09:01:01 <chriadam> #startmeeting CalDAV/CardDAV Test Server Status Meeting
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09:01:43 <chriadam> Quick meeting today, just a status update from the Mer Infra team.  occirol and dr_gogeta86 aren't able to actively participate, but if there are any action points for them after this meeting, I will contact them directly
09:02:09 <chriadam> so, lbt, larstiq, over to you guys: what's the current status, what has been done, what's next, and what's the ETA looking like :-)
09:02:34 <lbt> as expected things have been hectic I'm afraid
09:02:43 <chriadam> indeed
09:03:18 <lbt> larstiq and I have been working on access and I think he's got that working now
09:03:32 <lbt> so we think we can get something going this week
09:03:51 <chriadam> great
09:04:12 <chriadam> so what's the goal by the next meeting?  to have a login for one of the community contributors on a spun-up VM?  or?
09:04:51 <lbt> I'm OK with that as a goal
09:05:02 <chriadam> cool :-)  larstiq any comments?
09:05:18 <lbt> I think there's a risk - I need to review the VM distribution and may need to do some migrations
09:05:32 * larstiq personally also wants to run/pave the way to running the owncloud docker
09:06:17 <chriadam> yep, if the schedule slips again, that's understandable, just wanted to have a concrete goal which we can aim for :-)
09:06:25 <chriadam> ok, I guess that's all for this meeting?
09:06:48 <chriadam> next meeting will be 0830 next Monday the 3rd of October, since the normal Sailfish OS Community meeting will be held at 0900 I believe
09:06:55 <lbt> yep - sorry we couldn't have a bit more to report
09:07:00 <chriadam> no problem
09:07:02 <chriadam> at all
09:07:18 <chriadam> anything else to raise?  if not, ending meeting in 5...
09:07:25 <chriadam> 4...
09:07:36 <chriadam> 3
09:07:37 <larstiq> nice and efficient :)
09:07:40 <chriadam> 2
09:07:44 <chriadam> 1
09:07:48 <chriadam> thanks everyone :-)
09:07:49 <chriadam> #endmeeting