15:00:10 <cybette> #startmeeting SailfishOS, open source, collaboration: 10-June @ 15:00 UTC
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15:00:19 <cybette> #info Welcome to another week of SailfishOS OSS and collaboration meeting
15:00:25 <cybette> #info Meeting info and agenda: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2014-June/004515.html
15:00:31 <cybette> I'm the meeting chair for today and will be keeping time and order. Please behave and show mutual respect, and let's have a productive discussion!
15:00:37 <cybette> #topic Brief introductions (5 min), prefix your information with #info
15:00:39 <netzvieh> #info netzvieh, Community member
15:00:43 <netzvieh> hoi hoi
15:00:47 <cybette> hi netzvieh :)
15:00:50 <artemma> #info Artem Marchenko: supporting all dev programs possible and Get-Mitakuuluu-to-app-store!
15:00:56 <cybette> #info Carol Chen, Community chief at Jolla, hatless chair today
15:01:19 <stephg> #info Steph Gosling, community
15:01:21 <SK_work> hi !
15:01:30 <kimmoli_sailing> #info kimmoli, community guy, usually just fuzzing around
15:01:38 <coderus> i'm here :D
15:01:42 <Morpog_PC__> #info Morpog_PC__ Community member, part time nemo contributor, graphics guy as hobby
15:01:43 <cybette> coderus: o/
15:01:44 <coderus> sorry i'm not too late? :)
15:01:57 <SK_work> #info Lucien XU, SF dev, community, device breaker :D
15:02:02 <coderus> #info Andrey Kozhevnokov. coderus.
15:02:03 <cybette> coderus: just in time! intro section
15:02:05 <SK_work> coderus: info time :)
15:02:05 <faenil> #info Andrea Bernabei, community member, nemomobile UI contributor
15:02:39 <xmlich02> #info Jozef Mlich - foursail developer, community member
15:03:03 <coderus> #icon Andrey Kozhevnikov. Opensource contributor, Mitakuuluu developer.
15:03:16 <SK_work> coderus: icon ?
15:03:17 <cybette> hello everyone! intro yourself! you can lurk later :)
15:03:18 <iekku> #info iekku Pylkk�, developer community & developer-care@ sailor @ jolla, mer bugzilla maintainer
15:03:25 <coderus> SK_work: :D
15:03:27 <iekku> cybette, <3
15:03:27 <netzvieh> I'd have totally forgotten this meeting :O good to have a highlight on #topic :D
15:03:46 <coderus> #info Andrey Kozhevnikov. OpenSource contributor, Mitakuuluu developer.
15:03:57 <cybette> netzvieh: will make you chair again next week so you won't forget ;)
15:04:09 <mornfall> #info Petr Rockai, on-off devel, curious onlooker, user
15:04:33 <cybette> one more minute for self intro! prefix with #info
15:05:17 <netzvieh> cybette: sadly I'm working at a customers then (or I'm on my way home with Deutsche Bahn), in both cases no reliable IRC ;)
15:05:27 * artemma thinks that mitakuuluu is real cool app (and Get-Mitakuuluu-to-app-store!), but it will still take a bit of time before #icon coderus :)
15:05:39 <cybette> #topic API documentation for nemomobile and own Sailfish component (15 min)
15:05:57 <cybette> #info coderus proposed this topic and would like to discuss ways to communicate with maintainers
15:06:11 <cybette> coderus: please go ahead
15:06:31 <cybette> netzvieh: ah that's too bad
15:06:34 <coderus> Problem: nemomobile and SailfishOS lacks of documentation. API part very poorly documented or doesn't have documentation at all.
15:07:11 <coderus> While developing i should investigate opensource parts of nemomobile components to figure out how it works.
15:07:21 <sledges> #info Simonas Leleiva being late
15:07:42 <coderus> For SailfishOS components every time i need to ping someone from Jolla devs in irc or developers-care mail
15:08:00 <coderus> Do i need to show any examples of that?
15:08:21 <jusa_> #info Juho Hämäläinen, developing audio/policy etc for jolla, sorry for being late
15:08:29 <cybette> coderus: if you have, it will be good for reference
15:09:00 <cybette> sledges, jusa_: I'll remember you next time ;)
15:09:16 <sledges> :))
15:09:36 <faenil> coderus, if I remember correctly we had the documentation discussion twice already, and Aard said that what they can do is provide the autodoc that they're using in Jolla
15:09:48 <coderus> Currently i'm having problems with Qt and QML GStreamer components for video recording. Have some success contacting Andrew den Exter via developer-care email.
15:09:58 <artemma> Controls screenshots Linking to Qt docs is what I am lacking most often
15:10:03 <coderus> faenil: its little different thing
15:10:11 <coderus> i'll continue and you'll understand
15:10:26 <cybette> faenil: I think coderus is expanding on the topic more specifically about the communications aspect
15:10:29 <cybette> coderus: yes please do
15:11:02 <faenil> ah I remember now, you proposed the weekly hour for API support, or something like that
15:11:05 <faenil> I like that :p
15:11:21 <coderus> Jolla using own CameraExtensions QML component for managing gstreamer options and presets, its available for developers, but not documented. I can't get available resolutions and options, and so on.
15:12:05 <coderus> This part using QtMultimedia and little expanding it with gst presets features. And it can't be made with autodoc or so.
15:12:07 <mornfall> coderus: (I remember that one from IRC :-)
15:12:53 * artemma remembers similar pains when exploring nemo permissions. When tried to grab volume keys controls.. I just dropped it, because couldn't find info and experiments were taking too much
15:13:04 <coderus> And now about contacting maintainers.
15:13:19 <mornfall> and I agree that figuring out sailfish components is a pain in the backside
15:13:36 <coderus> artemma: Sailfish.Media afaik have MediaKeys component, and i successfully used it.
15:14:10 <artemma> coderus: I wanted to grab control system-wide, not when app is running. But even this MediaKeys is news to me
15:14:31 <Morpog_PC__> erm, better discuss that later guys and continue :D
15:14:46 <coderus> artemma: it's working system-wide while app is running. not only foreground.
15:14:55 <coderus> artemma: ask me it after meeting please, i'll explain you
15:14:55 <cybette> let's remain on topic please
15:15:16 <coderus> As i understand developer-care is correct way for contacting maintainers, but you can also help developers with listing maintainers names and related products.
15:15:22 <mornfall> (I couldn't find any docs when I was trying to get communi's landscape working AFAIR)
15:15:33 <M4rtinK_jolla_> I will note I have opened a TJC question about using volume buttons from QML
15:15:42 <artemma> As for Sailfish controls, I use sailfish help A LOT. Three things trouble in the order of priority: 1) lack of screenshots; 2) no linking to external docs (particularly Qt controls Silica inherits from); 3) many examples are just obsolete and don't work without corrections
15:15:45 <M4rtinK_jolla_> quite a while ago
15:15:46 <coderus> And also you can start a company for opensource parts about creating proper community documentation.
