08:00:49 <Jaymzz> #startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration – 22nd August 2019
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08:00:59 <Jaymzz> #info Meeting information and agenda can be found here: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2019-August/008857.html
08:01:07 <Jaymzz> I am the meeting’s chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please behave, respect the timings and be gentle.
08:01:16 <Jaymzz> #topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with # info
08:01:24 <Jaymzz> #info James Noori - sailor @ Jolla
08:01:27 <ced117> #info Cedric Heintz, community member
08:01:39 <pasik> #info Pasi Karkkainen, community member
08:01:44 <ExTechOp> #info Otto Makela, community member
08:01:44 <ljo_> #info Leif-Jöran Olsson, community  member
08:01:56 <jwalck> #info Jonatan Walck, community member and probably lurking today
08:02:25 <|cos|> #info Martin Samuelsson, community member
08:02:26 <abranson> #info Andrew Branson, sailor@Jolla
08:02:37 <vknecht> #info vknecht, community
08:02:42 <ViGe> #info Ville Nummela - sailor@jolla
08:03:09 <dcaliste> #info Damien Caliste, community
08:03:31 <sledges> #info Simonas Leleiva, privateer 4 Jolla
08:03:44 <flypig> #info David Llewellyn-Jones, sailor@jolla
08:04:11 <kimmoli> #info Kimmo Lindholm, community
08:04:29 <r0kk3rz> #info Lewis Rockliffe - community
08:05:04 <Jaymzz> Good to see you all here, here comes the first topic:
08:05:15 <Jaymzz> #topic Qt5 update status (asked by pasik – 15 min)
08:05:22 <Jaymzz> #info any news about the sailfishos qt5 update? any timeframe estimate when it will become available? is it still going to be qt 5.9, or is it possible to go directly to qt 5.12 LTS ? is qt5 licensing still an issue?
08:05:34 <Jaymzz> And here comes the answer
08:05:42 <Jaymzz> #info We've postponed the update from this year to get all necessary arrangements in place. We are re-evaluating if we still update first to 5.9 or if going directly to newer version would be better approach.
08:06:30 <Jaymzz> pasik: Do you have anything to add? :)
08:06:47 <pasik> Jaymzz: well, not really :)
08:06:49 <dcaliste> What about the possible licensing issue ?
08:08:48 <sledges> it's been mentioned that if Jolla cannot do the abovementioned arrangements to go GPLv3 for Qt, it would then be commercial licence
08:09:05 <veskuh> It’s not an issue anymore, for community we plan to go with OSS license.
08:09:18 <pasik> that's good to hear
08:09:44 <dcaliste> Ah, great, thanks sledges and veskuh for clarification.
08:09:55 <Jaymzz> #info regarding the licensing issues: It’s not an issue anymore, for community we plan to go with OSS license. (veskuh)
08:10:35 <dcaliste> Does it mean that for community, some other GPLv3 packages may come in ? Will it land in git.sailfish.org if so ? Is it too early to discuss about this ?
08:11:12 <r0kk3rz> so there will be two sailfishies? commercial and community?
08:12:19 <veskuh> Not two different codebases. Licensing differences there may be.
08:12:49 <elfio> #info J Pablo, late community member
08:13:15 <veskuh> dcaliste: We still plan to stay away from GPLv3 on other packages at least for time being.
08:14:42 <Jaymzz> #info there may be licensing differences between commercial and community versions of Sailfish OS, but no difference in code bases. We plan to stay away from GPLv3 on other packages at least for the time being.
08:15:11 <dcaliste> veskuh, ok. I should propose a topic at a later meeting to discuss the possibility to (officially?) host a repo with upgrade of packages that are nowadays GPLv3. Like a mer-community.
08:15:22 <Jaymzz> FYI we still have 5 minutes on this topic.
08:16:03 <vknecht> what are critical points decisive for 5.9 vs 5.12 choice ?
08:16:32 <r0kk3rz> so qt5.9 SoonTM?
08:16:50 <pasik> r0kk3rz: "We've postponed the update from this year to get all necessary arrangements in place."
