18:19:49 <sledges> #startmeeting Mer-hybris Porters bug triage 9/12/2014
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18:19:57 <sledges> apologies for delay
18:20:09 <sledges> Welcome to the Mer-hybris Porters bug triage! should be a quick one today
18:20:14 <sledges> #info We'll start with the bugs: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=critical&bug_severity=major&bug_severity=normal&bug_severity=trivial&bug_status=NEEDINFO&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=TRIAGEDUPSTREAM&bug_status=REOPENED&component=Hybris-ing&email1=need-triage&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=substring&order=bug_id&product=Hardware%20adaptation&query_format=advanced
18:20:28 <sledges> #topic https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=779 - 2014-12-02 18:45:20
18:20:28 <Merbot> Nemo bug 779 in Hybris-ing "[ace] [vision] ofono only talks ril protocol version 7" [Normal,New]
18:20:33 <tbr> ohai
18:21:07 <sledges> should this be a task rather a bug?
18:21:35 <situ> sledges: how much effort will it take ?
18:21:37 <tbr> btw: who's considered upstream for that ofono ril thing?
18:22:21 <sledges> whoever accepts it, cascadingly
18:23:05 <sledges> setting low/critical (only few devices/port incomplete)
18:24:09 <sledges> or setting major instead of critical, a device can still be used as router/alarm clock
18:24:12 <situ> sledges: only data connection doesn't work, so probably low/normal
18:24:12 <sledges> %)
18:24:41 <sledges> situ: phonecalls work?
18:25:11 <situ> sledges: Ask piggz, comment #0 mentions data connection.
18:25:33 <sledges> porting table shows even more different
18:25:45 <sledges> vision has all green, means Guhl had it ported, just not upstreamed
18:26:01 <sledges> piggz will do another ril version it seems
18:26:15 <sledges> which brings us to low/normal
18:26:16 <sledges> thanks situ
18:28:01 <sledges> done, commented
18:28:06 <sledges> this was the first and last bug \o/
18:28:10 <sledges> moving on to tasks..
18:28:26 <sledges> #info moving on to tasks https://bugs.nemomobile.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=task&bug_status=NEEDINFO&bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=TRIAGEDUPSTREAM&bug_status=REOPENED&component=Hybris-ing&email1=need-triage&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=substring&order=bug_id&product=Hardware%20adaptation&query_format=advanced
18:28:39 <sledges> no tasks
18:28:39 <sledges> :D
18:28:55 <situ> :)
18:29:22 <sledges> #info next week I'll complement triage for checking for not-taken bugs and nagging the taken+assigned ones, will need to dig into the process a bit
18:29:41 <sledges> thanks all! and thanks situ for the reminder
18:29:45 <sledges> #endmeeting