13:33:02 <stephg> #startmeeting SailfishOS, open source, collaboration 14th of April 2016
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13:33:14 <stephg> #info Happy New Year (if you're in south/south-east asia) and welcome to another SailfishOS OSS and collaboration meeting
13:33:22 <stephg> #info Meeting information and agenda can be found here: http://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2016-April/007037.html
13:33:29 <stephg> I'm the meeting chair today and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please behave, be gentle and show due respect.
13:33:36 <stephg> We have a few things to get through today so please lets not stray from the topics too much.
13:34:00 <stephg> #topic Brief introduction (10 minutes because everyone is late), please prefix your name/handle with #info
13:34:11 <kimmoli> #info Kimmo Lindholm, community member, TOHs, porting, etc.
13:34:35 <stephg> #info Steph Gosling, community, porter
13:34:46 <stephg> goodness it got quiet here today all of a sudden :D
13:34:47 <fravaccaro> #info Fra, Jolla Community Italia
13:34:51 <chriadam_> #info Chris Adams, privateer for Jolla, in .au so don't usually attend these meetings due to tz issues...
13:34:52 <Nokius> #info Nokius, community member, porter
13:35:03 <SfietKonstantinW> hey !
13:35:03 <stephg> \o chriadam_
13:35:13 <veskuh> #info Vesa-Matti Hartikainen, Program Manager at Jolla
13:35:14 <Jaymzz> #info James Noori, Community Manager, at your service!
13:35:15 <SfietKonstantinW> #info Lucien Xu, community
13:35:24 <Luca247> #info luca247, community member
13:35:31 <SfietKonstantinW> hi chriadam_ not sleeping ?
13:35:37 <kimmoli> what does "program manager" do ? veskuh
13:35:47 <chriadam_> just finished some work, was about to head home when I saw stephg's notice about the meeting
13:35:52 <PhixGre> #info Philippe Bollard, community member
13:35:53 <stephg> kimmoli: what doesn't he do ;)
13:36:05 <SfietKonstantinW> chriadam_: isn't it really late in AU ?
13:36:08 <veskuh> kimmoli: taking care of things nobody else does
13:36:11 <chriadam_> 11:30pm
13:36:20 <SfietKonstantinW> ok, so not *that* late
13:36:28 <chriadam_> yeah, not too bad
13:36:29 <fravaccaro> @jaymzz I didn't know it was you ;)
13:36:56 <veskuh> kimmoli: Planning, resourcing, talking to partners, clients, managers, etc.
13:37:01 <Jaymzz> fravaccaro: Yeah that's my nickname :P
13:37:41 <kimmoli> veskuh: ok. it's good that someone talks to managers too :P
13:37:58 <chriadam_> kimmoli: generally we have product streams (driven by internal products we're creating, or external contracts).  product managers try to schedule / push things which benefit their product.  the program manager organises things from a higher-perspective, ensuring scheduling/pushing for things which are best for the SFOS program as a whole.
13:38:03 <SfietKonstantinW> hey Jaymzz !
13:38:11 <SfietKonstantinW> how wait, just got my Jolla tablet !
13:38:12 <SfietKonstantinW> :D
13:38:17 <stephg> couple more minutes but I'm a bit disheartened that half the folks who've asked questions aren't here (yet) :/
13:38:56 <Nokius> :(
13:39:03 <Jaymzz> fietKonstantinW Hello hello! :) nice to see you somewhere other than Twitter :D
13:39:16 <SfietKonstantinW> nice to see you too
13:39:18 <chem|st> #info R.Schiller, community
13:39:19 <stephg> lol SfietFTW ;)
13:39:49 <pketo> #info Pami Ketolainen, backend developer @ Jolla
13:39:51 <stephg> need to breainsorm that one, SfieTW could also work
13:39:55 <chem|st> stephg: SfietWTF
13:40:00 <stephg> lol
13:40:09 <Jaymzz> :D
13:40:12 <chem|st> :P
13:40:23 <stephg> literally, lol
13:40:41 <sledges> #info Simonas Leleiva hw & l10n sailor
13:40:59 <sledges> ok, now let's read backlog :D
13:40:59 <stephg> ok then well lets crack on as best we can
13:41:15 <stephg> #topic Whitelabel Jolla tablets (russh, 5 minutes)
13:41:18 <SfietKonstantinW> Sfie TW ?