08:17:00 <r0kk3rz> lame
08:18:17 <Jaymzz> pasik dcaliste if you guys are done with the discussion I shall move on and spare the remaining 2 mins
08:18:17 <veskuh> vknecht: In our experience smaller steps have been less risky and we’ve already invested time in 5.9 update. On the other hand newer versions have a lot more improvements in terms of performance and very useful new APIs
08:18:28 <Jaymzz> or not :D
08:18:43 <pasik> Jaymzz: I'm ok with moving to next topic
08:18:56 <vknecht> ok thanks :-)
08:19:05 <dcaliste> Jaymzz, sure, me too.
08:19:12 <Jaymzz> Alright moving on
08:19:15 <r0kk3rz> imo do qt5.9 asap
08:19:22 <veskuh> r0kk3rz: Sorry for delays, we really would like to get update SoonTM :)
08:19:31 <r0kk3rz> :)
08:19:35 <Jaymzz> #topic sailfishos xperia10 port status (asked by pasik – 15 min)
08:19:47 <Jaymzz> #info community is curious about the status of sailfishos port to sony xperia10, using linux 4.9 kernel and aosp9. Also interested in the current status of xperia x / xa2 port to linux 4.9/aosp9. Anything specific the community can/should help with?
08:19:58 <Jaymzz> #info Xperia 10 adaptation status and encouraging community to get involved is here: https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Sailfish_X_Xperia_Android_9_Build_and_Flash#Adaptation_Status
08:20:06 <Jaymzz> #link  https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Sailfish_X_Xperia_Android_9_Build_and_Flash#Adaptation_Status
08:22:49 <Jaymzz> Anything else on this? :)
08:23:19 <pasik> well, how's your view of the status? I've read what's written on that page, but I haven't actually tried it yet
08:23:40 <pasik> and also are there specific tasks the community can/should help with?
08:23:53 * sledges uses xperia 10 daily
08:24:00 <pasik> sledges: nice!
08:24:07 <sledges> all the tasks are open to join and help, that was the purpose of wiki
08:24:08 <r0kk3rz> build it, make sure the instructions work, report and fix bugs
08:24:19 <r0kk3rz> thats a good start
08:26:38 <pasik> so xperia10 is working to some extend based on comment by sledges, how about xperia x / xa2 ?
08:27:33 <vknecht> have to try 4.9 on X to see if it works better than 4.4 especially wrt. battery usage/suspend, so will probably try the pie adaptation
08:27:44 <sledges> those can be ported using the same instructions, just by changing device codename and adding needed repos with -pie suffix
08:28:00 <sledges> ask mal for more info in #sailfishos-porters ^
08:28:51 <pasik> ok
08:29:06 * Mister_Magister or did aosp9 before release
08:30:06 <Jaymzz> 5 minutes left on this.
08:30:47 <Jaymzz> Anything else to bring up?
08:31:57 <Jaymzz> Moving on then
08:32:12 <Jaymzz> #topic xa2 android mobile data issues (asked by pasik – 15 min)
08:32:22 <Jaymzz> #info it seems some users still have android mobile data connection detection problems, with sailfishos on xa2. There are multiple reports on TJC. Especially from users of O2/Germany SIMs. Is this a known issue that is likely going to get fixed in upcoming releases, or is there something the community should do to help debug this issue and track it down? Any tips/instructions for the users who have these problems?
08:32:40 <Jaymzz> #info There is a file called /system/etc/apns-conf.xml which lists all the available carriers. It is possible that the one provided by AOSP 8 is outdated and that we need to update it, the community could check if https://android.googlesource.com/device/sample/+/master/etc/apns-full-conf.xml helps (overwrite /system/etc/apns-conf.xml and restart the Android Support).  The community should also provide logs produced with:      devel-
08:32:40 <Jaymzz> su      lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat -b radio      and give details if it's a dual sim device, how many sims are in the device etc.
