08:00:21 <Jaymzz> #startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration – 30th of April 2020
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08:00:38 <Jaymzz> I am the meeting’s chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please behave, respect the timings and be gentle.
08:00:46 <Jaymzz> #topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with # info
08:00:54 <Jaymzz> #info James Noori - sailor @ Jolla
08:01:30 <cartron> #info Nico Cartron - SFOS user/fan
08:01:56 <ViGe> #info Ville Nummela - sailor @ Jolla
08:02:03 <abranson> #info Andrew Branson - sailor
08:02:13 <piggz_> #info piggz - Community porter
08:03:08 <dcaliste> #info Damien Caliste, community
08:03:12 <flypig> #info David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor @ jolla
08:03:29 <pasik> #info Pasi Karkkainen, community
08:04:02 <julienb> #info julienb, app developer  and user
08:05:06 <nekron_mobile> #info Nekron, community and devop
08:06:05 <Jaymzz> first topic coming up
08:06:08 <Jaymzz> #topic improve support of using multiple address books (10 min – asked by julienb )
08:06:16 <Jaymzz> #info The current state of contacts management, regarding the use of several different and separate address book (typical case, personal contacts and work contacts) is far from being usable on a daily basis. The issue is described in detail here : https://together.jolla.com/question/191167/working-with-multiple-addressbooks/ . With 3.3 nextcloud support, and the fact that nextcloud natively supports multiple carddav accounts
08:06:17 <Jaymzz> for a single user, this issue is expected to come more often, as users may expect the same behaviour for contacts as they have for calendars (working with multiple calendars works perfectly). Currently, creating a new contact in the people app results in a new contact being created in all carddav accounts, which can quickly become messy.
08:06:23 <Jaymzz> #link https://together.jolla.com/question/191167/working-with-multiple-addressbooks/
08:06:52 <Jaymzz> And here comes the answer:
08:07:10 <Jaymzz> #info We have acknowledged the situation and there is planned work on this, but we have no schedule to publish on this.
08:07:49 <Nico[m]> #info Nico, community and app dev
08:08:02 <julienb> Well, that’s nice to hear :)
08:08:35 <Jaymzz> yeah :) anything more to add?
08:08:57 <julienb> is there some community effort that could help increase the likelyhood of it being scheduled ?
08:09:41 <Jaymzz> I can definitely bring that up internally, but at this stage I do not have a direct answer to that.
08:09:41 <julienb> i mean, i could do some development on it if the issue is currently lack of manpower
08:09:59 <Jaymzz> If you can, then go for it!! why not? it definitely helps :)
08:10:15 <julienb> but since all the people part is not open source, it means it’s a bit tricky.
08:10:28 <flypig> Some parts of the stack are open (qtcontacts-sqlite, nemo-qml-plugin-contacts and libcontacts).
08:10:54 <ApBBB> julienb you can contact people at jolla and get the nessesary permisions etc to do work on most parts of the OS i think
08:10:55 <flypig> I'm not sure whether that's enough to do something useful though (it might be, I'm just not sure!).
08:11:08 <ApBBB> i don't remember who you have to contact though
08:11:21 <ApBBB> i think it was joona petrel;
08:11:36 <julienb> yes indeed. I had a quick look, but currently i did not find an easy way to integrate this. I need to study this deeper, though
08:13:37 <dcaliste> julienb, you can start to figure out what are the missing bits in the open source middle ware to store the addressbook when saving a contact.
08:14:12 <dcaliste> Then, you can hack a bit the QML to have some crude working way to select the address book in UI.
08:14:42 <julienb> well, actually, this information is somewhat already stored, since it kinda works in some scenarios (if you unlink properly all contacts)
08:14:55 <dcaliste> With these you can contact Joona Petrell to see if you can sign an NDA to officially include your hacks into the closed parts.
08:15:57 <dcaliste> Well, I don't know a clue of these parts of code, maybe the middleware support already this.
