06:59:43 <rainemak> #startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 31st Aug 2023
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06:59:58 <rainemak> bit too fast :-)
07:00:26 <rainemak> #info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:
07:00:26 <rainemak> #link https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-31st-august-2023/16524
07:00:38 <rainemak> I am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please respect the timings and bee-hive.
07:00:56 <rainemak> #topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info
07:01:57 <Crabster> #info Crabster - lurker
07:02:10 <flypig_> Not lurking any more :)
07:02:39 <ExTechOp> #info Otto Mäkelä, community
07:02:41 <flypig_> #info David Llewellyn-Jones, community
07:02:48 <Crabster> trying to ;)
07:03:03 <rainemak> #info Raine Mäkeläinen, sailor @ Jolla, chairperson today
07:05:34 <rainemak> #info No questions raised for today's meeting
07:05:40 <ExTechOp> (wot, are we four the only ones actually here even with 78 people in the room?)
07:06:02 <rainemak> Seems so ExTechOp
07:07:22 <flypig_> Lots of lurkers? ;)
07:07:31 <Keto> o/
07:07:43 <flypig_> :D
07:08:30 <rainemak> Do we have pherjung[m] available? Would you like to say something about bug reports?
07:09:29 <rainemak> I'll wait for a moment... If no replies then, let's move on directly to discuss about open PRs
07:10:04 <rainemak> #topic Open PR discussion (5 mins -- asked by jolla)
07:10:12 <rainemak> #info <Jolla> Any open PRs to discuss?
07:13:16 <rainemak> Nothing it seems.
07:14:07 <flypig_> This isn't an OpenPR, but mal and I talked about updating the linux kernel header package. But maybe I can turn that into a proper question for the next meeting.
07:14:32 <rainemak> flypig_, proper questions for the next meeting sounds good
07:14:35 <rainemak> thanks
07:14:39 <flypig_> (I had planned to but didn't get around to it).
07:14:59 <rainemak> #info Please raise PRs if there are some. You can also ping me on the #sailfishos channel if a PR needs to be reviewed.
07:15:06 <flypig_> Okay, will do!
07:15:09 <rainemak> Let's move on
07:15:27 <rainemak> #topic General discussion (30 min)
07:16:00 <rainemak> flypig_, would you like to give a status update regarding esr91 work?
07:16:49 <rainemak> there's a great amount interest in forum thread as well
07:16:50 <flypig_> Sure happy to :)
07:17:16 <flypig_> Lots of people in that thread and elsewhere have been helping, which is great to see.
07:17:44 <flypig_> Most recently direc85[m] started looking into a rare gcc compiler bug that seems to be triggering.
07:18:13 <flypig_> https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=90075
07:18:40 <flypig_> But overall, the build is progressing gradually but not quickly. Upstream removed GLScreenBuffer support, which is causing me problems right now.
07:19:20 <flypig_> Other than that, I'm hoping to get a built (not working) library in the future (which is as precise as I'm willing to get!).
07:19:42 <rainemak> #info Lots of people in forum thread and elsewhere have been helping with flypig_ on esr91 work , which is great to see.
07:20:07 <rainemak> #info Lots of people in forum thread and elsewhere have been helping flypig_ on esr91 work , which is great to see.
07:20:14 <Crabster> cool
07:21:04 <rainemak> flypig_, we could utilize for example sailfish-browser or gecko-dev github.com/sailfishos issues for tracking issues if you like
07:21:49 <rainemak> maybe that way we could draw even more devs to join
07:22:15 <flypig_> That's an excellent idea. There are a number of issues that I've worked around (not fixed); I can add them there. Which would you prefer?
07:22:16 <flypig_> gecko-dev or sailfish-browser?
07:22:38 <rainemak> sailfish-browser has most followers in github
07:23:25 <flypig_> Okay I'll add unfixed issues to sailfish-browser for tracking.
07:23:37 <rainemak> gecko-dev: 13 forks, 6 stars
07:23:52 <rainemak> sailfish-browser: 89 forks, 289 stars
07:24:11 <flypig_> Wow, surprising difference.
