08:00:03 <sledges> #startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 25th March 2021
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08:00:08 <sledges> #info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:
08:00:12 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-25th-mar-2021/5432/5
08:00:18 <sledges> I am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please respect the timings'n'behave.
08:00:21 <sledges> #topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info
08:00:28 <sledges> #info Simonas Leleiva -- privateer for Jolla
08:00:35 <ExTechOp> #info Otto Mäkelä -- community
08:00:55 <Thaodan> #info Bjorn Bidar  -- Sailor at Jolla
08:00:58 <attah_work> #info attah - community
08:01:11 <fridl> #info fridlmue - community
08:01:13 <xylobol[m]> #info Daniel Vinci -- community 🇺🇸
08:01:19 <santhoshm> #info santhoshm -- Community
08:01:21 <flypig> #info David Llewellyn-Jones -- sailor@jolla
08:01:30 <piggz> #info Adam Pigg -- comunity porter
08:01:35 <lpr> #info lpr - community
08:01:38 <cartron> #info cartron - community member
08:01:50 <flypig> Aren't you supposed to be somewhere else piggz?
08:02:13 <ViGe_> #info Ville Nummela - sailor@Jolla who almost missed the meeting
08:02:14 <piggz> flypig: in about 20 mins ;)
08:02:47 <sledges> ViGe_: i thought internal calendar reminder works ok for sailors ;)
08:02:48 <abranson> #info Andrew Branson - Jolla dev
08:03:05 <Thaodan> flypig: can't have two pigz? :D
08:03:10 <flypig> piggz, I'm glad you could make it then :)
08:03:26 <dcaliste> #info Damien Caliste, community
08:03:36 <ViGe_> sledges: So far it has worked well. For some reason it failed me this time!
08:03:39 <flypig> Thaodan, indeed :)
08:03:47 <piggz> flypig: also nice surprise to get a comment on that MR already
08:04:08 <sledges> ok good to know it works (most of times:))
08:04:54 <Thaodan> flypig: is one of you spider man? (spider pig)
08:05:15 <flypig> I'm going to have the spider pig tune in my head all day now :(
08:05:19 <ViGe_> sledges: Now looking at the event in calendar, it says "No reminder" - no wonder it failed
08:05:35 <sledges> hmm will check:)
08:05:43 <attah_work> That's because the defaults are not configurable, just inherited
08:05:45 <abranson> reminds me. mine's stuck on 1hr before, which is a bit irritating
08:05:46 <sledges> special request from attah_work - we're moving his topic up the agenda and will start with his topic about VoLTEq
08:05:49 <sledges> -q
08:06:04 <attah_work> jaaay, will have to leave at :30
08:06:12 <flypig> piggz, I hadn't realised until you mentioned it, but hopefully that'll help with progress.
08:06:27 <sledges> #topic Involving the community in VoLTE (15 min -- asked by attah)
08:06:34 <sledges> #info <attah> It has been suggested that VoLTE is ripe for external contributions.
08:06:39 <sledges> #info <attah> In order to do so effectively; a good start would be to gather what is known about what is needed to get working. Both what is actually known to some detail, and areas of study that are known to have outstanding issues. (Registering for IMS? Would we need to distribute VoLTE profiles? Plumbing in new codecs? More QMI stuff? RIL? IRadio?)
08:06:50 <sledges> #info <attah> I think that just having a rough outline of the problem domain would be much better at attracting contributions. Part of this would also be having some (pointers to) resources on how the telephony stack works.
08:07:06 <sledges> #info <Jolla> We are actively studying VoLTE. It's still too early to involve more people in the efforts. High-level goals include making VoLTE compatible with as wide a range of devices as possible and possibly make SIP-related components reusable for regular SIP calls. Stay tuned. :)
08:07:28 <cartron> SIP calls! :p
08:07:52 <attah_work> Hmm, ok. But i guess one main obstacle is RIL as a lower layer?
08:08:10 <attah_work> Pinephone has something, but they are using AT commands and QMI?
08:08:45 <fridl> I googled around a lot after the last meeting. I summed up some of my findigs as I don't knew a better place here: https://cloud.10hoch-6.de/index.php/s/BWLEi7G2LR43kgm
08:08:58 <fridl> just that no one needs to google that stuff again ;-)
08:08:58 <Thaodan> attah_work: yes the modem does all the work and makes volte look like regular calling
08:09:08 <attah_work> And i'm surprised to hear (userspace) SIP... i though that was all in the modem?
