Thursday, 2022-02-03

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flypigLet's see if I can do a better job today.08:00
flypig#startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 3rd February 202208:00
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flypig#info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:08:01
flypigHello all.08:01
flypigI am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please respect the timings and keep your arms inside the vehicle.08:01
flypig#topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info08:01
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flypig#info David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor@jolla and today's chair08:01
abranson#info Andrew Branson - sailor@Jolla08:02
pherjung#info pherjung community08:04
sledges#info Simonas Leleiva -- privateer for Jolla08:05
ViGe#info Ville Nummela - sailor@Jolla08:05
jusa#info Juho Hämäläinen - sailor@jolla08:05
dcaliste#info Damien Caliste, community08:06
flypigThanks all for joining :) It's quite quiet today, I guess lots of people preparing for FOSDEM...08:07
flypigWe didn't get any community questions today, so I made one question myself.08:08
flypig#topic Ideas for improving the community meetings (15 mins -- asked by flypig)08:08
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flypig#info <flypig> We're not planning any changes to the community meetings in the immediate future, but it's always good to get input.08:08
flypig#info <flypig> Let's have some open-ended discussion: what would you change to make the meetings work better for you?08:08
flypig#info <flypig> Feel free to continue the conversation as well on the forum.08:08
flypig#info <Jolla> No answer from Jolla, this is all about you.08:08
pherjungFor instance, why is the telegram bridge read-only?08:08
flypigThat's a good starting question, but I don't know the answer. Is that Thaodan's bridge?08:09
pherjungI'm not sure, but I think yes. At least, last time there was an issue, he resolved it08:10
ViGeI believe it is. It's not an official service (by Jolla), but just something he does on his free time.08:10
Thaodanflypig: Yes its run by me08:10
Thaodan#info Björn Bidar Sailor @ Jolla08:11
flypigWell, first off, thanks for running it.08:11
flypigCould it be made read/write, and if so, would that be a good thing?08:11
Thaodanit is just not in this channel08:12
flypigWas there a reason for that?08:12
Thaodansince the meeting bot has issues with the bridge being one user on the IRC side, I'm not sure if it can recognize telegram users08:13
flypigSo, I guess it would lead to messy minutes?08:14
ViGeI doubt that really matters. All the important stuff is anyway #infoed by the meeting chair.08:14
ThaodanA normal user can do info or link to08:15
ViGeSure, but that doesn't really happen08:15
Thaodanbut I guess we can test.08:16
dcalisteExcept during introduction time.08:16
Thaodan^ exactly08:16
abransonI think we can remove spurious messages from the minutes too08:16
flypigWe usually have people join in who don't add their details at the start anyway.08:16
ThaodanThere's also a link to webirc for joining the meeting in the telegram channel description08:17
ThaodanI would just test it how good it works and then see08:18
abransonit's a good meeting to test that, with no community questions08:18
pherjungJust tried using the link and it doesn't work08:18
flypigWe can do it now?08:18
flypigpherjung, doesn't work in what way?08:20
ThaodanNo the telegram side is read only because its a channel not a group08:20
ThaodanHave to create a new group, add it to the bridge and test.08:20
flypigOkay, so it would require some significant changes.08:20
flypigIn which case, could we trial a Telegram group for the next meeting?08:21
ThaodanNot that significant but editing the bridge config and create a new channel08:21
flypigAny objections from anyone?08:21
pherjungI'm not sure if I understood correctly. On Telegram, there is this link ( and it doesn't work. Perhaps because it's freenode08:22
ThaodanWe can also do a test meeting.08:22
Thaodanpherjung: Are you on the old channel?08:22
ThaodanNew one has oft as link08:22
Thaodan"One-way connection, if you want to participate join on IRC at"08:22
ThaodanInvite link:08:23
ViGe-webchatseems to work :)08:23
pherjungoh, nice to know :)08:23
flypigThaodan, I'd be happy to do a test meeting with you. O/w we could run it at the next meeting, but without advertising the group.08:25
flypigWe actually hit time on this topic. But we got a good suggestion, thank you pherjung.08:26
ThaodanA test meeting in between would be better I think since if it works we can switch the channels over again.08:26
flypigOkay, let's do that.08:26
flypigI'll make an action (exciting!)08:26
T42_<unknown> #info foobar08:26
thilo[m]#info thigg - community08:27
pherjungI was on the right channel. It just the pinned message that point to the wrong link08:27