15:15:52 <M4rtinK_jolla_> no reaction so far
15:17:12 <coderus> artemma: agree. some (just some) opensource components have good docs compiled into qch, and it should be available in qtc after installing package-docs package or so in Sailfish SDK center
15:17:19 * artemma would actually contribute something [small] to Silica control docs if there was a way to contribute
15:17:20 <cybette> iekku: do you want to comment on this from developer care point of view?
15:17:31 <sledges> coderus: how was contacting emails from the source files?
15:17:54 <cybette> or something for Jolla to consider and get back in next meetings
15:17:59 <cybette> 3 min
15:18:00 <coderus> sledges: actually jolla devs don't want to contact privately, if i send them email. only via developer-care
15:18:21 <sledges> want/have time ;)
15:18:25 <mornfall> coderus: I'd prefer online docs over in-SDK docs
15:18:41 <coderus> sledges: thats actually problem.
15:18:43 <M4rtinK_jolla_> mornfall: +1
15:19:01 <coderus> i will share all my sucess on sailfisdev blog.
15:19:19 <artemma> mornfall: SDK docs are pretty much identical to SDK ones. I use mostly online ones, but then QtC ones too sometimes
15:19:26 <mornfall> much easier for me to develop on the phone than in the SDK behemoth, so anything SDK-only is out of my reach by default
15:19:38 <iekku> hmmm
15:19:40 <mornfall> also, out of google's reach
15:19:45 <cybette> coderus: do you have a proposal how things can be improved
15:19:51 <mornfall> dumping everything you have on the web would be a good start, IMHO :)
15:20:02 <cybette> communications wise. we are not talking about documentation here
15:20:06 <coderus> cybette: we have great community at the moment.
15:20:08 <netzvieh> so basically, next to "not enough docs" it's "devs need more time to answer our questions" ?
15:20:15 <M4rtinK_jolla_> well I for example don't use SDK at all
15:20:27 <iekku> i usually check who to contact, and use bit wider scale, so first one who is available ie. has enough time responds
15:20:33 <Morpog_PC__> netzvieh, well, maybe they need time at all to answer stuff
15:20:46 <coderus> cybette: just create some page with components lack of documentatoin and we'll find volunteers
15:20:46 <iekku> so in that sense developer-care is the best way
15:20:54 <artemma> it's not just about time, it's also about where/when to ask the questions. Asking on TJC and hoping for a response... IRC works way better
15:20:58 <iekku> some questions needs answers from several areas
15:21:10 <Morpog_PC__> maybe have a special day in the week where all jolla devs try to spend one hour answering questions?
15:21:11 <mornfall> iekku: roundtrips are expensive
15:21:20 <cybette> #info Jolla will consider if there is more efficient way to contact maintainers and devs, in the meantime developer-care is the best way
15:21:22 <M4rtinK_jolla_> irc logs != documentation :)
15:21:30 <iekku> :D
15:21:33 <coderus> cybette: anf after storing everything in one place Jolla can improve documentation online and for next SDK release also
15:21:42 <artemma> Maybe a forum (or same mailing list) with somebody to care that questions/topics actually get answered or dropped consciously?
15:21:43 <iekku> during weekend it's good to ping me at irc
15:22:11 <netzvieh> coderus: +1 on let community participate on docs at a central place
15:22:12 <artemma> you know, to cope with the situations when the relevant person just doesn't visit forum often :)
15:22:14 <cybette> ok times up. let's move on. I foresee we'll revisit this topic soon
15:22:19 <meegobit> wasn't this one of the reasons tjc was created? I think that if devs pay attention to tjc it will work
15:22:23 <cybette> #topic Accepting community opensource applications which cannot pass Harbour (15 min)
15:22:27 <mornfall> (what about an old-fashioned wiki? seems to work for KDE folks?)
15:22:30 <cybette> #info from coderus: "accepting community opensource applications which cannot pass Harbour validator, but full opensource projects."
15:22:33 <coderus> cybette: artemma: probably creating sdk-request tag for TJC if devs will look at this every time, it can help
15:22:36 <artemma> shall there be some agreed tag(s) on tjc?
15:22:38 <cybette> #info "Allowing Jolla/Harbour QA to build, test, and release applications with own channels and keep maintainer information"
15:23:05 <coderus> Continuing last meeting topic.
15:23:13 <Morpog_PC__> meegobit, tjc is not dev related i think
15:23:36 <Khertan> letting dev comment on doc ?
15:23:41 <mornfall> Morpog_PC__: tjc is a mess :-) (that's probably topic #4 though :)
15:23:42 <coderus> Someone from Jolla wrote about possibility of testing and publishing full opensource applications to Harbour.
15:23:48 <iekku> #info work ongoing to get beta-channel at Store, no ETA yet. Harbour QA will provide light quality check
15:24:03 <stephg> coderus: was in last weeks meeting iirc
15:24:11 <cybette> We are now in new topic. Please respect the allocated times
15:24:59 <iekku> i assume we don't have server side sailors here now, they might be bit busy ;)
15:25:02 <coderus> Mitakuuluu as example, it have really a lot of restricted qml and Qt imports, but it full opensource project, and users want to see it in Harbour
15:25:06 <mornfall> iekku: how much of Harbour QA is automated? any chance of service for the automated part?
15:25:52 <iekku> mornfall, some parts are and i assume ones we have plans ready we can opensource scripts (or at least some of those)
15:25:55 <xmlich02> another example is foursail. It is using just QtPositioning. And it is fully open sourced..
15:26:07 <iekku> mornfall, and we are automating more all the time
15:26:09 <coderus> it also full opensource project, i wish Jolla can help with minimizing/allowing some unwanted apis used by applications and/or check sources and build+publish (OBS?) it internally, and developer can only push commits.
15:26:24 <SK_work> isn't the risk of breaking during next update here with non-supported APIs ?
15:26:38 * artemma doesn't mind special service for particularly important and trusted apps such as Mitakuuluu and fourSail, but letting just anybody drop code with restricted API use to app store even if it's called beta channel..
15:26:45 <iekku> SK_work, that's the reason why we can't allow those now to Store
15:26:45 <coderus> xmlich02: for QtPositioning i know it really unstable right now
15:27:01 <M4rtinK_jolla_> the very same thing with modRana
15:27:08 <SK_work> how easy / hard is to deploy channels in store ?
15:27:15 <iekku> so we need to find a proper way to handle apps using unstable APIs
15:27:21 <SK_work> a la maemo extras ?
15:27:34 <xmlich02> chum repos?
15:27:41 <coderus> SK_work: it can be probably resolved with api versions categories in Store, discussed at last meeting
15:27:47 <M4rtinK_jolla_> coderus: actully I have a import error handler for QtPoisitioning
15:27:52 <SK_work> yep
15:28:09 <iekku> SK_work, it might not be about how hard it is, but when we can do it.