08:09:10 <attah_work> indeed
08:09:31 <xylobol[m]> the implementation of VoLTE is somewhat dependent on the hardware
08:10:07 <attah_work> But for Hybris ports this means RIL generally?
08:10:59 <xylobol[m]> I imagine it would be
08:11:10 <fridl> as i understand it in Android it is not really part of RIL but a seperate module, as it is vendor specific: https://source.android.com/devices/tech/connect/ims
08:11:25 <rinigus> sledges: just when you get to the stage where help would be reasonable, don't hesitate to ask
08:11:43 <attah_work> fridl: nice link
08:11:53 <piggz> id be happy for someone with a volte provider to confirm if it works or not on the pinephone...i think i already set it to enabled
08:12:15 <flypig> fridl, nice. sledges, would it be worth adding that link to the minutes?
08:12:22 <xylobol[m]> the PinePhone recently was restocked, I've been thinking of buying one
08:12:25 <fridl> @attah_work: as i said, this some otheres are here in addition: https://cloud.10hoch-6.de/index.php/s/BWLEi7G2LR43kgm
08:12:30 <sledges> #link https://cloud.10hoch-6.de/index.php/s/BWLEi7G2LR43kgm
08:12:32 <xylobol[m]> if I do I can follow up in the forum thread piggz
08:12:39 <flypig> Thanks!
08:12:59 <xylobol[m]> though I will note my provider (Mint) is somewhat funky
08:13:11 <attah_work> i echo rinigus statement, don't hesitate to ask... i might not be a low-level os hacker, but i know a think or three about telecom if it should come in handy
08:13:18 <xylobol[m]> and I'm in the US, I'm unaware if there could be major implementation differences over borders
08:13:30 <xylobol[m]> (GSM carrier)
08:13:56 <attah_work> i think we have finally mostly aligned with you guys nowadays
08:14:00 <Thaodan> From what I understood vendors want to tie it to the hardware despite it being independent
08:15:03 <xylobol[m]> VoLTE from an implementation standpoint heavily depends on the hardware
08:15:17 <Thaodan> i think VoLTE is even for Sprint the same thing, gsm was always just as in the eu was it?
08:15:19 <xylobol[m]> it's a sliding scale from "the OS does all of the work" to "just looks like regular phone calls"
08:15:27 <fridl> As I get it: There are a lot of time-sensitive handover and messaging operations which are clearly best handled as close to the HW as possible.
08:15:46 <xylobol[m]> <Thaodan "i think VoLTE is even for Sprint"> not sure about this in particular, but aside from some band stuff, GSM is pretty much the same in the US and EU
08:15:59 <attah_work> I can't imagine OS doing any significant work here... how would certifications work?
08:16:16 <sledges> rinigus: attah_work: I'll make sure relevant team members are aware of your wish to help, thanks!
08:16:28 <attah_work> :)
08:17:06 <xylobol[m]> <attah_work "I can't imagine OS doing any sig"> well, more correctly, how much stuff is exposed to the rest of the OS by whatever kernel driver is handling the modem
08:17:11 <rinigus> I think it would make sense to ask for help on sfos-porters and sfos channels. as long as organizing helpers is not more work than doing it
08:17:33 <sledges> rinigus: which brings to 2nd points in this topic
08:17:35 <sledges> #info <attah> the wiki already has this:
08:17:37 <sledges> #link https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Cellular_Telephony_Architecture
08:17:40 <sledges> #info <attah> What format could be used for collaborating on this? I'm thinking a wiki would be more suited than a forum thread.
08:18:05 <fridl> Yeah, or a git repo
08:18:19 <rinigus> sounds like L5 was able to make volte calls in germany. again, by enabling with AT commands the modem functionality
08:18:43 <rinigus> in US, it was said that it helped only partially - call was stopped when it started
08:19:12 <attah_work> interesting
08:19:32 <attah_work> just wanted to make sure we are roughly running in the same direction
08:19:50 <attah_work> Given enough eyeballs etc...
08:20:52 <ViGe_> Perhaps a wiki post on the forum would work for collaboration, at least for the time being?
08:21:08 <attah_work> Sure, start easy
08:21:34 <attah_work> something to set a common problem definition and dump interesting links
08:21:50 <fridl> ViGi_: I would prefere a git repo. Then we can also put files if some are found.