flypig#action Thaodan to run a Telegram group test meeting.08:27
flypigAlright, let's move to general discussion.08:27
T42_<unknown> #link foobar.com08:28
flypig#topic General discussion (20 min)08:28
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Thaodanlets see if that appears in the channel history08:28
Thaodaneh meeting history08:28
flypigWe're not in a rush today, so can extend the time if there's lots of discussin.08:28
flypigI'd guess the <unkonwn> prefix will throw it, but let's see.08:28
ThaodanThe unknown will go away when the telegram side is not a channel08:29
flypigBut will it prefix <handles> instead?08:29
ThaodanTelegram Channels are ro except for the admin of it08:30
Thaodan<T42_> <foobar>08:30
ThaodanUsernames are an issue with telegram users since most don't  set them08:31
Aminda[m]did you ever migrate from dead fruitiex/teleirc to either Matterbridge or the other teleirc? At least Matterbridge is working on fixing the unknown08:32
ThaodanMatterbridge now08:33
Thaodan*its Matterbridge now08:33
flypigTo tackle the prefix issue properly, probably requires changes to meetbot.08:35
flypigIn case there are any python devs out there who'd like a challenge.08:36
ThaodanThe issue is that the telegram users are not real users for the irc side.08:36
dcalisteAs general discussion, are you aware of this issue at Jolla :
dcalisteIt makes rejected call, not rejected on first attempt.08:38
dcalisteCondition to reproduce are not clear though.08:38
thilo[m]Flypig: repo link and preferably an issue with the spec?08:38
dcalisteI can reproduce from my work landline, but not from my home one for instance.08:39
flypigthilo[m], sorry, could you clarify please?08:39
thilo[m]For meetbot08:39
flypigAh, yes, thanks thilo[m].08:39
sailbotRemoving item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Link object at 0x7f8589a72ac8>08:40
ExPLIT[m]I have also one bug, which is difficult to reproduce. On XA2 Plus, since 4.3 after some time phone is hanging in the black screen and only green light is blinking. Only reset helps. I think it has something to do with CalDav/CardDav sync, but i am not sure...08:40
Thaodanthat's the old meetbot08:40
ThaodanFor the issue on the matterbridge side:
flypigI suppose this is the repo?08:41
dcalisteExPLIT[m], can you setup persistant journal and look at the journal log of last boot when it's happening ? Maybe post on the forum the relevant part of the log ?08:42
ExPLIT[m]dcaliste: Thanks, will do that08:42
flypigdcaliste, thanks for flagging that call rejection bug. I'm checking if we have a bug about it.08:43
dcalisteExPLIT[m] : for persistent journal.08:44
dcalisteThank you flypig.08:44
dcalisteI'm looking a bit into it, gathering Ofono logs for failing or successful rejection, to see what are the differences.08:44
ThaodanMeetbot uses supybot which is dead.08:44
ThaodanThere's a replacement for that
ThaodanSupybot has been replaced by
pherjungWhen a bug report is published by the community. What is the process on your side? Do you reproduce it and once it's a real bug you create an issue on your bugtracker? If it's so, couldn't be possible to add for instance a tag "tracked" on the reported issue by the community?08:46
thilo[m]Pherjung: +108:46
flypigWe had something similar on TJC, it would be good to do that, I agree.08:48
ViGepherjung: The official process is that if it's a real issue we will create a bug and comment on the forum, stating that an internal bug has been filed08:48
ViGepherjung: So, if you don't see such a comment, you can pretty much assume internal bug hasn't been filed08:49
flypigI'd add, if a bug hasn't been filed, raising it here at the meeting like dcaliste did is a good way to increase visibility.08:50
ViGethe "tracked" thing wasn't just a tag in TJC, it had additional functionality as well. But I also think just having a "tracked" tag on the forum would be an improvement, even without the additional functionality.08:50
flypigWe're bumping up against our time allocation. More time, or move on?08:51
flypigOkay, we move on then.08:52
flypig#topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)08:52
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flypigProposing Thursday 17th February at 08:00am UTC08:52
flypig17th sound okay?08:52
flypigOkay, silence from everyone else implies acceptance :)08:53
flypig#info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 17th February 2022 at 08:00am UTC:  2022-02-17T0800Z08:53
flypigThat's it for today. Thanks everyone for the nice suggestions and discussion.08:54
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dcalisteThank you flypig for chairing today.08:55
flypigThanks dcaliste, still finding my feet.08:56
pherjung_you're doing a great job :)08:56
flypigThanks :) sledges was very slick, I realise how tricky it is now!08:57
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pherjung_Have a nice everybody!09:00

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