#mer-meeting: Mer QA meeting 21/05/2012

Meeting started by E-P at 12:00:51 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Current status (E-P, 12:01:27)
    1. illustrated doing a tsestable image in 30 mins and booting it on raspberry pi (Stskeeps, 12:02:51)
    2. in 30 mins (Stskeeps, 12:02:54)
    3. worked perfectly (Stskeeps, 12:03:00)
    4. testrunner-ui needs to go onto mer:tools (Stskeeps, 12:03:11)
    5. used eat, testrunner (Stskeeps, 12:03:11)
    6. OBS copyproject verified working (important for the automated image creation) (lbt, 12:05:49)
    7. kernel command line can be used for bringing up eth0 on boot, and this can be done in .ks file (E-P, 12:12:00)
    8. OBS upstream is using travis-ci.org to do CI on their github tree for master branch; This could be useful for MerOBS too. (lbt, 12:13:33)

  2. Acceptance criteria for the tools and tests (E-P, 12:18:24)
    1. gerrit might cause some problems due to per-commit nature (E-P, 13:09:12)
    2. code review, integration and testing are required for tools (E-P, 13:09:18)
    3. each tool must have a wiki page with url to the right version control (E-P, 13:09:22)
    4. using submit requests for tools with link to the changes diff (E-P, 13:09:25)
    5. submit requests are done from Mer:Tools:Testing to Mer:Tools (E-P, 13:09:32)
    6. Tools team updates the tools to Mer:Tools:Testing (E-P, 13:09:37)
    7. Mer:Tools:Testing is used for wider testing before SR are accepted (E-P, 13:09:48)
    8. Mer:Tools is always ready for release (E-P, 13:09:56)
    9. using the same process for Project:MINT tools (E-P, 13:10:04)
    10. only accepting tests that are passing, failing tests are rejected (E-P, 13:10:24)
    11. otherwise using the same process for tests that for the tools (E-P, 13:10:37)
    12. the test should pass on all devices, for now we can use virtual machine (E-P, 13:10:48)
    13. Packages that are shared between MINT and Tools should be 'mastered' in Tools (lbt, 13:11:21)

Meeting ended at 13:14:30 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. (none)

People present (lines said)

  1. E-P (75)
  2. lbt (69)
  3. Stskeeps (13)
  4. phaeron (10)
  5. MerBot (2)

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