Thursday, 2020-05-28

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Jaymzz#startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration – May 28th 202008:00
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JaymzzI am the meeting’s chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please behave, respect the timings and be gentle.08:00
Jaymzz#topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with # info08:01
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Jaymzz#info James Noori - sailor @ Jolla08:01
JaymzzNo topic for today except for general discussion, so I don't expect many attendees :)08:01
nobodyinperson#info nobodyinperson - community08:01
ViGe#info Ville Nummela - sailor@Jolla08:01
flypig#info David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor @ jolla08:02
Jaymzzoka couple more would be nice XD08:04
flypigQuiet today.08:04
nobodyinpersonyes... :-)08:04
Jaymzzyeah, despite a reminder email08:04
piggz#info piggz communit proter08:04
nobodyinpersonHere we have an i08:05
nobodyinperson*important one :-)08:05
dcaliste#info Damien Caliste, community08:06
Jaymzzpiggz: we were just discussing that it is quiet today, then a porter shows up (you) which makes you a rather important one ;)08:06
diodesign#info Chris Williams - community08:06
piggzheh .... i dont think i have anything to add, just here cos im available :)08:06
JaymzzYeah no worries on that :) we may not have much to talk about today anyhow08:07
JaymzzI'm changing the topic08:07
flypigPlus we have the press here today :)08:07
Jaymzz#topic general discussion (30 min)08:07
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nobodyinpersonI suppose there are no news concerning the PinePhone? (I know, same old story...)08:08
nobodyinpersonThe UBPorts community edition is just about to ship :-)08:09
piggznobodyinperson: well, our community edition can make calls08:09
flypigpiggz, it looked like you had some progress with fingerprints?08:09
Nico[m]Short meeting today, I see :D08:09
piggzflypig: maybe a little08:10
Nico[m]#info Nico, community08:10
JaymzzNico[m]: Yeah, welcome :)08:10
Jaymzznobodyinperson: No official news on that front08:10
flypigpiggz, did you get enrolment to work?08:10
Nico[m]Sometimes it gets hard to keep track of when friday is these days :308:10
nobodyinpersonpiggz: Ah cool. I'm really looking forward to putting SailfishOS on mine :-)08:11
piggzflypig: i did08:11
piggzand identify08:11
Nico[m]Should I wait for an official Sailfish edition PinePhone, or should I just buy the UBPorts version? :308:11
flypigWhat else is needed? That sounds like everything?08:11
piggzflypig: i need to implement the proper dbus api .... thats today ....  i hope today it will properly work with the volla08:12
flypigSounds amazing. Nice work.08:12
nobodyinpersonNico[m]: I'd buy one. The hardware will be widely compatible, I suggest.08:12
piggzbecuase i dont know the api, im relying on dbus-monitor output, and running "strings" on the jolla binary :D08:12
Nico[m]nobodyinperson:  Well, I was hoping an official one would support the sailfish devs too, but you're probably right :308:13
flypigHaha. That sounds challenging :)08:13
riniguspiggz: can we ask for api docs?08:13
nobodyinpersonNico[m]: Ah right.08:13
piggzNico[m]: yeah, that would be nice, but weve not had any talks about an official version08:14
rinigusor was that asked already and reply was ... "we have to discuss it internally"08:14
piggzrinigus: i guess we can ask ?08:14
piggzrinigus: given the usual responses i get....... :D08:14
flypigpiggz, there should be introspection on the dbus api.08:14
piggzflypig: i think i have enough of the api to enroll/identify and signal state, but not the strings needed for the state08:15
Nico[m]piggz: So.... I'll just buy 2 then? ;p08:15
piggzthey all start FPSTATE_, so strings may help08:15
flypigAh, I see.08:15
nobodyinpersonpiggz: I guess a SailfishOS community edition has to involve Jolla, right?08:15
riniguspiggz: but the other device you tried before volla was also qualcomm? and failed as for me so far?08:15
flypigCould we provide those strings Jaymzz, ViGe?08:16
piggzrinigus: yes ..... i wasnt sure if it was the software, or that fact that my pro1 exploded into parts when it fell out of my cycling jacket pocket!!!!!08:16
riniguspiggz: I hope you managed to reassemble it back...08:17
Nico[m]Nice, a puzzle phone08:17
nobodyinpersonNico[m]: xD08:17
piggzrinigus: yes, only the buttons are not great anymore, and i have a new screen to fit .... becuase afte the inital repair, i dropped it again!!!08:17
ViGeflypig: we could, but given how these things usually go, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them08:18
piggzViGe: and i want an implementation by today!! ;)08:18