13:41:20 <SfietKonstantinW> :D
13:41:27 <Jaymzz> stephg: I have a LOT to learn from you!
13:41:31 <kimmoli> chriadam_: thanks
13:41:39 <stephg> ^^ merbot isn't changing the topics I think?
13:41:48 <urjaman> merbot isnt opped
13:41:54 <stephg> dunno if that's an ops thing
13:41:58 <stephg> yes
13:42:36 <stephg> could a sailor tickle an lbt or a Stskeeps to do the dutiful pls
13:42:47 <Jaymzz> doing it
13:42:55 <stephg> thanks Jaymzz
13:43:33 <stephg> mean time, it apparently is new year today if you're in bits of the indian subcontintent
13:43:36 <stephg> so there you go
13:43:57 <stephg> (I read it on the internet, it must be true)
13:44:25 <Nokius> stephg: it's Indian work mate is gining a party
13:44:36 <vgrade_> #info vgrade, community porter
13:44:37 <stephg> thanks whoever did that
13:44:40 <Stskeeps> (sorry, was eating, now going for a walk with my son)
13:44:52 <stephg> no worries, enjoy the springtime :D
13:44:56 <stephg> ok then
13:45:06 <stephg> #topic Whitelabel Jolla tablets (russh, 5 minutes)
13:45:27 <stephg> ... and they are apparently not here
13:45:52 <stephg> #info (from tjc): i.e. why doesn't Jolla encourage 'chinese factory' to build more Tablets (and act as reseller in Europa). Jolla can give them a SailfishOS version without license protected Software (like Alien Dalvik and Here).
13:46:10 <stephg> #info (from tjc) Benefits of this include - more developers will make native apps for SailfishOS (to fill the Jolla and openprepo app store). Builds the developer base, popularises SailfishOS and benefits everyone!
13:46:41 <stephg> so they're not here so unless any objections going to move straight on
13:46:52 <chriadam_> veskuh: might be able to answer anyway
13:47:12 <chriadam_> probably good ot record the answer in the meeting minutes, even though the person who asked isn't here at the moment
13:47:13 <NeKit> not strictly related, but I think Jolla Tablet adaptation can be mostly reused on other Bay Trail tablets
13:47:15 <urjaman> well, .... yeah i was going to say we should atleast check if anybody from jolla has anything to say about this...
13:47:26 <NeKit> as long as custom kernel can be compiled for it
13:47:27 <stephg> fair enough: if you have anything to say please do
13:47:39 <SfietKonstantinW> isn't there an issue with UEFI ?
13:48:01 <NeKit> no, both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels can be booted
13:48:07 <stephg> I would have also thought there would be compliance issues too but then I don't know what I'm talking about
13:48:37 <chriadam_> veskuh: ping?
13:48:41 <veskuh> Difficult question
13:49:03 <veskuh> Obviously we want to expand reach of Sailfish OS
13:49:28 <veskuh> However, when it comes to commercial players like the chinese ODM, we need to come up with acceptale terms
13:50:00 <veskuh> and in this case our priorities have been in getting a closure for the tablet preorders and for the actual licensees
13:50:10 <stephg> this is the first onewhen it comes to commercial players like the chinese ODM, we need to come up with acceptable terms and in this case our priorities have been in getting a closure for the tablet preorders and for the actual licensees
13:50:29 <kimmoli> missing # info ?
13:50:30 <stephg> #info this is the first onewhen it comes to commercial players like the chinese ODM, we need to come up with acceptable terms and in this case our priorities have been in getting a closure for the tablet preorders and for the actual licensees
13:51:32 <chriadam_> there are other issues.  hardware adaptation is not necessarily trivial effort, obviously.  then who distributes it?  who provides warranty support for customers?  and so on.
