08:00:10 <flypig> #startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 3rd March 2022
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08:00:47 <flypig> Good morning all. I am once again the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please respect the timings and no Vogon poetry please.
08:00:59 <flypig> #topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info
08:01:12 <ExTechOp> #info Otto Mäkelä, community
08:01:44 <ViGe> #info Ville Nummela, sailor@Jolla
08:01:51 <flypig> #info David Llewellyn-Jones, sailor@jolla
08:03:38 <flypig> There were no advance questions today, which maybe explains why it's a bit quiet.
08:03:43 <ExTechOp> ...is that it?
08:03:57 <abr> #info Andrew Branson!, sailor!
08:04:54 <tanriol> #info Denis Lisov, community
08:06:02 <flypig> It is a shame if we don't have more community members, but it's great to have you here ExTechOp and tanriol.
08:06:08 <thilo[m]> #info thigg, comunity
08:06:30 <flypig> And hello thilo[m] :)
08:06:40 <flypig> Alright, let's open up the discussion.
08:06:41 <flypig> #topic General discussion (30 min)
08:07:02 <flypig> As I mentioned, we didn't have any advance topics, so we have plenty of time fo general discussion.
08:07:13 <thilo[m]> How are you doing with marking bugs as tracked in the forum?
08:07:28 <thilo[m]> Is that still the way to go?
08:07:45 <flypig> That has to be one for ViGe to answer?
08:08:15 <ViGe> The bugs are marked as 'tracked' when a sailor copies the bug to our internal bug tracker
08:08:51 <ExTechOp> Is anyone inside Jolla qualified to comment on the company ownership status?
08:09:33 <thilo[m]> ViGe: does it help you to ask if a bug is tracked at specific bugs?
08:09:52 <flypig> ExTechOp, it depends on the question, but but you're welcome to ask of course.
08:10:48 <ViGe> thilo[m]: How would that help us?
08:11:54 <thilo[m]> A few weeks ago, i asked at some qt multimedia related bugreports if they are tracked and wondered if that makes any sense
08:12:19 <thilo[m]> They were from september i think
08:12:40 <ViGe> Generally speaking I would say the answer is "no".
08:13:06 <thilo[m]> For reference: https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/qtmultimedia-property-bindings-not-working-initially
08:14:49 <ViGe> There are of course a lot's of older bugs which are in our bugtracker but don't have the tag. Spending time tagging those would be pretty much just wasted time in my opinion. But of course if you are interested in some specific bug that's different.
08:15:03 <abr> yes that's tracked. JB#56330. but I don't think anyone's had chance to look at it yet
08:15:03 <flypig> It looks like that bug is in our internal bug tracker.
08:15:47 <abr> can we mark them as such on the forum?
08:15:48 <ViGe> added the tag :)
08:16:28 <thilo[m]> Sounds sensible, thank you :)
08:17:56 <flypig> Hopefully over time the tracked-but-not-tagged topics will drop to zero naturally as bugs are fixed.
08:19:19 <dcaliste> #info Damien Caliste, community
08:19:27 <dcaliste> Sorry to be late...
08:19:38 <flypig> Nice to see you dcaliste, late or otherwise!
08:20:07 <thilo[m]> Are you planning to post the story why the current  release is delayed? (after release) ( if for technical reasons). I think many would be interested.
08:21:02 <flypig> thilo[m], yes, it's a really nice idea.
08:21:30 <piggz> i know there is a brwser bu being worked on as i reported it :)
08:22:49 <ExTechOp> I was referring to this post on Linkedin by the Jolla board chairman Samuli Simojoki: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/samulisimojoki_putinin-hy%C3%B6kk%C3%A4ys-ukrainaan-pakottaa-meist%C3%A4-activity-6904001201180934144-lb4d
08:23:14 <flypig> piggz, could you give some links, if it needs the tracked tag?
08:23:15 <thilo[m]> As a dev i had many experiences where i thought something should be easy but it took months, so its always nice to hear that from others :D
08:24:27 <abr> thilo[m]: yeah sorry I should have pinged you when i filed it. you got a mention in it
08:24:28 <piggz> flypig: its in the cbeta 4.4 thread, raine is aware if it
08:24:42 <abr> piggz has his own channels :D
08:24:47 <flypig> :D
08:24:53 <piggz> apparently there is a case where the old useragent string is used
08:25:04 <piggz> which breaks slashdot ..... and you shouldnt break slashdot :)
08:25:24 <flypig> ExTechOp, that post is full of info, but pretty clear I think?
08:26:11 <piggz> abr: ill post important bugs the next time im on a podcast :D
08:26:16 <abr> that's pretty quick to fix. useragent overrides can be changed outside of releases
08:26:38 <ExTechOp> flypig Indeed it is, but is there anything else that any of you are able to add or is that it?
08:28:17 <flypig> ExTechOp, it's a fair question, but I don't think there are any further general comments we can add, unless you had something specific in mind.
08:28:32 <abr> piggz: you can PR useragent changes even https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-browser/commit/918f4552ff1ae01741e8443f5367d11ccf25a8bd
08:28:46 <ExTechOp> flypig Thanks
08:29:24 <piggz> abr: it was more that the old default was still being used and hadnt been cleared for the new engine
08:30:07 <flypig> Yeah, my understanding is that it's a mismatch between the "old" and "new" approaches, and it's being worked on.
08:30:09 <abr> so it needs to be removed?
08:30:14 <abr> ah right ok sorry
08:31:37 <flypig> :) No need to apologise!
08:35:21 <flypig> We're up to the time on this topic, is there any appetite to extend/any more questions?
08:35:50 <thilo[m]> Off to work now, have a nice day ;)
08:36:05 <flypig> Thanks thilo[m].
08:36:16 <ViGe> Time for some Azgoth poetry?
08:36:44 <ExTechOp> I was going to ask about 4.4 for Xperia 10 III release, but I guess you can't set a date?
08:36:53 <flypig> Haha :) Good luck with that ViGe.
08:37:29 <thilo[m]> ExTechOp: Nooo you extended it by another week!
08:37:37 <ViGe> ExTechOp: the answer is the same as last time
08:38:18 <flypig> ExTechOp, and don't forget you can follow progress in the repos of course.
08:38:23 <ExTechOp> It's like the end-of-world prediction, since the Bible says God only knows, every time someone claims to know it's coming soon it gets bumped forward.
08:38:45 <flypig> :D
08:38:53 <abr> SOON
08:40:05 <flypig> Alright, thanks for the nice discussion today and for everyone who attended. Let's set the date for the next meeting.
08:40:09 <flypig> #topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)
08:40:14 <flypig> Proposing Thursday 17th March at 08:00am UTC
08:40:35 <flypig> Did I get my 14 times table correct?
08:41:57 <ExTechOp> Works4me.
08:41:58 <dcaliste> Yes, it's ok for me, even if I'm not very talkative ;)
08:42:22 <flypig> It's nice to get positive assent, thanks :)
08:42:39 <flypig> Alright, no objections then. 17th it is.
08:42:41 <flypig> #info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 17th March 2022 at 08:00am UTC:  2022-03-17T0800Z
08:43:02 <flypig> Thanks again all!
08:43:05 <flypig> #endmeeting