#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 25th February 2021

Meeting started by sledges at 08:00:00 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: (sledges, 08:00:08)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-25th-feb-2021/4782 (sledges, 08:00:11)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info (sledges, 08:01:18)
    1. Simonas Leleiva -- privateer for Jolla (sledges, 08:01:42)
    2. Ville Nummela - Sailor@Jolla (ViGe, 08:01:47)
    3. fridlmue - community (fridl, 08:01:52)
    4. Andrew Branson - Jolla (abranson, 08:01:52)
    5. Zyuc2G community member (Zyuc2G, 08:02:03)
    6. Ruben De Smet - The Whisperfish guy@community (rubdos[ma], 08:02:21)
    7. Joona Petrell - Sailor@Jolla (jpetrell, 08:02:45)
    8. Björn Bidar - Sailor @ Jolla (Thaodan_, 08:03:46)
    9. cartron, community member (cartron, 08:03:46)
    10. Lukáš Karas - community member, developer (karry, 08:04:28)
    11. David Llewellyn-Jones - Sailor@Jolla (flypig, 08:04:59)

  2. Has Jolla/SailfishOS resolved the licensing issues with GPLv3? (5min -- asked by Zyuc2G) (sledges, 08:06:31)
    1. <Zyuc2G> Recently SailfishOS appears to have added GPLv3 licensed applications including BASH 5, and grep 3.6. Has Jolla/SailfishOS resolved the licensing issues with the GPLv3? (sledges, 08:06:40)
    2. <Jolla> If a Sailfish OS user decides so, they can install GPLv3 apps (such as gnu-bash) that Jolla packages merely for convenience (and for use on non-device infra, including SDK). (sledges, 08:06:51)
    3. <Jolla> However such packages still cannot be distributed within the flashable images or pre-flashed devices. (sledges, 08:07:06)

  3. Plan of VoLTE (5min -- asked by bionade24) (sledges, 08:17:59)
    1. <bionade24> Lots of providers in countries all over the world are deactivating their 3G networks this year. Some providers in the USA even disable both 2G and 3G, breaking the call function on current SFOS versions. (sledges, 08:18:06)
    2. <bionade24> What is the plan for VoLTE on Jolla, since you have to support it anyway once Rostelecom (which is a shareholder of Jolla) takes down der 2G and 3G network. (sledges, 08:18:14)
    3. <Jolla> We have VoLTE on the roadmap, however have not committed to defined timescales at the moment. (sledges, 08:18:25)

  4. Qt on SFOS moving forward (15min -- asked by KeeperoftheKeys) (sledges, 08:30:32)
    1. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/what-version-of-qt-are-we-on/4964/2 (sledges, 08:30:40)
    2. <KeeperoftheKeys> As mentioned in the topic we seem to be somewhere in limbo between Qt 5.2 and Qt 5.6 neither of which have been supported for the past year and a half, newer versions of Qt bring lots of features developers are jumping to use beyond the very important aspect of securiy patches. (sledges, 08:30:51)
    3. <Jolla> Situation is similar to VoLTE, we have Qt upgrade on the roadmap, however no schedule to share at this time. We want the big Qt upgrade as much as you do. (sledges, 08:31:54)
    4. <Jolla> The comment about some Qt modules lagging the Qt 5.6 is good, 3rd party developer pain-points which we can already alleviate. We recently upgraded Qt Positioning to 5.4, and now are updating Qt Wayland to 5.6. Some modules are already GPLv3 in 5.6 level. (sledges, 08:35:00)

  5. How to change playback speed of media files without changing the pitch (10min -- asked by thigg) (sledges, 08:46:51)
    1. <thigg> This is a blocker of multiple apps (gpodder, talefish, podqast) for some while now and nobody found a usable solution (asides from using QT5.12 features). Are there plans to do something about that? Does anyone have a workaround in mind? As far as I understand this, it could be done by modifying the pulseaudio pipeline. (sledges, 08:47:09)
    2. <Jolla> We don't have any plans to implement this at the moment, but should be possible to do by using Gstreamer directly(?) (sledges, 08:47:57)
    3. https://developer.gnome.org/gstreamer/stable/gstreamer-GstEvent.html#gst-event-new-seek (sledges, 08:48:02)
    4. (as a workaround ^) (sledges, 09:03:43)
    5. with the currently used Qt Multimedia such functionality should already work (sledges, 09:10:05)

  6. General Discussion (15+ min) (sledges, 09:16:10)
    1. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/sailfish-community-news-25th-february/5179/1 (sledges, 09:34:17)

  7. Next meeting time and date (5 min) (sledges, 09:36:13)
    1. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 11th March 2021 at 8:00am UTC: 2021-03-11T08Z (sledges, 09:37:28)

Meeting ended at 09:37:39 UTC (full logs).

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  2. abranson (22)
  3. ApBBB (22)
  4. Thaodan (19)
  5. flypig (13)
  6. rinigus (13)
  7. KeeperoftheKeys (12)
  8. pasik (8)
  9. jpetrell (7)
  10. fridl (6)
  11. sailbot_ (5)
  12. Zyuc2G (5)
  13. rubdos[ma] (5)
  14. ViGe (3)
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  17. karry (1)
  18. dcaliste (1)

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