15:28:09 <mornfall> iekku: one way would be to publish updates to developers ahead of time, so the store could update the apps that need to be updated along with the system update
15:28:20 <artemma> there are different not allowed things: it is one thing to use unstable API, it's another thing to deploy to /usr/bin. I am in favor of some checks still
15:28:20 <M4rtinK_jolla_> so modRana will still run if it fails, just without positioning
15:28:27 <mornfall> iekku: might be impractical QA-wise
15:28:41 <netzvieh> coderus: what are you doing with an installed app, that won't work after a system update? warn the user? deinstall it? block update?
15:29:01 <coderus> also developer can upgrade own phone os verions one week before public release to test and improve applications for upcoming release :)
15:29:21 <M4rtinK_jolla_> I'll note it has been 6+ months of no GPS apps in store already
15:29:26 <artemma> Apple way is exactly that to provide beta versions of OS to developers ahead of time to get ready for changes. And then stable or not stable doesn't matter much anymore - it's dev's headache to get ready
15:29:41 <coderus> netzvieh: system banner "Some applications will be blocked during software update: [list]"
15:29:57 <SK_work> coderus: aah +1
15:29:59 <coderus> *was | was blocked
15:30:07 <mornfall> iekku: but really, at this point it seems unavoidable to deal with the backward-incompatibility issue
15:30:10 <M4rtinK_jolla_> snd also no Python apps, no SDL apps, no contact integration, no volume butons...
15:30:13 <netzvieh> artemma: but if an update breaks apps, it would be Jollas fault in the consumer's eyes
15:30:27 <netzvieh> at least partly
15:30:28 <artemma> if it's only about unstable API, harbour can maybe even automagically send notes to all apps devs/users affected
15:30:36 <iekku> netzvieh, for common user yes
15:30:38 <mornfall> iekku: what Harbour does now is bury its head in the sand... :|
15:30:39 <coderus> netzvieh: it should be done and available only after enabling beta-channel of course
15:30:39 <faenil> M4rtinK_jolla_, +1, time's running...
15:30:42 <SK_work> netzvieh: depends on the wording: these applications are not compatible with new version of SFOS
15:30:50 <artemma> netzvieh: of course not. Look at apple: they just pull back apps that don't work anymore
15:30:57 <coderus> netzvieh: and consumer should accept and understand beta-channel rules before
15:31:04 <mornfall> so yes, I agree with coderus and others here :-) let apps break on updates if need be
15:31:10 * Sage_ ponders what is the topic atm.
15:31:20 <iekku> Sage_, :D
15:31:30 <M4rtinK_jolla_> I'm prepared to fix any breakage that shows up
15:31:36 <mornfall> Sage_: publishing apps that don't meet Harbour reqs
15:31:37 <coderus> Sage_: we want more beta apps in Harbour, thats it
15:31:44 * Sage_ points to #topic cmd for the meetbot
15:31:45 <cybette> Sage_: accepting community opensource applications which cannot pass Harbour validator, but full opensource projects.
15:31:50 <iekku> coderus, remove "more" ;)
15:32:01 <mornfall> also, remove beta :-P
15:32:03 <M4rtinK_jolla_> well, that is the normal workflow in Linyx distros anyway
15:32:13 <Stskeeps> (sorry guys, i was stuck in a sales meeting for a vacuum cleaner)
15:32:14 <coderus> iekku: s/more/to have
15:32:15 <netzvieh> coderus: you're expecting sane customers ... I'm not that long in the IT business, but I've seen enough to not expect common sense in probably 20% of users
15:32:15 <artemma> and come on, there are how many apps in the store? 200? Testers can even manually click through them all on SFOS update and pull anything even slightly suspicious
15:32:20 <cybette> is meetbot not working??
15:32:20 <mornfall> we sort of don't really have that many compelling apps in the store do we?
15:32:21 <Sage_> ah, not opped bot :)
15:32:43 <faenil> artemma, +1
15:32:52 <coderus> netzvieh: its not a big deal if someone won't enable beta channel in Harbour settings
15:33:00 <iekku> mornfall, we need to somehow show to customer that application is using unstable API and we can't quarantee ot's working properly (now or after update)
15:33:16 <cybette> #topic Accepting community opensource applications which cannot pass Harbour (7 min left)
15:33:18 * artemma believes in the current app store situation, priority should really be hard on Get-Mitakuuluu-to-app-store! compared to some customers disappointed that coderus failed to upgrade to new OS update on day 1
15:33:30 <mornfall> iekku: marking it beta is probably good enough, isn't it?
15:33:51 <coderus> iekku: just additional settings for Stope applications
15:34:02 <iekku> mornfall, that's why we are planning Beta channel
15:34:04 <coderus> Store*
15:34:10 <iekku> and planning the QA for it too
15:34:12 * artemma is using mitakuuluu as example. Other good apps such as foursail should get there too
15:34:22 <mornfall> iekku: you have to agree that the average quality of android apps in harbour is appalling anyway, even half-broken native apps are probably going to be more valuable...
15:34:26 <iekku> artemma, that's also our will
15:34:31 <coderus> iekku: exactly. jsut enabling Beta channel, long EULA text, accept/decline.
15:34:38 <faenil> iekku, though will beta channel be available before the API versioning stuff is in place?
15:34:46 <M4rtinK_jolla_> I think if the target is published a few days before update, everything will be fixed in time
15:34:46 <faenil> because otherwise, we need a faster option
15:34:50 * artemma agrees that beta channel is better than nothing
15:34:54 <coderus> faenil: it shouldnt
15:35:04 <iekku> faenil, i don't believe. but as i said i don't have eta atm
15:35:08 <M4rtinK_jolla_> for active developers of course
15:35:31 <cybette> I think this topic is also better served with more sailors working on store/harbour participating.
15:35:33 <artemma> Can you have at least an idea on what's going to change a couple of weeks in advance?
15:35:33 <coderus> active and trusted ones
15:35:37 <cybette> as well as syncing with the progress of chum
15:35:59 <artemma> developers could read a dev blog and notice the relevant change is coming and be ready to when it actually comes
15:36:09 <Morpog_PC__> so to summarize: beta opt-in inside store with warning about os updates and auto blocking of beta apps after os update. Developers in beta channel should be able to join beta testing of SF OS next version to prepare an apps update.
15:36:16 <artemma> just follow Android and Apple practice there - they are not that bad
15:36:31 <netzvieh> artemma: well the iteration planning mail could have a dev section, if there are planned api changes
15:36:31 <artemma> and tried with time
15:36:33 <coderus> Morpog_PC__: thanks
15:36:35 <iekku> artemma, i haven been thinking how to get good enough "early warning" system for developers
15:36:38 <M4rtinK_jolla_> I understand the current rules
15:36:43 <iekku> artemma, and get it automated :P
15:36:58 <mornfall> iekku: it's called "dump your OS on github" :-)
15:37:07 <iekku> mornfall, :D
15:37:08 <M4rtinK_jolla_> but at the same time the current situation is slowly moving before repair
15:37:14 <netzvieh> iekku: aren't API changes discussed in the iteration planning meetings?
