10:02:37 <Sage> #startmeeting Nemo Status Sync Meeting - 2012/07/31
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10:03:22 <Sage> Hi everyone and welcome to Nemo Status Sync meeting. It has been quite a long time since the last meeting.
10:03:45 <Sage> However there has been increased activity around nemo and lots of cool things have been submitted.
10:04:25 <timoph> o/
10:04:41 <Sage> Who all we have here? Anyone want to share what they have been up to recently regarding to nemo?
10:04:49 <Sage> Stskeeps: up bot ;)
10:05:17 <alterego> I've been working on a new dialer :)
10:05:55 * alterego is currently wrestling with qtcontacts-tracker to try and get libcommhistory build ..
10:05:59 <alterego> ~ubilt ..
10:06:01 * alterego gives up
10:06:24 <Sage> I can give some infos what have been updated since previous meeting (if I can remember all)
10:06:39 <Sage> #info Calculator has landscape mode now.
10:06:57 <Sage> #info New contacts appliation based on qml has been submitted. Still lots of things to do but looks very nice.
10:07:18 <Sage> #info Gallery application layout and performance has been improved.
10:07:49 <Sage> #info New QML based dialer has been submitted. Some functionality missing but very nice start.
10:08:27 <Sage> #info There is also new IM/SMS application deveplment happening in the community.
10:09:21 <Sage> Big thanks to w00t, alterego, special and friends for all of the hardwork they have done for those applications.
10:09:35 <w00t> _o/
10:10:03 <Sage> That is all from the top of my head that has been improved recently.
10:10:51 <lbt> pending re-org?
10:11:06 <lbt> (of projects/names)
10:12:19 <Sage> yes. That is one new thing. So we are re organizing the project structure of nemo soon.
10:13:03 <Sage> It will be completely changed and will definitely give some problems with people as the repository locations change.
10:13:52 <Sage> However this change will ensure better update capability in the future where we can track Mer development more easily and submit patches separately to builds against Mer -latest and Mer -next.
10:15:45 <Sage> #info OBS project structure will be redone in near future to support making releases better.
10:20:55 <Sage> any other things?
10:25:25 <w00t> sounds good, when can we have it? :-)
10:26:20 <Sage> When ever the new OBS starts to rise from the ground ;) cc: lbt
10:26:38 <lbt> really?
10:26:44 <lbt> is this a blocker?
10:27:29 <lbt> (I wasn't aware - the new OBS is just intended as a migration path in my mind - when we move we'll take all projects 'as is')
10:27:52 <Stskeeps> lbt: it'd be preferred as we would set up CI-like git systems for nemo too
10:27:57 <Stskeeps> so let's get it on solid ground
10:28:51 <Stskeeps> ie, seperate from meego.com
10:29:31 <lbt> want to discuss here or later?
10:29:45 <Stskeeps> i guess later, but it's a thing that would be good to be done
10:29:55 <Stskeeps> getting the machines, etc
10:31:31 <lbt> yep
10:31:55 <Stskeeps> and putting them on mer infra setup
10:41:46 <Sage> thanks for all coming
10:41:51 <Sage> cya in couple of weeks again.
10:41:54 <Sage> #endmeeting