Monday, 2014-07-21

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Anarkysledges: Hi :)07:44
AnarkyI found a solution for the hostname resolution fail; I had the same error with "sudo: unable to resolve host" after07:44
Anarkyas root: echo " $HOSTNAME" >> $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu/etc/hosts07:45
alin_beidl: i think today... and yes the two sections are the other way round07:49
alin_sledges: do you remember the changes we did in this rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec07:54
alin_and this07:54
alin_apparently you did not commit them07:54
sledgesmorn :)08:14
sledgesalin_: and ? ;)08:15
sledgesAnarky: cool!08:15
alin_sledges: you posted the same link twice but something is fishy... repo sync fails08:26
alin_sledges: the last one was about this jolla-rnd-device08:28
sledgesalin_: 2nd link (still morning here :))
alin_sledges: yap looks good08:30
sledgescheers, done 2 days ago, so repo sync often :) what's failing?08:31
vakkovbeidl: I am porting to the galaxy nexus and I am stuck at google's logo. here's the kernel msg -
alin_sledges: was conflicting with my local changes08:33
alin_sledges: solved now08:33
alin_Info: Installing: mtp-vendor-configura +                                  [ 30/566]/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.Esw8N4: line 7: rm: command not found08:35
alin_Info: Installing: feature-xt9          ++                                 [ 34/566]/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.YstvRg: line 1: touch: command not found08:36
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sledgesalin_: as long as it doesn't stop building, it's fine ;)08:39
alin_sledges: ok08:40
alin_sledges: I just try to put 7-8 in a script08:40
alin_6 too maybe08:40
alin_and work my way to number 108:40
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alin_sledges: now I try to build without situ repo08:44
alin_Warning: repo problem: nothing provides qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201407210842.noarch,08:45
sledgesalin_: first paragraph of 8.4.108:46
alin_sledges: yes did it went to 13 too... not too much help08:51
sledgesalin_: huh? ;)08:53
alin_13.8 maybe08:53
sledgesit went to 13.808:53
sledges"Build HA Middleware Packages"08:53
sledgessearch by name ;)08:53
sledgesof the soon-to-be hyperlink :)08:53
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* situ has got his laptop fixed09:09
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sledgesany news from CM developers?09:12
sledgesabout your patch09:12
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sledgeso/ rusty8809:27
sledgesstate your worries :)09:29
rusty88 I've been trying to port sailfish os to GS3 i9300 but I've run into a problem can someone help me? this is the error:  ERROR: i9300 does not have mountpoint fixup data - see SailfishOS HADK for details on how to fix this Check: device/samsung/i9300/recovery.fstab09:29
vrutkovsrusty88: you need to do something similar to
vrutkovs(in case your device doesn't require any specific mountpoints)09:30
sledges(also section 14.3.2 in hadk)09:30
vrutkovssledges: hey, has anyone reached switch_root stage? I wonder if some has the same problem I encountered09:33
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rusty88ok, thanks vrutkvos I'll see if that fixes the problem09:35
sledgesvrutkovs: yeap i should've kept track of achievements ;)09:35
vrutkovssledges: okay, I basically ran out of ideas, my only hope is enabling /proc/last_kmsg09:37
sledgesvrutkovs: what's the status?09:37
vrutkovssledges: same. Stuck at switch_root09:37
vrutkovsI'll also try this on N7 flo09:37
sledgesvrutkovs: more symptoms of stuck case?09:39
vrutkovssledges: none, actually, though I didn't try much09:42
sledgesso, we eliminated usb-moded problem, right)?09:42
sledgesand ah09:42
sledgesyou did the touches ^_^09:42
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sledgesvrutkovs: you say that *stderr files do not appear ever?09:53
sledgesso switchroot never completes, right?09:53
vrutkovssledges: yep09:53
rusty88thank you vrutkovs, the kernel is compiling :D09:53
rusty88sledges: the ubuntu had two missing comands that aborted the make, cc and gcc10:02
rusty88is that normal ? or did that do something wrong?10:02
rusty88I've made two symlinks to gcc-4.7 as a workaround10:02
sledgesyou did the right thing rusty8810:03
rusty88sledges: ok10:05
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rusty88now i'm in step 7.1.1 when building the rpm of droid-hal-device10:29
rusty88my guess is that I have to create a copy of i930510:30
rusty88and change it to i930010:30
rusty88I've changed the variables, is there anything else I must do?10:31
Flysersledges: any eta of the revised HADK? I would like to start from scratch on a faster machine ...10:31
sledgesFlyser: today10:32
sledgesrusty88: most probably not, they should behave the same (i.e. the /block/ bit)10:32
alteregoThere is a newer ubuntu chroot now.10:35
alteregoThe trusty one.10:35
beidlvakkov: yup, having the same dmesg, theres nothing wrong with it though. the firmware loading part should work as soon as the actual /system is mounted. what I need now is a way to debug after echo'ing "continue" to the mer bootloader10:47
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sledgesFlyser: ^11:29
sledgesbeidl: ^11:29
Flysergreat! :)11:32
vakkovis there something new except fixed bugs11:33
beidlsledges: \o/ thx11:33
sledgeswe(lcome) :)11:34
sledgeschangelog available soon11:34
sledgesnew ubuntu rootfs11:34
sledgesand mer-tools switched to rolling11:34
beidlsledges: thankfully I'm past that :)11:34
beidlmy problem is that there is no way to debug things after "continue"ing from within the initramfs11:35
vrutkovsbeidl: same stuff here. Does /target/init-debug even gets started for you?11:36
vrutkovsyou can check but touching some files in the script11:36
beidl/target/init-debug seems to work, at least my laptop reports a new ethernet connection, but telnetting to the exact same IP as before doesn't work, connection refused11:37
beidlso i guess telnetd doesn't start for whatever reason11:37
vrutkovsbeidl: it changes port to 2323 - that one also doesn't work?11:37
beidlvrutkovs: I should have read further. thank you, that works! :)11:38
sledgeshey beidl first person past switch_root \o/ a badge is in order ;)11:38
beidlyay \o/ :D11:39
beidlwell, other than init-debug replacing init as PID 1 there's not much of a difference11:39
vrutkovsbeidl: yeah, you got to do 'continue' again there, I presume11:40
Flyserso noone managed to get anything but a black screen so far?11:41
sledgesbeidl: vrutkovs: nope, do journalctl11:41
beidlvrutkovs: and /system gets mounted by systemd, right? because the DATA_MOUNTPOINT stil points to the unmodified mmc partition11:41
sledgesexamine why lipstick fails11:41
beidlthe google logo will burn into the display if I don't get the display server to run! :D11:43
sledgesnice try :D11:44
Flysersailfish os with google branding :P11:44
