11:05:09 <Stskeeps> #startmeeting Mer release management meeting 26/6/2012
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11:05:33 <Stskeeps> #info Next release will appear during today
11:06:08 <Stskeeps> #info Next release: new rpmlint, device-mapper, e2fsprogs, ppl/poppler, libxcb - work towards systemd 185
11:06:15 <Stskeeps> #info (i mean Next-next)
11:07:01 <Stskeeps> i think we will have compiler upgrade (further linaro release), rpm upgrade, in due time as well
11:07:07 <Stskeeps> but not sure it will go in next-next
11:07:37 <Stskeeps> and next-next: ccache as well
11:07:41 <Stskeeps> anybody has any high-priority things that we ought to put in?
11:08:00 <lbt> I think rpm with skip-* should go in -next
11:08:10 <Stskeeps> :nod:
11:08:13 <lbt> 4.10 with ~ maybe not
11:08:56 <Stskeeps> i propose next-next on 1207 ?
11:09:22 <lbt> ok
11:09:31 <Sage_> quite soon IMO but ok.
11:09:37 <Stskeeps> it's actually like 3 weeks
11:09:37 <Sage_> err... nm :D
11:09:37 <Stskeeps> :P
11:09:44 * Sage_ was readin 0707 :)
11:09:58 * Sage_ agrees :)
11:10:06 <Stskeeps> #info start using copyprj as well as part of this, so not too much invasive stuff
11:10:09 <lbt> I did that ... then thought Saturday?
11:10:21 * Sage_ ponders if he submitted glib2 update already
11:10:28 <Stskeeps> as long as it's not 1407, i'm okay, that's my birthday..
11:10:29 <Stskeeps> :P
11:10:33 <lbt> systemd ?
11:11:09 <Stskeeps> systemd is stuff that ought to be done now instead of too late
11:11:11 <Sage_> I have couple of CVE fixes and glib2 fix planned for that 1207 release if I have time to finish those.
11:11:11 <Stskeeps> imho
11:11:15 <Stskeeps> udev, systemd merge, etc
11:11:50 <Sage_> there is possible regression for nemo in systemd/udev update that needs to be checked carefully
11:12:03 <Sage_> IIRC x86 adaptation didn't boot or something like that
11:12:05 <Stskeeps> :nod:
11:12:13 <Stskeeps> systemd and udev is one thing now
11:12:17 <lbt> was quite a while ago too
11:12:20 <Sage_> :nod:
11:13:40 <Stskeeps> phaeron1: could you report on copyprj?
11:14:36 <Stskeeps> i participated in qt contributor summit over the weekend, qt5 seems to go on
11:16:25 <lbt> how is Qt looking for next few releases?
11:16:45 <lbt> we're at Qt5 ... beta1? now
11:16:51 <Stskeeps> fairly good.. we might have a qt4.8.2 i think, and we're at qt5 alpha
11:16:54 <Stskeeps> beta1 isn't tagged yet
11:17:01 <Stskeeps> and for beta1 to be included, we need gcc upgrade
11:17:04 <Stskeeps> as there was a compiler error
11:17:07 <Stskeeps> which later linaro fixed
11:17:16 <lbt> OK
11:17:28 <lbt> anything we need to get upstreamed wrt Qt ?
11:17:50 <w00t> 4.8.3 will be released in the next few months
11:17:53 <Stskeeps> i think we're okay regarding to qt patches, bostik handles that issue
11:17:54 <Stskeeps> s
11:18:46 <lbt> so what is Qt5 schedule? (roughly)
11:19:32 <lbt> (just to include this in #info and Mer scheduling)
11:19:37 <phaeron1> sorry there was internet issues here
11:19:40 <Stskeeps> it's a bit of an unknown atm :)
11:19:46 <Stskeeps> but from what i see, a lot works already
11:20:27 <lbt> are we looking at July or December for a final release though
11:20:41 <w00t> the target is august
11:20:53 <lbt> thanks
11:20:54 <w00t> how reliable that target is in light of recent events is still not quite clear
11:20:59 <lbt> yep, understood
11:21:02 <w00t> but things are generally in good shape
11:21:05 <w00t> (imho)
11:21:58 <phaeron1> so copyprj
11:22:20 <phaeron1> is in good enough shape to package and test the new mer process.
11:23:05 <phaeron1> it can also help with saving time when one wants to copy a full project state without rebuilding
11:23:20 <phaeron1> hello is this thing on :D
11:23:56 <lbt> yes
11:23:59 <phaeron1> ok ..
11:24:35 <phaeron1> so what needs to be done next , is create packages in community obs and deploy them to (ci?) and start testing
11:24:55 <phaeron1> oh and merge the copyprj branch first
11:25:51 <phaeron1> good enough shape means I fixed all known scenarios I could test.
11:26:03 <lbt> OK
11:26:14 <lbt> this is based on 2.3.1 too
11:26:27 <lbt> and we'll want to upgrade C.OBS
11:27:08 <lbt> so it sounds like a fair bit of ops work to get it deployed
11:27:30 <phaeron1> yes I am not sure where to deploy first
11:27:35 <phaeron1> and the backup policy
11:27:40 <lbt> yeah
11:27:59 <lbt> how about the non-working mer c.obs
11:29:59 <lbt> so that needs scheduling
11:30:04 <phaeron1> let's make sure we can rollback
11:30:21 <lbt> Stskeeps: you mention doing that this release cycle?