08:22:06 <fridl> I mean ViGe_ for sure ;-)
08:22:32 <attah_work> and the copyright fairy comes and eats your text and your files... :)
08:22:55 <sledges> #info <attah_work> Pinephone has something [regarding VoLTE], but they are using AT commands and QMI?
08:22:58 <sledges> #info <piggz> id be happy for someone with a volte provider to confirm if it works or not on the pinephone...i think i already set it to enabled
08:23:07 <sledges> let's recap next time on this topic
08:23:30 <sledges> as the time's up
08:23:31 <sledges> #topic Sailfish X availability in the US (5 min -- asked by xylobol[m])
08:23:36 <sledges> #info <xylobol[m]> Are there any plans to make Sailfish X available in the United States? If so, would it include things like group MMS?
08:23:46 <sledges> #info <Jolla> We are looking into expanding to new countries, but unfortunately we don't have any definite plans yet.
08:24:04 <xylobol[m]> about what I expected
08:24:11 <xylobol[m]> 😔✊
08:24:12 <attah_work> Software patents and not enough lawyers?
08:24:33 <xylobol[m]> patents should not exist
08:24:54 <sledges> ditto
08:24:56 <xylobol[m]> "we own the right to implement this thought"
08:25:29 <xylobol[m]> oh while we're here has anyone figured anything out wrt group mms
08:25:50 <xylobol[m]> I need to figure out a way to hijack the messages while they're coming in
08:26:10 <xylobol[m]> then manipulate sailfish's message db to create a "proper" group thread
08:26:14 <xylobol[m]> and redirect the messages there
08:27:45 <ExTechOp> Could someone fill me in on the field here, is there some implementation of "group MMS" with US operators that is somehow different from what is currently in Sailfish, or what's the deal here?
08:27:57 <abranson> I think community guys have messed around with group conversations before - in the telegram telepathy plugin for one. might be good to have a look what was done there. afaik there's some UI lacking for that.
08:28:16 <Thaodan> abranson Kaffeine did
08:28:19 <xylobol[m]> <ExTechOp "Could someone fill me in on the "> so in the US we do something extremely cursed for group texts
08:28:22 <abranson> that's the one
08:28:48 <abranson> That group mms is possible everywhee iirc, but no-one outside of the US uses it very much
08:28:57 <Thaodan> there are some errors in the architecture of the telepathy client in s sfos that was one of the issues
08:29:04 <xylobol[m]> when a message is sent in a group thread, your phone is actually sending an MMS containing multiple phone numbers in the metadata
08:29:16 <xylobol[m]> all receiving phones pick up the pieces and slot messages in to the right threads
08:29:19 <sledges> a topic for next meeting? ;)
08:29:23 <ViGe_> I believe no-one outside the US uses any kind of MMS anymore
08:29:24 <xylobol[m]> it's all implemented over MMS
08:29:54 <ExTechOp> xylobol That sounds pretty horrible, and I assume not standardized in any way?
08:30:03 <abranson> maybe because MMS messages are free in the US, but charged individually everywhere else, which discourages its use
08:30:04 <xylobol[m]> mostly correct
08:30:28 <xylobol[m]> it's "standardized" in that everyone agrees on a mostly consistent set of practices but there's not like a reference or anything
08:31:02 <Thaodan> sledges: probably everything related to telepathy is not that easy to talk about
08:31:40 <sledges> xylobol[m]: of you want to browse the group chat (unsure about mms) effort, check here (and blow off the cobwebs:)
08:31:43 <sledges> #link https://build.sailfishos.org/project/subprojects/home:Kaffeine
08:31:54 <sledges> let's move it ahead with the meeting:)
08:32:16 <xylobol[m]> 👍️
08:32:17 <sledges> #topic OAuth support for Exchange/ActiveSync (5 min -- asked by cartron)
08:32:21 <sledges> #info <cartron> We're lacking OAuth support for Exchange/ActiveSync accounts, making it impossible to get emails/calendars/addressbook. A lot of organisations do not allow the use of App passwords, and enforce a 2FA (such as Duo).
08:32:53 <sledges> #info <Jolla> The need has been identified, but we don't yet have implementation schedule to share to you.