beidloh nice, the screen goes to sleep and wakes up by double tapping, at least something's working :D11:44
beidllast line in the journal: Starting Create static device nodes in /dev...11:45
sledgesbeidl: grep for lipstick11:47
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beidlsledges: lipstick service failed11:56
sledgesbeidl: ofc11:56
sledgeswhy? ;)11:56
Anarkysomebody has got the error "sh: 1: repo: not found" during "breakfast $DEVICE"?11:56
sledgesAnarky: ubu-chroot11:56
alteregoAnarky: they need to location of the repo command to be in "$PATH"11:56
sledgesand do . build/envsetup.sh11:56
sledgesand get latest repo yep :)11:56
Anarkyit is in my $PATH11:57
alteregoIt isn't if you're getting that error :)11:57
alteregotry running just: repo11:57
alteregoOr "which repo" rather.11:57
Anarky"which repo" doesn't return anything but "type repo" returns the correct path11:58
beidlAnarky: chmod +x11:59
Anarkybeidl: I did that, and "repo" alone works fine11:59
Anarky(I get the help)11:59
sledgesvakkov: beidl has gone past switch_root;)11:59
sledgesyou're working on same phone11:59
sledgesAnarky: and you did . build/ too i guess..12:00
Anarkysledges: yes, with source too12:00
Anarkyok my bad!12:02
Anarkyit's because in my path it was ~/bin instead of /home/anarky/bin (or $HOME/bin)12:03
sledgesunderstoodish :)12:03
situsledges: Not yet.12:04
alteregoAnarky: told you :P12:04
Anarkyalterego: well it was in my path, just not the correct way :d12:06
alteregoThat means it wasn't in your path.12:06
sledgesit was, but not from script's PoV?12:06
alteregoIf it was, it would have worked :)12:06
sledges14:57 < Anarky> beidl: I did that, and "repo" alone works fine12:07
AnarkyI'm sure I already be had once with this ~ != $HOME12:08
beidlsooo, I had to carry some heavy tables around and I'm tired as hell, so please bear with me :) I guess before the lipstick service can start I'd rather want to get /system mounted first12:09
sledgesthat ( Anarky )12:09
beidlwhere should it mount? I'll try to do it manually12:10
sledgesand you can do that beidl , systemctl-user stop lipstick; mount system; systemctl-user start lipstick12:10
sledges(-user iirc that is ;p)12:10
vakkovfuck, why couldnt i telnet :D12:10
Anarkysledges: sorry?12:10
beidl"cant find /system in fstab" NIIIICE12:11
sledges15:06 < Anarky> I'm sure I already be had once with this ~ != $HOME12:11
sledgesbeidl: it was pseudocode ;)12:11
beidlmaybe something went wrong with fixing the mountpoints?12:11
beidlsledges: as I said, I'm tired :)12:11
sledgesbeidl: /lib/systemd/system/system.mount12:11
beidlmount system is supposed to work on android, so that's where the line blurred for me :D12:12
sledgesbearing with you: *grizzly roar* (take a break? ;)12:12
sledgesblurred lines? ^_^12:12
beidlthat IS my break :D12:12
sledgesactualy physical-mental switching shouldn't be counterproductive - on the contrary :)12:13
sledgesbeidl: this is not android ;))12:13
beidlI know, I'm not used to a typical GNU/Linux stack on my phone12:13
beidlwhich is why I want to get that damn thing to work :D12:13
sledgesonce you go GNU, you can't go back ;)12:13
carepacktrue words...12:14
beidl*heavy metal guitar sounds*12:14
sledgesbut GNU is in your laptop/PC so 2nd nature ;)12:14
sledgesanyhoo :) moving on swiftly12:14
beidlOH so it's generating mount units for systemd, nice12:15
Flyser.oO(I wonder how difficult it would be to apply this guide to other linux distributions. Having Gentoo on my phone would be kinda cool :D)12:15
beidlFlyser: please no, I'm distro-hopping too much on my main PC already, I don't want to suffer even more :D12:16
AnarkyI'm curious, is there a document that explains how the scripts do their magic?12:17
AnarkyOr should I read them?12:18
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sledgesAnarky: Android SDK?12:26
sledgesrelease notes:
Anarkysledges: libhybris in particuler12:30
Anarkyhow it was able to find the correct repo for my device and apply the patch12:30
Anarkybut thanks for the link :)12:31
sledgesAnarky: which patch?12:32
Anarkysledges: I guess libhybris patches the kernel?12:33
sledgeswe don't do such intrinsic intrusions :)12:34
sledgesyou added mods to kernel what verifyer asked you to12:34
sledgesin .config12:34
Anarkyok my bad, I didn't read that far :)12:36
sledgesand they are just mainstream CONFIG_s needed12:37
sledgescheck chapter 12 for modifications which are already done in non-device-dependent android bits in our hybris-10.1 branches of mer-hybris repos12:38
Anarkyand to be sure, the Jolla phone use also libhybris right?12:41
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Anarkyso in theory, all Android devices running Android >= 4.1 can run Sailfish OS flawlessly?12:44
sledgesin theory, yes12:44
sledges4.2 i gather ;)12:44
Anarkyoh yes, I was thinking cm10.112:45
sledgeshad some interesting cases with lg optimus g12:45
sledgesit has stock 4.1.2, but no 4.2.2 available, yet cm10.1 exists..12:45
sledgesand the guy failed to boot cm12:45
sledgesnot more update from there for now12:45
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vakkovhtc sensation has stock up to ics, hoever there is cm10.1 for it12:47
vakkovit will be my next target :D12:48
Anarkysame for my current phone, the Optimus 2X12:48
sledgesso what should be flashed under cm10.1 then?12:48
sledgesif no 422 avail12:48
Anarkybut thanks to the community, I can enjoy Kitkat12:48
sledgeshehe :)12:48
vakkovwell, they have probably built the new "things" that came with jb and have ported it12:49
Anarkyin fact, 3 days after the official ics update, there was a nightly 10.112:49
vakkovit's not that much of a work considering the fact that they probably had hwcomposer from ics12:50
Anarkythe big problem is the proprietary blob12:50
sledgeswhich probably is not version dependent12:50
sledgesok, so will prod that lg optimus g to try harder :)12:50
sledges(he's italian, not speak english much..)12:51
Anarkythey are version dependant12:51
Anarkynow they have to make some ugly hacks because a lot of things changed12:52
Anarkybetween what the driver exports and what the OS expects12:53
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vakkovbest example - sgx and a bunch of other shit :D12:54
sledgesgood ole TI :)12:55
sledgesnokia n9 ech ^_^12:55
sledgesand pandaboard :)12:55
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Anarkywhat amazes me is the port of Kitkat for the Samsung Wave which originally uses Bada12:57
beidli hate the fact that I cannot scroll within the journalctl12:57
Anarkyit's been 3 days that I use it, and it works quite well12:57
sledgesbeidl: more?12:58
sledgesbut you can follow with -f :)12:58
beidlnope, tried that one12:58
Flyserwhat amazes me is the port of SailfishOS for the Nexus 4, which originally uses Android :P12:58
Anarkybut Wave + SailfishOS...12:58
Anarky"we have to go deeper"12:58
beidloh and /system did not mount, even after modifying the systemd mount files in12:59
beidlmounting by hand works though12:59