13:51:47 <stephg> one more minutefolks
13:51:50 <chriadam_> there's a whole lot of logistics and other things which need to be set up for any copy product.
13:51:54 <NeKit> may sound stupid, but what if instead of tablet preorders it could be done like MIUI in early times
13:52:19 <veskuh> chriadam_: +1 exactly, if we give any kind of official promise then there is more stuff we need to take care of
13:52:27 <dirkvl> hello i am also here
13:52:50 <dirkvl> #info Dirk van Leersum, loosely associated with some jolla projects
13:52:53 <veskuh> and at the moment we do need to pick up our commitmens very carefully
13:53:15 <stephg> #info at the moment Jolla do need to pick up our commitmens very carefully
13:53:24 <stephg> ok going to move on
13:53:30 <Nokius> there promising builds for the Sony Z3 Compact Tablet which are soon public available
13:53:35 <NeKit> I wonder, Chinese tablets get distributed through AliExpress and internet shops
13:53:56 <NeKit> they don't handle warranty and stuff much, yet people still buy them
13:54:15 <stephg> #topic Splitscreen multitasking (nh1402, 5 minutes)
13:54:37 <stephg> #info (from tjc): Is it still going to be implemented (once Jolla get more man (or female)-power of course) or is it just not going to happen anymore?
13:54:38 <Nokius> NeKit: if sell products in u have to over warranty and so on
13:54:59 <Nokius> in Europe
13:55:00 <stephg> nh1402 isn't here but has stated a yes/no would suffice
13:55:02 <nh1402_work> woman*
13:55:11 <stephg> oh you are!
13:55:19 <stephg> cool, nh1402_work the floor is all yours
13:55:33 <veskuh> Splitscreen multitasking is not in plans
13:55:58 <luca247> ms promised that thing on phone long ago...would be nice to have it happening on jolla
13:56:11 <nh1402_work> in the immediate future, or for the foreseeable future
13:56:44 <veskuh> Not for 2016
13:56:55 <stephg> #info Splitscreen multitasking is not in plans for the rest of 2016
13:57:14 <SfietKonstantinW> :(
13:57:26 <veskuh> for long term, it is good feature, depends on needs and resources.
13:57:28 <SfietKonstantinW> maybe 2017
13:57:45 <sledges> on opensources? ;)
13:57:52 <chem|st> SfietKonstantinW: better have them focus on solving bugreports and feature requests 2y old first
13:57:54 <nh1402_work> that answers the question.
13:57:56 <sledges> so community could make their design proposal?
13:58:56 <nh1402_work> indeed, once Android N comes out we could look at their implementation/source code and could move on from there.
13:59:01 <veskuh> sledges: yeah, if we get all the related components open sourced, that would be cool community project
13:59:32 <Nokius> +1
13:59:38 <nh1402_work> +1
13:59:56 <sledges> \woop/
14:00:22 <stephg> #info if we get all the related components open sourced, splitscreen multitasking would be cool community project
14:00:58 <stephg> well a couple more minutes and we can then segue into nh1402_work's next question
14:02:25 <stephg> anything else?
14:02:29 <stephg> ok moving on then
14:02:37 <stephg> #topic OS Abstraction (nh1402, 15 minutes)
14:02:59 <stephg> #info (from tjc): Are there any plans to provide an API to enhance the Sailfish UX more specifically for the Lockscreen adding pattern lock, fingerprint sensor, iris sensor, facial recognition, text-based password etc.
14:03:19 <stephg> #info (from tjc): Other areas of the OS could also be extended such as the messaging app adding text formatting (sarcasm, italics, bold, underline, strikethrough), adding telegram to the messaging app and others. Those are the only 2 that I can think of so far but I'm sure other people have more ideas.
14:04:08 <stephg> nh1402_work: please elaborate
14:05:00 <nh1402_work> at the moment as far as i can tell there are only 2 ways to unlock a phone, swipe and number code. If Jolla have no plans to add any more, then maybe the the community can, to provide more options.
14:05:29 <luca247> there is a mazelock on open repos
14:05:53 <SfietKonstantinW> it is an unoifficial patch
14:05:54 <nh1402_work> there is, but having it be an official option would be nice.