15:37:14 <coderus> iekku: new mailing list?
15:37:23 <artemma> iekku: iOS and Android and facebook devs just follow a dev announcement channel. Whatever you mark ads official will work, be it blog or mailing list
15:37:33 <iekku> coderus, i think sailfish os could be suitable
15:37:37 <coderus> linux for example have good mailing lists for summarize changes for upcoming releases
15:37:41 * artemma personally is in favor or a blog with automated mail subscription for those willing
15:37:41 <mornfall> iekku: (a m/l with commit notifications would work just as well, and won't work for the same reasons...)
15:37:44 <cybette> #info summary of proposal: beta opt-in inside store with warning about os updates and auto blocking of beta apps after os update. Developers in beta channel should be able to  join beta testing of SF OS next version to prepare an apps update
15:37:49 <iekku> coderus, at least if we don't get individual warning system
15:38:12 <artemma> blog with tree-like comment system is easier for clarification questions
15:38:18 <Morpog_PC__> api or abi breakages could also be discussed in community meetings
15:38:27 <coderus> iekku: this new list for registered developers only. you can publish some details to public mailing list of course.
15:38:44 <iekku> coderus, ah, true. makes sense
15:39:00 <cybette> 2 min
15:39:14 <coderus> just general info to mail mailing list and all internal changes and TODO to new mailing list
15:39:33 <coderus> #summarize: beta opt-in inside store with warning about os updates and auto blocking of beta apps after os update. Developers in beta channel should be able to join beta testing of SF OS next  version to prepare an apps update.
15:39:37 <artemma> why not to have the list public? It will be out of interest for most people, so what
15:39:40 <netzvieh> coderus: with NDA for each registered dev?
15:39:41 <iekku> #info early warning system about API changes could be a mailing list for registered developers only
15:40:03 <coderus> #summarize: beta opt-in inside store with warning about os updates and auto blocking of beta apps after os update. Developers in beta channel should be able to join beta testing of SF OS next  version to prepare an apps update. Morpog_PC__ good enough?
15:40:08 <mornfall> NDAs suck
15:40:10 <mornfall> don't :-)
15:40:10 <coderus> netzvieh: no no, for foss only
15:40:11 <netzvieh> artemma: +1, I don't see any reason not to have it public
15:40:18 <iekku> #info early warning system about API changes could be sent to sailfish os devel mailing list
15:40:30 <Morpog_PC__> coderus, yep
15:40:46 <netzvieh> coderus: if you have a closed list, you have to have NDAs, else you can have it public ...
15:40:54 <coderus> artemma: you shouldnt be restricted from list, just new list  for weekly details with a lot of coding stuff not for everyone
15:40:57 <iekku> #action iekku to talk with service sailors about this and hopefully get some ETA soon
15:41:10 <cybette> iekku: good proposals
15:41:11 <coderus> netzvieh: closed i dont mean restricted, sorry
15:41:20 <cybette> ok time is up for this topic
15:41:28 <coderus> just for developers publishing in beta-channel
15:41:36 <cybette> #topic More advanced "Developer mode" or "3rd party sources" features (15 min)
15:41:40 <cybette> #info from coderus: "Enabling UI for managing packages, displaying all package information, repositories, showing update notifications for 3rd party repositories."
15:41:45 <cybette> #info "Functionality probably maintained by community, can depends on (2) if so, provide full source code for Jolla for review and building as part of OS mode tools."
15:41:49 <cybette> #info "Discussing main points of future development. Jolla can introduce peoples, who can help with API side and other important information."
15:41:57 <coderus> and again continuing last meeting topic.
15:42:27 <coderus> Does Jolla interested in adding more functions like packages control center and ssu management in developer mode tools?
15:42:28 <mornfall> installing zypper by default would be a good low-effort start, wouldn't it? :-)
15:43:08 <coderus> currently we're talking about GUI available under developer mode page after enabling developer mode
15:43:37 <coderus> at least packages management is very urgent part, and it should be added to sfos
15:43:44 <mornfall> coderus: I think that has a pretty limited audience?
15:43:59 <kimmoli_sailing> what is with that zypper? i dont get it, for me pkcon is enough. (or is it just me)
15:44:08 <coderus> mornfall: you think a little amount of peoples used it in harmattan?
15:44:13 <netzvieh> kimmoli_sailing: proper searching etc
15:44:45 <coderus> netzvieh: dont take windows road
15:45:14 <coderus> package is package and users should be able to read installed package information. Everything from rpm-info should be available
15:45:19 <mornfall> coderus: no idea... I only had N900 and it was a huge, extremely slow mess :-)
15:45:31 <mornfall> coderus: (package management GUIs, that is)
15:46:04 <M4rtinK_jolla_> Hildon Application Manager isnt the fastest thing on earth :)
15:46:12 <netzvieh> coderus: well I never said anything against that? just that e.g. zypper allows for proper searching and that's one of the reasons it's superior to pkcon in my eyes ;)
15:46:35 <sledges> also zypper can do dup --from=3RD-PTY-REPO
15:46:58 <coderus> netzvieh: sorry wrong highlight, mention to mornfall
15:47:09 <netzvieh> I'd still like to have some GUI for ssu/pkcon or zypper
15:47:18 <coderus> please dont steal topic :D
15:47:22 * artemma thinks if GUI front-end is wanted, then somebody will have to do it. We only need a promise from Jolla to let it be included in the harbour beta channel or whatever like that (assuming they find the app okay)
15:47:46 <mornfall> coderus: what do you imagine would be the main difference between warehouse and the proposed GUI?
15:47:49 * artemma doesn't think Jolla is likely to create such a front-end on its own
15:47:56 <stephg> I think managing and querying are two separate things, don't disagree with artemma about a UI for query but the management is another thing entirely
15:48:01 <Morpog_PC__> mornfall, I guess automatically updates
15:48:02 <stephg> and I'm against management in the UI personally
15:48:15 <mornfall> Morpog_PC__: as in not doing those?
15:48:22 <coderus> mornfall: it should be part of system at firts, nobody will install such software from 3rd party sources
15:48:22 <mornfall> Morpog_PC__: or as having a cronjob for them?
15:48:42 <Morpog_PC__> without having to open a 3rd party app
15:48:47 <Morpog_PC__> aka warehouse
15:48:50 <mornfall> coderus: if nobody will install it as 3rd party, maybe it's not needed after all?