vrutkovsafaik systemd 215 has cool feature of uploading journal via http - that would be really nice for embedded stuff12:59
beidlso it seems theres a dependency problem12:59
Flyserbeidl: and what happens if you manually restart lipstick after you mounted /system?12:59
beidlUnit lipstick.service failed to load: No such file or directory.13:01
vakkovhaha :D if he manually restarts everything so that firmwares are loaded :D oh, hold on - are they auto loaded after system is mounted13:01
beidlwhat's its name then?13:01
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beidlgrepping through /lib/systemd/system, no "lipstick" service13:02
sledgesbeidl: user13:02
sledgesyou need to ssh as nemo (or change your uid, via `login`?)13:03
sledgessystemctl-user start lipstick.service13:03
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rusty88trying to pack the droid hal i got the following error  " error: failed to stat /srv/mer/android/droid/rpm/droid-hal-i9300.spec.11855: No such file or directory ", the number 1855 is random with every run... any thoughts ?13:11
sledgesrusty88: offending cmdline pls?13:13
rusty88sledges: ohh sorry, the command is: " mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build "13:14
sledgesrusty88: did you 14.4.1 ?13:15
beidlthis is where I'm at:
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters13:15
sledgesbeidl: awesome, time to dive into HW Composer ;)13:16
beidlI've got to say, this is more fun than I expected :)13:16
sledgesbeidl: also try to remove /lib/systemd/system/
sledgesknown issue with n513:17
beidlsledges: right, I'll move it somewhere temporarily13:17
rusty88sledges: yes, I did 14.4.113:17
vrutkovsbeidl: you may try generating a coredump via systemd (if mer has this enabled): systemd-coredumpctl13:18
vakkovand i am staying here.. in windows... rooting that nexus13:19
beidlnope it's not here. disabled at build time?13:19
vrutkovsah, it seems so13:20
sledgesbeidl: reboot time after you moved that file13:22
sledgesrusty88: full paste pls?13:22
sledgesand of the command?13:24
beidlnext time i build the kernel/hal i'll change the mount points for my device by hand in the fstab file.13:24
beidlit's a pain in the ass to symlink the /platform/blah path by hand before mounting and and continuing13:25
sledgesisn't what vakkov did in fixup-mountpoints ?13:25
sledgesrusty88: no sudo pls :)13:26
beidlsledges: ... just noticed that i forgot something in the sed command13:26
rusty88sledges: without sudo still the same output... I was using sudo because i had the target on /root/.scratbox213:28
sledgesbad rusty88 :)13:28
sledgesit might be the src of your probs13:29
sledgeseverything what hadk asks to be chown $USER, needs to be chown :)13:29
* sledges needs to chew something too13:29
sledgesfood hunt, laters!13:30
rusty88sleges: ok ;)13:30
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Flyserfollowing the latest hadk guide on a fresh ubuntu 12.04 verion gives me "Unknown ubuntu version" when running ubu-chroot. any idea?13:52
sledgesFlyser: it's 14.0413:52
sledgesalterego: ^13:52
beidlQPA-HWC: hwc_module->methods->open(hwc_module, HWC_HARDWARE_COMPOSER, &hwc_device) in create returned -1413:53
sledgesbeidl: progress13:53
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sledgesthp or morphis or situ needed ^13:54
Flysersledges: you should tell that ubu-chroot ;-)13:54
Flyserit refuses to enter the chroot13:54
sledgesFlyser: im just saying new fresh ubuntu is not 12.04 :p13:54
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Flysersledges: oops. you are right13:55
Flyser14.04 it is13:55
sledgesbeidl: also conflicted in the past so to cover all bases: `mv /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/sensors/ /root/`13:55
sledgesFlyser: alterego is your man :)13:57
alteregoFlyser: There's a version check in ubu-chroot script for now chsnge 12.10 to 14.04 in the script think it's around line 23013:57
alteregolbt: ^13:58
Flyseryes found it and fixed it13:58
alteregowelcome to bleeding edge ;)13:58
Flyserjust letting you know that it's broken atm^^13:58
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters14:00
alteregoYeah, that bug dlipped through the net my fault srry. was eager to get new rootfs out :(14:00
alteregoslipped ..14:00
situbeidl: which device ?14:06
beidlGalaxy Nexus (maguro)14:07
situsledges: Which display driver would it use ? We need to check in the driver code.14:07
beidlsitu: fbdev14:09
locusfsledges: so, the source trees are the same, same configs but only cm's kernel boots14:09
situbeidl: We need to check in the source code.14:09
beidlI'll rebuild my tree, seems that vakkov got it to work14:11
Anarkyalterego: so changing wheezy by jessie works?14:11
situbeidl: Great.14:12
sledgesand the winner is...14:14
sledgesvakkov: !!!14:14
alteregoAnarky: yup :)14:14
vakkovhuraaay :D that broken galaxy without a panel14:15
alteregoI'll try to get the fix pushed to mer-tools today14:15
Anarkyvakkov: congratulations :)14:17
Anarkydoes it work well?14:17
stephgvery, very cool :)14:19
stephg(need to update the wiki tho!)14:20
Anarkyalterego: is that you who wrote the ubu-chroot script?14:24
alteregono, lbt did it14:25
alteregoHis bash foo is greater than mine :)14:25
Anarkyok, I'll wait to ask him some questions :)14:26
alteregoWell, feel free to ask me aswell :)14:28
vrutkovshmm, is there any way to track what's the output of switch_root? I do "echo "exec switch_root /target /init-debug &> /target/init-debug-stderrout 2&>1 &" > /init-ctl/stdin" - but telnet simply hangs there14:29
alteregovrutkovs: yeah, that wont work :)14:30
*** zanac has quit IRC14:30
sledgesalterego: apparently letting the /init to do equivalent thing just hangs too14:30
sledgeslooks like switch_root goes totally nuts or smthng14:31
alteregoyou need to use the init injection pipe to inject commands to init process, not telnetd process ;)14:31
sledgesas no *-stderr* files are found on target after reboot (unless flash flush sync prob?)14:31
vrutkovsvery likely14:32
*** kjokinie has quit IRC14:33
sledgesalterego: as in, which device is he using?14:34
alteregoyeah, finding it hard to keep track now, lol.14:35
vrutkovsthat's u8815 (huawei g300)14:35
vrutkovsmy last hope is using older kernel, probably14:36
alteregobut /data is mounted fine?14:37
alteregoand rw not ro?14:39
alteregoand /target bind mount too?14:40
vrutkovsalterego: yes, mount says so14:40
vrutkovsand touch /target/woot works14:40
* alterego ponders14:41
vrutkovshmm, lets see what happens if I run another telnet?14:41
alteregocan you pastebin /proc/mounts14:43
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vrutkovsalterego: here's all I've got -
locusf <- heres my last_kmsg from galaxy note with cm kernel14:46
locusfhow can I make sure that the kernel start address is the same in the hybris-recovery.img?14:47
alteregoCheck mkbootimg there's a command parameter to specify address14:47
locusfwhich one of the hybris-boot Makefile targets is run by default? I can see setup-mako, setup-grouper etc but I can't really figure out which one is the default one?14:51
