#mer-meeting: Sailfish OS, Open Source, Collaboration meeting, 5th of December 2016

Meeting started by Jaymzz at 09:00:44 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. meeting information and agenda can be found here: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2016-December/007574.html (Jaymzz, 09:00:58)

  1. Brief introduction (5 minutes) . Please prefix your name/handle with # info (Jaymzz, 09:01:17)
    1. James Noori, Community Manager, Jolla (Jaymzz, 09:01:26)
    2. Leif-Jöran Olsson, community (ljo, 09:01:35)
    3. Lewis Rockliffe, community (r0kk3rz, 09:01:51)
    4. Chris Adams, developer at Jolla (chriadam, 09:02:06)
    5. Vesa-Matti Hartikainen, Program Manager, Jolla (veskuh, 09:02:07)
    6. Claudio Campeggi, community member (c-la_, 09:02:09)
    7. Rodolphe Sequeira, community member (RodSeq, 09:03:03)
    8. Pami Ketolainen, backend developer @ Jolla (pketo, 09:03:10)
    9. Andrzej Lochowski, community member (atlochowski, 09:03:32)
    10. Damien Caliste, community (dcaliste, 09:03:39)
    11. Hongwei Ge, sailor (hge, 09:03:41)
    12. Simonas Leleiva, hw'n'l10n @ Jolla (sledges, 09:05:30)
    13. Kimmo Lindholm (kimmoli, 09:05:55)
    14. Andrew Branson, dev @ Jolla (abranson, 09:06:21)
    15. Fabio Isgro, community member (dr_gogeta86, 09:06:37)
    16. Pekka Vuorela, dev @ Jolla (pvuorela, 09:06:38)

  2. 2017 roadmap (30 min, asked by c-la_ ) (Jaymzz, 09:07:03)
    1. before last summer, soon after James became a sailor, he announced that a roadmap would have been released soon. Now that 2017 is approaching is there a chance to have the roadmap? (Jaymzz, 09:07:15)
    2. short-term roadmaps are now indirectly revealed in translation rounds on pootle new UI strings, follow official announcement tags on TJC (sledges, 09:10:37)
    3. Overall our Roadmap is a lot dependent on the customer projects we will sign up. And customer plans we really can not reveal. Therefore the content may change a lot. (veskuh, 09:10:51)
    4. At the moment it looks like the following items are important. (veskuh, 09:11:13)
    5. ARM 64-bit Sailfish OS and Android 6 adaptation (veskuh, 09:11:31)
    6. Security: FS encryption, Boot security, sandboxing (veskuh, 09:12:01)
    7. Corporate features: MDM, Cloud support improvements (veskuh, 09:12:14)
    8. Connectivity: BTLE, VPN (veskuh, 09:12:33)
    9. UI: Selected UI improvements on key apps like: Camera, Email, Calendar (veskuh, 09:12:46)
    10. Android Runtime: Continues improving compatibility with most popular apps and supporting more use cases (veskuh, 09:12:59)
    11. Open sourcing is one big item that we hope we can proceed in steps during next year (2017) (Jaymzz, 09:21:07)

  3. Salfish devices and Jolla revenues (45 min, asked by c_la_phone ) (Jaymzz, 09:27:13)
    1. without devices out I guess is very hard for Jolla to have a reliable and constant cash revenue over time. What are your plans, Jolla? Do you plan to release more hardware ? Open the licensing to third party hardware (so that one can buy a license for his ported device and have full sailfish experience)? Please inform us the community about how you plan to be safe from new cash crisis going forward. (Jaymzz, 09:31:39)
    2. Jolla’s current and future revenues now come mostly from licensing partners. However, we will continue working on our community device programs, to bring new Jolla devices for Sailfish OS (veskuh, 09:31:57)
    3. licenses to ported devices and paid apps are interesting options (Jaymzz, 09:35:58)
    4. https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/29/jollas-sailfish-os-now-certified-as-russias-first-android-alternative/?ncid=rss (Jaymzz, 09:45:57)
    5. https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris (Jaymzz, 09:48:39)
    6. Jolla store for ports will probably open this week... was already quite ready last week, but did not wan't to mix the deployments with the 2.0.5 public release (Jaymzz, 09:54:07)