15:48:54 <coderus> Sailfish should have this GUI built into system settings pages
15:48:57 <stephg> (also for querying don't see what harbour rules would be broken as is currently)
15:49:07 <artemma> Isn't it more about permission dichotomy: If users shall be allowed to mess with the device, then they should be able to do it with a GUI app if anybody is eager to build one
15:49:18 <coderus> artemma: of course no
15:49:25 <coderus> only user packages should be visible there
15:49:32 <coderus> applications only
15:49:34 <stephg> what's a 'user package'
15:49:37 <Morpog_PC__> no libs
15:49:53 * artemma still doesn't get the problem, sorry. You can have it all in command line already, can't you? So just build GUI front end for it and that's it
15:49:54 <mornfall> sounds like jolla store for non-harbour channels to me
15:50:06 <coderus> no libs, apps with desktop launcher
15:50:13 <coderus> mornfall: not store
15:50:24 <coderus> you understand topic wrong :)
15:50:25 <SK_work> coderus: disagree, in patchmanager, ausmt / patchmanager daemon are installed
15:50:26 <Morpog_PC__> artemma, coderus wants the GUI to be included in Jollas settings UI
15:50:31 <artemma> can be done by any developer for publishing in openrepos and maybe future beta-alpha channels
15:50:36 <SK_work> they don't have desktop file but might be interesting to display them
15:50:44 <mornfall> coderus: if it only manages GUI apps, it's the same as jolla store ... just with a different channel?
15:50:48 <coderus> SK_work: its dependencies, and it should be cleaned after removing head package
15:50:52 <kimmoli_sailing> * got lost
15:50:56 <artemma> Jolla's Settings UI is extensible, you just need to write/register a proper plugin me thinks
15:51:06 <SK_work> coderus: not really: you can technically install daemon without gui
15:51:11 <SK_work> and use only the daemon
15:51:19 <SK_work> (like allow 3rd party apps to interact with the daemon)
15:51:22 * cybette notices a shortage of Jolla sailors for comments today
15:51:22 <SK_work> (or any daemon)
15:51:34 <coderus> mornfall: more or less. it should show all applications, also installed manually from rpm and from warehouse and other channels, it doesnt matter
15:51:37 <javispedro> how do you tell a "user" package in sfos?
15:51:56 <iekku> cybette, i saw that already at info part
15:52:13 <coderus> SK_work: and you can't remove daemon from that gui then, and it wont be untouched if some other package depends on that.
15:52:17 <phaeron> coderus: you are suggesting warehouse like plugin for settings ? :)
15:52:22 <mornfall> coderus: I suspect there's lack of metadata in those cases though
15:52:24 <cybette> iekku: yeah, need to include bunny/badger kicks in the invitation emails
15:52:45 <artemma> Uhm, is the topic about that Jolla should ALLOW such GUI apps, about that Jolla should BUILD such app on its own or about technical help regarding how to do such an app?
15:52:52 <coderus> mornfall: sorry, what ccases?
15:52:55 <cybette> 3 more min
15:52:59 <iekku> cybette, yep
15:53:02 <SK_work> coderus: but you might need it to appear and be able to uninstall it etc.
15:53:06 <mornfall> coderus: "also installed manually from rpm and from warehouse and other channels"
15:53:21 <coderus> phaeron: i suggest to keep packages/repositories management tool build into system as any other linux based os have
15:53:42 <coderus> SK_work: it will be uninstalled with last package depends on that.
15:53:43 <phaeron> and ssu / pkcon are not enough
15:53:52 <phaeron> ( as in you want ui )
15:53:55 <SK_work> coderus: no, you are not on debian :(
15:54:20 <phaeron> SK_work: it's easy with zypper rm -u
15:54:25 <coderus> mornfall: stop kidding me, prm database have all info :)
15:54:40 <SK_work> phaeron: it is, but not for non-experts users
15:55:00 <coderus> SK_work: it doesnt matter, it shound be only configurated properly.
15:55:04 <phaeron> we are developers here. we are discussing exposing such options to less experienced people
15:55:15 <mornfall> coderus: not really, if you rpm -i something, where are you going to look for updates?
15:55:17 <coderus> phaeron: no
15:55:22 * artemma still failed to get the actual problem impossible to do already today. Well, it's fine as long as some people did understand the issue and have a discussion
15:55:29 <coderus> phaeron: it should be visible under developer mode inly
15:55:31 <coderus> only*
15:55:45 <phaeron> why. developer already knows how to use command line
15:55:48 <SK_work> coderus: should it ?
15:55:49 <javispedro> what will less experienced people benefit from this? only think I can think of is ability to uninstall packages that are in some undefined way "user visible" but have no .desktop file.
15:55:50 <cybette> I think this discussion should be continued after the meeting and a more concrete proposal made for next meeting or to mailing list
15:55:50 <stephg> phaeron: +1
15:55:53 <andorreta> and something like "pacman" from arch linux but with a gui?
15:55:56 <stephg> cybette: +1
15:55:57 <SK_work> coderus: because normal users can install packages too
15:56:03 <Morpog_PC__> artemma, getting a GUI into settings, that gets approved by Jolla and integrated into SFOS
15:56:06 <coderus> phaeron: why commant line< my topic is about GUI :)
15:56:25 <cybette> thanks everyone, let's move on. I don't think we'll get a conclusion here now.
15:56:30 <artemma> If you want to hide whatever option from less experienced people, borrow a page from Android book: they require 7 taps (yes, seven taps) on a particular About menu item for showing Developer menu
15:56:35 <coderus> SK_work:  i'll be happy if it doesnt require devmode, but many peoples against :)
15:56:39 <cybette> #topic Update on community guidelines/moderation (15 min)
15:56:44 <mornfall> coderus: because nobody understands what the advantage of the GUI you propose over the existing CLI is, I think (especially if it's developer-only)
15:56:47 <iekku> cybette, +1
15:57:01 <cybette> #info Draft of community guidelines http://piratepad.net/sailfish-community-guidelines
15:57:01 <coderus> cybette: please let us know if Jolla interested in topic, we can continue later then.
15:57:10 <artemma> Morpog_PC__: anybody can build such a GUI already today (if wants) and push it to open repos, can't he?
15:57:12 <SK_work> coderus: +1
15:57:16 <cybette> coderus: I'll ping Jolla
15:57:27 <cybette> SK_work: your topic on Jolla communications is in a separate topic, instead of grouped with this as I wrote in email
15:57:37 <cybette> iekku: please take the stage :)
15:57:39 <Morpog_PC__> artemma, sure but you can't get it by default in next sfos update, can you? ;)
15:57:45 <Morpog_PC__> ok next topic
15:58:01 <SK_work> cybette: perfect
15:58:19 * netzvieh is against 3 strikes personally
15:58:38 * artemma finds it somewhat ironic that he is uploading an app to Apple app store and pushes Android app to release testing while sitting on the #mer-meeting
15:58:38 <iekku> so, what i have done so far, is just a draft: http://piratepad.net/sailfish-community-guidelines
15:58:43 <cybette> netzvieh: feel free to comment on the pirate pad
15:59:09 <cybette> artemma: are you giving me a reason to kick you? ;)
15:59:18 <mornfall> I don't see a problem with what's in that PP
15:59:22 <iekku> and so far i haven't receved any names for ml moderator candidates
15:59:22 <netzvieh> cybette: in chat or pad itself?
15:59:30 <coderus> iekku: nice, thank you
15:59:32 <xmlich02> -1 to not posting of chunks, Email have attachment feature. pastebin have short lifetime.