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locusfis there something special you guys are doing to the kernel build stage, meaning that cyanogenmod does its own way and you guys do it the other way then?14:59
sledgeslocusf: Makefile not used anymore15:03
sledgesbtw, can you boot cm's built krnl?15:04
locusfsledges: yes15:05
locusfthe source trees are identical as well as the kernel configs15:05
locusfbut one boots and one doesn't15:05
sledgeswell that's because mka hybris-hal produces wrong .img format for your tablet15:06
locusfphablet to be exact :)15:06
sledgesyap :)15:06
sledgeswe need to find out how to shovel initrd in15:07
locusfyeah samsung needs zImage/initramfs, you guys are building it within boot.img15:10
sledgesis there dedicated imitramfs part?15:11
locusfI'm looking at the build output from cyanogenmod, still searching15:11
sledgesmaybe it boots straight to rootfs?15:13
sledgeswhat's krnl cmdline for init15:13
sledgeset al15:13
locusfATAG_CMDLINE: 3c 54410009 'loglevel=4 console=ram androidboot.serialno=0019da475a6c3f sec_debug.enable=0 sec_debug.enable_user=0 c1_watchdog.sec_pet=5 sec_log=0x100000@0x5ea00000 s3cfb.bootloaderfb=0x5ec00000 lcdtype=3 consoleblank=0 lpj=3981312 vmalloc=144m'15:14
*** rusty88 has quit IRC15:14
locusfwhere should I look for the cmdline for hybris?15:15
sledgeslocusf: a link to your device's kernel repo pls?15:16
*** carepack has quit IRC15:18
*** aaaaa has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
beidlis there anything we can do to not have to continue after every boot? :) one step further to a working device15:25
beidltouch is working on the galaxy nexus15:25
sledgesbeidl: boot hybris-boot.img instead of -recovery15:25
vrutkovsbeidl: you need to adjust the init script from sources15:25
vrutkovsah, right, you didn't need any changes in init scripts, right?15:26
*** stephg has quit IRC15:26
beidlI would have made a patch to check for a file in /data and continue automatically ^^15:27
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos-porters15:27
sledgesthere's other way round - if /init-enter-debug exists, -boot.img starts acting like -recovery.img ;)15:27
sledges(inside /target/ to be clear)15:28
beidloh, ok nice :D15:28
beidlthats where I'm stuck now after selecting the ambiance color:15:28
beidlnknown:902 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/qml//ConnectionSelector.qml:902: Unable to assign [undefined] to QString15:28
beidlmaybe related to wifi?15:29
sledgesit should try to carry on15:29
sledgesbut you can always kill that suw (startup-wizard :))15:29
beidltrying that next :)15:30
sledgesmoar screenshots :)))15:31
sledges(piccies :)15:31
sledgesand do you have twitter handle, beidl ?15:32
beidltweeting as we speak :)15:33
sledgeslinky ;)15:33
stephgtbr retwut it15:36
*** aaaa has joined #sailfishos-porters15:36
beidlwifi works as well15:37
sledgeslol for free :))15:37
* tbr is a retwat, or sthg like that15:38
sledgesgood job :)15:39
*** aaaaa has quit IRC15:40
sledges needs a lottalove :)15:41
sledgesto add sgn15:41
beidlif I hadn't screwed up the mountpoint patch I would've gotten the screen working before vakkov :D15:43
locusfsledges: did SGSIII need anything special or did your boot.img just work?15:43
sledgesit worked15:43
sledgesbeidl: lol, the race is on :)))15:43
sledgesnow don't forget to submit patches ;)15:44
vakkovbeidl: i was there yesterday :D there was nobody to tell me that i need to telnet15:44
beidlof course :D15:44
beidlvakkov: :D15:44
sledgesguys did you clone this: ?15:45
sledgesor -staging15:45
sledgesim preparing fertile soil for you to submit patched under mer-hybris15:46
vakkovi am with cm-10.115:46
beidlsame as vakkov15:46
beidlneeds some kernel config changes15:47
* stephg hits the 'edit' button ;)15:47
vakkov<project path="kernel/samsung/tuna" name="Cyanogenmod/android_kernel_samsung_tuna" revision="cm-10.1" />15:48
beidlvakkov: and the device repo15:48
vakkovwe also have battery support15:48
sledgesdevice repo coming too15:48
beidlvakkov: oh yeah, right15:48
sledgespls patch defconfig15:48
sledgesand submit PR to....15:48
energycsdxdoes sailfish os usess IP cores for decode video? or it is software only?15:49
stephgso on the galaxy nexus: display/wifi/charging? anything else?15:50
sledgesstephg: thanks for editing libhybris wiki, that's what i call teamwork :)15:50
beidlstephg: it's easier to tell you what does not work15:51
stephgok what doesn't then :)15:51
sledgesorly lol :))15:51
beidlstephg: bluetooth, sound, ofono15:51
sledgessgn team: vakkov: beidl: pls decide who pushes changes to
sledgeskernel repo cloning still..15:53
stephgso ofono maps to GSM call only or all GSM?15:53
beidlstephg: all GSM, it doesn't detect the sim card15:56
beidloh, and display brightness doesn't change either15:57
stephgsensors then15:57
beidlstephg: rotation works15:57
stephgalso wow :)15:58
Stskeepsyoutube video time?15:59
beidllets see :)16:01
alteregoInteresting abiut brightness, so no manual or light sensor changes to brightness?16:01
sledgesbeidl: vakkov:
sledgesand many thanks :)16:02
*** zanac has joined #sailfishos-porters16:05
stephgI presume usbnet is working?16:05
beidloh, and vibration works as well16:06
beidlyes, telnetting through usb16:06
stephghaptics too, eeeeexcelleeeeent16:07
stephgactually vibration or haptics? (or both)16:07
beidlvibration in terms of calling? can't test that16:09
beidlbut haptics yes16:09
stephgvibration on pulley?16:09
stephgalso is this kernel 3.0.31?16:09
energycsdxabout telnet via usb rndis, it looks like not realy reliable many devs have problem with it, maybe it better to setup serial console via usb gadget serial?16:10
stephgokies first edit done, if anything is wrong fix it or tell me ;)16:11
tbrenergycsdx: that's mostly user error. would happen also with CDC_ACM16:12
beidlwhile I'm cloning the hybris branch for the kernel, any idea on how to aproach ofono?16:13
energycsdxtbr: CDC_ACM is less error-prone, in my case ip on usb0 reseted after init runs, i guess it conman do, currently i use hack to prevent this, run script in background which pereodicaly set correct ip16:15
sledgesenergycsdx: tbr: main issues caused by usb-moded, now out of tree since couple of days16:19
beidlwhile I'm cloning the hybris branch for the kernel, any idea on how to aproach ofono?16:20
sledgesbeidl: we heard you ;p16:20
sledgesbeidl: also no need to clone branch, just push changes straight to your home repo16:20
sledgesand make PR16:20
sledgesit's of the top of 10.116:21
sledgesso will nicely overlay16:21
beidlsry, my connection was down for a moment and I assumed the message didn't get through ^^16:21
sledges*off the top16:21
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters16:35
phdeswersledges: what problem is usb-moded causing?16:42
sledgesno rndis if ui is not up16:43
phdeswerOh yes. So basically we know why that happens. No devicelock so device lockdown...16:43
