Friday, 2020-05-01

CaptainBlacktonHi, is there a meeting right now?00:02
Nico[m]No, that was like 14 hours ago00:03
Nico[m]Or 1600:03
CaptainBlacktonOh...I thought it said 8:0000:03
Nico[m]Next one is May 14th 2020 at 08:00 UTC00:03
Nico[m]It's 8:00 UTC00:03
CaptainBlacktonHmm, what is UTC?00:03
CaptainBlacktonWell, I actually came here because I'm trying to put Sailfish on my One Plus 3T, but it keeps saying that any zip file I try to install is corrupted. I'm sure they are not, since I'm checksumed them, and tried multiple different downloads, but I'm not sure why it keeps telling me they are corrupt.00:05
CaptainBlacktonI'm not sure if this is a place to ask this question, but if not, is there a different channel that you know of?00:05
Nico[m]It's probably best to ask in #sailfishos or #sailfishos-porters00:06
CaptainBlacktonAh, thanks! Didn't see those in the channel list, but I'll try!00:07
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