14:05:57 <SfietKonstantinW> and if it breaks you are done
14:06:18 <veskuh> There is plan to work on device lock.
14:06:33 <veskuh> We will be adding fingerprint unlocking
14:06:42 <stephg> ooo
14:07:10 <nh1402_work> that sounds like it's for the turing phone
14:07:14 <fravaccaro> that would be useful for the turingphone
14:07:15 <veskuh> And that means that framework will be worked on
14:07:17 <stephg> #info There is plan to work on device lock: adding fingerprint unlocking
14:07:29 <Nokius> veskuh: is unlock with alphabetic code returning soon? there was/is a bug that's why it was removed once
14:07:29 <stephg> #info and that means that framework will be worked on
14:07:51 <SfietKonstantinW> veskuh: can this framework be done in the open ?
14:08:10 <veskuh> I’m hoping that framework will be improved so that further mechnisms can be added later, but at the moment the plans are not yet ready.
14:08:28 <nh1402_work> how about official community edition, I would like to work on some at some point, maybe merge some together.
14:08:44 <veskuh> SfietKonstantinW: I’m not sure yet.
14:08:46 <nh1402_work> fair enough
14:09:26 <pketo> thing to note about the lockscreen and related bits is that providing APIs and extension points for 3rd parties there is quite difficult because of security issues
14:10:26 <stephg> #info thing to note about the lockscreen and related bits is that providing APIs and extension points for 3rd parties there is quite difficult because of security issues
14:10:41 <nh1402_work> true, but it should be up to the developer to keep it secure, and the user choosing to install it.
14:11:13 <chriadam_> not just lockscreen.  any privileged process.  currently we don't have proper application sandboxing, nor a way to handle third-party extensions in a sane manner.
14:12:02 <chriadam_> nh1402_work: no, we can't leave it up to the user like that, in general.  the user has no way of knowing what the extension does, unless the source code is public and they built it themselves, but that's not the usual distribution method for apps or extension plugins on mobile platforms, obviously.
14:12:02 <stephg> 5 more minutes folks
14:12:26 <chriadam_> security is a very large topic with much discussion and planning going on behind the scenes
14:13:01 <fravaccaro> I cannot see particular creative ways of unlocking the phone. as long as Jolla can provide the most common ones, I'm fine with that
14:13:16 <stephg> adding some parallelism regarding chat functionalit (telegram in particular) there are two telegram apps on openreposbut I don't know the state (if any) of a telegram telepathy librar/integration
14:13:23 <chriadam_> hopefully in the nearish future, we can come back to this third-party extension topic, with more meaningful discussion possible.  right now, we simply can't open it up.
14:13:23 <nh1402_work> alright how about a compromise, only the lockscreen apps that have been cleared for the Jolla store can provide such functionality.
14:13:54 <nh1402_work> like google and their play services api
14:13:55 * elfio is sorry for being late. Community member :p
14:14:22 <stephg> nh1402_work: chriadam_ pketo that would require extensive relaxing of the harbour validations (basically because of the privileges req'd)
14:14:28 <stephg> ?
14:15:26 <chriadam_> I'm surprised that there are any, but perhaps the lockscreen API now offers a limited, secure interface, which those apps can integrate with.  I wasn't aware of that.
14:16:05 <fravaccaro> @stephg in that case, I guess the messaging app would be a showstopper
14:16:44 <stephg> fravaccaro: well if it doesn't exist someone would need to write one :)
14:17:21 <stephg> couple more minutes
14:17:51 <fravaccaro> I mean, integrating telegram into the default messsaging app on sfos does sound cool, but they would need to redesign the whole app as it's pretty basic atm
14:19:27 <stephg> ok going to crack on, time is a relentless mistriss
14:19:30 <Jaymzz> Yeah otherwise it'll only be text/emoji based and nothing else that Telegram provides
14:19:31 <stephg> mistress even
14:19:40 <stephg> #topic Official support of alternative phone hardware (Gabs5087, 10 minutes)
14:19:56 <stephg> #info (from tjc: Please give some official stataments about the future. Is there official support for other phone hardware (e.g. fairphone2, ...) planned? What about licensed software (here, exchange, alien dalvik) on those phones? Is there a timeline for that?
