#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 18th August 2022

Meeting started by flypig at 07:00:40 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: (flypig, 07:00:47)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-18th-august-2022/12549 (flypig, 07:00:51)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info (flypig, 07:01:02)
    1. David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor @ Jolla (flypig, 07:01:16)
    2. thigg - community dev (thilo[m], 07:01:32)
    3. Jacek Jagosz - long time SFOS user, maintainer for linux distribution Solus (JacekJagosz[m], 07:02:24)
    4. Björn Bidar - Sailor @ Jolla (Thaodan, 07:02:40)
    5. Simonas Leleiva - privateer for Jolla, broke speed limit only once (when started off), reading said 88mph (sledges, 07:02:58)
    6. Ville Nummela - Sailor @ Jolla (ViGe, 07:03:14)
    7. ahappyhuman ­— community (Chris[m]123, 07:04:20)
    8. sebix - community (sebix[m], 07:04:25)

  2. Harbor API progress (in special QtLocation) (2 mins -- asked by fridlmue) (flypig, 07:05:55)
    1. This is a quick update on fridlmue's topic from the last meeting, since we received a few more details. (flypig, 07:06:00)
    2. <Jolla> We are working to add as many APIs to Harbour as possible in the 4.5.0 release, but we aren't promising anything in particular. (flypig, 07:06:08)
    3. <Jolla> It's highly likely that at least Sailfish Secrets will be allowed. We don't yet have any plans we can share with regards to QtLocation, so the previous advice about this stands. (flypig, 07:06:15)

  3. Specify which is the officially supported Android 11 version ID for X10 III (10 minutes -- asked by Jacek Jagosz) (flypig, 07:07:13)
    1. <Jacek Jagosz> In my opinion the instructions are unclear which version ID users should be on when installing SFOS, and there is a ton of conflicting information. (flypig, 07:07:21)
    2. <Jacek Jagosz> Install guide mentions just Android 11. (flypig, 07:07:26)
    3. https://jolla.com/how-to-install-sailfish-x-on-xperia-10-iii-on-windows/ (flypig, 07:07:30)
    4. <Jacek Jagosz> Flashing guide mentions 62.0.A.3.109. (flypig, 07:07:33)
    5. https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004283713-Reverting-Xperia-device-to-Android-OS-and-reinstalling-Sailfish-OS (flypig, 07:07:37)
    6. <Jacek Jagosz> Then users have been recommending updating to the newest possible A11 version - 62.0.A.9.11, first flashing using EMMA and then using OTA. (flypig, 07:07:41)
    7. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/sony-xperia-iii-android-12/11029/101 (flypig, 07:07:45)
    8. <Jacek Jagosz> You can even flash directly to that version using different tools and firmware provided by someone. Oh, and some people flashed from Android 12... (flypig, 07:07:51)
    9. <Jacek Jagosz> Could you please state the version number you think is the least problematic, or most well tested? Now you have people using 3-4 different versions, and it definitely makes bug tracking really complicated. (flypig, 07:08:02)
    10. <Jolla> Thanks for your question Jacek. The situation has been changing and we appreciate this can make the most recent advice hard to pin down. (flypig, 07:08:23)
    11. <Jolla> The Sailfish OS development for the Xperia 10 III was mostly undertaken on Android 11. We have subsequently also tested it on Android 12. (flypig, 07:08:27)
    12. <Jolla> Our recommendation is to upgrade your phone to the latest version of Android 11 before installing Sailfish OS. However, if you have already upgraded to Android 12, then we don't recommend reflashing back to Android 11 before installing Sailfish OS. (flypig, 07:08:39)
    13. <Jolla> If you have suggestions for how to make the installation guide clearer then we would welcome the input. (flypig, 07:08:46)
    14. Raine Mäkeläinen - Sailor @ Jolla (rainemak, 07:15:03)
    15. <JacekJagosz[m]> "I suggest on both sites one sentence could be added, to use OTA to update to newest Android 11 version, that is all I am asking" (flypig, 07:18:02)

