09:00:38 <chriadam|windows> #startmeeting CalDAV/CardDAV Contributor Meeting
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09:00:49 <chriadam|windows> #link https://sailfishos.org/wiki/CalDAV_and_CardDAV_Community_Contributions#06.2F02.2F2017_Meeting
09:01:00 <chriadam|windows> #topic Introductions
09:01:15 <chriadam|windows> Please introduce yourself with: #info nick, who you are
09:01:24 <chriadam|windows> #info Chris Adams, developer at Jolla
09:02:07 <chriadam|windows> We might not have many contributors attending this meeting today, as I know e.g. Damien has a meeting at work today.
09:02:53 <chriadam|windows> I'll wait another 8 minutes for contributors and then continue with the agenda (even if no-one is here, the minutes should be useful for people who want to know current progress and possible tasks they can contribute to going forward)
09:03:47 * larstiq is lurking
09:03:59 <chriadam|windows> hi larstiq :-)
09:11:13 <chriadam|windows> Ok, let's continue:
09:11:16 <chriadam|windows> #topic Follow-up Agenda Items From Last Meeting
09:11:34 <chriadam|windows> MER#1711 was investigated and fixed
09:12:12 <chriadam|windows> MER#1606 was investigated, but I couldn't find a test case which reproduced the issue now, so resolved as WORKSFORME.  If you know how to reproduce this issue, please get in contact with me (preferably with a failing test case)!
09:12:28 <chriadam|windows> MER#1569 was investigated by dcaliste and a potential solution identified.
09:13:03 <chriadam|windows> MER#1646 has solution PR by dcaliste, waiting on me to review those still (hopefully next week I will do that).  Sorry this one has taken so long, but the impact is potentially high so taking it slow.
09:13:30 <chriadam|windows> That's all from last meeting - let's continue with items for this meeting:
09:13:33 <chriadam|windows> #topic Manual Testing + Test Scripts - Any Volunteers?
09:14:05 <chriadam|windows> elfio got in contact again and he had gotten the cdavtool building (which I still need to merge into the carddav repo), so hopefully he will soon have some test scripts written.
09:14:18 <chriadam|windows> if anyone else would like to contribute some scripts, please ping me on irc or send me an email
09:14:51 <larstiq> chriadam|windows: how would one start on that?
09:15:22 <chriadam|windows> basically, I've written a tool which can do some basic things (e.g., delete all remote events/contacts from mer test server, create new event/contact in local db), so contributor just has to write some shell scripts to call that with appropriate arguments and then trigger syncs (via dbus calls to msyncd)
09:15:52 <larstiq> chriadam|windows: that's the cdavtool?
09:16:01 <chriadam|windows> plus parse the output to ensure that the server responds how it's expected
09:16:22 <chriadam|windows> larstiq: yes.  I need to merge that one to buteo-sync-plugins-carddav, but it's useful already
09:16:31 <larstiq> chriadam|windows: where does it live?
09:16:33 <chriadam|windows> I (or someone else) can add more functionality to that one if deemed useful for testing also
09:16:37 <chriadam|windows> sec, will get link
09:17:30 <chriadam|windows> #info cdavtool in https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/buteo-sync-plugin-carddav/merge_requests/9
09:17:39 <chriadam|windows> as mentioned, I need to merge that one
09:18:23 <chriadam|windows> Anyway, if anyone can help out in that regard, please let me know :-)
09:18:27 <chriadam|windows> Let's continue:
09:18:31 <chriadam|windows> #topic Volunteers for MER#1714 - phone number fields have ISDN type appended during CardDAV sync
09:18:47 <chriadam|windows> This one maybe requires investigation also into QtVersit
09:19:01 <chriadam|windows> I see it as somewhat low priority but would be nice to investigate at least.