14:20:16 <stephg> once again the fellow that has asked the question isn't here
14:20:51 <stephg> is there anything that the sailors can say at this point
14:20:54 <stephg> if not we'll move on
14:21:12 <chriadam_> veskuh would know
14:21:31 <NeKit> this could be kind of solution for Chinese tablets discussed earlier
14:21:31 <veskuh> I can’t really say more than was in the press release
14:21:31 <elfio> Hello, just a quick question: I'm running a port on MotoG falcon and I'd like to know if there is on schedule support for jolla store
14:22:22 <stephg> elfio there is a process for store support and sledges is your man to ask about that for specifics
14:22:23 <elfio> I'm not particulary interested on Alien nor exchange though
14:22:33 <stephg> (there is also a backlog)
14:22:34 <elfio> stephg:  thank you
14:23:22 <pketo> Jolla store support for ported devices is on the roadmap, but due to lot of other things at the moment, it has not progressed much
14:23:35 <sledges> elfio: jolla store is in the works, but we have only pketo who is a man of many talents, and is needed everywhere, so no schedules:)
14:23:40 <fravaccaro> I saw fairphone on twitter has been kinda active on teasing sfos on fp2, should we wait for something anytime soon?
14:23:42 <stephg> #info Jolla store support for ported devices is on the roadmap, but due to lot of other things at the moment, it has not progressed much
14:23:57 <NeKit> I mean, instead of releasing device specifially for Sailfish OS, Jolla could cooperate with Chinese manufactures to provide easy to install ROM which would have only software support from Jolla
14:24:25 <elfio> sledges: np. Thank you!
14:24:38 <sledges> fravaccaro: fp2 later on denied their claims ;P during all this time community would've ported sfdroid to fp2 already and made it better ;)
14:24:52 <sledges> and you'll always be in control if you did that:)
14:25:07 <sledges> i'm talking alien dalvik options here
14:25:33 <stephg> 5 more minutes
14:27:03 <Yaniel> fp denied the sf stuff? what a prick move
14:28:04 <sledges> they denied their announcement
14:28:14 <sledges> not the whole thing itself
14:28:24 <sledges> read twitter thread pls :)
14:28:54 <SfietKonstantinW> can you talk about "the other things Jolla do at the moment" ? :)
14:28:57 <sledges> https://twitter.com/Fairphone/status/720257098475417600
14:29:36 <stephg> one more minute folks
14:30:33 <sledges> SfietKonstantinW: lots! :D
14:30:59 <stephg> ok lets move on to AoB where we get to ask about 'lots' :D
14:31:09 <stephg> #topic All other business  (everyone, 15 minutes)
14:31:13 <SfietKonstantinW> :)
14:31:26 <SfietKonstantinW> since we have a new community manager, can we expect lots of blog articles ?
14:31:30 <fravaccaro> at least there's some talks going on :)
14:31:33 <SfietKonstantinW> about what's Jolla is cooking ? :)
14:31:41 <andybranson> fairphone didn't deny sfos support, they just said that they couldn't guarantee that you could flash on the commercial version if you bought the android one now.
14:32:27 <andybranson> (sorry for the late interjection, had connection troubles)
14:32:30 <fravaccaro> I'll be the first asking here what about the call bug on 2.0.1 :)
14:32:35 <sledges> andybranson: but it was a reply to Sailfish OS Reviews question, so left the hype/ambiguity at max :D
14:32:55 <veskuh> fravaccaro: We have yet another fix, and so far seems to be working
14:32:59 <Jaymzz> SfietKonstantinW: I am planning a lot of blog posts, mostly community related. I don't know if I'm gonna turn it around and make it about inside of the company. at least not for now, but it might change at any momeny since I'm still brainstorming about the ideas.
14:33:34 <stephg> veskuh: that's good news, I was going to ask about the status of the EA release going gold
14:33:35 <iekku> Jaymzz, are you contact person for developer community too?
