#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration – 19th of March 2020

Meeting started by Jaymzz at 09:00:09 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2020-March/009083.html (Jaymzz, 09:00:43)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with # info (Jaymzz, 09:01:43)
    1. James Noori - sailor @ Jolla (Jaymzz, 09:01:55)
    2. Ville Nummela - sailor @ Jolla (ViGe, 09:02:10)
    3. Nico - developer/user, community (Nico[m], 09:02:26)
    4. BirdZhang - developer/user, community (birdzhang, 09:02:36)
    5. Pami Ketolainen - sailor @ Jolla (pketo, 09:02:44)
    6. Leszek, dev/user, community (leszek, 09:02:56)
    7. Daniel Eriksson user prospecive app developer (shaddack, 09:03:28)
    8. Leif-Jöran Olsson, community developer (ljo, 09:03:37)
    9. Andrew Branson - sailor (abranson, 09:03:38)
    10. Vincent Knecht - community dev/porter (vknecht, 09:04:51)
    11. Timur Kristóf - sailor :) (Venemo, 09:06:27)

  2. Official support for PinePhone and Xperia 10 || (5 min – asked by cquence) (Jaymzz, 09:06:53)
    1. Is there any information you can share with regards to these 2 devices and getting official Sailfish OS images for them? (Jaymzz, 09:07:05)
    2. We are currently looking the next possibilities for Sailfish X devices. Requirements for a new device in general is availability for the community and enough openness by the vendor to allow providing an image to the device, similar to what we have done with Sony devices in the past. The mentioned devices are both potential candidates, but currently we can not confirm any plans. (Jaymzz, 09:07:25)
    3. If you have alternative in mind in addition to the mentioned two devices feedback welcome. (Jaymzz, 09:07:37)
    4. pasik, community (pasik, 09:08:15)
    5. David Llewellyn-Jones - late sailor @ Jolla (flypig, 09:10:00)
    6. Damien Caliste, community, sorry to be late (dcaliste_, 09:13:11)

  3. Qt update (10 min – asked by rinigus) (Jaymzz, 09:13:55)
    1. please give an update regarding planned Qt update. which versions are considered? has the work started? is it in active phase now? (Jaymzz, 09:14:06)
    2. A topic that has been on the table for a long time already, and for many reasons it has not been going as fast forward as we would have hoped. We have been working still improving the development offering and tooling by introducing new toolchain in the next release. (Jaymzz, 09:14:29)
    3. With the updated toolchain we are pushing also other ways to help developers and hopefully we could also progress the public API. (Jaymzz, 09:25:57)

  4. Developer Forum (5 min – asked by Sefriol) (Jaymzz, 09:26:28)
    1. Current progress? Will this also include a roadmap promised years ago? Future of TJC? :) (Jaymzz, 09:26:38)
    2. Progress has been slow. The plan is to get it up and running during Q2/2020. The plan is to merge TJC to the new forum later. (Jaymzz, 09:26:52)

  5. gcc c++ support and qt upgrade progress (15 min – asked by Sefriol) (Jaymzz, 09:29:59)
    1. Personally I have been holding on doing more with Sailfish because of the aging software stack that was supposed to be upgraded last year. What's the current status and how big of a priority is this? (Jaymzz, 09:30:10)
    2. Next release contains gcc 8.3, you can see this work already in the repositories https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/gcc/ surely this is not the latest and greatest, but at the time we started the work 8.3 was the latest supported toolchain in the same Linaro series we have used in the past. Now hosted by ARM though. We have noted that gcc 9.2 is also there available now, and there is discussions to do yet another updat (Jaymzz, 09:31:14)
    3. https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/gcc/ (Jaymzz, 09:31:26)
    4. https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/meson (dcaliste_, 09:45:21)

  6. Alien Davik support for community devices (15 min – asked by Sefriol) (Jaymzz, 09:45:59)
    1. Ongoing topic as well. Would Jolla be interested in doing a blog post which would clarify the current situation (What AD and Android support is, what does it consist, how it is licenced) and what could be done by the community (either by some users with NDA or in general, for device specific ports or Android version specific). "Tech and Strategy behind AlienDalvik" or something similar would be really interesting. (Jaymzz, 09:46:10)
    2. We are looking for possibilities for providing Android App Support for wider audience. The new Android App Support is more flexible on this sense and allows us to provide it with smaller effort for non official ports as well. As long as the device adaptation full fills certain requirements. This requires still some effort and we are not yet there. (Jaymzz, 09:46:28)

  7. Add aptx, aac, ldac bt support (15 min – asked by Leszek) (Jaymzz, 10:00:53)
    1. Bluetooth headphones get more popular by the date. SailfishOS should support current technologies like AptX, AAC and LDAC. There is a possibility to do this with this pulseaudio modules: https://github.com/EHfive/pulseaudio-modules-bt/ (Jaymzz, 10:01:05)
    2. https://github.com/EHfive/pulseaudio-modules-bt/ (Jaymzz, 10:01:24)
    3. The implementation is already a fork from mainline PulseAudio, which shows that upstream is not willing to take the implementation, probably mainly due to licensing issues. The same applies with us, we cannot ship these without license, which we do not have. I haven't looked at the latest developments with the fork but probably just taking SBC improvements would not be that simple. As our own (PulseAudio fork) bluetooth (Jaymzz, 10:01:51)
    4. https://together.jolla.com/question/11008/bluetooth-apt-x/ (Jaymzz, 10:05:32)
    5. https://together.jolla.com/question/201820/ldac-support-for-better-audio/ (Jaymzz, 10:05:41)
    6. https://together.jolla.com/question/216872/update-sailfishos-bluez-to-version-552-for-multiple-a2dp-codecs-support/ (Jaymzz, 10:05:53)

  8. general discussion (15 min) (Jaymzz, 10:14:34)
    1. https://build.merproject.org/project/show/home:vknecht:hw:sony:loire (vknecht, 10:21:07)
    2. http://merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2020-03-18.log.html#t2020-03-18T19:13:52 (vknecht, 10:21:07)
    3. https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/qtwebkit5/merge_requests/12 (abranson, 10:30:47)

  9. next meeting time and date (5 min) (Jaymzz, 10:35:14)
    1. Next meeting will be held on April 2nd 2020 at 09:00 UTC (Jaymzz, 10:35:24)
    2. if the current situation continues with the Covid-19, we may have to postpone the next meeting. We'll keep you updated. (Jaymzz, 10:35:54)

Meeting ended at 10:39:05 UTC (full logs).

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  3. Venemo (31)
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  5. Nico[m] (23)
  6. pasik (23)
  7. abranson (22)
  8. ApBBB (20)
  9. Sefriol (20)
  10. dcaliste_ (15)
  11. vknecht (10)
  12. veskuh_web (8)
  13. M4rtinK (8)
  14. pm-guest (8)
  15. schmittlauch[m] (8)
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  18. Keitto (4)
  19. cquence (3)
  20. sailbot (2)
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