11:32:38 <Stskeeps> yes
11:32:47 <Stskeeps> we have 3 weeks of calm ish so
11:33:08 <lbt> OK
11:33:48 <phaeron1> ok
11:34:02 <phaeron1> probably announce read only periods over weekend
11:34:22 <lbt> from my side... I'm working on 'quickbuild' in the SDK
11:34:43 <lbt> essentially allowing 'make-like' behaviour of osc build
11:35:29 <lbt> ie ... changing a line of code results in a single(ish) gcc, link operation and then new rpm creation
11:35:54 <Stskeeps> :nod:
11:36:02 <lbt> As part of that I got back into the git/pristine-tar work
11:36:34 <phaeron1> cool and then we can have the rpms always served from inside the sdk using a yum / zypper repo so devices / vms can pull the new rpm
11:36:36 <lbt> it would be nice since we want to be working on a source tree and an osc project together--ish
11:36:41 <lbt> yes
11:37:14 <phaeron1> ok I gtg eat now
11:37:28 <lbt> I am working on our rpm git repo and would like to push it to mer's git
11:37:43 <lbt> obviously that needs some careful reviewing first
11:38:05 <lbt> so this is more "heads up, I'll be asking" :)
11:38:54 <lbt> we'll have one git clone-able repo that has upstream git, pristine-tar, mer packaging and the nasty-mer-packaging trees in it
11:39:48 <lbt> later on we should be able to remove various refs and do gc to clean up the nasty blobs (and possibly lose some history)
11:39:58 <lbt> but that's a maybe
11:40:09 <Stskeeps> yes, tools first
11:40:14 <lbt> anyhow ... quickbuild first
11:40:30 <lbt> Then .... package numbering
11:40:50 <lbt> once copyprj OBS is deployed can we tackle that
11:40:57 <Stskeeps> yep
11:41:27 <lbt> ta - would be good to do before our downstreams get too far ahead
11:43:10 <lbt> minor thing: m2crypto - going to try a rename to python-M2Crypto as part of the update
11:43:42 <lbt> Had no feedback on SDK 6.0.1 yet - I'll be doing a 6.0.2 soon
11:44:45 <lbt> We have 2 new servers which I have a plan for doing some migrations to to make use of their increased build speed
11:45:06 <lbt> that's it from me
11:45:23 <Stskeeps> :nod:
11:45:25 <lbt> I should have info'ed some of that :/
11:45:35 <Stskeeps> i'm finally back after my journeys, so i can start working again :P
11:45:59 <Sage_> lbt: i'm using 6.0.1 atm. and no issues so far
11:46:10 <lbt> Sage_: good - ta
11:46:16 <Sage_> used after you told the upgrade cmd :D
11:46:29 <Sage_> I just did zypper ref;zypper up and wondered why didn't I get latest version :)
11:49:06 <lbt> Sage_: any thoughts on your side about stuff that should be done sooner rather than later
11:49:38 <lbt> ie potentially disruptive changes
11:50:16 <Sage_> systemd is one that Stskeeps mentioned already. There is some issues in shutdown which might be related to that.
11:50:31 <Sage_> at times shutdown takes very long time or doesn't happen at all on nemo at least.
11:51:35 <lbt> ok
11:52:00 <Sage_> otherwise it should be just generic updates mainly that I have in my mind.
11:53:11 <Sage_> ah, and busybox would be nice.
11:53:26 <Stskeeps> famous last words..
11:53:27 <Stskeeps> :P
11:53:31 <Sage_> :)
11:53:53 <Sage_> there are some things like tar in sdk that doesn't support some features because we can't update it (gplv3)
11:54:20 <Sage_> busybox should allow those updates as then busybox would be the one that would go to the device, right?
11:54:25 <Stskeeps> right
11:54:26 <lbt> yes
11:56:05 <lbt> oh
11:56:17 <lbt> next meeting, can we discuss "createrelease.sh"
11:56:27 <Stskeeps> yours or mine?
11:56:27 <Stskeeps> :P
11:56:36 <lbt> do I have to answer that?
11:56:41 <Stskeeps> yess
11:56:41 <Stskeeps> :p
11:56:43 <Sage_> :P
11:56:52 * lbt is considering banning Stskeeps from shell coding
11:56:59 * Stskeeps ducks
11:57:06 <lbt> *g*
11:57:16 <lbt> really more about what it should be doing
11:57:30 <lbt> naming conventions and stuff for release directories
11:57:32 <Stskeeps> goal is to deliver something that can be imported into an MDS, and mic run against repos
11:57:57 <lbt> I think so too - 2 types of release: normal repos and MDS targets
11:58:17 <lbt> most of this is probably obvious - we're looking for Mer-related exceptions
11:58:45 <lbt> so just to raise this as an agenda item for next time
11:58:58 <Stskeeps> ok
11:59:36 <lbt> also, to be clear, not just Mer releases, Nemo, Tools, SDK and any other vendor
12:00:45 <lbt> #info Next meeting we'll discuss what we need/use to make 'releases' of Mer and Vendor projects built on Mer : eg Nemo, Tools/SDK, etc.
12:00:46 <Stskeeps> :nod:
12:00:51 <Stskeeps> next meeting same time next week then
12:00:55 <lbt> yep
12:00:57 <lbt> food now
12:01:03 <Stskeeps> thank you all for coming
12:01:04 <lbt> ty
12:01:04 <Stskeeps> #endmeeting