#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 8th April 2021

Meeting started by sledges at 07:00:02 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-8th-apr-2021/5653 (sledges, 07:00:11)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info (sledges, 07:00:42)
    1. Ville Nummela - Sailor @ Jolla (ViGe, 07:00:51)
    2. Kristoffer Lawson - CEO & Founder, Attractive.ai (Setok, 07:01:06)
    3. Joona Petrell - Sailor @ Jolla (jpetrell_, 07:01:14)
    4. Simonas Leleiva -- privateer for Jolla (sledges, 07:01:20)
    5. Ruben De Smet - Whisperfish developer @ community (rubdos[ma], 07:01:26)
    6. Björn Bidar - Sailor @ Jolla (Thaodan, 07:02:04)
    7. jojo94 - SFOS user (jojo94, 07:02:23)
    8. Andrew Branson - sailor @ Jolla (abranson, 07:02:25)
    9. Lukas Karas - community developer (karry, 07:02:48)
    10. David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor @ jolla (flypig, 07:03:11)
    11. Gabriel Margiani - community (GabrielMargiani[, 07:03:15)
    12. Tomi Leppänen - sailor @ Jolla (Tomin, 07:03:29)
    13. David Greaves - sailor @ Jolla (lbt, 07:04:33)

  2. Sharing plug-ins and Sailjail (10 min -- asked by rubdos) (sledges, 07:05:28)
    1. <rubdos> For an application to be able to share pictures/videos with another application, it sends DBus commands. Sailjail’d applications need specific dbus channels whitelisted. (sledges, 07:05:32)
    2. <rubdos> 1. Having sharing from gallery to Whisperfish would be desirable. Some way to implement this, even unofficial/non-harbour/unstable/changing-in-every-release would be very nice. (sledges, 07:05:46)
    3. <rubdos> 2. We propose a Sharing permission, which allows an application to share with another application. This Sharing permission includes all permissions from e.g. /etc/sailjail/permissions/sharing.d, in which other applications can dump their dbus-permissions. Cfr. PR and specifically this comment: (sledges, 07:05:59)
    4. https://gitlab.com/rubdos/whisperfish/-/merge_requests/127#note_544317678 (sledges, 07:06:04)
    5. <rubdos> 3. Sailjail is not a stable API. We are not asking to stabilize; we merely want to join the experiment. (sledges, 07:06:17)
    6. <rubdos> 4. If Jolla would agree to have an experimental sharing.d directory-approach, me or @gamag would be happy to contribute this patch. (sledges, 07:06:26)
    7. <rubdos> So, I would like to hear/discuss two things: (sledges, 07:06:37)
    8. <rubdos> 1. Whether Jolla would accept such a patch. (sledges, 07:06:45)
    9. <rubdos> 2. Whether Jolla would agree with the above approach, and if not, I’d like to discuss what other approaches you have in mind. (sledges, 07:06:50)
    10. <Jolla> Sharing is currently implemented as in-process pages and not considered a public 3rd party API. Loading sensitive accounts in 3rd party process is not a secure solution, for proper 3rd party API the sharing flows need to be implemented as a separate process. (sledges, 07:07:05)
    11. <Jolla> We are actively discussing how to enable sharing flows for 3rd party, but don't have schedule to share at this point. (sledges, 07:07:20)
    12. Damien Caliste, community (sorry to be late) (dcaliste, 07:18:55)
    13. (discussing safety aspects, sharing framework via broker/mediator, UI containment) (sledges, 07:28:53)
    14. <rubdos> Wrap up: Ok, so some work from Jolla is needed in here. I think Jolla should still consider our dbus listing approach, as the main problem is the one that abranson summed up nicely (calling sharing methods randomly without user input). (sledges, 07:31:31)
    15. <rubdos> I think that *may* be a risk worth taking, but that's obviously Jolla's call. Would be nice to have a solution here soonish, as the longer you wait, the more hacks we will come (sledges, 07:31:45)
    16. <rubdos> up with to implement it 😀. Feel free to ping me in DM or #whisperfish for more discussion aside from the weekly meeting. (sledges, 07:31:56)

  3. Community help (20 min -- asked by jojo94) (sledges, 07:33:32)
    1. <jojo94> I’ve recently searched for strategies 1 for how the community could help the development and propagation of SFOS out here. (sledges, 07:33:41)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/strategies-bringing-more-sailors-to-sfos/5600 (sledges, 07:33:45)
    3. <jojo94> Many suggestions hatched: (sledges, 07:33:56)
    4. <jojo94> 1. How can we help/what can Jolla do to have a partnership with Fairphone ? Would Jolla agree on such a topic ? (sledges, 07:34:00)
    5. <jojo94> 2. Is there a more professional way for the community to peach SFOS for companies ? (for them to port their apps). We want more companies coming to Sailfish, but as users, we have little legitimacy when reaching for them. (sledges, 07:34:06)
    6. <jojo94> 3. And we know that you are working hard to improve SFOS but could we have a timeline (maybe not in months but semesters) of future developments ? (sledges, 07:34:15)
    7. <jojo94> 4. One more thing, how can the (non technical) community help ? (sledges, 07:34:26)
    8. <Jolla> 1. We are considering if we could do more to support the community ports, but at the same time we need to carefully consider where to put our available resources. The challenge with a commerical project would to be finding a way to make it profitable for the companies involved. (sledges, 07:34:40)
    9. <Jolla> 2. Companies need a solid business case to consider porting their app to a new platform. We recently updated sailfishos.org website and are actively working on improving documentation and other material to highlight the possibilities and opportunities Sailfish OS brings to the market. (sledges, 07:34:52)
    10. <Jolla> When approaching companies it is good to highlight Sailfish OS being the only or (depending how you look at it) one of the few independent, European, privacy-respecting alternatives in the market. (sledges, 07:34:57)
    11. <Jolla> 3. Publishing a roadmap is challenging for us as details of customer plans and projects during development are usually confidential. (sledges, 07:35:20)
    12. <Jolla> On the other hand there are other projects e.g. internal developments, which we could talk about more freely, but also there we need to be careful as resources available for internal development may change and therefore the plans keep evolving. (sledges, 07:35:25)
    13. <Jolla> We are now discussing internally how we could share more about what is ahead for Sailfish. (sledges, 07:35:30)
    14. <Jolla> 4. Localising (translating) the OS is one area where not-tech members can definitely help: (sledges, 07:35:42)
    15. https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Translate_the_OS (sledges, 07:35:47)
    16. <Jolla> Also we are working on opening up documentation platform for 3rd party to freely add and edit content. Joining the discussion, reporting experiences, improvement ideas and bugs in Sailfish OS forum is naturally a great way to participate. Further if you have other ideas how to help Sailfish ecosystem grow we are all ears. :) (sledges, 07:35:51)

  4. General discussion (15 min) (sledges, 07:58:52)
    1. amongst other things, discussing ApkPure being out of order: (sledges, 08:06:47)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/native-browser-malware-virus/5752/24 (sledges, 08:06:50)

  5. Next meeting time and date (5 min) (sledges, 08:16:33)
    1. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd April 2021 at 7:00am UTC: 2021-04-22T07Z (sledges, 08:21:08)

Meeting ended at 08:21:52 UTC (full logs).

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