15:59:52 <artemma> cybette: if I don't follow guidelines, sure I need to be kicked. Didn't notice it yet, but you are the moderator
15:59:54 <cybette> netzvieh: please comment here as well, since we're here to discuss this :)
15:59:55 <mornfall> xmlich02: chunks are about IRC
15:59:56 <iekku> xmlich02, that was for IRC
16:00:00 <coderus> xmlich02: lifetime?
16:00:13 <mornfall> coderus: pastebins expire
16:00:18 <cybette> artemma: i'm just kidding. let's focus on the discussion of the topic now
16:00:19 <xmlich02> It is not about mailinglist? sorry then ..
16:00:24 * kimmoli_sailing goes to search a charger, ttyl
16:00:27 <iekku> SK_work, are you here?
16:00:31 <SK_work> iekku: here
16:00:41 <iekku> SK_work, could you also want to say something?
16:00:48 <coderus> i'll prefer paste services than attachment, if it isnt complete project
16:01:06 <coderus> but it's better to use monospace font instead of paste if lines < 100 :)
16:01:18 <cybette> iekku: SK_work's topic is next, I've separated them
16:01:19 <SK_work> don't know what to say, not very fan of the 3 strikes either
16:01:29 * artemma thinks the guidelines are good. Usual "think fist, do good stuff, don't do bad stuff". But well, maybe there is value in stating that aloud
16:01:30 <iekku> cybette, ah sorry :D
16:01:37 <cybette> even though this topic is somewhat of a "response" to the next
16:01:48 <iekku> i don't know if there's anything else
16:01:50 <Morpog_PC__> xmlich02, it'S about maillist and irc, read it again
16:01:51 <mornfall> SK_work: I understand those 3 strikes as a time-local thing... if it's not, I would disagree too
16:02:08 <cybette> iekku: how about reminding about nominations to developer-care
16:02:10 <iekku> i engourage people to comment the draft and send out call for ml-moderators tomorrow
16:02:11 <coderus> just start cleaning mailing list and post only developer questions, and we will better too :)
16:02:16 <mornfall> SK_work: i.e. if you get three warnings within a week, then a ban is appropriate... if you get three warnings over five years, certainly not
16:02:24 <artemma> Are there particular pain points we are trying to solve? The only enforcing things I see is : technical qs only and 3 warning system
16:02:29 <SK_work> mornfall: +1
16:02:32 <cybette> iekku: have we received many nominations for moderators?
16:02:35 <mornfall> iekku: ^^ what was the intent behind "3 warnings"?
16:02:38 <xmlich02> well, then again -1 to chunks. It is wrong at IRC, but good in mail.
16:02:40 <iekku> none
16:03:02 <netzvieh> xmlich02: but you don't want all dev discussion on the ML?
16:03:07 <iekku> mornfall, if someone violates guidelines first warning, second and then ban
16:03:18 <SK_work> iekku: I think that "be helpful" might be in 2nd point
16:03:21 <mornfall> iekku: I mean about timespan, what I said to SK_work above
16:03:23 <SK_work> meaning that it's very important
16:03:48 * artemma wouldn't restrict channel for tech things only, but doesn't know how to enforce it for-tech-things-MOSTLY. I think people shall be able to express frustration about forum too, but not in 20 emails in 10 topics
16:03:49 <mornfall> iekku: I don't think it's OK to ban someone right away because they already got 2 warnings a few years ago
16:03:52 <Halo2> at least after what happend on dev mailing list ints a good idea to define that its for technical talk only (and not call it developert talk ;-) )
16:03:54 <Morpog_PC__> I guess 2 strikes + 1 would be better, after 2 strikes 1 weekor month ban, after that if it continues lifetime ban
16:04:00 <iekku> mornfall, ah, true
16:04:04 <netzvieh> for ML I'd propose no html and inline quoting, and banning those +1 mails
16:04:22 <iekku> as said, please comment the draft :) we need to make it together
16:04:32 <SK_work> netzvieh: +1
16:04:41 * artemma thinks "don't be a jerk" and "stay mostly on tech topic" is better than "tech questions only"
16:04:41 <SK_work> -1 for inline quoting
16:04:45 <SK_work> for long mails it helps
16:04:45 <xmlich02> netzvieh, I want different rules for IRC and mailinglist
16:04:46 <iekku> it's not a community guideline if it's not done together with community
16:05:01 <SK_work> yeah, tech questions only is a bit limiting
16:05:13 <SK_work> there are people chilling out on nemomobile, why not elsewhere ?
16:05:15 <iekku> and let's not make too many rules
16:05:20 <iekku> keep it simple
16:05:25 <faenil> SK_work, shhh :D
16:06:03 <netzvieh> xmlich02: there are? read the _bold_ text, would you?
16:06:10 <Halo2> I'm against liftime ban, and I think its not happening often that such hard measures are needed, if its better defined, and if there is an alternative to the developers tech stuff list, it will most likely work without things like permanent ban
16:06:34 * artemma thinks warnings should really be used for abusive things or being a jerk only, not for a newbie inserting long text by mistake or before somebody points him to guidelines
16:06:41 <mornfall> there's no such thing as a lifetime ban on the Internet
16:06:44 <SK_work> Halo2: well, recently, there were some reasons to give a livetime ban so ...
16:06:51 <Morpog_PC__> +1 artemma
16:06:56 <SK_work> artemma: indeed
16:07:04 <SK_work> if a newbie comes, you can point it to this guideline though
16:07:08 <mornfall> SK_work: link?
16:07:17 <Halo2> SK_work I think wich an alternative address and some days the problem can also be handled
16:07:32 <coderus> mailing lists: no private discussions, tech topics, chunks for < 100 lines, pastebin for more. attachment or link to github/etc. required to solve complex problems.
16:07:38 <SK_work> mornfall: fk_lx stuff
16:07:40 <andorreta> artemma +1 :)
16:07:55 <cybette> 3 min.
16:07:55 <SK_work> Halo2: +1
16:08:03 <xmlich02> It is very unclean for me. The most of IRC guidelines applies also to mailing list (e.g. don't be a jerk).
16:08:18 <Halo2> are chunks in mailing lists really a problem?
16:08:21 <SK_work> iekku: ^ some cleaning / relayouting ?
16:08:22 <mornfall> SK_work: I have no idea what to think about the fk_lx affair.
16:08:32 <Morpog_PC__> xmlich02, well, why should you be a jerk on irc, but not on maillist?
16:08:38 <SK_work> Halo2: they are if it's code IMO, more easy to read on pastebin / github
16:08:46 <cybette> good to see comments and opinions. i'll add mine to the piratepad after meeting when I put hat back on :P
16:09:02 <iekku> :)
16:09:08 <SK_work> mornfall: on ML it was spam, I'm not thuinking about other stuff, and it's not the topic
16:09:41 <iekku> please make sure your commenta are also at the piratepad
16:09:46 <iekku> comments also
16:09:54 <mornfall> SK_work: "spam" is a subjective thing, and handing out lifetime bans lightly is not a good practice
16:09:58 <cybette> #info please add your comments to http://piratepad.net/sailfish-community-guidelines
16:10:01 <coderus> irc is always more relaxed discussions, some short private dialogs are okay, but its not okay if stealing irc for long private discussions if just 2-3 persons involved.
