18:08:05 <dm8tbr> #startmeeting
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18:08:14 <fk_lx> but Merbot is also on #dolphinaric
18:08:17 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ah ?
18:08:20 <Sfiet_Konstantin> #endmeeting
18:08:24 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :(
18:08:30 <dm8tbr> who will chair?
18:08:53 <dm8tbr> no THIS is the meeting channel
18:08:58 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ok
18:09:04 <Sfiet_Konstantin> dm8tbr: maybe fk_lx ?
18:09:13 <dm8tbr> please no meetings on other channels
18:09:24 <Sfiet_Konstantin> dm8tbr: understood
18:09:24 <dm8tbr> #chair fk_lx
18:09:24 <Merbot> Current chairs: dm8tbr fk_lx
18:09:30 <fk_lx> dm8tbr: what is the reason for that?
18:09:46 <dm8tbr> my bus will arrive shortly
18:10:15 <dm8tbr> you chose the day where I'm on my way back home...
18:10:37 <fk_lx> I see
18:11:09 <dm8tbr> i'll try to check in here in 5min,once on the bus
18:11:14 <fk_lx> oh ok
18:12:43 <fk_lx> maybe let's wait for dm8tbr
18:13:39 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: yes
18:14:45 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: can you by the way tell me what useful features has Merbot
18:15:01 <fk_lx> I know it's good for bug triages, but for normal meetings
18:15:14 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: I don't know :/
18:15:14 <Sfiet_Konstantin> it is useful for meeting
18:15:15 <dm8tbr> back
18:15:23 <fk_lx> I don't have a lot of knowledge about that
18:15:23 <fk_lx> :-)
18:15:36 <dm8tbr> I gave you the link to the howto a while ago
18:15:45 <Sfiet_Konstantin> dm8tbr: mind resending it ? :D
18:16:08 <dm8tbr> https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
18:16:51 <fk_lx> dm8tbr: thanks
18:17:00 <dm8tbr> http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html too
18:17:33 <dm8tbr> there is also generic functionality by supybot
18:17:51 <dm8tbr> but that's more a thing for other channels
18:17:59 <dm8tbr> oh, it also integrates with bug trackers
18:18:38 <Sfiet_Konstantin> dm8tbr: good feature :)
18:18:48 <Sfiet_Konstantin> but well, we might not talk about bugs here (yet ?) :)
18:19:00 <fk_lx> yep :-)
18:19:09 <dm8tbr> so, what's the meeting about?
18:19:15 <dm8tbr> any agenda?
18:19:26 <fk_lx> there are some points to discuss
18:19:44 <dm8tbr> list them and hten go through them one by one using #topic foobar
18:20:28 <dm8tbr> I have about 10min on the bus left. then I'll disappear for good as I'll arrive at home and I'm in need of sauna/shower/food and sleep
18:20:45 <dm8tbr> so anything that needs me, please in first order
18:21:07 <fk_lx> dm8tbr: ok, understtod
18:21:11 <fk_lx> *understood
18:21:18 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :)
18:21:48 <fk_lx> there are general two topics I would like to discuss
18:22:00 <fk_lx> but I also don't want to be strict
18:22:08 <fk_lx> we haven't met for long time
18:22:23 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: maybe start with the topics, and finish with a category misc
18:22:31 <fk_lx> ok
18:22:31 <Sfiet_Konstantin> or ask if anyone have another topic ?
18:22:36 * dm8tbr seconds
18:23:09 <fk_lx> so one of the topics is the installfests and organizing more of these kinds of events
18:23:34 <fk_lx> and another one is regarding materials used
18:23:44 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: use #topic to set a topic :)
18:23:53 <dm8tbr> hint: #topic installfests, and organizing more of those
18:24:05 <dm8tbr> (only chairs can set that)
18:24:16 <fk_lx> ok, sorry I'm a bit laggy
18:24:21 <fk_lx> was quite distracted at beginning
18:24:40 <fk_lx> #topic installfests and organizing more of those
18:24:54 <Sfiet_Konstantin> hum ?