sledgeswhat's that? :)16:44
beidlpull request for maguro kernel sent. should I go ahead and push a few droid-hal related changes (even though some things do not work yet)?16:46
sledgeswill be easier for yourselves16:47
sledgesalso, manifest needs updating16:47
sledgeswe need to think of how to avoid repo syncinc all those kernels a porter might not need16:48
alteregoNeed a better method than CM ...16:49
beidlscript to choose the device from => add related repos to local_manifests16:49
alteregoI have some fun scripts for modding manifest files. :)16:49
beidlregarding bluetooth on maguro, the situation is pretty similar to grouper, having to upload the firmware to the device using brcm_patchram_plus16:54
beidlis brcm_p_p supposed to be in the rootfs?16:54
sledgeswherever kernel is looking for16:57
sledgesSFOS mounts /system btw16:57
phdeswerusually firmware is supposed to be in /firmware16:58
phdeswer/lib/firmware I mean. I think android makes some links17:00
beidli mean the brcm_patchram_plus binary, is it supposed to be built from source?17:01
beidlfirmware on maguro is in /system/vendor/17:01
situsledges: I have formatted my host and reinstalled fedora 20. now getting this error while trying to compile
sledgessitu: ubuntu trusty ?17:02
situsledges: will try that17:03
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:04
*** zanac has left #sailfishos-porters17:09
situsledges: actually I want to build on fedora17:10
sledgesoh ;)17:14
beidlbtw, display brightness also works on maguro (including sensor), it was just slow to see the brightness change17:14
sledgesthat's more like it, if one sensors works, usuall they all do17:16
beidlregarding ril: /dev/socket/rild rapidly appears and disappears constantly17:17
beidldmesg has this to say:
beidlbut I don't understand why that daemon crashes17:19
situsledges: on clean ubu chroot install: bash: schedtool: command not found17:24
situsledges: Looks like I am not able to chroot,
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:26
sledgessitu: mersdk->ubu-chroot17:26
situsledges: Unknown ubuntu version <- is this an error or warning ?17:27
sledgessitu: known issue17:27
sledgesgrep logs ;)17:27
sledgesof today17:27
*** vgrade has joined #sailfishos-porters17:28
*** carepack has quit IRC17:28
vgradesitu:alterego Flyser: There's a version check in ubu-chroot script for now chsnge 12.10 to 14.04 in the script think it's around line 23017:29
Flyserjust change the codename check to "jessie"17:29
*** vgrade has quit IRC17:32
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters17:36
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC17:42
*** piggz has quit IRC17:49
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
Flyseris the "mka" in section 14.3.4 a typo?17:50
Flysersledges: ↑?17:50
locusfits not17:51
Flyserbash: mka: command not found17:51
Flyserwhat is mka?17:51
locusfmka is the android make afaik17:52
locusfyou need to be in ubuntu-chroot17:52
FlyserI am17:52
locusfsource build/envsetup.sh17:52
locusfand then try again17:53
Flyserah silly me ... thanks17:53
*** carepack has quit IRC17:55
Flyserokay, but *this* is a proper error ;-) section 14.3.5 requests to use "tmp/mer_verify_kernel_config", but its "hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config"17:58
locusfapparently yes17:58
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters18:01
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:02
*** piggz has quit IRC18:04
*** cax has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
sledgeshello Mr LG Optimus G :))18:17
sledgeswe had a brief talk about your case and other LG stock ROMs and versions :)18:18
Flysersince I am hitting the /system/bin/sh error again and I am probably not the only one. Don't you think would make sense to include a dummy package that provides /system/bin/sh?18:18
sledgesFlyser: how did you solve it?18:19
Flysersed s_/system/bin/sh_/bin/sh_18:19
caxand there are news? i hope to port sailfish os on my LG :)18:19
Flysercax: news?
sledgescax: read from
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o sledges18:22
*** sledges changes topic to "Official SailfishOS porters channel | HADK 1.0.2: | |"18:22
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o sledges18:22
* sledges is off for some sports, happy evening every1!18:23
*** carepack has quit IRC18:30
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
caxso i will try again... i let you know18:35
caxi will let you know*18:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:37
thpbeidl: about "QPA-HWC: hwc_module->methods->open(hwc_module, HWC_HARDWARE_COMPOSER, &hwc_device) in create returned -14" -> does logcat say anything useful?18:38
beidlthp: we're already past that, works :)18:39
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters18:41
*** aaaa has quit IRC18:41
alin_sledges: situ lbt I am back18:42
alin_I am redoing the image with the new ubuntu chroot18:42
*** carepack has quit IRC18:47
vgrade_from click fork to get your own copy18:53
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:53
*** alin_ has quit IRC18:56
Nokiuslike the new HADK18:58
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:01
*** alin__ has quit IRC19:01
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:07
alinsledges: I have downloaded the new ubutun chroot twice and twice I fail to unntar it19:12
alintar: Error exit delayed from previous errors19:12
alinsledges: fixed19:16
Nokiuswhere is is the mer_verify_kernel_config locatet in $ANDROID_ROOT?19:16
alteregowhat are you using to untar? commandline?19:16
alteregoalin: what was up?19:16
alinalterego: I was using the proper one from the guide but in a script somehow didnot like19:19
alinwent back to mer cli and all good19:19
alinbut... Unknown ubuntu version19:19
alinwhen i try to enter the chroot19:19
alinback to quantal19:19
FlyserNokius: hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config19:20
Flyseralin: [15:57:40] <alterego> There's a version check in ubu-chroot script for now chsnge 12.10 to 14.04 in the script think it's around line 23019:20
NokiusFlyser: thy19:20
alteregoalin, need to edit ubu-chroot script.19:21
alinFlyser: ok the ubuchroo-19:21
alteregoYou need to update wheezy to whats in /etc/debian_version under the ubuntu chroot19:22
*** piggz has quit IRC19:22
Nokiusso I guess now I got it (the coin drops) I have to change the defconfig as given here CORRECT?19:25
Flyseras given where?19:25
thpbeidl: ok goody :)19:27
alinalterego: Flyser works... thanks19:27
Nokiushybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/find5/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config19:27
FlyserNokius: right. also see
*** furikku has quit IRC19:29
NokiusFlyser:  so I got my problem NICE :D was guess i to stupid  | Now happy19:29
Flysernote that the first command (with in it) will still fail. the one with $DEVICE in it is relevant19:30
alinsledges: the guide page 14 top you need a cd $ANDROID_ROOT19:32
alinbefore source19:32
alinsomething is fishy...
