#mer-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration FOSDEM special - 7th February 2019

Meeting started by sledges at 09:00:04 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2019-February/008537.html (sledges, 09:00:07)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with # info (sledges, 09:00:37)
    1. Simonas Leleiva - privateer @ Jolla (sledges, 09:01:06)
    2. Chris Adams, developer at Jolla (chriadam, 09:01:27)
    3. Richard Booth - community (richrboo, 09:01:37)
    4. Ville Nummela - sailor @ Jolla (ViGe, 09:01:37)
    5. David Llewellyn-Jones, sailor @ Jolla (flypig, 09:01:41)
    6. Björn - community dev (Thaodan, 09:01:50)
    7. Damien Caliste, community (dcaliste, 09:01:55)
    8. Lewis Rockliffe - community (r0kk3rz, 09:02:04)
    9. Vincent Knecht - community (vknecht, 09:02:45)
    10. Pami Ketolainen - sailor @ Jolla (pketo, 09:02:51)
    11. Andrew Branson - sailor who was at fosdem (abranson, 09:04:50)

  2. Qt 5.9 upgrade (asked by DylanVanAssche - 5 min) (sledges, 09:05:30)
    1. What's the status of the Qt 5.9 upgrade? Qt 5.9 is definitely needed to be able to move forward with SFOS app development. We know that Jolla is working on it, but what are the main blockers that block the Qt upgrade? (sledges, 09:05:36)
    2. When Qt 5.9 is introduced in SFOS 3, we can finally try to tackle the QtWebengine situation with Jolla. (sledges, 09:05:40)
    3. Answer from veskuh (during FOSDEM): (sledges, 09:05:52)
    4. Two things for releasing Qt 5.9: first is the licensing change to GPLv3 that we need to receive an OK from our partners, or take the commercial licence path instead. (sledges, 09:06:00)
    5. Secondly, it's the technical part, that you might have seen residing in our developers' branches, that still requires more polishing. It also needs to have a window for dedicated release for a complete regression testing. (sledges, 09:06:15)
    6. We are looking reasonably into the summer or even 2nd half of 2019 for the Qt 5.9 roll-out. (sledges, 09:06:26)
    7. Lukas - community dev (Karry, 09:08:04)
    8. Kimmo Lindholm - community (kimmoli, 09:09:37)

  3. Community's help with the Browser engine upgrade (DylanVanAssche - 15 min) (sledges, 09:12:49)
    1. Community would like to help with any Browser upgrade work; thus having instructions on how to build all needed components and test on their devices would be highly appreciated (e.g. on SFOS wiki, quick'n'dirty is better than none :) (sledges, 09:12:53)
    2. Can Mer OBS be used? Can all associated packages be backported from devel (master) to build against the current release (3.0.1) ? (sledges, 09:12:57)
    3. Answer from rainemak: all the work is in public: (sledges, 09:13:08)
    4. We cannot always guarantee that builds / runs agains the current release but normally that's the case. (sledges, 09:13:25)
    5. Browser engine related components can build in platform sdk: xulrunner-qt5, qtmozembed-qt5, embedlite-components-qt5, and sailfish-components-webview (sledges, 09:13:31)
    6. Sailfish Browser application can be built in application sdk (please take the instructions below with a grain of salt) => Platform SDK works for sure for browser app as well (sledges, 09:13:39)
    7. https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-browser/wiki/BuildingInstructions (sledges, 09:13:49)
    8. Further, there will be a browser update coming later this spring but you can already help there if you like. Ask rainemak for more instructions if/when needed, he'll try to help. (sledges, 09:14:06)
    9. situ has a reasonably well built project: (sledges, 09:15:55)
    10. https://build.merproject.org/project/show/home:siteshwar:branches:nemo:devel:mw (sledges, 09:15:59)
    11. https://github.com/llelectronics/webcat/issues/61 (Thaodan, 09:19:21)
    12. https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/gecko-dev/commits/esr45 (sledges, 09:29:55)

  4. Ask Mozilla "Firefox for Android" developers to ease future Browser updates (asked by someone at FOSDEM - 5 min) (sledges, 09:30:28)
    1. There exists a trusted possibility to encourage the Firefox for Android developers to proceed with decoupling the latest gecko-u (IIRC) engine from the androidy bits, in order for SFOS to be easier to upgrade up to quite a high version. (sledges, 09:30:36)
    2. Would Jolla want to explore this path, as mid- or long-term plan? (sledges, 09:30:50)
    3. Answer from rainemak: We're evaluating our browser strategy. This could be an interesting way but cannot promise yet. (sledges, 09:31:04)