16:10:11 <SK_work> mornfall: yeah, true
16:10:55 <cybette> alright, thanks iekku for taking this forward. let's now discuss SK_work's topic
16:10:55 * artemma wonders if forum would serve better than mailing list (with subsections for tech and not so tech issues). Ideally a forum with a mailing list(s) interface
16:11:22 <cybette> #topic Feedback on Jolla communication (10 min)
16:11:27 <cybette> #info from SK_work "This topic comes to my mind because of recent events in the community, and some / many? community members think that Jolla communication is one of their weaker point."
16:11:47 <sledges> coderus: +1
16:11:52 <coderus> artemma: forum = more spam, slood, ooftopic, +1, +1000, thanks, and more flood.
16:12:03 <mornfall> I have feedback :-) ... please have an actual bug tracker
16:12:11 <cybette> artemma: we've discussed that a bit in an earlier meeting. right now Jolla does not have resources to maintain a forum. we'll focus on improving the current channels of communication
16:12:11 <iekku> ahoy, we have new topic
16:12:16 <cybette> oops. forgot no hat.
16:12:29 <SK_work> Feedback on Jolla communication: Jolla communication is often seen as one of their biggest weakness. There were a lot of communication hickups during Jolla launch (Sailfish OS is suddenly dubbed Beta, some international "First ones" got the phone after Finnish second ones etc.). It still continues nowadays, as Jolla advertizes it's Sailfish OS as open (source), while it is clearly not open-source, even if efforts are made to mak
16:12:31 * artemma thinks Jolla comms improved during recent months. Thanks, guys!
16:12:38 <SK_work> To get more information / insight, you need to go on IRC and talk with Jolla engineers, or send Tweets to them. (For example) Stskeeps is usually very helpful, and don't hesitate to discuss a bit more about future plans. For example, ports to other Android will be enabled with the "HADK", but in official media, there is no mention of HADK at all. Another example is about update 7. People on IRC were expecting it to have a little
16:12:45 <SK_work> This leads to two different and conflicting information sources. In one side, official media, that only provides verified information, takes time to apology from failures, and don't provide any information about upcoming features. In the other side, developers that might be a bit too chatty, and talk about unconfirmed open-sourcing plans or upcoming plans. As an example, this blog post from fk_lx http://dontbreakthesails.blogspo
16:12:53 <SK_work> #link http://dontbreakthesails.blogspot.fr/2014/04/sailfish-silica-half-open
16:13:01 <SK_work> I would like to have a discussion about these communication problems, to have feedback from other people of the community, as well as from Jolla, to help improving communication, both to the community, and in general (Jolla image). I see at least two axis of discussion: 1. reaction to problems (mainly apologies), 2. communication about upcoming topics (releases, plans, ideas).
16:13:09 <mornfall> SK_work: you are being cutoff at 512 characters
16:13:10 <coderus> dont write big rules until there are no spam, offence, jerks and etc.
16:13:22 <SK_work> mornfall: damn
16:13:34 <mornfall> SK_work: (IRC limit)
16:13:41 <phaeron> mornfall: we have two. mer bugzilla and nemo bugzilla. we are working to try to improve their usage.
16:13:42 <stephg> SK_work: I think the jist comes across tho
16:13:58 <SK_work> http://paste.kde.org/pwblblkim
16:14:01 <SK_work> ^
16:14:07 <mornfall> phaeron: so which one gets sailfishos bugs? :-)
16:14:09 <cybette> #link http://paste.kde.org/pwblblkim
16:14:10 <sledges> SK_work: thanks
16:14:11 <coderus> i dont saw any spam, jerkings, flood in ML
16:14:13 <SK_work> lazy to repaste
16:14:22 <SK_work> cybette: bad idea to link: this paste expires
16:14:22 <SK_work> :(
16:14:34 <xmlich02> SK_work, you should have strike for that. Large chunks of text.
16:14:35 <cybette> ah
16:14:36 <sledges> SK_work: broken link
16:14:43 <stephg> sledges: yep
16:14:53 <phaeron> mornfall: well once we get the process going we can add a third :)
16:15:01 <iekku> please, let's stay on topic
16:15:02 <phaeron> but there is already too much fragmentation of communication
16:15:23 <phaeron> imho
16:15:23 <SK_work> http://paste.kde.org/piiojrafg
16:15:25 <SK_work> one sec repasting ^
16:15:36 <stephg> that works
16:15:48 <SK_work> #link http://paste.kde.org/piiojrafg
16:15:53 <SK_work> (this one works for 1 week)
16:16:04 <mornfall> phaeron: I think tjc is very unsuitable to tracking anything at all. Which only makes matters worse with regards to fragmentation...
16:17:16 <iekku> SK_work, we are working to get communication better
16:17:18 <mornfall> phaeron: askbot is probably fine for support -- but doubling as a bug tracker, it's really messy
16:17:30 <SK_work> iekku: It can be seen :)
16:17:36 <iekku> SK_work, and i think first baby steps have been taken :)
16:17:47 <iekku> but yes, we have still long way to walk
16:17:59 <phaeron> mornfall: I kinda agree. but imho it was the best option for the situation when it was implemented
16:18:02 <SK_work> what bothers me the most is point 1.
16:18:10 * artemma has tech and tech-UI issues sometimes such as Conversations being labeled to another person and has little idea where to report it too. TJC feels quite wrong :/
16:18:14 <SK_work> point 1. is that Jolla usually takes time to proper communicate failure
16:18:21 <mornfall> phaeron: maybe... but right now, it's sort of a blackhole
16:18:28 <mornfall> phaeron: which doesn't look very good on Jolla
16:18:29 <SK_work> and this leads to a lot of anger.
16:18:50 <SK_work> just take last update. Because of SSL issues, update got delayed, but noone explained except Aard on IRC
16:18:57 <SK_work> if people were aware of this
16:18:59 <artemma> TJC is great for a wider comms feedback. Some of that feedback canbe pulled to a tech bug tracker
16:19:06 <Halo2_> there is no accessible bugtracking or?
16:19:09 <SK_work> (but of course, at the end they were happy to get the update :))
16:19:26 <M4rtinK_jolla_> I would teally appreciate some responce to my RFEs on TJC...