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
alinthe roomservice seems to be created all the time19:38
Flysersomeone had  this issue two days ago, but I don't remember how he solved it19:38
Flyserif at all19:38
Flyserdoes not happen for me ...19:38
alinFlyser: I know how to solve it..19:39
Nokiussledges:  not sure if page 43 needs an update19:40
NokiusNokius: hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config19:40
Nokiusworks for me and now i got my Error and got it to fix19:40
alinFlyser: you delete the kernel line from .repo/manifest19:40
FlyserNokius: not sure what you are trying to say? page 43 states "tmp/mer_verify_kernel_config"19:41
NokiusFlyser: but are i the script is in hybris/mer-kernel-check was guess int its in $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/19:43
*** s5pik3 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
alinmerde... deleted the wrong manifest19:46
NokiusFlyser: THANKS for your hint | cant wait to get tomorrow back from work bulid takes abit of time now19:50
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:51
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:53
alinstrange now fails to build19:55
Flyseralin: any reason you dont use make hybris-hal?19:56
alinFlyser: yes... idiocy... thanks19:57
*** simon_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:57
alinFlyser: that is the error19:57
alinFlyser: the funny bit I hit it on saturday too19:57
*** simon_ has quit IRC20:06
*** swex has quit IRC20:11
*** swex has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
situalin: how's it going ?20:12
alinsitu: fine20:18
alinsitu: just regenerated the image with the new ubutu chroot20:18
situalin: did you telnet to 2323 ?20:19
situdid you manage to *20:19
alinsitu: not yet20:19
alinnow I will try to install20:19
beidlbluetooth works now on maguro20:22
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
alin__situ: just pushed it now installs20:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
*** alin has quit IRC20:24
situbeidl: Good progress.20:24
Flyserbeidl: how did you fix the lipstick/hwcomposer segfault?20:25
alin__situ: there is one thing I did not do... din not add the post in the ks20:26
beidlsometimes when the shell doesn't want to show up, I just kill the setup wizard from within telnet20:26
beidlKILL IT DEAD20:26
beidland additionally restart the lipstick service20:26
situalin__: just focus on getting acess to 2323, rest is easy.20:26
*** piggz has quit IRC20:27
alin__situ: still no luck20:28
situalin__: did you manage to get access to any other host ?20:30
alin__situ: no20:30
*** cax has quit IRC20:31
Flyseralin__: what is the exact problem? no telnet, but the usb0 interface exists or no interface at all?20:32
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:36
alin__Flyser: no telnet in normal mode20:38
alin__Flyser: i have telnet access in the debug mode20:38
alin__the interface is up and nice20:38
alin__we fixed that yesterday...20:38
alin__the interface exists,,,20:38
Flyserokay too bad. I see the interface for a few seconds in normal mode (no telnet possible) and none at all in debug mode20:39
alin__Flyser: that is what I had yesterday20:40
alin__Flyser: some module need to be deleted20:40
alin__Flyser: in the debug mode... no telnet20:40
alin__what device?20:41
FlyserI get a bootloop in debug mode and no output in dmesg at all20:41
FlyserMotorola Photon Q (xt897, msm8960)20:41
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:42
alin__Flyser: the first thing is what I have seen yesterday20:42
alin__Flyser: the debug mode no20:42
alin__Flyser: what os do you use?20:43
Flyseron my host?20:43
alin__situ: I do not think the os is the cause... as I can telnet in debug mode...20:43
alin__Flyser: yap20:43
Flyserfor building: ubuntu server 14.04, for debugging: Gentoo20:43
*** cax has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
alin__Flyser: ok...20:43
situalin__: dhcp in 23 works differently.20:44
*** cax has quit IRC20:44
Flyseralin__: which module did you delete?20:46
alin__Flyser: remove usb-moded from (/target)/lib/systemd/system/ when in recovery20:47
alin__Flyser: probably you can do that in post20:48
alin__situ: but what has dhcp to do if I put the address by hand20:49
alin__situ: 2014-07-21T21:49:57.862102+01:00 abbadon NetworkManager[782]: DHCPOFFER from no subnet-mask option.20:50
piggzhey guys, first build problem im unusre about, cc command not found ... i know what it means, however ive followed the guide, or so i thought21:03
Flyserpiggz: are you following the HADK 1.0.0 or 1.0.0221:04
piggzFlyser: 1.0.1 from july 1821:04
stephgthere's a new one today21:04
piggzanyone care tu summarise what ive missed? :)21:06
Flyserthere is a new ubuntu chroot image21:06
Flyserwhich fixes the error you described^^21:06
sledges15:27 < sledges> release notes:
sledgesat the bottom ;)21:06
sledgesmore info (if you want to know what you are doing and why): chapter 13.621:09
sledgeswrong windo :D21:09
alin__situ:  one thing... when you are connected what netmask do you get?21:11
alin__situ also the route?21:11
alin__situ: I agree with you it does not like some default in my dhcp21:12
alin__situ: I played around and I made it resetting itself...21:12
situalin__: Right now I am using addresses in range 10.42.*.*
alin__situ: and as route?21:14
situalin__: I didn't get your question.21:15
alin__situ: route -n21:16
situalin__:       U     0      0        0 enp0s26u1u221:16
alin__situ: that is all in your table?21:17
sledgesFlyser: if you see dmesg usb rndis briefly, it means it's in recovery, and then gets lost as boot continues21:17
sledgesFlyser: to stop in recovery, touch /init_enter_debug in sailfish rootfs21:17
sledgesor boot hybris-recovery.img, whichever you prefer21:17
Flyserokay, dumb question: *where* is the sailfish rootfs?21:17
Flysersledges: booting hybris-recovery.img causes a bootloop and no output in dmesg at all21:18
situsledges: I am debugging the clock issue and could not find where does mako set qpnp-rtc-write to true in configs.21:18
sledgessitu: touch then :)21:18
sledgessitu: in kernel device tree file?21:18
sledgess/situ: touch then/Flyser: touch then/21:19
*** alin__ has quit IRC21:19
situsledges: I did search in
Flysersledges: where?^^21:19
situsledges: only config file which has reference to it
sledges00:15 < sledges> Flyser: to stop in recovery, touch /init_enter_debug in sailfish rootfs21:19
sledgessitu: maybe looking at wrong flag?21:20
sledgeswe should debug more21:20
sledgesi got mako here21:20
situsledges: Last time you told me qpnp-rtc-write was set to true on mako21:20
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
sledgessitu: i did? ;p21:22
sledges00:54 < vgrade_> just looking at mako21:22
sledges00:56 < vgrade_> qpnp-rtc-write not set in there21:22
sledgesto 121:22
alin__situ: grand success21:22
sledgesalin__: \o/21:22
situsledges: you had put debug statement in kernel code to check it's value21:22
piggzFlyser: now im missing javac21:23
alin__is bloody 1 not 1521:23
alin__probably I could have connected since yesterday21:23
alin__strange that in debug is 1521:23
alin__but normal is 121:23
sledgesalin__: yep, so probably it is defaulted?21:23