18:25:15 <dm8tbr> #topic installfests and organizing more of those
18:25:56 <dm8tbr> ah
18:26:03 <dm8tbr> right
18:26:05 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :/
18:26:20 <dm8tbr> thanks
18:26:20 <dm8tbr> proceed
18:26:31 <dm8tbr> topic is set (just not in irc topic
18:26:37 <fk_lx> ok :-)
18:26:40 <Sfiet_Konstantin> thanks :)
18:26:42 <dm8tbr> I'm popping of the bus in 3-4min
18:26:47 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ok
18:26:54 <dm8tbr> anywho, we need a date for poznań
18:26:57 <Sfiet_Konstantin> dm8tbr: we can manage I think :)
18:27:07 <fk_lx> dm8tbr: we do but that guy didn't answer
18:27:07 * cybette is here, crashing the meeting
18:27:13 <dm8tbr> :]
18:27:20 <Sfiet_Konstantin> cybette: :D
18:27:32 <fk_lx> I thinking about organizing such events also in Western Europe
18:27:40 <fk_lx> I already contacted C-Base in Berlin
18:27:44 <Sfiet_Konstantin> I would love to do something in fr
18:27:48 <dm8tbr> good target
18:27:55 <fk_lx> I know also Hydrogene wants to organize an event
18:27:58 <fk_lx> he is here
18:28:01 <dm8tbr> also other places like CCCC
18:28:07 <fk_lx> in Laval (it's in France)
18:28:11 <Sfiet_Konstantin> in laval ?
18:28:16 <dm8tbr> I'm off
18:28:22 <fk_lx> dm8tbr: ok
18:28:22 <Sfiet_Konstantin> that's a bit far from paris, but I could support him
18:28:24 <Sfiet_Konstantin> could be nice
18:28:28 <dm8tbr> I'll read log later
18:28:42 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: I also thought about doing sth in Paris in addition to Laval
18:29:00 <fk_lx> and really support of other people is needed
18:29:02 <Sfiet_Konstantin> will try to seek help when I'm back
18:29:16 <Hydrogene> Sfiet_Konstantin, I can also move to Paris to give some help, it's not so far ;)
18:29:16 <Sfiet_Konstantin> especially that when the "rentrée" will come (september)
18:29:16 <fk_lx> because there are generally few things that need to be done to prepare such kind of events
18:29:22 <Sfiet_Konstantin> there will be a lot of activity
18:29:30 <Sfiet_Konstantin> Hydrogene: I can come to laval if it is not too far too :)
18:29:46 <fk_lx> I think it would be good to do such event in both Paris and Laval
18:29:57 <Sfiet_Konstantin> indeed
18:30:02 <fk_lx> by doing more we prepare better
18:30:06 <Sfiet_Konstantin> Hydrogene: we could plan together
18:30:12 <fk_lx> that would be great :-)
18:30:32 <Sfiet_Konstantin> but not before september for me
18:30:36 <fk_lx> I also will have some time in September, more likely in second half of it
18:30:50 <Sfiet_Konstantin> Hydrogene: what was the time you was targetting ?
18:30:59 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: :)
18:31:19 <fk_lx> anyway we need more and better planning and more in advance
18:31:31 <fk_lx> because for now in most cases there was only a week in advance
18:31:39 <fk_lx> that's not much
18:31:45 <Sfiet_Konstantin> yup
18:31:58 <Sfiet_Konstantin> a wiki page would help too
18:32:01 <Sfiet_Konstantin> listing plannings
18:32:12 <fk_lx> Because venues are mostly hackerspaces for now
18:32:12 <Hydrogene> Sfiet_Konstantin, don't know yet, it will depend with who and where. But I would prefer second part of September
18:32:22 <Hydrogene> +1 for the wiki
18:32:24 <Sfiet_Konstantin> Hydrogene: ok
18:32:29 <fk_lx> it would be good to have a person who would contact hackerspaces regarding the places
18:32:38 <fk_lx> I mean reserve dates and room
18:32:51 <Sfiet_Konstantin> I still need to be back to paris and seek help and way to organize that, so second part of sep sounds good for me too
18:33:11 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: yes, but I don't know hackspaces in paris sadly
18:33:14 <Sfiet_Konstantin> will try to seek info
18:33:35 <fk_lx> for now I'm did it myself in case of Warsaw, Bratislava and Budapest, but someone could really take care of contacting those
18:34:21 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: I also didn't almost know anyone in case of Bratislava and Budapest - just used contact mail on the hackerspaces websites or lists
18:34:28 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ok
18:34:33 <Sfiet_Konstantin> good to know
18:34:53 <fk_lx> but that takes time and contacting, tracing the progress, preparing presentations etc. at the same time it's too much
18:34:57 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: another thing is to find other people doing the same in other countries
18:35:00 <Sfiet_Konstantin> indeed
18:35:30 <Sfiet_Konstantin> in fr, it seems that we are at least 2, so it might be easier for us
18:35:41 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: yep, but from my experience there are people interested in conducting such events, have proper knowledge etc.
