Friday, 2014-06-27

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sledgesapparently lipstick is run in user session in u7 as opposed to u508:56
sledgesbut droid-hal-init is started as early as possible so it *should just* work...08:56
sledgeshowever systemd is of new version as we all know already08:56
sledgesmaybe droid-hal-init is reading properties when something is not mounted? but that should give or all props or none..08:57
vgrade_I thought lipstick was always in usersession08:57
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plundstrlipstick has always been on user session08:59
sledgesbut the handling of user session changed somehow iiuc ?08:59
plundstrsledges: yes09:00
plundstrafter lunch I'll look droid-hal-init timing u5 vs u709:01
sledgesplundstr: yet we can get wrong getprop behaviour even in u7, if stock .ks is used09:01
sledgesas opposed to situ's .ks09:01
sledgeshe got getprop behaving OK in u7 with his .ks09:02
sledgesseveral times during multiple reboots09:02
situI am hearing next Nexus device will be 64-bit.09:26
plundstrtiming of droid-hal-init.service has not changed between u5 and u710:54
lbtso having aosp/systemd bootup issues ... and then hard reboot10:59
plundstrsledges: at what point of boot you took getprop? I made few boots and if getprop was run after boot finished, I got same results on every boot11:02
situplundstr: which .ks are you using ?11:02
plundstrsitu: I don't know. My image is the one I got from sledges11:03
lbt"Don't run test mode as root."  .... I'm in pre-init ffs ...11:04
plundstrnow I added small script that does getprop just before lipstick gets started and I do get different results on every boot11:16
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* sledges goes on holiday for a good week, have fun fellows!11:52
vgrade_have fun sledges11:53
sledgesta :)11:53
* lbt is wondering what to try next for his reboot problem12:00
vgrade_lbt: we had hard reboot due to selinux on N512:05
lbtthat could be it12:05
* lbt looks at init-debug and considers that it'd be nice to be able to set the target unit12:06
lbtvgrade_: how did you diagnose it ?12:06
lbt(and fix it)12:06
vgrade_at day job now12:07
lbtnp ... l8r is fine12:07
vgrade_we hard rebooted to recovery from here ,
vgrade_fixed by initially hacking this code, then enabled the kernel option to allow  selinux=0 on command line12:12
vgrade_so we diagnosed through
lbtdo you recall if systemd logs had anything in? I'd expect to see some logging output somewhere ?12:13
lbtmaybe alog ?12:13
vgrade_lbt: phdeswer ^12:13
lbtvgrade_: ty12:13
phdeswervgrade: thanks for the background.12:14
* phdeswer is still surprised by the unreliability of systemd (u5/u7 booting issues etc)12:14
vgrade_lbt:  may have been logcat to host12:14
situlbt: Do you reboot to recovery every time ?12:14
vgrade_phdeswer: u5 has been solid for me12:14
phdeswervgrade: I meant that on Nexus 5 systemd seems involved on not booting to lipstick on u712:15
lbtsitu: yes12:15
situlbt: I mean do you get dropped to recovery each time you try a boot with sailfish ?12:15
situThen it's the same problem.12:15
lbtsitu: yes12:15
lbtvgrade_: phdeswer is trolling :)12:16
* lbt afk for a bit12:17
vgrade_phdeswer: but systemd ok for mako and jolla12:24
phdeswervgrade: cheer luck/coincidence? It does sometimes start on N5/hammerhead.12:38
phdeswerdisclaimer: I have seen so much breakage and unreliable behaviour from systemd I don't understand anybody would want to rely on it. So I am a bit biased against it.12:39
tbrhow dare you criticize systemd! ;-)12:45
MSameerphdeswer: systemd is one of those things *sigh*12:46
MSameertbr: how dare systemd to not criticize phdeswer :P12:47
netchipSorry guys, yesterday I had a party \o/12:47
phdeswernetchip: so you are sorry you made us jealous?12:47
MSameerphdeswer:  we had a parry too yesterday :P12:48
phdeswerMSameer: I noticed :)12:48
netchipand hey, I'm reading Stewart Caluculus, Early Transcendentals AND The C programming language (rereading it)12:49
netchipI'm wondering whether C(++) can solve advanced mathematical problems...12:50
netchip(Matlab is an example)12:50
MSameernetchip: I'd use python for these things12:53
MSameerbut then we are talking academia here which is not where I shine (assuming I ever shine)12:53
netchipyou surely do, MSameer =)12:53
MSameerthank you12:54
* vgrade_ plans for systemd-analyse run at the weekend13:00
phdeswervgrade: don't bother. Last time I saw reports from that they did not match reality. Use bootchart13:01
vgrade_phdeswer: thanks for tip.13:03
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situphdeswer: Can you provide output of rpm -qa from your device ?14:38
phdeswersitu: not with me anymore :( And reflashed etc in the meantime for systemd debugging.14:39
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situlol qtscenegraph-adaptation-0.1+reallynoidea+git0-1.2.1.armv7hl18:57
situvgrade: Diff between output of rpm -qa on working (left) and non-working (right) installations
* vgrade looks19:10
vgradeso this is a difference between an image from sucks ks and our ks?19:12
situAll the perl packages are missing in the one which doesn't work (in case they are dependency for anything).19:16
vgradewhen you say does not work you mean getprop fails19:17
Stskeepshere's a thought19:17
Stskeeps.. no, can't be19:18
Stskeepslike if /system isn't mounted when droid-hal-init is started19:18
vgradeso it can't get build.prop19:19
Stskeepsone tought yes19:19
situdmesg output from image that doesn't work
vgradeso system seems to be mounted at line 1547 and droid-hal-init started later at line 156819:22
situbut right now 'getprop  ro.board.platform' gives right value, should I reboot again and wait for getprop to fail ?19:26
Stskeepsis ro.board.platform in /systme/build.prop ?19:27
vgradesitu: so from the dmesg you posted what does not work?19:27
situlipstick doesn't come up.19:28
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situ /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf is definitely causing some crashes19:49
situStskeeps: Any guesses what could cause this ?19:51
situI can't get to the root of this :(20:03
vgradesitu: do you have journal logs for a lipstick fail run, user and system20:04
vgradeif not I'll get my device up with a u7 build tomorrow20:05
situvgrade: Remember to unmount debugfs and move  /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf20:27
situbut once lipstick comes up, everything seems to work fine.20:38
vgradesitu: thats encouraging.20:38
vgradecan you do a ls -lR /home/nemo on bad image?20:40
* situ today realized that he was running his kde session in failsafe mode from almost 5 months20:42
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