08:33:30 <cartron> that's sad - I have to use the Outlook Android app for emails/calendar, which I hate and does not integrate with the rest of SFOS :(
08:33:42 <xylobol[m]> yeah this could end up being a problem for me
08:33:52 <xylobol[m]> I personally run my life through O365
08:34:03 <xylobol[m]> then my school and workplace put everything in it tolo
08:34:05 <xylobol[m]> * then my school and workplace put everything in it too
08:34:06 <cartron> when you say identified, does that mean a lot of users are asking for it? An ETA in 2021 still works, just FYI :)
08:34:36 <sledges> i think abranson was the one who re-identified it:)
08:34:50 <Thaodan> If anyone wants to use two factor with our exchange plugin this might help: https://thaodan.de/how_to_use_office_365_with_sailfishos_exchange-en.html
08:35:30 <cartron> Thaodan: this only works if "App passwords" are allowed by the O365 organisation, which my company does not allow sadly
08:35:36 <xylobol[m]> ^
08:35:36 <cartron> but yes, could work for some ppl
08:35:55 <xylobol[m]> this is how I currently log in to my personal and school O365 accounts
08:36:02 <xylobol[m]> my workplace is going to crack down soon though
08:37:17 <cartron> OK so I'll have to bug abranson from time to time then ^^ (just kidding)
08:37:40 <sledges> not saying he'll be the one working thought ;p
08:37:44 <sledges> -t
08:37:48 * abranson pulls a McNulty face
08:38:20 <sledges> ok, let's move on
08:38:32 <sledges> #topic Gstreamer, gst-droid video playback example code (20 min -- asked by Mister_Magister)
08:38:38 <sledges> #info <Mister_Magister> There was a small app created by someone that was using gstreamer directly with gstdroid to playback videos with output in QML. But some undocumented api about gst-droid changed and now its broken.
08:38:47 <sledges> #info <Mister_Magister> If someone from Jolla could make small snippet/example code how to achieve it again, it would enable developers to make advanced video playback apps with subtitles and whatnot (bypass qtmultimedia limitations) so it would be super helpful for us.
08:39:04 <sledges> #info <Jolla> We can have a look. Could you share more information about the app in question?
08:41:52 <flypig> No Mister_Magister present?
08:41:56 <sledges> sounds like OP is not around; does anyone else know that app?
08:44:12 <sledges> in the meantime, side note: a new issue of sfos community news is out! (you can skim through until we get through to the general discussion:)
08:44:15 <sledges> https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/sailfish-community-news-25th-march/5624
08:44:23 <sledges> thanks flypig for putting it together again!
08:44:33 <flypig> Thanks sledges for the ad :)
08:44:46 <flypig> Theoretically, if we knew the app, would it be possible?
08:44:51 <Mister_Magister> oih hi
08:45:01 <Mister_Magister> i'm just a liiitle bit late
08:47:38 <flypig> We were wondering whether you could point us to the app you mention in your topic description.
08:47:42 <Mister_Magister> https://github.com/r0kk3rz/gstdroid-player
08:47:52 <sledges> #link https://github.com/r0kk3rz/gstdroid-player
08:48:01 <Mister_Magister> api changed and its not working anymore :/
08:49:22 <Mister_Magister> and it's quite nice demo about how to use gst-droid directly
08:49:50 <Mister_Magister> mostly the signals changed
08:49:55 <flypig> It'd be nice to have for sure. It might be worth adding as an issue to the github project as well, in case r0kk3rz can fix it.
08:50:59 <Mister_Magister> I don't think he's able as we were talking aobut it already iirc and its just his old project. it would be nice if jolla provided demo like that how to use gst-droid directly
08:51:26 <flypig> Okay, helpful to have that clarified.
08:51:51 <Mister_Magister> "frame-ready", signal for example is not available anymore iirc
08:53:19 <Mister_Magister> Like, since it's part of sfos, if there was example usage of it, it would enable devs to implement it in apps and do more advanced stuff beyond qtmultimedia which is severly limited
08:54:41 <flypig> abranson, do you have a feeling on whether this would be easy/hard to fix?
08:54:51 <abranson> gst-droid can't really be officially supported in sfos, because it's not going to be available on native devices.
08:55:12 <abranson> so whatever you do with it directly will only work on hybris devices
08:55:25 <Mister_Magister> makes sense
08:55:45 <abranson> i'm not sure exactly why that's broken though. there's been some churn in gst-droid lately
08:55:51 <Mister_Magister> but then, 99% of sfos ports use hybris right?
08:56:01 <Mister_Magister> and maybe we could make some if in case of native port
08:56:25 <abranson> the pinephone's looking good though! ;)
08:57:03 <Mister_Magister> so we could make if for it  or something. More native access to gpu accelerated playback would be super useful
08:57:07 <sledges> 2 more mins
08:57:28 <Thaodan> I'm not that good with multimedia but idially should you not need to use gstdroid directly?