18:35:47 <Sfiet_Konstantin> but in a small group (< 5) we won't get too far
18:35:53 <Sfiet_Konstantin> indeed
18:36:00 <cybette> hey you guys, you can use #info, #agreed, #action etc. to document the meeting better
18:36:01 <fk_lx> but then they say that they don't know how to find venue
18:36:13 <Sfiet_Konstantin> cybette: yes, but now, it is informal discussion
18:36:13 <xmlich02> I can help in Czechia.
18:36:14 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :)
18:36:29 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: that's the problem, our community is small, so maybe we should restrain ourselves in not too much events
18:36:30 <fk_lx> so I think we need a person that will only take care of arranging venues
18:36:36 <fk_lx> so some kind of specialization
18:36:44 <cybette> ok, just a suggestion. i left for a couple minutes and came back to a flood :) wanted to get a summary...
18:36:51 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: do you think ? I'm not really sure, especially because there is a language barrier
18:36:59 <Sfiet_Konstantin> cybette: :D
18:37:23 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: is it? writing mails in English to hackerspaces did work for me
18:37:25 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: shouldn't it be better if you have one people in charge of a country, or part of a country
18:37:26 <fk_lx> cybette: :-)
18:37:28 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: ok
18:37:51 <Sfiet_Konstantin> still, IMO, we are not enough to have one person in charge of writing mails
18:37:51 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: but some people say that they completely don't know how to find a venue
18:38:18 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: but they would be able to conduct such event if someone would take care of finding venue for them
18:38:32 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ah
18:38:32 <cybette> some people may not have event planning experiece. might be good to have a template for asking about venue, sponsorship etc.
18:38:43 <Sfiet_Konstantin> +1 cybette
18:38:43 <fk_lx> cybette: exactly :-)
18:38:51 <fk_lx> cybette: that is what I wanted to suggest
18:39:07 <cybette> :)
18:39:09 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: so basically docs in that part ?
18:39:27 <fk_lx> also it should be easier now, because we have a page with lists of events, and for hackerspaces it's a positive signal if an event was done in other hackerspaces
18:39:34 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :)
18:39:37 <Sfiet_Konstantin> yeah, that's true
18:39:44 <fk_lx> they are more likely to agree without too much thinking
18:40:11 <iekku> :)
18:40:55 <fk_lx> besides I can tell you that hackerspaces are very open to supporting that kind of event in many different ways
18:41:07 <fk_lx> like providing place to sleep for travelling installfest organizer
18:41:14 <iekku> for good meeting minutes: http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html
18:41:49 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: :)
18:42:03 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: mind doing summary of the meeting ?
18:42:07 <fk_lx> I had offers after the event, that if I would repeat such event it wouldn't be a problem to couchsurf by one of the hackerspace members
18:42:16 <Sfiet_Konstantin> like #info ?