08:32:50 <Jaymzz> #link https://android.googlesource.com/device/sample/+/master/etc/apns-full-conf.xml
08:34:14 <pasik> thanks
08:34:28 <abranson> logging command got a bit munged there: devel-su lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat -b radio
08:34:42 <Jaymzz> Yeah sorry about that
08:36:00 <Jaymzz> pasik: anything else on this?
08:36:02 <sledges> was this worth looking at? (please don't #link yet) https://together.jolla.com/question/209532/track-down-mobile-data-issue-android-xa2-310/?answer=212027#post-id-212027
08:36:23 <sledges> i.e. did it help for more people than not
08:37:59 <pasik> that's a good link
08:38:03 <pasik> but I don't know if it helped more people
08:38:13 <pasik> sounds like it might
08:39:07 <pasik> and the apns-full-conf.xml update is definitely worth a try for those having problems
08:40:02 <Jaymzz> should I # link it then? ;)
08:40:08 <pasik> I think you should :)
08:40:17 <Jaymzz> #link https://together.jolla.com/question/209532/track-down-mobile-data-issue-android-xa2-310/?answer=212027#post-id-212027
08:40:50 <binutzu> #info binutzu, community member
08:41:03 <Jaymzz> pasik: shall we move on? :)
08:41:12 <pasik> Jaymzz: yeah, I think so
08:41:32 <Jaymzz> #topic General discussion (15 min)
08:41:41 <|cos|> I added an agenda point about SIP, but maybe it was posted a bit late. ApB commented that I should contact jpetrell directly. Is that the correct contact/best way forward?
08:43:46 <sledges> |cos|: yes
08:43:54 <binutzu> will xperia 10 be an officially supported device, e.g. with android support?
08:45:04 <Jaymzz> binutzu: That's the idea :)
08:45:26 <elfio> any contacts with Fairphone regarding their FP3?
08:45:47 <elfio> that would be an awesome collaboration
08:45:55 <binutzu> great to hear! with the xperia 10 form factor split screen would be useful
08:50:04 <Jaymzz> Seems like there's nothing more left to discuss? :)
08:50:44 <Jaymzz> in which case I'll move on in a sec
08:51:20 <Jaymzz> #topic next meeting time and date (5 min)
08:51:30 <Jaymzz> #info Next meeting will be held on September 5th 2019 at 08:00 UTC
08:52:02 <Jaymzz> Thanks everyone for attending today's meeting. I shall end the meeting in a few seconds.
08:52:06 <sledges> hm
08:52:13 <sledges> don't we have planning?
08:52:25 <ViGe> yes we do
08:52:33 <Jaymzz> right!!
08:53:11 <Jaymzz> Then it should be held in a month time if we want to keep the bi-weekly fashion.
08:53:16 <Jaymzz> #undo
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08:53:37 <Jaymzz> Is everyone ok with September 19th then?
08:54:32 <flypig> Looks fine to me!
08:54:55 <Jaymzz> Yeah I see no objections either. # info-ing it
08:55:01 <Jaymzz> #info Next meeting will be held on September 19th 2019 at 08:00 UTC
08:55:13 <Jaymzz> Thanks sledges for the reminder :D
08:55:14 <sledges> #info all UK fans there might be a sfos meeting in London around 14th or 21th september, those with interest please enquire at #sailfishos-porters :)
08:55:41 <Jaymzz> Cool
08:55:49 <flypig> Is it attached to another event?
08:56:04 <sledges> not really:)
08:56:09 <sledges> just pubbing :D
08:56:25 <flypig> Sounds good :)
08:56:34 <sledges> (we used to have Christmas Dinners with meal etc, so will do something similar)
08:57:52 <sledges> no probs Jaymzz , sorry for barging in, had to do it now that meeting's after a month only :)
08:58:19 <Jaymzz> all good :)
08:58:32 <Jaymzz> Alright. You know the drill then. Remember to announce your topics on the planning page at least 2 days before the meeting. Thanks again for attending! See you in a month time, right here!
08:58:47 <Jaymzz> Will send over the meeting minutes shortly too.
08:58:49 <Jaymzz> #endmeeting