piggzit was hard work getting it all together yesterday, my head was exploding08:18
piggzflypig: in the video, were you able to make out the show in the background audio?08:20
riniguspiggz: have you figured out how to forget a fingerprint?08:20
flypigpiggz, let me have another listen. It's verrrrry quiet.08:20
piggzrinigus: yes, there is a clear button on the test app08:20
piggzrinigus: i had to implement that becuae i went to make the video, but ran out of space to store a FP!!08:21
flypigIs that data?08:21
flypigAnd #1?08:21
piggzre-watching from season 1 :D08:21
piggzrinigus: seems it can store 5 finger prints here08:22
flypigHaha :) How does identification work in TNG? I think it's all voice + four letter high security codes to set the ship to self destruct. No fingerprints.08:22
piggzflypig: needs first officer to agree to self destruct08:23
flypig2FA then.08:23
flypigI'd better add this for clarity:
piggzas ive never used an official device with FP support, can you bypass the FP and use a code, assuming i dont implement the api correctly first time?08:27
Nico[m]piggz: If you mess up the FP a few times, it will ask you for the code or you can even enter the code directly, iirc08:28
Jaymzzpiggz: that should not be a problem08:28
piggzthats fine then08:28
Nico[m]Yeah, it just shows you the code prompt, where you can actually enter the FP, even though it isn't hinted08:29
JaymzzAlright guys, if there's nothing more, I think we should move on :)08:30
Nico[m]Well, I don't want to repeat the same questions every meeting, I'll ask them in the next one again ;p08:31
Jaymzz#topic next meeting time and date (5 min)08:31
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JaymzzNico[m]: Feel fre to create a topic ;)08:31
Jaymzz#info Next meeting will be held on June 11th 2020 at 08:00 UTC08:31
Nico[m]Nah, it's just the same question for the forum and stuffs, doesn't make sense to have a topic for that :308:32
JaymzzNico[m]: ah ok, yeah let's see how the progress has been until next time08:32
JaymzzEnding the meeting :)08:33
Nico[m]Anyway, thanks for the meeting goes back to do his job08:33
JaymzzNico[m]: Thank you08:33
flypigThanks Jaymzz.08:33
JaymzzAnd thanks everyone for attending! Talk to you in 2 weeks08:33
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diodesignthanks for the insight into the community :)08:33
piggzthanks Jaymzz08:33
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piggzdiodesign: well its a but of a quiet one today, not the best insight08:34
flypigYes, it's a shame we didn't have more joining us.08:36
flypigThanks for stopping by diodesign!08:36
piggzor asking all the tough questions, like, "when qill qt update come?" :D08:37
diodesignit's all cool; I see flypig tweet about the meetings so I thought i'd look in08:37
diodesignI'll check in next time, too08:39
flypigdiodesign, you're based in SF now?08:39
diodesignyeah, interesting place to be08:39
flypigI visited once for the RSA conference. It's a great place.08:40
Nico[m]Well, when will we get qt6 though? I think that is a valid question, since qt6 will be out in less than a year! ;p08:41
diodesignjust even the thought of being around that many people made me physically shudder for a second. how times change. RSA is pretty intense; I hope you got to see more of the city around it. that part of town is... weird08:41
flypigI wasn't there for long, and you're right that the conference is its own world. But I got to do some of the touristy things too. Boat, trolley, walking all over the city. that kind of thing. I didn't go too far though, sadly.08:43
flypigYou must have to cover the conference though?08:45
diodesigntrolley and boat is good :) the downtown part of SF around the Moscone center where RSA is held is not really representative of the whole city08:46
diodesignflypig: yeah, it usually takes 2-3 of us to do it08:46
diodesignI was looking forward to making it out to Black Hat and DEF CON this year but that was dashed08:48
flypigI've never been, but Black Hat sounds amazing. I'm sorry you won't get to go, but there will still be a virtual event at least.08:49
diodesigni'm just happy to be safe and gainfully employed right now08:54
flypigYes same here. Well let me just say, it's been wonderful following your career seeing you get the success you deserve. I hope you don't mind me saying.08:55
flypigBack to coding for me now :)08:55
diodesignaw thanks, and yeah, it's nearly 2am so I should log off too - take care, cya again hopefully08:56
bionade24Nico[m]: We first need to know what they'll do with licensing. The issue with QtWayland remains.10:58
Nico[m]Damn ._.11:03
piggzrinigus: any joy?21:12

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