18:42:34 <fk_lx> I'm really not familiar with the MerBot, sorry
18:42:47 <fk_lx> so you have to forgive me
18:42:52 <Sfiet_Konstantin> just write "#info we should write a wiki page for something"
18:43:04 <Sfiet_Konstantin> "#info we should maintain a list"
18:43:14 <fk_lx> ah ok, thanks for help :-)
18:43:22 <fk_lx> #info we should write a wiki page for something
18:43:27 <Sfiet_Konstantin> lol :D
18:43:29 <fk_lx> #info we should maintain a list
18:43:30 <cybette> :D
18:43:33 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :D
18:43:46 <cybette> and you can use #action irc_nick to do this and that
18:43:59 <cybette> and it will make a nice collection of action items for each irc_nick
18:44:13 <fk_lx> ok :-)
18:44:18 <Sfiet_Konstantin> and #agreed for something that we agreed to do
18:44:21 <xmlich02> #action fk_lx will learn how to use meetbot  (-;
18:44:30 <cybette> yes! lol
18:44:55 <fk_lx> :-)
18:45:44 <fk_lx> xmlich02: you said sth about doing event in Czech Republic
18:46:01 <xmlich02> yes
18:46:04 <xmlich02> Regarding the venue, we can possibly arrange workshop during linuxalt conference (first weekend in November). Next, the Red Hat in Brno can provide a "tower presentation room"  (hopefully)
18:46:06 <cybette> i think #action and #info lines can be by anyone, but #agreed command is chair only
18:46:42 <fk_lx> sounds great, I've also considered going to Brno for LinuxAlt
18:47:17 <fk_lx> so I can support that action also - I'm getting better and better at understanding Czech and Slovak language ;-)
18:47:45 <fk_lx> can we set people responsible for each events, like
18:48:00 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: ok
18:48:00 <fk_lx> Paris - Sfiet_Konstantin, Laval - Hydrogene, Brno - xmlich02
18:48:08 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: +1
18:48:29 <fk_lx> #info Paris - Sfiet_Konstantin, Laval - Hydrogene, Brno - xmlich02
18:48:30 <fk_lx> ;-)
18:48:47 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: :)
18:49:18 <fk_lx> #info Berlin, Wrocław - fk_lx
18:49:47 <fk_lx> anyone more here willing to organize such event?
18:50:13 <fk_lx> or aiding existing one
18:50:50 <xmlich02> I can ask for the venue, but I am not sure if I can prepare whole workshop by myself. It is not problem to have workshop in English. What is estimated duration of such workshop?
18:51:07 <fk_lx> xmlich02: first of all there are plans of different event
18:51:09 <fk_lx> s
18:51:17 <fk_lx> one is installfest - so some basic stuff
18:51:20 <fk_lx> more like introduction
18:51:29 <fk_lx> and there is also need for something more advanced
18:51:44 <fk_lx> in the installfests we only showed some basic things
18:52:02 <fk_lx> like the application code looks
18:52:05 <fk_lx> what are pages
18:52:22 <fk_lx> example Hello Sailors app was discussed as example of that
18:53:09 <fk_lx> also some other examples
18:53:15 <fk_lx> from Joona presentation
18:54:00 <fk_lx> but I think kind of workshop, where people would get a large portion of practical knowledge in creating presentation would be good
18:54:42 <fk_lx> but that requires more preparation as this kind of workshop should last half a day
18:54:53 <fk_lx> so it all depends what you want to do
18:55:35 <fk_lx> I think kind of installfest thing don't require that much time preparation, so we could do some of those still in the last week of August
18:55:49 <fk_lx> and yes there is another thing btw.
18:55:53 <fk_lx> that I need to mention
18:56:23 <fk_lx> there is a lack of place with two-directional communication for local communities
18:56:35 <fk_lx> for now people can discuss Sailfish related stuff
18:56:35 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: +1
18:56:40 <fk_lx> either on the mailing list
18:57:02 <fk_lx> which might not be a welcoming place for complete beginners, or they might not feel comfortable there
18:57:49 <fk_lx> Twitter account like Jolla[put your country here" are very nice, but for one way communication, more for announcing and simple Q&A than for real discussions
18:57:51 <xmlich02> I should write an abstract for CfP soon.
18:58:24 <fk_lx> so we discussed with dm8tbr
18:58:45 <fk_lx> an idea of creating national mailing list, and we already did it and they were announced at local events
18:58:59 <fk_lx> and already some people subscribed
18:59:07 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: good
18:59:19 <fk_lx> I think it will be comfortable for Bulgarians to speak in Bulgarian etc.
18:59:26 <fk_lx> more people will get involved that way
19:00:10 <fk_lx> http://lists.dolphinaric.org/mailman/listinfo
19:00:27 <fk_lx> so we created few for those countries where there was already install/hackfest
19:00:51 <fk_lx> or was planned to be
19:01:07 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: great
19:01:14 <Sfiet_Konstantin> worth mentioning it in #info
19:01:57 <fk_lx> #info mailinglists for people interested in discussing Sailfish (including development) in their local communities, in own languages
19:04:21 <fk_lx> if there would be anyone in creating new ones, or being a moderator feel free to discuss that on the dolphinaric mailing list
19:04:28 <fk_lx> or even here
19:04:30 <fk_lx> now :-)
19:05:10 <fk_lx> xmlich02: sailfish-cz, Sfiet_Konstantin, Hydrogene: sailfish-fr?