16:19:37 <M4rtinK_jolla_> *teally
16:19:52 <mornfall> M4rtinK_jolla_: (that's what I was talking about TJC being a blackhole :)
16:20:09 <SK_work> agree that TJC is really quite bad
16:20:12 <artemma> if TJC is a bug tracker now, there should be some status-like tags at least. It sorta demotivates a lot to spend time on [somewhat] quality bug reporting and not knowing if anybody relevant even looked at the entry
16:20:15 <SK_work> since it's flooded with issues
16:20:26 <SK_work> artemma: +1
16:20:27 <mornfall> and I think the effort on the part of Jolla to get it together (haha, pun) is disproportionate
16:20:36 <SK_work> IMO TJC won't replace a good old bugzilla
16:20:57 <Halo2_> I'm more used to trac
16:21:10 <mornfall> SK_work: bugzilla might be a bit of an overkill, but *some* bugtracker instead of a board-come-voting-platform would be a huge improvement :-)
16:21:11 <SK_work> Halo2_: no accessible bugtracking system
16:21:29 <faenil> artemma, +1,
16:21:31 <Halo2_> I think this is the most important thing if you want to have community development
16:21:32 <sledges> SK_work: community could also help (someone re-posts on twitter of what Aard said about delay) - united power
16:21:32 * artemma thinks that bug tracking problem is solved nowadays already. Maybe just use a bug tracker (whichever Jolla fancy for)? And TJC could be one source for bug reports to be pulled from (by moderators or whoever technical wants to help)
16:21:34 <andorreta> tjc is good for people telling the workarounds they have found, but as a bug tracker i think it's laking
16:21:40 <SK_work> mornfall: the fact is that there are already 2 bz for mer nemo, and one internal
16:21:44 <SK_work> so why not bz ?
16:22:09 <SK_work> sledges: indeed, but why @JollaHQ don't do this ?
16:22:14 <SK_work> could help even more
16:22:21 <faenil> we're back to square one, for the bugtracking thing we need Mer and Nemo to be merged, and they're not yet, afaik (cc Stskeeps )
16:22:33 <SK_work> the gap between official and unofficial com is really disturbing for me
16:22:34 <sledges> SK_work: ofc, yet every little helps
16:22:44 <artemma> whichever bugzilla is chosen, there is only one step from using it: an official link from sailfishos.org :)
16:22:45 <faenil> I agree, it's disturbing indeed
16:22:55 <iekku> artemma, +1
16:23:20 <SK_work> artemma: +2
16:23:24 <mornfall> SK_work: sure, if BZ works it's fine by me
16:23:24 <iekku> SK_work, that's something we have to really improve
16:23:56 <cybette> ok I'm taking notes even though I'm not commenting.
16:23:59 <artemma> okay, so we have two main subtopics: bugtracking and announcing changes ahead of time, right?
16:24:00 <Halo2_> like already said, propably its just me, but i think trac is more usable but please correct me
16:24:09 * SK_work wonders if it's really that hard to get official statements, are the investor needed to have @JollaHQ retweet Aard ?
16:24:10 <SK_work> etc.
16:24:15 <cybette> thanks and let's continue the subtopics in a future meeting
16:24:17 <SK_work> artemma: +1
16:24:20 <mornfall> SK_work: my only concern was that BZ might be hard to set up, but if there's expertise on board, then no qualms
16:24:26 <mornfall> so can we have a bugzilla? :-)
16:24:30 <SK_work> mornfall: there is mer nemo bz
16:24:35 <SK_work> why not sfos
16:24:38 <artemma> imho, bugtracking issue already discussed enough. Jolla just has to start/choose and announce bugtracker officially, we can't really do it for Jolla
16:24:45 <SK_work> the fact with a bz is that there is a need of having people triaging
16:24:52 <SK_work> bz without triaging is TJC
16:24:57 <SK_work> (worse than TJC)
16:25:02 <cybette> #topic Chum repo process and its policies (3 min)
16:25:08 <mornfall> SK_work: sure, but you can at least do triage with BZ, unlike with TJC
16:25:08 <cybette> #info xmlich02's opinion here: http://piratepad.net/iVW0lrOKXF - please comment directly to the pirate pad
16:25:18 <faenil> SK_work, I'd be happy to triage bugs
16:25:32 <cybette> xmlich02-jolla: do you want to add anything to this?
16:25:44 * artemma doesn't mind if official bugtracker is accessible by registered devs only if you are so afraid of too much general public. Public can report to TJC then and devs to pull it to a bugtracker
16:25:46 <mornfall> SK_work: also, you can set up BZ to have votes, and confirm bugs based on votes
16:25:55 <mornfall> SK_work: the votes in TJC are basically useless as far as bugtracking goes
16:26:01 <xmlich02-jolla> i am still not sure what input is expedted from community
16:26:05 <faenil> artemma, +1
16:26:17 <SK_work> faenil: me too
16:26:24 <faenil> artemma, though I'm a bit tired of saying the same things all the times...(which is what you're saying :) )
16:26:31 <xmlich02-jolla> it is up to jolla representatives to explain this
16:26:36 <cybette> hi, we are on new topic. please take a look at xmlich02-jolla 's link http://piratepad.net/iVW0lrOKXF
16:26:46 <faenil> cybette, oops sorry
16:27:12 <artemma> ah, sorry, didn't notice. Long intro of topic to channel usually makes a change easy to notice :)
16:27:57 <sledges> lbt tbr : ping ^
16:28:08 <cybette> ok, I guess there's a lot in that link to digest, so take your time after the meeting (that is xmlich02-jolla 's idea as well)
16:28:15 <cybette> and comment there
16:28:25 <cybette> let's wrap up
16:28:33 <sledges> ok, i will pass that onto chum fellows
16:28:37 <SK_work> xmlich02-jolla: only thing to say about this: the pain-points that gives +X karma should also be displayed somewhere else
16:28:38 <cybette> #topic Next meeting
16:28:39 <cybette> sledges: thanks!
16:28:40 <SK_work> like in a client
16:28:49 <SK_work> damn :D
16:28:59 <cybette> ;)
16:29:08 <cybette> next tuesday, alternate back to 10 UTC?
16:29:37 <cybette> silence means consent!
16:29:40 <sledges> wfm
16:29:47 * artemma liked curent time. Understands the need to variate though
16:30:01 <cybette> artemma: yeah, couple of sailors told me they couldn't make it today because of the time
16:30:04 * Morpog_PC__ reads log if he can't make it
16:30:11 <cybette> alright let's go with that
16:30:11 * SK_work doesn't like
16:30:16 <SK_work> 10UTC is lunch time
16:30:16 <cybette> #info Next meeting Tues June-17 @ 10:00 UTC,
16:30:17 * Halo2_ also preffers >12 UTC
16:30:21 <sledges> Morpog_PC__: that's the spirit
16:30:33 <cybette> SK_work: have it at the same time, I usually do :P
16:30:39 <sledges> we'll also welcome australians :)
16:30:44 <SK_work> cybette: yeah
16:30:44 <cybette> sledges: exactly!
16:30:49 <SK_work> I said I don't like this slot
16:30:49 * netzvieh won't be able to participate, so both times are fine :D
16:30:53 <SK_work> because it's not lunch time :)
16:30:58 <iekku> i hope there's someone else willing to chair
16:31:10 <cybette> ok thanks everyone. I'll end meeting now. we can continue chatting of course in other channels
16:31:13 <cybette> #endmeeting