  4. Bluetooth tethering on Jolla 1 not working (15 min, asked by c_la_phone ) (Jaymzz, 10:07:31)
    1. Sorry to bring this up again, about 6 months ago I brought this topic to a community meeting and I've been told that since jolla 1 and Jolla C shared the same bluetooth components, when it would have been fixed it would ahve worked on both phones. Jolla C had it fixed but still does not work on Jolla 1. What can I do to help in getting this fixed? (Jaymzz, 10:07:38)
    2. Bluetooth tethering on Jolla1 has not been studied lately. BlueZ 5 work has been priority. There is some difference in connman. We will take a new looks once BlueZ 5 is getting better. (veskuh, 10:09:03)
    3. https://together.jolla.com/question/107787/11728-bluetooth-tethering-via-connman-no-longer-supported/ (r0kk3rz, 10:09:15)
    4. https://together.jolla.com/question/107787/11728-bluetooth-tethering-via-connman-no-longer-supported/ (Jaymzz, 10:10:08)
    5. this hss been answered privately by chriadam, a sailor is investigating it, an answer should be available approx by next week (sledges, 10:11:53)
    6. regarding the previous topic : Regard opening APIs for Store, we have been looking for easy API picks like text linking (2.1.0), content and file pickers and thumbnailer (2.1.1 hopefully), but also prototyping harder ones like providing settings API (not there yet) (Jaymzz, 10:13:52)

  5. Bluetooth LE implementation status (15 min, asked by c_la_phone ) (Jaymzz, 10:14:45)
    1. I would like to know if BTLE implementation is going forward and when it is expected to be released (Jaymzz, 10:14:55)
    2. BlueZ 5 support is progressing steadily. The biggest missing piece is audio. The release target would be in February for Jolla C. (veskuh, 10:15:53)
    3. https://build.merproject.org/project/show/mer:core (Jaymzz, 10:17:29)
    4. https://together.jolla.com/question/8589/proper-bluetooth-le-support/ (PeterPost, 10:19:12)
    5. BTLE packages will be available but won’t necessarily be enabled for all devices. For some recertification may be needed and that is a problem and for some the testing might not be finished yet. (Jaymzz, 10:19:26)
    6. https://together.jolla.com/question/8589/proper-bluetooth-le-support/ (Jaymzz, 10:19:44)
    7. certification is necessary since we are changing so much of the BT stack (Jaymzz, 10:21:39)

  6. Upcoming Architecture Changes (20 min, asked by r0kk3rz ) (Jaymzz, 10:29:14)
    1. There has been talk about the upcoming major version of Sailfish including significant changes such as Qt5.6 and Bluez5, at a high level what will application developers need to know to prepare their applications for the changes? (Jaymzz, 10:29:22)
    2. Qt5.6 should be in next update. (veskuh, 10:31:29)
    3. there are a couple of corner cases which are causing issues, e.g. QQmlValueType::metaObject() due to the Q_GADGET change in 5.6. That was qml-private exported symbol only, so shouldn't affect most people, but I have seen at least one case (related to QGeoCoordinate, I believe) which says that there may be some cases which can still hit this, using only public API. (Jaymzz, 10:36:30)
    4. about bluez5 and porters: currently with mal are fixing bluez-configs issue for 2.0.5, the fix will lay ground for upcoming bluez5 packaging, that porters will be able to enable for themselves on-demand and test in 2.1.0, more info to follow (Jaymzz, 10:41:31)

  7. General Discussion (15 minutes) (Jaymzz, 10:43:46)
    1. regarding previous topic : BlueZ 5 packages will be available but not yet enabled. Of course there are bug fixes and new features too, but I’m not going to preannounce any features now :) (Jaymzz, 10:49:01)
    2. https://www.reddit.com/r/turing_tech_support/comments/5fyao0/turing_phone_review_after_5_months/? (PeterPost, 10:55:02)

  8. Next meeting date (5 min) (Jaymzz, 10:59:28)

Meeting ended at 11:03:33 UTC (full logs).

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