alin__sledges: Welcome to the Mer/SailfishOS Boat loader debug init system.21:23
sledgesalin__: yep is messy a bit :")21:23
situalin__: journalctl -f21:24
situalin__: actually show me the full journal logs21:24
alin__situ: Jan 01 12:34:26 Jolla upowerd[906]: GLIB WARNING ** UPower-Linux - correcting energy_full (0.000000) using energy_full_design (0.010005)21:24
situalin__: paste the full journal log21:24
sledgessitu: i think alin__ should now get into tearing mode, as he did not use your repo21:25
sledgesnor applied patch21:25
piggzany clue for a missing javac?21:26
stephgpiggz: in what? ubuntu?21:26
situsledges: he needs to unmount debugfs and remove qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw package21:27
sledgessitu: tru!21:27
alin__sledges: wrong I used his repo21:27
sledgesalin__: then you might need a patch too21:27
alin__sledges: in the morning I was just playing to learn more from the gudei21:27
sledgesalin__: ok, just remember what i warned you on saturday - graphics stack is unstable on n5 ;)21:27
alin__sledges: he he... only one? quite few of them... but I doubt any patch will fix me21:27
sledgeswill be a bit of sweat shed :)21:27
alin__sledges: np21:28
sledgesjust one, big one though, re21:28
sledgesrequiring recompile :)21:28
piggzstephg: yes21:28
stephgyou probably only have the jre installed and you need the jdk instead21:28
situalin__: yum remove qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw21:28
alin__sledges: I have my scripts...21:28
alin__situ: no21:28
alin__situ: this is a new image21:28
alin__situ: I think we shall remove them in the post21:29
situalin__: ^ execute this command21:29
sledgespiggz: stephg: javac mustn't be needed :) (cc alterego )21:29
alin__situ: yum?21:29
situalin__: sorry (I always use yum in my day job)21:30
situalin__: zypper rm  qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw21:30
alin__situ: change for a zypper one21:30
alin__situ: is fine... I was pedantic21:30
situalin__: what is the output of mount command on your system ?21:31
alin__situ: is slow like hell21:31
alin__situ: zypepr is trying to refresh the bloody repos21:31
situalin__: stop it21:32
situalin__: zypper rr adaptation021:32
situalin__: zypper rr xt921:32
situand try again21:32
piggzsledges: stephg: actually, it seems like i cant enter the ubuntu chroot21:32
piggzMerSDK MerSDK bash-3.2$ ubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu21:33
piggzset root to /parentroot/home/piggz/mer/sdks/ubuntu21:33
piggzMounting system directories...21:33
piggzMounting / as /parentroot21:33
piggzMounting home directory: /home/piggz21:33
piggzmount --bind /parentroot/home/piggz /parentroot/home/piggz/mer/sdks/ubuntu/home/piggz21:33
piggzEntering chroot as piggz21:33
piggzUnknown ubuntu version21:33
situpiggz: just the last line would have done :P21:33
situpiggz: known issue21:33
alin__situ:  I did it the old way21:34
alin__rpm -e21:34
piggzsitu: ok, cool, how to fix?21:34
Flyserwhoops what happened here?
alin__situ: first line worths added on the page21:36
beidlthis is what the journal gets spammed with:
situpiggz: open /usr/bin/ubu-chroot in mer sdk21:36
piggzsitu: yeah, im there :)21:36
beidlI can't imagine whiy the ril socket disappears and reappears21:36
situpiggz: find the line which prints "Unknown ubuntu version" and paste line 1 -3 before it.21:37
sledgesbeidl: ofono constantly dying, restarting, and re-requesting ofono-rild subsystem21:37
situalin__: you don't have debugfs mounted, so all looks good.21:37
situalin__: reboot your device21:38
alin__situ: yes I deleted21:38
alin__situ: I did21:38
beidlsledges: yes, specifically the android rild21:38
alin__now sailfish os is on21:38
sledgesbeidl: logcat worth examining21:38
situalin__: ok, great.21:38
sledgesgoood alin__ :)21:38
* sledges bbiab21:38
Flysersledges: It seems I managed to fix hybris-recovery.img by unpacking it with split_bootimg and repackaging it with mkbootimg and different ramdisk_offset21:40
Flysercould there be a bug in the generation of the hybris-recovery.img?21:40
piggzOk, now for my first real error:21:40
piggzany ideas?
Flyserpiggz: take a look at the recovery.fstab of your device21:41
alin__situ: sledges now if we can put the removal of the sensors in the guide... really is a cool experience21:42
situalin__: it's already there21:43
alin__now all I need is tether and bbc r421:43
alin__situ: what do you mean?21:43
situpiggz: and fix some perl code
situalin__: we have mentioned to remove qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw in wiki page21:44
alin__situ: by the way is yum on the wiki page too21:44
alin__situ: yes.. but that requires telnet21:44
alin__situ: if we can manage to remove in post install or not install at all...21:44
alin__happy times21:44
situalin__: yeah, just noticed that will fix the wiki page21:44
piggzsitu: Flyser: i guess its the length paramter?
situalin__: Ideally we should find why it crashes and fix the crash.21:44
beidlsledges: it's trying to open a file in /system that doesnt exist... /system/csc/sales_code.dat21:44
alin__situ: yes...21:45
beidlit = rild21:45
alin__now I am blocked on people screen21:45
alin__and they are cool but I know none of them21:45
situalin__: you are probably using qt5 qpa plugin from upstream repo, it has some issues with UI.21:46
Flyserpiggz: not really, no. have a look at the link situ posted21:46
situpiggz: that perl one liner is not parsing your partition names correclty21:48
situpiggz: ping lbt21:48
alin__situ: no... it was me.. have no worries... I can solve you the shrodinger equation... but I really need to thing about left right21:48
lbtpiggz: that length thing is unexpected21:49
alin__situ: sledges the time is wrong and I couldnot change it21:52
situalin__: Known issue, working on it.21:53
beidlsledges: I guess I found the problem: maguros super awesome platform/omap/omap_xxxx/by-name mount to the radio partition is critical21:56
*** piggz has quit IRC21:57
*** alin__ has quit IRC21:57
sledgesbeidl: good stuff22:03
beidlripping my hair right now22:03
sledgesFlyser: offsets are detected automagically by hybris-boot/Android.mk22:04
sledgesby crawling device files22:05
sledgessame offset for -boot.img so.. weird :)22:05
Flyserits weird though. if I use the mkbootimg command of hybris-boot on hybris-recovery it boots22:06
Flyserand dmesg says which is what hybris-recovery.img should print, right?22:06
Flysers/it boots/it doesn't bootloop/22:07
beidlso, the phone asks me for my PIN now. says the PIN's wrong. increases the counter by 3 instead of decreasing from 3.22:07
sledgesbeidl: sim pin?22:08
beidlsledges: yup22:08
sledgesdisable it before too late22:08
sledgeson some other phone :)))22:08
beidlI'll do it, but seriously, right now I'm like "go home phone, you are drunk"22:09
sledgesFlyser: yes, recovery exports22:10
sledgesso how come offsets gotten wrong?22:10
sledgescould you investigate that pls?22:10
Flysersledges: I think it has to do with the "bootmode=debug" parameter22:11
situsledges: I am trying to run ubu-chroot but it gets stuck here
Flyserwhich causes the ramdisk to shift to a different adres22:11
situsledges: earlier I was able to succesfull chroot and build22:11
