08:00:06 <sledges> #startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 14th January 2021
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08:00:12 <sledges> #info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:
08:00:17 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-14th-jan-2021/4030
08:00:24 <sledges> I am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please behave, and respect engine timing.
08:00:28 <sledges> #topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info
08:01:18 * sledges pokes sailbot_ with a stick
08:02:18 <sledges> #info Simonas Leleiva - privateer for Jolla
08:02:22 <ViGe> #info Ville Nummela - Sailor@Jolla
08:03:02 <karry> #info Lukas Karas - community member, developer
08:03:16 <abranson> #info Andrew Branson - Jolla
08:03:45 <fridl> #info fridlmue - Community
08:06:13 <sledges> #topic Silica control: ExpandingSection (10 min -- asked by fridlmue)
08:06:23 <sledges> #info <fridlmue> ExpandingSection is in the "ComponentGallery" but not in the Documentation. In the last meeting it was mentioned it would not be part of the API yet.
08:06:33 <sledges> #info <fridlmue> I use it in an App and would love to leave it like that as it is a nice control. But the Animation is nicer in the ComponentGallery than in my app and I don't find no documentation for that.
08:06:46 <sledges> #info <fridlmue> Is it planed to add it to the API and provide Documentation? Is my App now "illegally" in the Harbor? ;p (And how to influence the Animation to make it nicer?)
08:07:20 <sledges> #info <fridlmue> Long version:
08:07:22 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/expandingsection-in-silica-documentation/3994
08:07:39 <sledges> #info <Jolla> ExpandingSection is not documented, but allowed component that is part of public API. The transition issues you are describing sound like a bug, could you link example code to the forum discussion so we can check?
08:08:16 <fridl> Sure, I can do that! I would assume wrong usage at the moment ;-)
08:08:45 <fridl> Can I help with providing documentation when fully understood the component?
08:09:26 <flypig> #info David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor@jolla&late
08:10:50 <jpetrell> documentation help is definitely appreciated :)
08:11:43 <flypig> The documentation source files aren't public, I think.
08:11:54 <jpetrell> not sure there is any
08:12:06 <jpetrell> overall ExpandingSection has limited uses, inside platform we have only used it to implement few dual SIM settings
08:12:19 <ViGe> Yup, we should think about the processes who the community members could help us with the documentation
08:12:46 <ViGe> This doesn't apply only to ExpandingSection but our documentation in general
08:12:48 <fridl> jpetrell: If documented for sure it would be used more often ;-)
08:13:01 <flypig> I guess it's best to receive any documentation in qdoc format.
08:13:04 <jpetrell> often when user opens a particular page you want to show all the information in full, and allow scrolling through all the content without requiring taps in between to open sections
08:13:20 <jpetrell> but sure expanding sections has its uses, if you have repetitive content under many sections
08:14:39 <jpetrell> the expanding animation can be a bit obtrusive with sections resizing and headers moving to left and right simultaneously
08:17:55 <fridl> Ok, I think from my side we are done here. Summary: 1) We can use it 2) No official docs, help welcome (no defined way at the moment) 3) animations can be tricky with this component
08:18:17 <fridl> 4) I can ask for help with the specific issue on the forums.
08:18:22 <fridl> thanks
08:18:38 <flypig> Nice summary :)
08:19:34 <sledges> #info No official docs, help welcome (no defined way at the moment, format most probably qdoc)
08:20:51 <sledges> jpetrell: are you ok with following that forum thread for bug reports etc, or should we stick to these meetings for info exchange?
08:22:19 <sledges> ah, you already mentioned "could you link example code to the forum discussion so we can check"
08:22:41 <sledges> if any aspects in the forum thread still get unanswered, please raise them in these meetings
08:22:54 <sledges> let's move on
08:22:56 <sledges> #topic OpenSSL 1.0 deprecation (10 min -- asked by Thaodan)
08:22:56 <fridl> Ok, I'll do!
08:23:11 <sledges> #info <Thaodan> What are the plans for the deprecation of OpenSSL 1.0 and moving forward with later OpenSSL versions.
08:23:27 <sledges> #info <Jolla> In the upcoming Sailfish OS version we have updated OpenSSL to the latest stable version 1.1.1.
08:23:33 <sledges> #link https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/openssl/merge_requests?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=merged
08:25:22 <sledges> in fact Thaodan was the one who updated as you can see:)
08:25:35 <sledges> he probably wanted to raise this topic because community kept asking:)
08:26:05 <ViGe> He wanted to raise the topic as a heads up so that the community members are aware of what's happening :)
08:26:26 <fridl> sledges: So we know, keeping asking helps ;-P
08:27:18 <flypig> What will happen to apps in harbour that are now incompatible?
08:27:34 <ViGe> flypig: They will keep on working
08:27:43 <ViGe> at least for the time being
08:28:17 <ViGe> the validator will display a warning if you try to use openssl 1.0 in new packages
08:28:21 <flypig> I thought it wasn't backwards binary (or source) compatible.
08:29:08 <ApBBB> the way i read the question the answer seems to be what Vige answered.
08:29:21 <flypig> "They will keep on working": that's good :)
08:29:39 <ApBBB> ie for how long they will continue to work etc
08:30:46 <ViGe> ApBBB: It has not been decided when we will remove the old libraries, but it will happen eventually
08:32:47 <sledges> #info Harbour apps using 1.0 will continue working for the time being
08:34:56 <sledges> naturally, the 1.1.1 libraries to harbour rules are also (being) added
08:35:48 <sledges> let's move on from this topic (and 1.0 eventually:)
08:35:52 <sledges> #topic General Discussion (30 min)
08:35:56 <sledges> Here's hoping that everyone had a good holiday break given the world's state!..