08:15:59 <julienb> ok, thanks for this. I’ll contact him/her when i have a working prototype (or if i can identify some missing required functions)
08:16:31 <Jaymzz> julienb: hit me up if you couldn't find Joona :)
08:16:47 <Jaymzz> we shall move on if there is nothing more to discuss julienb
08:17:18 <dcaliste> julienb, exactly, no need to be very polished, just show that you know which bits to move to have it working. I'm speaking from my own experience, but I'm sure that in that case you will be heard and helped from Jolla side.
08:17:37 <Jaymzz> indeed
08:18:56 <Jaymzz> time is up for this one. moving on in a moment
08:19:00 <julienb> got itk than.s
08:19:09 <Jaymzz> #topic Jolla & Jala Group's Sailfish OS Beta Program status (10 min – asked by Rigoberto Calleja )
08:19:19 <Jaymzz> #info 1.- On February 27, 2017 Jala Group announced a strategic alliance with Jolla to enable ACCIONE smartphones to use Sailfish OS. 2.- On October 13, 2017 Jolla and Jala Group announced the Sailfish OS Beta Program: a development initiative aimed ultimately at developing a mobile operating system specifically designed for Latin American needs. The goal of the first phase of the program was to gather user input and start de
08:19:19 <Jaymzz> veloping local code and applications for Sailfish OS. 3.- On February 22, 2019 Jala Group announced the start of Sailfish OS beta tests for ACCIONE P smartphone users. (https://twitter.com/Accione_Jala/status/1099071401389105152) 4.- No new information has been released about the status of the program
08:19:40 <Jaymzz> The answer to this one is very simple, and doesn't need much discussion either.
08:19:54 <Jaymzz> #info Unfortunately we cannot comment on behalf of our partners.
08:20:20 <Jaymzz> and that's just the reality of it. So I'll move on in a second from this topic to general discussion
08:20:38 <Jaymzz> #topic general discussion (20 min)
08:20:43 <Jaymzz> #topic general discussion (20 min)
08:21:33 <piggz_> Jaymzz: my inbox is still empty ;)
08:21:35 <ApBBB> anything exciting to share :D
08:23:30 <ApBBB> i see an issue with my community ported phone and i'll ask her in case someone can point up to a solution
08:23:35 <rinigus> Jaymzz: what about replies to piggz assembled questions? If they are not in his inbox...
08:23:45 <nekron_mobile> I saw recent activity on gecko ESR 52 repository. How are the plans from Jolla regarding this? Is it a inmediate step for a more recent rendering engine?
08:23:59 <Nico[m]> Anyone noticed that sometimes when unlocking the device, qml applications get dimmed?
08:24:27 <piggz_> Nico[m]: yeah, ive had that a few times....
08:24:31 <ApBBB> when starting an app in some cases it gets stuck in tile form and never starts. you circumvent that by taping on the tile. any ideas what might be the cause of it??
08:24:45 <nobodyinperson> Nico[m]: Same. But very rarely.
08:25:01 <piggz_> happened yesterday with the camera, i though there was dirt in the lense as the picture was terrible, but it was just dim
08:25:15 <flypig> I don't think I've experienced that myself. Sounds odd.
08:25:26 <Nico[m]> piggz_: good to hear, that it's not just me going crazy :D
08:25:34 <rinigus> Nico: is it dimmed or oom killer?
08:25:45 <nobodyinperson> ApBBB: That can have a lot of reasons. Best to launch the app from terminal an check the output.
08:25:46 <piggz_> dimmed.. still active
08:25:47 <flypig> Or auto brightness?
08:26:00 <ApBBB> nekron_mobile in theory if the compositor supported the latest xgd protocol for wayland and with rinigus flatpack work we could probably have latest firefox (since they release it as a flatpack)
08:26:07 <piggz_> no, its like parially translucent
08:26:11 <piggz_> not darker
08:26:15 <Nico[m]> rinigus: Dimmed. If you try to swipe it away, it gets visible for a short time
08:26:30 <Nico[m]> It's basically as if the opacity is changed for the whole qml app
08:26:33 <ApBBB> nobodyinperson i'll give this a try
08:27:17 <nekron_mobile> ApBBB: Yep I already using flatpak which is great :)  so Wayland extension is the showstopper here, guess we have to wait
08:27:34 <Nico[m]> Only way to fix it is to restart the app, I think
08:27:45 <piggz_> here is an idea .... what about printer support ... atleast for modern 'driverless' printers ... i feel its a bit of a miss on sfos, would be nice to print photos/docs
08:27:54 <ApBBB> its not only the compositor as far as i understand. its that qt started supporting the latest protocol after 5.10
08:28:04 <abranson> quickddit does the dimming thing too. the text goes translucent
08:28:19 <ApBBB> piggz_ is there an app for that??
