09:23:52 <chriadam> #startmeeting CalDAV/CardDAV Test Server Meeting
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09:23:59 <chriadam> #topic Follow-up from last meeting
09:24:30 <chriadam> At the last meeting, lbt and larstiq mentioned that the status was that a VM was created, but firewall rules not yet finished
09:25:03 <chriadam> The goal was to have firewall rules setup in place (initially denying everything) by this meeting
09:25:15 <chriadam> lbt: larstiq: was there time for that, last week?
09:25:18 <lbt> chriadam: we now have the fw setup and are ready to accept user accounts
09:25:39 <lbt> so basically ready to rock'n'roll :D
09:26:50 <chriadam> \o/
09:26:55 <chriadam> woohoo great!
09:27:05 <chriadam> #topic Next steps
09:27:09 <chriadam> so the next steps are:
09:27:33 <chriadam> 1) users who wish to be involved in setting up test server instances on the VM in the Mer infra, should please send to lbt some info / keys.
09:27:40 <chriadam> lbt: what precisely?  and to which email address
09:28:47 <lbt> david@dgreaves.com is fine for mer stuff ... and I need a dedicated ssh key which has a local passphrase. We'll use the mer account login as a username unless there's a special reason not to.
09:29:31 <chriadam> cool
09:29:40 <chriadam> unfortunately occirol isn't here but I can send him that info too
09:30:05 <chriadam> so I guess: i) create a mer account (e.g., bugs.merproject.org)
09:30:20 <chriadam> then ii) send dedicated ssh key (with local passphrase) to david@dgreaves.com
09:30:42 <chriadam> lbt: after that, how can they connect to the VM?  e.g., ssh to what?
09:30:56 <lbt> I'll pass all that on 1:1
09:31:47 <chriadam> makes sense
09:32:09 <chriadam> ok, moving on to next topic:
09:32:12 <chriadam> #topic Docker stuff
09:32:41 <chriadam> dr_gogeta86 mentioned that he has created a docker compose thing which easily/quickly pulls in a bunch of required services/setup
09:33:10 <chriadam> dr_gogeta86: can you explain a bit about how it works, and also: do you think this should be used on that Mer VM, or is this something solely for individual developers ot run on their development machines (eg people like me)
09:34:00 <dr_gogeta86> is a simple reproducible environment
09:34:33 <dr_gogeta86> i've put many versions of popular [Cal,Card]/Dav
09:34:36 <dr_gogeta86> server
09:34:53 <dr_gogeta86> every version is published for now on differente tcp ports
09:34:58 <dr_gogeta86> *differents
09:35:59 <chriadam> dr_gogeta86: so in future we could also extend it to host e.g. Zimbra Exchange server or osmething too?
09:36:01 <dr_gogeta86> the env is completelly ephemeral once you close it is cleaned up , so you need to provision events on every first usage ... isn't mean for static us
09:36:17 <dr_gogeta86> chriadam, you hurt me ... :-D
09:36:26 <dr_gogeta86> for now the list are
09:36:27 <chriadam> hehe of course it can
09:37:04 <dr_gogeta86> Last 3 versions of OwnCloud / NextCloud , Bedework , Sabredav ( Fruux/memotoo Engine )
09:37:26 <chriadam> great.  let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, just that would be a HUGE improvement
09:37:37 <dr_gogeta86> in the feature ( needs investigtions on docker capability ) hopefully Apple Calendarserver and https support on whole package
09:37:54 <chriadam> how do we provision it with data (contacts/events) on setup?  is there some script to do that, or?
09:38:17 <dr_gogeta86> if you wan't I can deal it ...
09:38:54 <dr_gogeta86> but on CalDAV unit tests the first test to pass is mass provisioning :-D
09:39:06 <chriadam> haha, fair point
09:39:19 <chriadam> ok, so they start "clean", and then our first test should push data there
09:39:32 <chriadam> and then our next test must ensure that the data can then be retrieved successfully
09:39:32 <chriadam> etc
09:39:34 <chriadam> makes sense.
09:39:53 <chriadam> dr_gogeta86: so are you willing to set this docker compose env up on the Mer VM?
09:40:10 <dr_gogeta86> yep but also publishing it on mer git for public audience
09:40:15 <chriadam> great
09:40:34 <chriadam> #topic Summary / Action Points
09:40:44 <chriadam> ok, just to summarise:
09:41:09 <chriadam> 1) we are at the stage where interested community members can request access to the VM from lbt
09:41:41 <chriadam> 2) if you want to help, please make an account on Mer (e.g., bugs.merproject.org) and then send Mer-specific SSH key to lbt (see details above)
09:42:08 <chriadam> 3) dr_gogeta86 is going to set up a docker image / env which allows a variety of services to be installed within the VM via docker containers
09:42:38 <chriadam> 4) once that's done, it would be great if other community members are willing to add other services to that image/docker env (e.g., for other caldav services, or also things like Exchange etc)
09:42:56 <chriadam> Does that about summarise things?  Did I miss something important?
09:43:10 <dr_gogeta86> chriadam, zibra exchange isn't open and under license
09:43:14 <chriadam> I guess 5) once that's done, lbt and larstiq will look to see what firewall ports etc need to be opened
09:43:21 <chriadam> dr_gogeta86: oh, damn.
09:43:58 <dr_gogeta86> no easypeasy with m$ stuff
09:44:18 <chriadam> dr_gogeta86: indeed.  maybe kolab or something else might have some exchange support
09:44:22 <chriadam> well we can look into that
09:45:02 <chriadam> #topic Any other business?
09:45:09 <chriadam> Any final comments / questions / other things?
09:46:17 <chriadam> Ok, then closing the meeting in 5...
09:46:22 <chriadam> 4 ...
09:46:26 <chriadam> 3 ...
09:46:28 <chriadam> 2 ...
09:46:30 <chriadam> 1 ...
09:46:32 <chriadam> #endmeeting