07:24:30 <rainemak> gecko-dev is much more difficult than browser
07:25:10 <ExTechOp> flypig_ looking at your developer diary, did the day 14 build go through?
07:25:13 <rainemak> flypig_, Thank you. Let's adjust as esr91 work proceeds
07:25:41 <flypig_> ExTechOp, you'll have to wait for the next update :)
07:25:44 <rainemak> I have one question regarding cbindgen
07:26:01 <ExTechOp> flypig_ I can barely contain my excitement.
07:26:17 <flypig_> Haha :)
07:27:27 <rainemak> flypig_, did you check vendor submodule versions ( from the Cargo.toml? )
07:28:00 <flypig_> rainemak, in a word: no. Could you elaborate on why that's important?
07:28:31 <flypig_> (all I checked is that we're using a version greater than 5; I think we're on 14)
07:28:43 <rainemak> I recall that we did it so in the past that we first compared Cargo.toml versions. Then from actual git repositories checked the sha1 on that particular version and updated all of them
07:29:22 <flypig_> Okay; that may be something that still needs doing then.
07:29:40 <rainemak> yeap, and for that kind of things issue tracking would be good as well
07:30:11 <flypig_> Understood and noted! I must apologise as my train is pulling in to King's Cross. I'll have to drop off the meeting.
07:30:23 <ExTechOp> Thanks for this!
07:30:29 <rainemak> flypig_, thank you!
07:30:30 <flypig_> Thanks ExTechOp :)
07:30:56 <rainemak> Great work! Very nice to see this kind of support from everybody
07:34:28 <rainemak> one thing that I almost forgot
07:34:58 <gabrielventur> Hey there, do it's too late for the meeting?
07:35:57 <ExTechOp> Slightly, as it looks like we're having a short meeting today. We're now in general discussion.
07:36:55 <gabrielventur> ah all right
07:37:05 <gabrielventur> Anyway
07:37:33 <gabrielventur> I wanted to ask if the Xperia 10 III is going to stereo sound and support in jolla camera for all its cameras :)
07:38:13 <rainemak> #info <Jolla> We're targeting to restart "Community news" bi-weekly newsletters next week. Discussed & synced this earlier with community members who are contributing to it - like flypig_ .
07:38:54 <gabrielventur> Good news then
07:42:50 <Crabster> looking fwd to it
07:43:36 <rainemak> gabrielventur, camera to work completely probably not but regarding it you can enable all cameras but then you'd loose front facing camera
07:44:08 <rainemak> gabrielventur, maybe worth trying if that's good option for you
07:44:20 <rainemak> personally I'm using my xperia 10 III that way
07:44:42 <ExTechOp> rainemak What is involved in this change, is it explained on the forum?
07:44:52 <rainemak> https://docs.sailfishos.org/Support/Help_Articles/Camera/#multiple-cameras-of-xperia-10-iii
07:45:18 <rainemak> #info Help article link regarding how to enable multiple cameras for Xperia 10 III
07:45:21 <rainemak> #link https://docs.sailfishos.org/Support/Help_Articles/Camera/#multiple-cameras-of-xperia-10-iii
07:45:27 <ExTechOp> Thanks!
07:46:41 <rainemak> gabrielventur, afaik xperia 10 III doesn't stereo speaker : https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_10_iii-review-2277p6.php
07:46:49 <rainemak> doesn't have
07:47:01 <rainemak> let's move on
07:47:11 <rainemak> #topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)
07:47:25 <rainemak> Proposing Thursday 14th September at 07:00am UTC.
07:48:31 <ExTechOp> works4me
07:48:35 <Crabster> 14th is fine
07:48:43 <rainemak> settled then
07:48:50 <rainemak> #info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 14th September 2023 at 07:00am UTC: 2023-09-14T0700Z
07:49:15 <rainemak> That's it! Thank you everybody for the meeting!
07:49:24 <ExTechOp> Thank you, everybody!
07:49:47 <rainemak> #endmeeting