08:57:40 <Mister_Magister> abranson: api around signals changed, those that were connected don't exist anymore and stuff iirc
08:57:50 <Mister_Magister> Thaodan: what do you mean
08:58:08 <abranson> could be because of the buffer recycling work. though that doesn't sound right to me.
08:58:22 <Mister_Magister> gstreamer is often used directly. And without any qt updates, qt multimedia is not going anywhere fast
08:58:26 <Thaodan> I mean if ideally you should not need to use gst-droid directly but just gstreamer
08:58:39 <Mister_Magister> Thaodan: ideally…
08:59:22 <abranson> qtmm could still be added to with things from gst beneath, as long as it's not backporting code from later upstream releases
08:59:22 <sledges> time's up, anything else left unsaid?
08:59:51 <Mister_Magister> sledges: well nothing had been said but at least i brought some attention :P
09:00:07 <sledges> #topic publish recent sources @ http://releases.sailfishos.org/sources/ (1 min -- asked by lpr)
09:00:14 <sledges> #info <lpr> just a reminder (last published sources are SFOS- in Oct-2019)
09:00:22 <sledges> #info <Jolla> Apologies, we haven't forgotten that and it's the work in progress. We should catch up with behind releases real soon.
09:00:37 <lpr> ok
09:01:22 <lpr> just waiting for sailfish-
09:01:47 <sledges> i see what you did there:) ok 1 minute's over
09:02:10 <sledges> #topic General discussion (15 mins)
09:04:23 <sledges> paraphrasing automotive forums: "What was the last thing you've done to your Sailfish OS?" :))
09:04:27 <ExTechOp> Interesting "bug" I dredged up: https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/email-copy-pasted-numbers-are-always-phone-numbers/5556
09:04:56 <Mister_Magister> sledges: i was trying to have some real video playback but gstdroid changes stopped me
09:05:29 <Mister_Magister> 4K 60fps youtube playback. i had gstdroid-player and a dream
09:06:16 <Mister_Magister> i even overcame the MPD playback (if i use gstdroid directly i can play both video and audio stream at the same time synced)
09:06:20 <flypig> ExTechOp, interesting. What's the minimum phone number length? Three digits?
09:06:39 <Mister_Magister> wold just hates sfos having 1080p+ native youtube
09:07:34 <attah_work> i remember playing around with gst-launch and being pointed to that example instead to get it working properly...
09:07:51 <Mister_Magister> abranson: plz make some demo or help fixing r0kk3rz app :<
09:08:25 <Mister_Magister> lacking working example is real bummer
09:08:49 <sledges> flypig: back in a day emergency numbers used to be 01 02 03 (04 for gas :)), but probably no longer
09:09:13 <ExTechOp> flypig just tested that at least 4 digit strings are considered phone numbers
09:09:16 <flypig> Really!? That must have been *really* back in the day.
09:10:35 <flypig> ExTechOp, I guess that's only happening in text emails though. HTML emails would have any link-embellishment added on the sender's end.
09:11:23 <ExTechOp> Indeed, text-only. But 4 digits is OK, my phone is on a "virtual exchange" where I can dial a corporate 4-digit extension and it gets rerouted accordingly.
09:11:23 <Thaodan> flypig: It shoud be 3 digits, 110 is emergency for police in some countries like Germany
09:11:30 <Thaodan> 112 is fire department
09:11:54 <ExTechOp> 112 is the general emergency number here in Finland, they'll reroute to fire/police/whatever
09:12:03 <sledges> flypig: actually 01 02 03 are still around in Eastern Europe :P will be nuked in october
09:12:13 <flypig> Well, ExTechOp is correct, 4 is the minimum for Email identifying it as a phone number. Maybe it's not such a good idea to have emergency numbers clickable.
09:13:07 <Thaodan> ExTechOp: Good to know I was already thinking what it is just in case
09:14:25 <flypig> My feeling is that this should be easy to fix.
09:14:47 <flypig> Given that the menu already knows it's a phone number.
09:15:11 <ExTechOp> Anyway, when I have a 54-digit number in a plain text email, it'd be nice to be able to copy-paste it intact since the system recognizes it as a "number" and doesn't really hint anywhere that it's being treated as a phone number, you have to "read between the lines" to figure that out
09:15:23 <attah_work> presumably plaintext email inherited this from sms?
09:15:35 <flypig> Is there any reason why someone would want the tel: prefix?