08:28:20 <Nico[m]> piggz_: Someone worked on a printing app, last I heard
08:28:22 <ApBBB> seaprint?
08:28:44 <flypig> Printing could be supported through the sharing api, for known formats, maybe?
08:29:04 <pasik> ApBBB: yeah we need Qt 5.12 :)
08:29:32 <Jaymzz> rinigus: Hi sorry I had to leave my desk for a second
08:30:02 <Nico[m]> pasik: Oh, that topic again :D
08:30:09 <pasik> Nico[m]: :)
08:30:20 <piggz_> ill check out printing apps
08:30:20 <Jaymzz> piggz_: rinigus: I have been trying to get proper answers for your questions, but have not been able to get something useful yet. That's why I have not sent anything to you yet.
08:30:52 <piggz_> Jaymzz: np, keep trying :)
08:31:01 <rinigus> Jaymzz , that's a shame...
08:31:13 <abranson> i think cups is already in the repos. not sure if it's functional though.
08:31:15 <rinigus> Please keep asking
08:31:38 <Jaymzz> piggz_: It's not easy and at this stage I can't promise anything either... :(
08:31:54 <ApBBB> pasik the sad part is that there isnt any info on a qt update
08:32:38 <Jaymzz> piggz_: I'll compose an email to you with what I currently have and will discuss it further with you on email first :)
08:33:15 <piggz_> Jaymzz: thx, hopefully somethign to start from :)
08:35:13 <Jaymzz> piggz_: anytime
08:35:20 <Nico[m]> This is a quiet general discussion this week :D
08:35:34 <ViGe> seaprint is a nice app
08:35:45 <ApBBB> Nico[m] i can start ranting about design stuff  :P
08:36:14 <flypig> How does seaprint work?
08:36:17 <Nico[m]> design stuff?
08:36:34 <Nico[m]> I hope sailfish can get better bt audio codecs at some point :3
08:36:47 <ViGe> flypig: It just does ;) It detects the printers in your network and then you can print files. Really simple.
08:36:58 <Nico[m]> But since the pulseaudio modules are not really finished yet, I'm not holding my breath
08:37:02 <piggz_> ViGe: sounds great
08:37:08 <ApBBB> flypig  https://github.com/attah/harbour-seaprint
08:37:09 <flypig> You select the file in the app, it prints? Sounds good.
08:37:22 <flypig> Thanks ApBBB.
08:37:41 <flypig> My printer is socially distant from me right now, sadly :(
08:37:42 <abranson> oh that's nice
08:37:43 <ApBBB> flypig i am not sure it supports every format though
08:37:50 <ViGe> flypig: unfortunately it only allows you to print those formats which the printer says it supports.
08:38:06 <pasik> Nico[m]: there has been some upstream activity on the pulseaudio bt codecs front recently, some of the preparatory patches are merged, but the actual important patches are still under review
08:38:18 <flypig> Presumably that includes pdf though? So anything that can be converted can be printed.
08:38:34 <ViGe> flypig: if your printer says it supports pdf
08:38:42 <Nico[m]> Yeah, I don't think it does any transcoding of files for printing (yet maybe?)
08:39:00 <abranson> oh it doesn't depend on cups or anything. implements all that ipp itself. that's really good.
08:39:02 <flypig> Yes, I see. I expect most printers probably do.
08:39:05 <abranson> brb installing
08:39:28 <piggz_> is it packaged anywhere?