  5. OpenSSL update before EOL (asked by someone at FOSDEM - 5 min) (sledges, 09:36:02)
    1. 2019 is the last year for OpenSSL 1.0.2, does Jolla have plans to transition to 1.1.1 ? (sledges, 09:36:06)
    2. Answer from Jolla: A branch has been prepared for this, but our partners weren't ready for it at the time. We will switch to it when they are. (sledges, 09:36:13)

  6. Why are you using older geoclue than version 2 ? (Zeeshan Ali - 5 min) (sledges, 09:38:32)
    1. Zeeshan Ali geoclue maintainer showed up in person and asked: is there any reason why Jolla started with an old geoclue? (sledges, 09:38:41)
    2. geoclue2 has been around for a while and has MLSDB integrated, as well as other goodies. Would there be plans to move to version 2? (sledges, 09:38:50)
    3. Answer from sailor1: Not 100% sure, but most likely the QtMobility geoclue plugin (from 2009 or so) was written against original geoclue, so we just kept using that. Since then, we haven't had resources to spend on things which are already working well enough. It'd be nice if we could. (sledges, 09:39:06)
    4. Answer from sailor2: Geoclue 2 is more monolithic system, whereas we need to have the specific backend services splitted out. (sledges, 09:39:19)

  7. Helping with the PIM (personal information management) stack (asked by Karry - 10 min) (sledges, 09:40:42)
    1. A developer would like to improve/contribute to the PIM SFOS stack. Which packages should be looked into, what is the state of SFOS utilising the QtPIM module? (sledges, 09:40:53)
    2. Answer from sledges: QtPIM status can be found in the wiki: (sledges, 09:41:48)
    3. https://sailfishos.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=QtPIM&go=Go (sledges, 09:41:53)
    4. Answer from Chris: Community member Alberto Mardigan (mardy) is looking into helping us with this too, and we have definite plans to start investing engineering effort in this area in the nearish future (sledges, 09:42:28)
    5. Answer from jpetrell: please contact jpetrell on Freenode. we can potentially sign a contract, giving access to internal PIM repositories to help develop the end-to-end PIM stack. (sledges, 09:42:41)
    6. chriadam: if you have questions about repositories etc, ping me also. can point you in the right direction etc. but yes we have definite plans here. most of it is opensource. (sledges, 09:45:02)
    7. ping chriadam for to know the time of the cal/card Tuesdays meeting in a fortnight in #sailfishos for more discussion (sledges, 09:55:47)

  8. Mer -> Sailfish OS merge (summarised by sledges - 15 min) (sledges, 09:56:51)
    1. As said by lbt last time, Mer is being renamed to the Sailfish OS opensource core. A short summary of what has been discussed during FOSDEM: (sledges, 09:57:15)
    2. Community would prefer to have a Sailfish OS bugzilla for seasoned developers to chip in and also report bugs (TJC is for end-users). Jolla already has linking+cloning instrumentation from the internal Bugzilla to both, and moving to GitLab or Phabricator would involve too much risky effort. (sledges, 09:57:32)
    3. We also have a plan to make JB# (and any other bug-refs) less evident in the git commits. (sledges, 09:57:47)
    4. As per other Mer services: (sledges, 09:58:07)
    5. Markup documentation under Git would be preferred over a read-write SFOS wiki due to a better review process. (sledges, 09:58:16)
    6. OBS is being used by porters and potentially helpers of browser engine upgrade, hence would also be welcome to have an OBS after the merge. (sledges, 09:58:32)
    7. Mer Imager is not being used, r0kk3rz' https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci is finely fit for purpose. (sledges, 09:58:46)
    8. https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci (sledges, 09:58:55)
    9. The "chum" repos on Mer OBS (openrepos alternative) is not being used, although it would be nice to see OSS harbour apps building on OBS before they directly go to the Shop. (sledges, 09:59:02)

  9. General discussion (5 min) (sledges, 10:15:21)
  10. Next meeting time & date (5 min) (sledges, 10:26:33)
    1. the next meeting on IRC will be held on Thursday 21st of February at 09:00 UTC (sledges, 10:28:01)

Meeting ended at 10:28:20 UTC (full logs).

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