26 <E-P> looks like it has all the tools
12:15:52 <phaeron> I can give you maintainer there
12:16:41 <E-P> we have to discuss with lbt where we want to have to the tools, eg Mer:Tools
12:17:13 <phaeron> ok
12:18:24 <E-P> or do we have only rpm packages in Mer:Tools and another project for other distros
12:18:33 <E-P> some guideline for that we need
12:19:28 <phaeron> imho they are host tools , so they can have their own project area and build for multiple targets both rpm and deb
12:20:26 <phaeron> that's all from me :)
12:20:35 <E-P> thanks
12:20:46 <phaeron> E-P: do you intend on developing OTS ?
12:20:46 <mdfe_> thank you
12:20:56 <phaeron> mdfe_: accepted your request to :Cordia
12:21:08 <mdfe_> :)
12:21:20 <E-P> phaeron: yes
12:21:45 <E-P> we have planned a bit different testing process and that requires some changes to OTS
12:21:49 <phaeron> E-P: cool , I am interested in that , having used this stuff + qareports back in Nokia
12:22:34 <E-P> good to know
12:23:03 <E-P> and lbt had also some wishes for OTS
12:23:45 <phaeron> he's MIA since going to SF
12:23:57 <phaeron> I hope he didn't get detained in USA :D
12:24:37 <E-P> :D
12:24:48 <E-P> let's hope the best
12:25:19 <E-P> I will continue with the test selector and setting up virtual nemo + ots
12:26:32 <phaeron> ok do you have a page on wiki ?
12:26:53 <phaeron> so I can volunteer time when I have some :)
12:27:01 <E-P> not yet, but I will add
12:27:58 <E-P> always nice to have some help :)
12:28:13 <E-P> I should have a bit more time after this week, so hopefully getting something up and running
12:28:42 <phaeron> ok , just ping me when you have something
12:28:53 <E-P> will do
12:29:11 <E-P> anything else ?
12:29:18 <phaeron> I'm done
12:29:19 <mdfe_> not from my side
12:29:54 <E-P> thanks for coming and have a nice rest of the week
12:30:13 <E-P> #endmeeting