09:06:28 <chriadam> #startmeeting CalDAV/CardDAV Test Server Meeting
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09:06:36 <chriadam> #topic Follow-up from last meeting
09:07:02 <chriadam> During the last meeting, lbt mentioned that a VM was set up within the infra, but the firewall/isolation was not yet done, so it wasn't quite ready for use
09:07:19 <chriadam> lbt: what is the current status of that one?
09:07:33 <lbt> I'm sorry to say that we're not much further on
09:07:35 <lbt> however
09:08:08 <lbt> larstiq pushed me a bit and we now have an approach and we're going to try and ensure we don't block each other
09:08:24 <lbt> the fw rule requirements are a bit clearer
09:08:36 <chriadam> cool, so what are the steps from here forward?
09:08:58 <lbt> firewalls and then user accounts and then firewall port opening
09:09:04 * larstiq will try to settle the firewall rules today or tomorrow
09:09:21 <chriadam> great
09:09:40 <chriadam> so what is required for user accounts?  is that just allowing a mer bugzilla account to also be used for login to the VM?
09:09:44 <chriadam> or something separate?
09:09:55 <lbt> separate
09:10:07 <lbt> we'll create a shell account and need ssh keys and suchlike
09:10:43 <chriadam> ok, so that's something which dr_gogeta86 / occirol / myself would contact you directly to set up for us?
09:10:50 <chriadam> each, specifically
09:11:04 <lbt> yes
09:11:13 <lbt> we can do the prep for that
09:11:21 <chriadam> cool
09:11:30 <lbt> I'll need a dedicated ssh key which will only be used for the mer infra
09:11:49 <chriadam> ok, and the last step you said was opening specific firewall ports - does that happen _after_ dr_gogeta86 or occirol has set up the caldav/carddav server instance on the VM?
09:12:04 <lbt> it must have a passphrase too (I can't enforce that but please do it - it matters!)
09:12:29 <lbt> chriadam: yes, that's more after/during setup
09:12:36 <chriadam> ok, cool
09:12:45 <lbt> we probably need to figure out a way to document and manage that
09:12:45 <chriadam> #topic Next steps
09:12:49 <chriadam> so to summarise:
09:12:56 <chriadam> 1) larstiq is working on firewall rules setup
09:13:27 <chriadam> 2) then dr_gogeta86 / occirol ask lbt for credentials for use with a mer-only ssh key
09:13:40 <chriadam> 3) then they can start setting up the service and asking lbt to open specific ports in firewall
09:13:47 <chriadam> 4) then I can test against it
09:13:49 <chriadam> ?
09:13:53 <lbt> yes
09:14:00 <chriadam> great!
09:14:15 <chriadam> what can we optimistically expect by this time next week?
09:14:26 <lbt> larstiq: do you have time this week?
09:14:41 <lbt> (speaking personally I would like to make time)
09:15:22 <larstiq> chriadam: part 1)
09:15:29 <larstiq> lbt: yeah
09:15:58 <chriadam> great - so during the next meeting, that might be a good time for them to talk to lbt and get teh credentials set up then?
09:16:03 <lbt> so I think part 2 and 3 should be doable - almost certainly 4 too as it's implicit I think in part 1.
09:16:04 <chriadam> and test logging into it?
09:16:21 <lbt> There is a risk that we'll get blocked by docker issues but lets see
09:16:24 <larstiq> chriadam: so if dr_gogeta86 / occirol provide us with the ssh key and desired username etc, by next monday I'm sure we can it to the point where you can test
09:16:30 <chriadam> great
09:16:53 <chriadam> not sure if dr_gogeta86 is going to be available - I know he was super busy last week and probably next week.  hopefully occirol will be available though
09:17:03 <chriadam> so I'll ping him over the coming week when I see him online
09:17:12 <chriadam> #topic Any other business
09:17:18 <chriadam> that's all from me - anything else from your side?
09:17:22 <larstiq> in case dr_gogeta86 is not available, I'll start from the upstream owncloud docker setup
09:17:42 <chriadam> right, I think he said he had something working, so be nice if we could get our hands on that
09:17:52 <chriadam> but otherwise, yeah
09:17:56 <larstiq> yeah, I've pinged him a couple times but so far no reply
09:18:27 <chriadam> yep, I don't expect him to be responsive in this two week period, he mentioned he had a lot of stuff happening.
09:18:33 <chriadam> we'll see :-)
09:18:43 <chriadam> ok, thanks lbt and larstiq, much appreciated
09:18:47 <chriadam> ending meeting in 3
09:18:50 <chriadam> ... 2
09:18:56 <chriadam> ... 1
09:19:00 <chriadam> #endmeeting