#mer-meeting: SailfishOS, open source, collaboration: 6-May @ 10:00 UTC

Meeting started by Stskeeps at 10:00:51 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Welcome to another week of SailfishOS OSS and collaboration meeting (Stskeeps, 10:00:57)
    2. Agenda today can be seen at https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-April/004098.html (Stskeeps, 10:00:58)

  1. Quick introductions (5 min), prefix your information with #info (Stskeeps, 10:01:05)
    1. community member and generally interested in how the Jolla is moving forward into the OSSea (netzvieh, 10:01:09)
    2. Carsten Munk, Chief Research Engineer @ Jolla, today hat-less meeting chair (Stskeeps, 10:01:22)
    3. Filip Kłębczyk, community member... still... a fresh-born blogger (fk_lx, 10:02:02)
    4. Soumya Bijjal, Software program manager @ Jolla (bijjal, 10:02:09)
    5. Martti Piirainen, Tieto employee, sailfish contributor (piiramar, 10:02:22)
    6. Carol Chen, community chief at Jolla, today on sick leave but didn't want to miss this meeting (cybette, 10:02:23)
    7. Community member, casual developer. Jolla owner in Australia. Interested in harbour Python support roadmap. (mattaustin, 10:03:11)
    8. Gunnar Sletta - Qt graphics stuff - Sailor @ Jolla (sletta, 10:03:27)
    9. Steph Gosling:- Sailfish and Nemo community member (stephg, 10:03:42)
    10. Aaron McCarthy, Software developer (location, connectivity, Qt) @ Jolla. (amccarthy, 10:03:48)
    11. Lorn Potter, connectivity/sensors guy @ Jolla (lpotter, 10:03:56)
    12. vgrade, community member, adaptations (vgrade_, 10:03:58)
    13. Basil Semuonov, software developer (BasilSemuonov, 10:04:03)
    14. Piritta Viljakainen, working with translations @Jolla (pvilja1, 10:04:04)
    15. Eric Le Roux, bugzilla & t.j.c admin @Jolla (eleroux, 10:04:26)
    16. Lucien XU, Sailfish OS developer, Jolla community member (SK_work, 10:04:33)
    17. Jonni Rainisto, Security, privacy and locking @Jolla (Jonni, 10:04:33)
    18. community member, application developer, author of modRana (M4rtinK, 10:04:35)
    19. Hobbyist developer, long time lurker, Y-Radio author (oniongarlic, 10:05:07)
    20. community member, translator dutch languague pack (Jarno, 10:05:09)
    21. Pekka Vuorela - Jolla, text input, settings, calendar etc (pvuorela, 10:05:11)

  2. Security Model / APIs (Stskeeps, 10:05:55)
    1. Vesa-Matti Hartikainen - Jolla, Browser (veskuh, 10:05:55)
    2. Community member. GPGPU enthusiasts, owner of the first, not unique anymore, OpenCL enabled Jolla. (sharpneli, 10:06:21)
    3. Kimmo Lindholm - DIY Otherhalf tinkerer, community member (kimmoli, 10:06:22)
    4. Denis Zalevskiy - Jolla, middleware (deztructor, 10:08:17)
    5. iekku pylkk� - jolla, developer affairs (iekku_, 10:08:37)

  3. Better roadmapping (Stskeeps, 10:36:07)
  4. Better roadmapping (Stskeeps, 10:36:22)
    1. From etherpad: Better Roadmap, not neccessarily with dates, but with info like: what is worked on atm, (how/where) can the community contribute, is there someone we could talk to about $topic (Stskeeps, 10:36:39)
    2. From Jolla, bijjal is representing today (SW program manager at jolla) (Stskeeps, 10:37:10)
    3. http://www.mail-archive.com/mer-general@lists.merproject.org/msg01441.html (lbt, 10:37:29)
    4. how jolla SW programme works: preplanning > iteration planning > feature integration deadline > bug fix integration deadline > stabilization period > public release (Stskeeps, 10:39:11)
    5. This cycle repeats roughly about every 20 working days where all sailors meet to plan and agree on the work for approximately next 2 releases. The cycles are short to accommodate changing priorities as much as possible and release often. (bijjal, 10:40:10)
    6. More often than not, we end up having to shift priorities here and there resulting in actually knowing the actual release content when we have the first release candidate of an update (bijjal, 10:41:19)
    7. Silica is not open source currently. State is that there's no exception granted (see policy listed in the other meeting) for open sourcing the current codebase, which is BSD-licensed QML and closed source C++, but there is a desire. Work to get that exception is ongoing (Stskeeps, 10:57:47)
    8. it was suggested for Jolla to share info on the planned content after our iteration planning and update the info after RCs are made on things that got left out (netzvieh, 11:04:19)

  5. Community localization (Stskeeps, 11:05:45)
    1. From etherpad: Including community localization contributions (translations, vkb layouts) in the OS. (Stskeeps, 11:05:57)
    2. From Jolla side: pvilja1 and pvuorela (Stskeeps, 11:06:09)
    3. Jolla is working on an open translation tool. Tool will be pootle (http://pootle.translatehouse.org/) and is already in use internally. Our target is to get community tool fully integrated into our internal processes, providing up to date sources to all languages and keeping translations up to date without manual work with files. (pvilja1, 11:07:10)
    4. Putting the integration into place is taking time and as Jolla team is still small, this work is often put to side for other ongoing tasks. That is why I am late with this. Original target was that the tool would be open already. At the moment there is more urgent activity delaying the work on our side. (pvilja1, 11:07:24)
    5. on keyboard layouts, the API is considered unstable at the moment, but the layout files have been bsd licensed for allowing people to play with them. some changes have been also done that allow to plug in custom input engines, like composing japanese input. (pvuorela, 11:09:17)
    6. pvilja1 work will be done in co-operation, but our QA will have the last work on content going to device. It is our responsibility to make sure what we show on device (there is e.g. blacklisted terms due to licensing we need to avoid) (netzvieh, 11:14:32)
    7. potential idea: github repository for keyboard layouts for contributing to, with option to enable (Stskeeps, 11:21:34)
    8. interest is growing, I got noticed that Hebrew SFOS translation is already drafted if not more (by Avivbyo's team) (sledges, 11:23:05)
    9. for repository, someone gathering layouts lying around into one could be a start. (Stskeeps, 11:23:15)
    10. suggestion to have jolla would publish such extra layouts on harbour to avoid unstable api issue. (Stskeeps, 11:26:05)

Meeting ended at 11:34:14 UTC (full logs).

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  1. Stskeeps (78)
  2. SK_work (74)
  3. fk_lx (40)
  4. lbt (39)
  5. sledges (30)
  6. netzvieh (28)
  7. bijjal (23)
  8. M4rtinK (22)
  9. Guest62403 (16)
  10. veskuh (16)
  11. deztructor (14)
  12. pvilja1 (9)
  13. pvuorela (9)
  14. cybette (8)
  15. MSameer (7)
  16. BasilSemuonov (6)
  17. stephg (6)
  18. iekku_ (5)
  19. prometheus (5)
  20. oniongarlic (5)
  21. Aard (4)
  22. kimmoli (4)
  23. mattaustin (4)
  24. Jonni (4)
  25. lpotter (3)
  26. Jarno (3)
  27. Merbot (2)
  28. alterego (1)
  29. eleroux (1)
  30. sharpneli (1)
  31. sletta (1)
  32. piiramar (1)
  33. vgrade_ (1)
  34. amccarthy (1)

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