16:00:10 <vgrade_> #startmeeting MeeGo Community OBS Replacement Meeting 24/07/2012
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16:00:21 <vgrade_> #info Welcome everyone I have the Agenda at http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg00622.html
16:00:31 <vgrade_> #info Last meeting log at http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2012/mer-meeting.2012-07-10-16.00.log.html
16:00:55 <vgrade_> Who's here today?
16:01:37 <vgrade_> Apologies from Stskeeps , he's at the dentist
16:02:12 <Sage_> o/
16:02:26 <vgrade_> hi Sage_
16:05:20 <vgrade_> anything you want to discuss Sage_ , did you have any more contact from the University?
16:06:53 <vgrade_> Vilsepi was in #mer earlier. He did the thesis on OBS in the cloud
16:08:18 <vgrade_> maybe I was a little late posting my agenda
16:09:01 <Sage_> vgrade_: I don't have any updates this time.
16:09:33 <vgrade_> Sage_: ok
16:09:50 <vgrade_> #endmeeting