  4. Is there a general cause to the various different mobile-data bugs with 10 III devices? (10m -- asked by PeegeeTips) (flypig, 07:21:13)
    1. <PeegeeTips> There are several bugs on the forum that look like they might be related. (flypig, 07:21:22)
    2. <PeegeeTips> 1. Xperia 10 iii can't enable mobile data on Talkmobile (UK): (flypig, 07:21:29)
    3. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/xperia-10-iii-cant-enable-mobile-data-on-talkmobile-use-the-same-settings-used-on-my-xa2-plus/12485 (flypig, 07:21:34)
    4. <PeegeeTips> 2. No IPv4 mobile data connection with MNO Telekom Deutschland possible: (flypig, 07:21:38)
    5. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/ipv4-mobile-data-connection-not-possible/11917 (flypig, 07:21:44)
    6. <PeegeeTips> 3. Mobile data (IPv6) connection used even though a WLAN connection (IPv4) is active: (flypig, 07:21:48)
    7. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/use-of-mobile-data-ipv6-although-a-wlan-connection-ipv4-is-active/11918 (flypig, 07:21:53)
    8. <Jolla> There have been a number of changes to the networking stack recently that could be related to the first two. Some users were experiencing mobile data connections when the data access point protocol was set to Dual: (flypig, 07:22:08)
    9. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/4-2-0-19-xperia-10ii-no-internet-connection-on-mobile-data-when-leaving-wifi-if-data-access-point-protocol-is-set-to-dual-default/6697 (flypig, 07:22:14)
    10. <Jolla> This was carrier specific, with a fix being rolled out in Sailfish OS (flypig, 07:22:19)
    11. https://github.com/sailfishos/connman/pull/8 (flypig, 07:22:30)
    12. <Jolla> For issue 3, a fix was introduced to work around the fact that VoLTE can create new IPv6 interfaces with potentially broken routing data (this is carrier dependent). This fix was rolled out in Sailfish OS (flypig, 07:22:35)
    13. https://github.com/sailfishos/connman/pull/29 (flypig, 07:22:44)
    14. <Jolla> Unfortunately it’s impossible to say whether the three are related without further investigation. We already had an internal issue lodged for issue 3 which has been looked into, and we also now have internal issues for the other two as well. (flypig, 07:22:50)
    15. <Jolla> The discussion in the forum is already quite comprehensive and very helpful, but as always any further detail you can add there is also appreciated. (flypig, 07:23:01)
    16. for mobile data issues please grab logs via Ofono Logger: (sledges, 07:34:24)
    17. https://openrepos.net/content/slava/ofono-logger (sledges, 07:34:26)
    18. ensure no phonecalls made/received during the session, then provide the tarball to jolla customer care (sledges, 07:34:58)
    19. Ofono Logger is also available in chum. (Thaodan, 07:36:11)
    20. https://build.merproject.org/package/show/sailfishos:chum/openrepos-logger-ofono (Thaodan, 07:36:15)

  5. Open PR discussion (10 mins -- asked by jolla) (flypig, 07:37:33)
    1. <Mohjive> Open PR URL: https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-initrd/pull/27 (flypig, 07:38:08)
    2. dr_gogeta86 retired porter ... avid SFOS user (dr_Gogeta86_web, 07:43:47)
    3. Flypig: If a community member is a porter or wants to delve into it they can test it by building droid-hal and droid-hal-img-boot for their device with the PR applied. (Thaodan, 07:45:19)
    4. To enable embedded recovery this patch has to applied (or recreated) for the specific devices: https://github.com/Thaodan/droid-hal-img-boot-sony-nile/commit/f217376f663cbc82b501972b7197b24b0453a457 (Thaodan, 07:45:59)
    5. For the Xperia XA2 the patch can simply be rebased. (Thaodan, 07:46:19)
    6. I'll write a summary under the hybris-initrd PR on how this PR can be used, what has to be done. (Thaodan, 07:47:00)
    7. Mohjive - long time Sailfish user, Linux nerd (mohjive, 07:47:32)
    8. The context of mohjive raising this PR: (flypig, 07:52:27)
    9. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/xperia-10-ii-unable-to-reach-recovery-mode/11822 (flypig, 07:52:29)
    10. https://github.com/sailfishos/qtbase/pull/11 (flypig, 07:55:28)
    11. I added an explanation on how the embedded recovery for hybris-initrd should be used here: (Thaodan, 08:01:36)
    12. https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-initrd/pull/27#issuecomment-1219153929 (Thaodan, 08:01:38)
    13. Chris[m]123 has tested the qtnetwork PR and has found an issue with it in combination with the booster, so it shouldn't be merged yet. He would like if someone could help understanding why it doesn't work with the booster, as he doesn't know how to debug this issue with the booster. (Chris[m]123, 08:07:14)
    14. I have tested the qtnetwork PR and have found an issue with it in combination with the booster, so it shouldn't be merged yet. I would like if someone could help understanding why it doesn't work with the booster, as I don't know how to debug this issue with the booster. (Chris[m]123, 08:11:44)

  6. General discussion (20 min) (flypig, 08:12:51)
    1. As a result of the Bug Coordination Team's excellent work, we now have: (flypig, 08:36:53)
    2. - 6 high quality bug reports now recorded internally and tagged as "tracked". (flypig, 08:36:55)
    3. - 1 bug reports tagged as "fixed". (flypig, 08:37:01)
    4. - 2 flagged as duplicates. (flypig, 08:37:05)

  7. Next meeting time and date (5 min) (flypig, 08:37:59)
    1. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 1st September 2022 at 07:00am UTC: 2022-09-01T0700Z (flypig, 08:39:24)

Meeting ended at 08:39:45 UTC (full logs).

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