sledgesFlyser: bootmode=debug is just yet another way to get to recovery, thats all22:11
Flysersledges: I know, but it needs to be stored somewhere, so it might cause the offset to change22:12
sledgesFlyser: but kernel cmdline has no effect, it has its placeholder22:12
sledgesbut you mean22:12
sledges-boot.img offsets are fine?22:13
sledgesand that's the only diff?22:13
Flysersitu: could you nopaste your fixed ubu-chroot22:13
sledgesthat's super weird22:13
Flysersledges: second22:13
Flysersledges: mind the ramdisk_offset and the cmdline22:14
Flysersitu: thats odd. no idea22:15
situsledges: do you think I can try other drivers than qpnp for rtc on hammerhead ?22:16
sledgessitu: no idea, a driver is for a hw chip on PMIC22:18
sledgesrisky even :))22:18
Flysersledges: whats strange about the newly "working" recovery/debug mode is that I can't telnet in, but mounting and writing to sdb37 (system) works.22:18
sledgesFlyser: where did you get 0x81800000 from ?22:19
sledgestrial error? :))22:19
Flyseru mad? :P22:20
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:20
Flysersledges: from hybris-boot.img^^22:20
sledgesi mean22:21
sledgesthe non working is what is spat out by mka hybris-recovery?22:21
alin__ok boys was cool22:21
Flysersledges: yes22:21
alin__and now I have a black screen22:21
sledgesFlyser: is it same looking for mka hybris-boot ?22:21
sledgeswow why?22:26
sledges--ramdisk_offset 0x81200000 recovery22:27
sledges--ramdisk_offset 0x81800000 boot22:27
alin__sledges: situ after reboot Log so far is in /init.log22:27
sledgesoffsets should be dictated by CM and be invariants (constants) :)22:27
sledgesalin__: means you ended up in recovery22:29
sledgesecho continue ? ;)22:29
alin__sledges: maybe but i do not remember where shall i push the continue22:31
sledgestelnet 2322:31
alin__sledges: I am inside it22:31
sledgesas soon as you are inside it22:31
sledgesit prints /etc/issue22:31
sledgeswhich says echo "continue" > .... cant remember :)22:31
alin__Mer release 0.2011 (Mer)22:32
alin__Kernel \r on an \m22:32
Flyser /init-ctl/stdin22:32
alin__no such thing22:32
alin__Flyser: ^22:33
Flysersledges: ^22:33
sledgesalin__: did you telnet to 23 port or 2323 ?22:33
alin__on 23 I cannot22:33
sledgesah :p22:33
sledgesyou might've hit race condition22:34
sledgesreboot and retry :)22:34
sledges(of /system mount timing)22:34
alin__sledges: the same story22:35
sledgesalin__: journalctl | grep lipstick22:35
sledgestime :)22:35
alin__sledges: Aug 14 05:25:52 Jolla systemd[785]: lipstick.service start request repeated too quickly, refusing to start.22:36
sledgesand before that?22:36
sledgesalin__: sad22:40
sledgesyou need to reinstall qt sensors plugins :D22:40
sledgesand just remove one .so file instead22:40
Flysersledges: this is the build process of mka hybris-boot and hybris-recovery22:41
alin__sledges: ok let us see22:41
FlyserI patched the makefile to print the exact mkbootimg command22:41
alin__sledges: that means I need to put the image again22:41
alin__sledges: maybe I shall remove it in post ?22:42
Flyserthe ramdisk_offset is not even specified22:42
sledgesalin__: just type zypper install <pkg name cant remember :))>22:43
sledgesFlyser: exactly O.O22:43
sledgesFlyser: in the 2nd case22:45
sledgesso, debug times ;)22:45
alin__sledges: that I remember but where internet from?22:45
Flysersledges: do you have a suggestion how I should move forward from here? recovery boots and stays booted, but I cant telnet in. only accessing the storage works22:46
sledgesalin__: oops :)))22:46
Flyserpinging does not work either22:47
sledgesalin__: download that rpm from situ's repo22:47
alin__Flyser: try 122:47
alin__sledges: and copy it? no way22:47
alin__sledges: can you remmber the name of the file one needs to delete?22:47
Flyseralin__: ?22:48
sledgesFlyser: maybe interface name is wrong22:48
sledgesis not usb0 nor rndis022:48
sledgesyou need to boot android and check22:48
sledgesand then adjust hybris boot bits (look for rndis0)22:48
sledgesalin__: second22:49
alin__sledges: found it22:53
alin__sledges: /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/sensors/libqtsensors_sensorfw.so22:53
alin__sledges: while it builds my list of things22:55
alin__1. no wire thether?22:55
alin__2. wilreless tether did not work22:55
sledgesalin__: wait not that one22:55
alin__3. no lte?22:55
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters22:56
*** keithzg has joined #sailfishos-porters22:57
*** chrisi has joined #sailfishos-porters22:58
Flyserits rndis0 :(22:59
Flyserand pinging the rndis device works when android is booted23:00
Flyserwait ... there is usb0 AND rndis0. rndis0 is the one that has an IP adress when I enable tethering in android23:05
FlyserI guess the recovery tries to initialize usb0 first?23:05
*** s5pik3 has quit IRC23:07
alin__sledges: which is the guilty file?23:16
alin__Flyser: what was wrong?23:22
alin__like me knowkcing at the wrong door?23:22
Flysermy device has both the usb0 and the rndis0 network interface (god knows why). rndis0 was the correct one, but the recovery found usb0 and was happy23:23
alin__Flyser: so you are stuck in a loop too?23:24
Flysernot anymore. I swapped usb0 and rndis0 in the script and telnet started working23:25
alin__Flyser: so you booted to the graphics?23:26
Flyserno, but at least I got telnet for the first time23:26
Flyserecho continue does not seem to work23:27
alin__Flyser: in the famuos /init-?23:28
alin__Flyser: maybe you hit the systemd wrong sequence bug23:28
alin__Flyser: sledges and co said somethign about the systemd units not really being in the right sequence23:29
alin__practically not ordered correctly23:29
*** mugna has quit IRC23:31
Flysershouldn't I be able to telnet into port 2323 after I did "cp /init /target/init-debug ; echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin" in the recovery regardless of systemd?23:32
sledgesFlyser: you should be able23:37
sledgesunless switch_root explodes23:37
sledges(absence of /*stderr* files might confirm that)23:38
Flyserits a bit odd that I get this *after* echo continue:
Flyserit creates and destroys the rndis device twice ...23:39
sledgesah ok then23:39
Flyserthere is an init.log in /target/23:42
sledgesscp it and do rpm -i RPM23:42
sledgesFlyser: ooh, probably ifconfig changes even more23:42
sledgesisn't there ifconfig output in logs too ?23:43
* Flyser facepalms23:43
alin__sledges: is ok... I have regenerated an image and flashed23:43
Flysernow its the other way around. rndis gets initialized, then usb0 gets initialized and then the telnetd is started on usb0, which is wrong23:44
sledges`mv /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/sensors/ /root/`23:44
sledgesand alin__ that should do it23:44
sledgesFlyser: lol23:44
sledgesand crazy :))23:44
alin__sledges: so you thing the .conf file shall cause no problem if left?23:45
sledgesconf is fine23:46
alin__sledges: default root?23:48
sledgesalin__: devel-su23:50
sledgesdon't use su or sudo23:50
sledgesdon't know about you, but it's sleep time here :)23:50
alin__sledges: here too...23:51
Flysernice port 2323 works23:52
alin__sledges: goodnight23:52

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