19:05:15 <Sfiet_Konstantin> french community have quite a few enthusiasts for Jolla, but I didn't found much developers
19:05:31 <Sfiet_Konstantin> we are some, but don't think that we need a ML now
19:05:34 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: it's not only for developers
19:05:40 <xmlich02> fk_lx, can you send a full url?
19:05:57 <Sfiet_Konstantin> since we are already meeting on IRC or on twitter
19:06:03 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: define the targetted audience ?
19:06:38 <Sfiet_Konstantin> people interested in learning / developing for sailfishos / nemo / mer ?
19:06:39 <fk_lx> xmlich02: list must be created (dm8tbr can do that) but I'm already looking for moderators
19:07:08 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: local community (including developers, hobbyst, or people that would want to get any information or discuss stuff that doesn't fit in 140 chars)
19:07:12 <xmlich02> oh I missed few lines of irc
19:07:21 <fk_lx> xmlich02: no problem :-)
19:07:26 <xmlich02> I can be moderator of cz list
19:07:33 <fk_lx> xmlich02: great
19:07:33 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: then a fr is required I guess
19:07:53 <fk_lx> #info sailfish-cz ML moderator -> xmlich02
19:07:56 <Sfiet_Konstantin> there are enthusiasts around here. In JollaFr we are thinking about setting a forum, but a ML will do
19:08:17 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: you can give me the moderation of sailfish-fr if needed
19:08:28 <fk_lx> #info sailfish-fr ML moderator -> Sfiet_Konstantin
19:09:52 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: to adress ML vs forum stuff, we thought about using some web based forum like interface
19:10:18 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: there are such kind of things for Mailman already
19:10:46 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: awesome !
19:11:01 <Sfiet_Konstantin> at first a ML would be nice
19:11:12 <Sfiet_Konstantin> and if there is a web frontend then it is really awesome
19:11:36 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: yep :-)
19:11:37 <Sfiet_Konstantin> because that forum thing is rather a pain for us (jollafr cannot handle a forum now)
19:12:14 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: maybe we should move forward ?
19:12:19 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: sure
19:12:23 <fk_lx> I will just ask only
19:12:27 <fk_lx> if there is someone here
19:12:50 <fk_lx> who would like sailfish-your_country_that_wasnt_mentioned_mailing_list
19:14:05 <fk_lx> ok
19:14:14 <fk_lx> I think we can proceed forward then
19:14:24 <fk_lx> just in case
19:14:40 <fk_lx> if anyone wants to add sth to topics already discussed then shout
19:14:42 <fk_lx> :-)
19:14:49 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :)
19:15:00 <fk_lx> and the last thing are materials
19:15:09 <fk_lx> we really to make those better
19:15:25 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: topic
19:15:25 <fk_lx> that would also include some notes from speakers
19:15:25 <fk_lx> *for
19:15:25 <fk_lx> for speakers
19:15:50 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: #topic materials
19:15:53 <fk_lx> #topic materials for dolphinaric project, including installfest
19:15:59 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :)
19:16:24 <fk_lx> so regarding materials
19:16:51 <fk_lx> it would be good to make one solid presentation
19:17:02 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: requirements for a solid presentation ?
19:17:13 <Sfiet_Konstantin> (about that I pushed a mini project in Qt to parse QML and make color highlighting for the Qt QML presentation and for latex documents, could be handy)
19:17:18 <fk_lx> because for now it's more like jumbing between those
19:17:38 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ok
19:17:59 <fk_lx> what is needed are speakers/installfest conductors notes
19:18:08 <fk_lx> what to do when, tips etc.
19:18:22 <fk_lx> for the installfests to be well prepared
19:18:41 <fk_lx> that will also encourage more people to organize such events
19:18:54 <fk_lx> if it will be clear what they have to do on events, and what to say when
19:18:58 <fk_lx> :-)
19:19:02 <Sfiet_Konstantin> yep, good idea :)
19:19:17 <fk_lx> of course own invention is appreciated, but some tips, notes would be really useful
19:19:41 <fk_lx> there was some rendudancy in presentations and QML presentation
19:19:44 <Sfiet_Konstantin> indeed
19:19:54 <fk_lx> and in my opinion QML presentation is very nice
19:19:58 <fk_lx> but ....