09:19:24 <chriadam|windows> Please feel free to volunteer for this one - if you need a hand (where to get started, how to approach the problem) please send me an email :-)
09:19:32 <chriadam|windows> #topic Volunteers for MER#1689 - captive portal (wifi gateway) can cause failure reported as authentication issue
09:19:46 <chriadam|windows> this one is tricky, not entirely sure how to repro without having available a captive portal gateway
09:19:58 <chriadam|windows> this one has been hanging in backlog for a few months now, because its tricky
09:20:17 <chriadam|windows> again, please let me know if you can investigate this.  basically, it's related to the way we handle ssl errors (incorrectly)
09:20:29 <chriadam|windows> #topic Volunteers for MER#1624 - fall back to fully-specified calendar path without discovery support
09:20:56 <chriadam|windows> This one can now be investigated fully by community members, since the discovery code we use for caldav is now open source (in cdavtool, see the MR above)
09:21:30 <chriadam|windows> basically, in cases where the server rejects any form of discovery request, we need to allow "strict-mode" which performs the appropriate requests on specific calendar-path urls
09:21:50 <chriadam|windows> I was hoping to investigate this one, but due to current company priorities, I'm not able to work on this one at the moment.
09:22:14 <chriadam|windows> If anyone can investigate this, that'd be great, as I know for a fact that this is affecting some people with specific server setups in the wild.
09:22:26 <chriadam|windows> #topic Volunteers for MER#1719 - provide information about WebCAL subscription requirements
09:22:57 <chriadam|windows> This is a follow up from last meeting where WebCAL subscriptions were raised.  I created this bug to track the requirement: if you can provide any information about this topic which could help us plan how to support this feature, please add it to the bug report
09:23:09 <chriadam|windows> #topic Any other business?
09:23:45 <chriadam|windows> I have one thing to discuss: as mentioned, due to company priorities, I cannot spend much time on CalDAV/CardDAV stuff going forward (unless it is a critical blocker for a release)
09:24:00 <chriadam|windows> so I can still spend a bit of time on bugs and reviews and stuff, but not much.
09:24:16 <chriadam|windows> hopefully this changes in the near future, which it very well may do.
09:24:56 <abranson> Hi Chris, also been lurking
09:25:11 <chriadam|windows> That's all from me - next meeting will be the 6th of March at 0900 UTC too :-)
09:25:16 <chriadam|windows> abranson: hi :-)
09:25:32 <chriadam|windows> abranson: larstiq: do either of you have anythign else for the meeting, before I end it?
09:25:37 <abranson> I was having a look at buteo-sync-plugins-social to see if it would be possible to add a proper owncloud part to it
09:26:04 <chriadam|windows> abranson: i.e., notes, images, etc support?
09:26:16 <larstiq> chriadam|windows: nope
09:26:19 <abranson> so far it looks like it's not possible to use the generic caldav/carddav with owncloud because it needs the username in the URL. is that correct?
09:26:58 <chriadam|windows> abranson: that shouldn't be a problem, I don't think.  e.g., we test against owncloud instances (in Mer infra) with current carddav/caldav plugins, and they work
09:26:59 <abranson> yeah, hopefully with sharing and even the News aggregator populating the Events New Feed
09:27:10 <chriadam|windows> but we don't yet support notes/images/etc sync
09:27:31 <abranson> my home server works, but that's hosted in the route so the .well-known redirect it used.
09:27:44 <chriadam|windows> if you want to look into adding support, I'd suggest using the buteo-sync-plugins-carddav code as a base (it has fairly nicely self-contained RequestGenerator and ResponseParser code which could be refactored slightly to support arbitrary WebDAV requests)
09:28:03 <abranson> oh and backup storage too
09:28:16 <chriadam|windows> right, those would all be nice additions for sure
09:29:00 <abranson> yes that sounds like a good place to start. thanks
09:30:34 <chriadam|windows> not sure about the username-in-url thing - if you can give me a concrete failure case / example, I can take a look for sure
09:30:46 <chriadam|windows> it could be e.g., our escaping of special characters or something
09:31:35 <abranson> just don't know what to set for the calendar and contacts paths. the URLs owncloud gives you contain your username.
09:32:36 <abranson> for the generic plugins, empty paths work but only if the server is the root directory of the web server. most people mount it as /owncloud.
09:32:53 <abranson> i'll get something more concrete together though yes
09:33:10 <chriadam|windows> thanks, that sounds like something we need to investigate
09:33:18 <chriadam|windows> anyway, going to end the meeting - thanks again to everyone in the community, and I hope you had a good christmas / new year!
09:33:20 <chriadam|windows> #endmeeting