14:33:38 <stephg> (from a porting pov)
14:33:41 <veskuh> fravaccaro: we are preparing a new release candidate for 2.0.1, and if the bug is gone and no new blockers then to community testing, and early access shortly after
14:33:51 <stephg> \o iekku
14:34:03 <iekku> stephg, o/
14:34:15 <fravaccaro> @veskuh sounds good :)
14:34:15 <stephg> #info we are preparing a new release candidate for 2.0.1, and if the bug is gone and no new blockers then to community testing, and early access shortly after
14:34:16 <SfietKonstantinW> hi iekku :)
14:34:17 <elfio> Jaymzz: maybe show the people how hard is Jolla working cheer up community support lost during tablet issues
14:34:22 <SfietKonstantinW> cool
14:34:34 <SfietKonstantinW> elfio: +1
14:34:36 <iekku> i thought meeting was starting 17:30 finnish time... :/
14:34:37 <Jaymzz> iekku: Hi :D I don't think I would be the right person for that. I think sledges is more involved with that. at least for now
14:34:40 <sledges> iekku: he is, but most probably he'll forward things internally, if technicalities come up ;)
14:34:47 <sledges> and hi sis! o/
14:35:00 <iekku> Jaymzz & sledges, ok. thanks :)
14:35:02 <chriadam_> more regular blogs in general is definitely required.  hopefully veskuh and Jaymzz make it happen :-)
14:35:11 <Jaymzz> iekku <3
14:35:18 <iekku> sledges, \o
14:35:56 <veskuh> chriadam_: well, would’t you like to write something on your areas or how to contribute to those? :)
14:36:01 * stephg puts chair hat on very quickly:
14:36:04 <elfio> are hirings going well? We've talked on the telegram group about the dates push ups
14:36:08 <SfietKonstantinW> please, more blogs :)
14:36:15 <rainemak> chriadam_, +1 for veskuh 's suggestion :)
14:36:18 <stephg> #info (from the agenda email from cybette): I leave a bit longer time for general discussions, as I noticed 2 topics "Platform Development documentation" and "Future of Jolla in the professional environment" that was discussed in the last meeting, deleted after that and re-added (but not by the original authors). So while I don't think they need to be included, there's a few extra minutes in there if needed.
14:36:20 <Jaymzz> chriadam_ : Yes I agree :) I'll definitely have the blog rolling as much as I can
14:36:32 <stephg> does anyone have anything to say about those two ^^
14:36:36 <veskuh> chriadam_: also you guys have been doing good job on docs site lately, that might also be worth a post
14:37:03 <chriadam_> I'm always willing to write blogs.  someone needs to coordinate it, though, as company comms are important.
14:37:03 <stephg> #link https://together.jolla.com/question/54157/sailfishos-open-source-collaboration-meeting-planning/
14:37:38 <andybranson> blog pestering is a useful role. someone who's always pointing out that what you just did would make a good blog post :)
14:38:06 <elfio> is hiring going well?
14:38:16 <chriadam_> stephg: the platform development documentation is currently being overhauled and fleshed out.  lbt is leading the activity, and various developers and designers are helping with content
14:38:25 <Jaymzz> chriadam_ : You can count on me for it as well. Coordinating stuff I mean
14:38:33 <stephg> #info the platform development documentation is currently being overhauled and fleshed out.  lbt is leading the activity, and various developers and designers are helping with content
14:38:44 <stephg> chriadam_ thx
14:38:51 <SfietKonstantinW> cool !
14:38:52 <chriadam_> stephg: see e.g. https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Core_Areas_and_APIs
14:39:09 <stephg> #info see e.g. https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Core_Areas_and_APIs
14:39:11 <veskuh> elfio: Yes, we’ve had candidates for all roles and still interviewing. We may need to resuffle a bit what we originally thought we wanted.
14:39:14 <stephg> link https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Core_Areas_and_APIs
14:39:18 <stephg> #link https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Core_Areas_and_APIs
14:39:19 <SfietKonstantinW> woow
14:39:21 <SfietKonstantinW> awesome
14:39:22 <chriadam_> I'm not sure what the permissions set up on the wiki is like, but we definitely would like community contribution for docs
14:39:41 <elfio> veskuh: good to know!