19:20:56 <fk_lx> for now I'm not convinced to that format
19:20:56 <fk_lx> even though it looks great
19:20:59 <fk_lx> and is good to get an idea of QML possibilites (presentation about QML in QML - really cool stuff)
19:21:20 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: well, the problem is that ... it do not generates slides
19:21:21 <fk_lx> but it has it's own flaws
19:21:48 <fk_lx> like if you are changing slide
19:22:07 <fk_lx> and you will hit for next slide again while the slide is being changed
19:22:15 <fk_lx> you will run into a bug
19:22:23 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: yeah, it might be a known bug
19:22:27 <Sfiet_Konstantin> need to investigate on that
19:22:43 <fk_lx> I think it's not hard to fix it - thought about two solutioins
19:22:56 <fk_lx> but anyway
19:23:44 <fk_lx> we need really doing a good plan of presentation and each slides and provide notes
19:24:18 <Sfiet_Konstantin> yes
19:24:20 <fk_lx> Hydrogene: hi again
19:25:13 <Hydrogene> Hi again. I was joking with ip over avian carriers some times ago, now I'm sure it would be better.
19:25:22 <fk_lx> :-)
19:25:25 <Sfiet_Konstantin> #info need to have a good plan of the presentation and provide notes
19:25:35 <fk_lx> #agreed
19:25:39 <fk_lx> :-)
19:25:42 <Sfiet_Konstantin> :)
19:26:05 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: the QML module I pushed on github is nice to do live coding
19:26:10 <Sfiet_Konstantin> so do the QML presentation
19:26:19 <Sfiet_Konstantin> maybe we should only fire it for showing QML capabilities
19:26:20 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: but I think sth got broken
19:26:33 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: I mean there was live coding slide with rectangle
19:26:47 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: which doesn't displays properly anymore
19:26:51 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: hum
19:27:07 <Sfiet_Konstantin> will hjave to investigate, please ping me again in another day
19:27:07 <fk_lx> Sfiet_Konstantin: for me it wasn't a problem, I just launched QtCreator with Qt5 and showed it in IDE
19:27:55 <fk_lx> Ok, anyone willing to help with materials?
19:28:13 <fk_lx> making them better :-)
19:28:16 <Sfiet_Konstantin> still here, but I'm busy with quite a lot of stuff these days
19:28:30 <Sfiet_Konstantin> I'm writing a simple QML doc in LaTeX for example, but can help with presentation
19:28:46 <Sfiet_Konstantin> however, we will need to have notes and agree on a plan
19:29:06 <Hydrogene> I'm not sure I can help because I'm still not learning lot of stuff everyday, but if I can, I will ;)
19:29:15 <Hydrogene> *-not
19:29:34 <fk_lx> Hydrogene: you can help a lot, because you have PoV of person who is not an expert yet
19:29:42 <fk_lx> or seasoned veteran :-)
19:30:37 <fk_lx> btw. as a side not - ambiance feature in Saiilfish usually doesn't impress people at all
19:30:43 <fk_lx> in people's opinion - interesting, but overrated
19:30:56 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: it is a feature that is fun to play with, but not to promote
19:30:58 <fk_lx> but it's a side note from the already done events
19:31:02 <Sfiet_Konstantin> ok :)
19:31:25 <Sfiet_Konstantin> I prefer to promote multitask and general design of ui (no useless spaces, focus on content, swipe to back)
19:32:16 <fk_lx> anyway I think we discussed everything what was supposed to be discussed
19:32:19 <fk_lx> anyone has sth to add
19:32:20 <fk_lx> ?
19:32:38 <Sfiet_Konstantin> #info ambiance don't seems to be a killer feature
19:32:58 <Sfiet_Konstantin> fk_lx: for me it is ok
19:33:01 <fk_lx> #agreed
19:33:38 <Sfiet_Konstantin> no more things, so
19:33:41 <Sfiet_Konstantin> end meeting in 5
19:33:43 <Sfiet_Konstantin> 4
19:33:44 <Sfiet_Konstantin> 3
19:33:46 <Sfiet_Konstantin> 2
19:33:48 <fk_lx> ok, so if someone still wants to chat, let's move to #dolphinaric
19:33:48 <Sfiet_Konstantin> 1
19:33:53 <fk_lx> #endmeeting