08:36:17 <ApBBB> its no fun when you have to stay in :/
08:36:35 <ApBBB> BTW are we getting a 3.5 release or the next release is 4.0?
08:36:38 <sledges> snow fun? ;)
08:36:50 <flypig> Groan!
08:37:09 <sledges> flypig: that was a legitimate question though :P
08:37:12 <ApBBB> i have to get to the mountains to find snow around my part of the world. and i cant. (lockdown etc)
08:37:41 <sledges> we're still allowed to go outside for recreation
08:37:52 <flypig> The snow in Finland looks wonderful!
08:38:59 <ApBBB> sledges traveling is not allowed between prefectures so i cant reach it. and the ski resorts are closed. :/
08:39:40 <ApBBB> have you had any discussions about new apis??? after the poll etc?
08:40:46 <sledges> no snow here either (would have to travel thousand miles to reach one), so have to work with what we've got :( "no snow jogging" etc. But the frosty "Beast from the East" is approaching they say
08:40:57 <sledges> ViGe: how did that poll go? ^^
08:41:29 <birdzhang[m]1> What's Jolla's unique App Support tech for Linux? I know you can't tell me, but i still want ask :)
08:41:50 <ViGe> sledges: It went really well, we got 76 answers!
08:42:22 <ApBBB> birdzhang[m]1 i don't think there is anything special. after all its just linux
08:42:35 <ApBBB> Vige any discussions about the apis?
08:43:15 <ViGe> ApBBB: If you mean Jolla internal discussions, those happen all the time :)
08:43:34 <ApBBB> ok.
08:43:41 <birdzhang[m]1> ApBBB: I don't thinks so, maybe it means GUI apps
08:44:09 <ApBBB> Vige now we need the actual apis :P
08:46:12 <sledges> #info API poll went really well with 76 answers
08:46:18 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/what-apis-are-missing-from-harbour/4017
08:46:44 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/api-priority-poll-take-ii/4159
08:46:56 <ViGe> ApBBB: Yeah, that's the hard part... but we'll get there!
08:47:36 <ApBBB> what pleases me is that the location one that is high on the list is just a switch. and i hope that you will turn it on.
08:48:13 <ApBBB> on the subject of push notifications. wasn;t there an effort back in the early days of sfos for something like that??
08:48:30 <flypig> I think some of the results were a little surprising (to me, at least). Push notifications being one of them.
08:48:32 <ApBBB> by the community i think but cant remember much.
08:50:13 <flypig> Sledges, you may need to amend your info line above. There are 78 answers now ;)
08:50:16 <sledges> is nice we could update qtlocation and qtpositioning recently as they are not governed by licence change
08:50:31 <sledges> flypig: logs have timestamps ;)
08:50:32 <ViGe> ApBBB: Well, QtPositioning upgrade is already coming in the next release. I'm afraid QtLocation might have to wait a bit longer. But it's definitely on our todo list.
08:51:20 <sledges> ViGe: i hope we're talking about the same thing:) https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/qtlocation/merge_requests/18
08:51:38 <ViGe> flypig: push notifications was surprising to me as well, as I don't recall anyone being vocal about it!
08:51:39 <abranson> Push notif wouldn't be as popular if background services were allowed
08:51:53 <karry> with QtLocation, is there any decision for plugin implementation? If I undertand it correctly, it is just api specification that may have various implementations...
08:52:08 <flypig> abranson, that's a good point. Hadn't thought of that.
08:52:47 <abranson> if you take away that need, they're only used for spamming ;)
08:52:48 <ViGe> sledges: even if QtLocation was upgraded, it's not allowed in Harbour (yet) :/
08:52:48 <ApBBB> vige my mistake. position is the easy one. not the location one. as you explained in the forum
08:52:56 <sledges> ViGe: ok, upgrade vs api, got it
08:55:33 <rinigus> karry: I presume qtlocation "update" is on the level of qt 5.6
08:56:15 <rinigus> not sure if it includes update in plugins
08:56:43 <rinigus> (but I haven't looked into these old specs)
08:56:46 <ApBBB> i hope that for 4.0 we will see a QT update
08:57:30 <ApBBB> if it cant be updated (for lisencing reasons or whatever) it might even make more sense to move to another toolkit :P
08:58:17 <fridl> ApBBB today brings up the elephants in the room, haha
08:58:34 <ViGe> rinigus: the qtlocation and qtpositioning were upgraded to 5.4.
08:59:35 <rinigus> ... just looked up on when it was released - 10 Dec 2014 :) .
09:01:26 <ApBBB> fridl sfos needs to move forward
09:01:41 <ApBBB> so many things are held behind by the old Qt
09:04:06 <sledges> and on that bombshell it's time to end (the topic)
09:04:11 <sledges> #topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)
09:04:17 <sledges> Proposing 11th February at 8am UTC
09:04:22 <sledges> 4 weeks from now, you might guess why ;)
09:06:30 <dr_gogeta86> why ?
09:06:42 <dr_gogeta86> despite dropping 4.x
09:06:51 <sledges> -ETOOBUSY
09:08:20 <sledges> dr_gogeta86: "despite dropping 4.x" that's pure speculation
09:08:42 <dr_gogeta86> I will wait so
09:09:16 <sledges> btw, expect one more "last l10n round extension" soon (within days), be curious, and you'll know what release is what version:)
09:09:22 <sledges> #info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 11th February 2021 at 8:00am UTC:  2021-02-11T08Z
09:09:26 <sledges> since no objections
09:09:46 <sledges> thanks all!
09:09:48 <sledges> #endmeeting