14:39:52 <stephg> chriadam_: believe me people are willing to help but stuff wasn't public yet
14:39:55 <chriadam_> if there's any area which you have knowledge about, and see a gap in the docs, you can email me and I will make sure it gets update, until we have permissions sorted so that you can edi tdirectly
14:39:58 <veskuh> elfio: we also attended local job fair and got couple of good candites from that too, and had to change application deadline so that those candidates had enough time to apply
14:40:26 <chriadam_> stephg: yeah, I know.  limited people on backend side.  pketo is a very busy person :-D
14:40:47 <elfio> veskuh: I hope you get all human power you need :)
14:40:48 <stephg> :)
14:41:08 <veskuh> elfio: thanks
14:41:08 <sledges> wow, platform documentation is now so detailed, that one doesn't have a problem with closed UI - just click e.g. on email and see what mw it's using, and debug away \yay/
14:41:11 <stephg> 5 more minutes
14:42:07 <elfio> wow we needed this wiki. Thank you sailors
14:42:40 <andybranson> really nice docs
14:42:41 <sledges> #info porters are looking into BT audio, especially in cars - for some of our adopters e.g. in US it's a deal breaker not to have carkit (which is required by law in some states)
14:42:54 <sledges> #info also BT contact sync, on other devices
14:43:11 <sledges> #info one more tablet ported: samsung Galaxy tab2
14:43:23 <sledges> #link https://twitter.com/AdeenShukla/status/719028543070449668
14:43:27 <stephg> sledges I was about to ask how things were in porterland: thx!
14:44:06 <chriadam_> on the "Future of Jolla in the professional environment" well, my personal opinion is that we have a few steps we need to take.  1) security framework improvements, 2) middleware update include Qt, update APIs where needed, 3) allow more APIs in harbour, 4) then we can look at paid apps / in-app purchase / etc.  Until we do the first three steps, I'm not sure how much value there is in the 4th.  But all of that is just
14:44:06 <chriadam_> personal opinion.
14:44:12 <sledges> #info community pootle has successfully finished internal+first community tests and passed translated strings into 2.0.2 update; thanks all! now working on mass-rollout \o/
14:44:34 <chriadam_> great work on pootle, sledges and pketo!  massive achievement to get that rolled out.
14:44:42 <SfietKonstantinW> thanks sledges :)
14:44:49 <chriadam_> and thanks to all of the cbeta folks who helped test and provide translations already
14:44:50 <stephg> sledges: amazing :)
14:45:17 <stephg> one more minute
14:45:29 <pketo> Community pootle is not yet open to everyone, but will be in very near future
14:45:34 <fravaccaro> @sledges cool! Would it be available also for the languages already officially supported?
14:45:53 <sledges> fravaccaro: that's exactly what it is for atmq
14:45:55 <sledges> atm
14:46:11 <sledges> it's the extra bits that need for community languages (UI changes, all translations RPM handling etc)
14:46:12 <stephg> #info Community pootle is not yet open to everyone, but will be in very near future
14:46:23 <sledges> yes, that's what i meant by mass-rollout ;)
14:46:29 <fravaccaro> ok, count me in then for whatever further testing you need :)
14:46:48 <stephg> #topic Wrap up, and next meeting (5 minutes)
14:46:50 <elfio> if you need translations just ask for it to the community :)
14:46:57 <elfio> may of us talk more than one language :p
14:46:58 <stephg> so two things here
14:47:03 <stephg> will get to the next meeting in a second
14:47:32 <stephg> but first I'm a little bit stroppy about folks dropping questions in for the meeting and then not being here
14:48:35 <stephg> I appreciate it happens from time to time for everyone but we've had a spate of it in the last couple of meetings so,unless there are huge objections I'm going to be editing the TJC entry to try and mandate (ok that's too strong a word) attendance for a question to be answered
14:48:40 <stephg> I'd like thoughts on that
14:49:25 <sledges> no show no go? unless found a substitute, confirms of knowing of changed times and has an excuse
14:49:31 <andybranson> i think it's reasonable to postpone a question to the next meeting if the asker isn't available to present it and hasn't nominated someone to take it over. it's only a week.