09:15:47 <rinigus> as it is general discussion: anyone from jolla to comment on https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/add-sailfishos-and-sailfishos-version-to-development-environment/2979
09:16:00 <Thaodan> flypig I about to mention the same
09:16:06 <ExTechOp> flypig I assume the phone app expects that to be there to be able to "paste" it?
09:16:35 <rinigus> would be great to have means to distinguish sfos versions and that it is sfos you package for
09:16:47 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/email-copy-pasted-numbers-are-always-phone-numbers/5556
09:17:14 <flypig> ExTechOp, well, I'm sure the tel: prefix is needed for the link, but it could be stripped when passed to the clipboard. But maybe there's some reason not to?
09:17:31 <sledges> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/add-sailfishos-and-sailfishos-version-to-development-environment/2979
09:17:39 <flypig> Is there a reason to retain the mailto: prefixes on emails?
09:17:44 <Nico[m]> <Thaodan "flypig: It shoud be 3 digits, 11"> Debatable, how often do you tap on an emergency number in your email? ;p
09:18:14 <ExTechOp> Indeed, 3 digits is short enough to be remembered and called by hand.
09:18:20 <flypig> Nico[m], yes, totally agre :)
09:18:26 <flypig> *agree
09:18:55 <Thaodan> Hey it is technically a phone number :D
09:19:20 <Nico[m]> Well, technically correct, the best kind of incorrect :D
09:19:40 <flypig> :D
09:19:53 <ExTechOp> In email, it is possible to bring up the normal text selection tool over the recognized number string, but it is quit tricky compared to having the ready menu item.
09:20:07 <sledges> Thaodan: was this something we once tried to achieve in sailfish-version? https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/add-sailfishos-and-sailfishos-version-to-development-environment/2979
09:20:31 <Thaodan> sledges: yes
09:20:50 <Thaodan> %sailfishos should be enough thou
09:21:18 <rinigus> Thaodan: should be, indeed
09:21:38 <Thaodan> Ideally rpm provide macros that parse os-release
09:22:03 <Thaodan> /usr/lib/os-release
09:23:14 <sledges> /etc/os-release
09:23:16 <rinigus> can you add to some internal bug tracker? or can I add it somewhere
09:23:45 <rinigus> so it would get fixed one day
09:24:26 <Thaodan> sledges: /etc/os-release is the deprecated variant
09:24:47 <Thaodan> Using /etc for files provided by the package manager is dirty
09:25:03 <Thaodan> see man os-release
09:25:04 <sledges> so it will have to be ${_libdir}/os-release to be completely correct:)
09:25:21 <Thaodan> yes
09:25:26 <Thaodan> sure
09:25:31 <rinigus> maybe that's the trick - just move os-release around and figure out on the basis of its path?
09:25:37 <rinigus> :)
09:25:38 <abranson> wouldn't rpm-macros only be useful for the version that you're building with? wouldn't something at runtime be better?
09:25:55 <Thaodan> sledges: not exactly libdir since it will be /usr/lib even on aarch64
09:26:20 <Thaodan> abranson: That is the point
09:26:30 <Thaodan> for runtime there is os-release
09:26:33 <rinigus> abranson: that's to figure out which dependencies to use during build. as sfos different versions may change them
09:26:46 <sledges> well, on the latest sfos it's still under /etc
09:26:47 <abranson> ah i see
09:27:01 <flypig> ExTechOp, here's the place where the text is copied, in case you or someone else fancies creating a PR to fix it: https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-components-webview/blob/master/import/popups/ContextMenu.qml#L164
09:27:20 <Thaodan> sledges: Yeah we should catch up:D
09:27:23 <sledges> #link https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-components-webview/blob/master/import/popups/ContextMenu.qml#L164
09:27:56 <sledges> time's up for discussion, queue unanswered topics for the next time in two weeks!
09:28:00 <sledges> #topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)
09:28:08 <sledges> Proposing Thursday 8th April at 8am UTC
09:28:20 <ExTechOp> Seems logical.
09:28:32 <flypig> Looks good.
09:29:27 <flypig> Do the clocks change this weekend?
09:29:53 <ExTechOp> In Europe, yes, US is already on summer time.
09:29:54 <sledges> yes good point
09:30:11 <sledges> let's push back to 7am UTC
09:30:40 <sledges> #info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 8th April 2021 at 7:00am UTC:  2021-04-08T07Z
09:31:10 <sledges> thanks all!
09:31:12 <sledges> #endmeeting