08:39:31 <Nico[m]> pasik: You mean pulseaudio upstream? Yeah, I'm following that with excitement. The biggest issue still is that it doesn't seem to work, when you enable the microphone atm :D
08:39:38 <ApBBB> i'll just remind you all that printing is bad for the environment :P
08:39:44 <ViGe> flypig: Mine doesn't. It does support pdf, but it doesn't advertise it to network :(
08:39:47 <pasik> Nico[m]: yeah pulseaudio upstream
08:39:54 <abranson> piggz_: in the store!
08:39:56 <piggz_> ViGe: how old is it?????
08:40:02 <ViGe> piggz_: bought it last week
08:40:07 <piggz_> abranson: oh, i usually check openrepos!
08:40:15 <piggz_> ViGe: is it dot matrix?
08:40:34 <flypig> haha :D
08:40:39 <Nico[m]> ApBBB: Sometimes you just need to print something out, so that you can see whats wrong with your paper :D
08:40:42 <ViGe> piggz_: brother DCP-L3550CDW
08:41:00 <piggz_> ive just got a canon a few weeks ago and its great, havnt had to install any drivers on linux/windows/andoid/ios
08:41:03 <pasik> Nico[m]: Pali (the author of those pulseaudio/bt codecs patches) is also working on HFP/HSP profiles stuff
08:41:12 <flypig> Does Storeman work on the latest release?
08:41:25 <abranson> someone should tell attah that everyone's raving about his printing app in here
08:41:33 <pasik> Nico[m]: but yeah, it's still very much a work-in-progress
08:41:38 <piggz_> abranson: ill rave if it works
08:41:50 <ApBBB> any work from jolla on the email app lately??
08:42:02 <Nico[m]> pasik: Sounds exciting! Thanks :D
08:42:10 <abranson> ApBBB: yes, and it's really, really cool :D
08:42:13 <piggz_> ViGe: it supports adding printers manually
08:42:26 <ApBBB> abranson <3
08:42:50 <ViGe> piggz_: yes, but it still prints only the formats which the printer says it accepts. In case of my brother, that means only jpeg :(
08:42:55 <ApBBB> and since pulse awas mentioned it would be cool if we could select output on the media app
08:43:39 <dcaliste> ApBBB, for emails, with flypig, we added support for "folder subscription" in IMAP, or whatever it is called.
08:43:46 <dcaliste> It's in 3.3.0.
08:44:21 <flypig> Ah yes, good point dcaliste. Thanks to your good work.
08:44:23 <ApBBB> dcaliste the layout of the app  is what i find extremely annoying
08:44:57 <piggz_> probably helps if i tunr on my printer, and wifi on phone :/
08:44:58 <ApBBB> plus selection from email text
08:45:02 <dcaliste> ApBBB, I'm not much bothered by the layout myself, sorry...
08:45:15 <dcaliste> Ah, selection will come at one moment.
08:45:42 <dcaliste> It's worked on (not by me) at least.
08:47:15 <Jaymzz> Time is up for this one :)
08:47:27 <Jaymzz> I don't see much going on so I'm moving it
08:47:33 <abranson> can't add my printer :(
08:47:46 <ApBBB> abranson file a bug
08:47:48 <piggz_> with pritning support an actual thing, it might be worth porting my report library
08:47:56 <piggz_> abranson: cant find mine wither!
08:48:11 <ApBBB> there is a manual option
08:48:20 <abranson> i'm trying to add mine manually. i have the url from the printer, but the accept option is still greyed out
08:48:27 <Jaymzz> aight, a few more minutes :)
08:49:06 <ViGe> abranson: I only have to give the IP address when adding manually, as soon as I have typed it the app "finds" it
08:49:59 <abranson> ViGe: doesn't work with only the IP either
08:51:13 <Jaymzz> alright moving on now
08:51:15 <Jaymzz> #topic next meeting time and date (5 min)
08:51:24 <Jaymzz> #info Next meeting will be held on May 14th 2020 at 08:00 UTC
08:51:54 <Jaymzz> And I thank you all for attending today's meeting :) ending the meeting in a moment
08:52:31 <Jaymzz> #endmeeting