14:49:37 <elfio> I'm agree. The less someone could do is ask anybody else who is going to attend to talk about the topic in its place
14:49:39 <stephg> sledges: something along those lines
14:49:40 <urjaman> maybe mandate a substitute ...
14:49:41 <sledges> andybranson: bi-weekly
14:49:48 <urjaman> who has been informed :P
14:49:58 <stephg> believe me I don't want to make things really rigorous
14:50:17 <sledges> i like the postponing idea
14:50:20 <sledges> like missed a bus :D
14:50:25 <stephg> but there were questions posted this meeting and last that (IMO) should have just been tjc questions before coming here
14:50:39 <elfio> stephg: it has to be a bit more rigorous from my POV. It makes no sense to talk about something when the one who did it isn't here
14:51:27 <pketo> IMHO if the question/topic is well formated and explained, it can be handled in meeting even if the author is not present
14:51:46 <stephg> pketo: elfio both good points
14:52:40 <stephg> ok with blessing then here I'll ammend the tjc question to reflect this, and we can talk about postponement if the problem persists
14:52:40 <elfio> so postponing the idea looks like a good midle point?
14:53:05 <stephg> yup
14:53:09 <sledges> with exceptions depending on goodness+informativeness of a question
14:53:15 <elfio> sledges: +1
14:53:16 <andybranson> within reason - indefinite bumping would be silly
14:53:16 <SfietKonstantinW> also ask for a substitute
14:53:17 <stephg> also yup
14:53:56 <andybranson> the asker should maybe reconfirm the question in the meantime. if they're silent for the whole two weeks then delete
14:54:03 <stephg> SfietKonstantinW: Swft Sftw whateveryourname is :P yes however there were instances in the past that people got nominated with out consultation
14:54:37 <stephg> lets take the small step and we can see what happens
14:54:47 <Yaniel> questions could be handled by others if soneone can/wants to
14:54:48 <stephg> so
14:54:56 <pketo> would it make sense to make a new post in TJC for the next meeting after each meeting?
14:55:07 <Yaniel> and the original asker an re-raise it if more discussion is needed
14:55:42 <stephg> Yaniel: I feel that conversation can happen outside of the meetings and if need be people can report back anyway
14:55:51 <Yaniel> sure
14:55:55 <stephg> I'm specifically about people posting questions and running so to speak
14:56:07 <sledges> just volunteer - add your name into substitute field of TJC wiki if you like the question
14:56:35 <stephg> okok
14:56:44 <stephg> so next meeting (this meeting will not overrun!)
14:57:02 <stephg> are people happy with Thursday 28th of April at the same time
14:57:03 <stephg> ?
14:57:04 <sledges> this meeting will not overrun the next one :D
14:57:19 <sledges> +1
14:57:22 <stephg> chriadam_: is this early enough for you for example if you're still here)
14:57:52 <chriadam_> stephg: probably not, generally.  I just happened to be working late tonight.  usually I'd be asleep by the time this meeting started
14:58:10 <stephg> understood
14:58:18 <stephg> everyone else?
14:58:23 <chriadam_> stephg: people are best to email me or ping me on IRC if they have questions they think I can provide input on, just because the timezone doesn't have much overlap unfortunately
14:58:35 <kimmoli> ok 4me
14:59:00 <veskuh> good time for me
14:59:07 <stephg> sosme time then?
14:59:11 <fravaccaro> it's ok for me too
14:59:32 <stephg> s/sosme/so same/
15:00:00 <stephg> I'll take that as yes
15:00:25 <stephg> Jaymzz has offered to chair (he had to run) so he will be chair unless it doesn't in which case I'll be
15:00:39 <stephg> thanks all for the chat this afernoon and good night chriadam_ :)
15:00:44 <chriadam_> (huge thanks to you for chairing, stephg)
15:00:50 <stephg> #endmeeting