09:00:06 <chriadam> #startmeeting CalDAV/CardDAV Contributor Meeting
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09:00:45 * LarstiQ waves
09:00:55 <chriadam> #info I expect this meeting will not be attended by many people, because I was disorganised with scheduling this one.
09:00:58 <chriadam> hi LarstiQ :-)
09:01:11 <chriadam> #topic Introductions
09:01:23 <chriadam> Please introduce yourself with #info Name/Nick
09:01:41 <chriadam> We will wait 10 minutes for people to introduce themselves in case they're late, then we'll continue with the agenda.
09:02:05 <chriadam> (agenda can be found at https://sailfishos.org/wiki/CalDAV_and_CardDAV_Community_Contributions#08.2F05.2F2017_Meeting)
09:02:12 <chriadam> #info Chris Adams, developer at Jolla
09:02:57 <LarstiQ> #info Wouter van Heijst, infra person at Jolla peeking in here
09:03:06 <LarstiQ> (whilst doing other thigns)
09:03:25 <LarstiQ> chriadam: so I'm afraid it might just be you talking
09:03:31 <chriadam> No worries :-)
09:03:33 <abranson> #info abranson!
09:03:37 <LarstiQ> hah! :)
09:03:40 <chriadam> Hi abranson :-)
09:03:43 <abranson> hi!
09:05:16 <w00t> i'm here, for what little it's worth :-p
09:05:48 <abranson> hi w00t!
09:07:17 <chriadam> hi w00t :-)
09:07:25 <chriadam> we'll wait 3 more minutes and then continue
09:09:52 <chriadam> #topic Follow-up Agenda Items From Last Meeting
09:10:54 <chriadam> From the previous meeting, I ended up merging the caldav fixes which made it to 2.1.0.  Thanks to Damien for the reviews.  I did not merge the carddav fix for MER#1751 due to lack of review - but that one is now critical and will be pushed internally for upgrade-2.1.1 as well, once I find a reviewer.
09:11:36 <chriadam> Damien provided the unit test for 1646 IIRC, and we merged that fix successfully.
09:12:00 <chriadam> I did not get a chance to look into nginx filter rules to repro MER#1624.  I won't get time to do that in the near future - community help there would be appreciated.
09:12:31 <chriadam> I haven't heard back from Damien about the 1699 issue - but no reports from community abotu this either so I assume it is fixed.
09:12:51 <chriadam> Does anyone have anything else to report or follow up on about the action points from last meeting?
09:13:01 <chriadam> if not we will continue to the next agenda item.
09:13:51 <chriadam> #topic MER#1751 - CardDAV addressbook path parsing bug
09:14:32 <chriadam> As mentioned, this issue has been reproduced by several people within the community.  It doesn't just affect Kerio but also NextCloud etc.  I will be merging this one ASAP, with aim to merge to 2.1.1 as it's a regression for some people (NextCloud).
09:15:13 <chriadam> The only reason I bring it up is to ask if folks can help with reviewing and testing.  Any issues caught with this patch (even/especially after it gets merged) would be very helpful.
09:15:30 <chriadam> #topic MER#1714 - isdn field added to phone numbers on upsync (investigation required)
09:15:36 <abranson> does that have any effect on CalDAV? I've got event duplication since I moved to nextcloud from owncloud
09:15:46 <chriadam> abranson: no, 1751 is carddav specific
09:15:56 <chriadam> can you file a bug about the issue you saw with caldav?
09:16:14 <abranson> yes, i'll try to get some more specific info
09:16:20 <chriadam> thanks!
09:16:57 <chriadam> MER#1714 is a potential target for community investigation.  If anyone would like to investigate, please get in touch.  Basically, it seems we erroneously add TYPE=ISDN to TEL fields for some reason.
09:17:26 <chriadam> I don't have time to investigate this in the near future, unfortunately, but can help with testing / ideas etc if someone is willing to investigate.
09:17:35 <chriadam> #topic MER#1773 - upsynced all-day event can change time (investigation required)
09:18:05 <chriadam> MER#1773 is an interesting one - a community member provided logs which may show a problem in our plugin or in the server.  It'd be great if a community member could analyse those logs and figure out where the issue lies
09:18:38 <chriadam> Once that information has been ascertained, we can determine next steps (e.g., fix our plugin, or add specific workaround code to our plugin for that case / server)
09:18:55 <chriadam> Ok, that's the only specific tasks I wanted to raise in the agenda.
09:19:02 <chriadam> #topic Any Other Business?
09:19:22 <chriadam> Does anyone have any other tasks they wish to raise, or anything else to discuss?
09:21:55 <chriadam> In that case, I'll end the meeting.  Once again, my apologies for being disorganised with this one.  Next meeting is planned to be held on Monday June 5th at 0900 UTC.
09:22:00 <chriadam> Thanks!
09:22:02 <chriadam> #endmeeting