Saturday, 2014-06-28

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Vgrade-j_at bowling this morning doing some trsting with u710:09
Vgrade-j_there is a definite timing issue with things running before /system is there10:10
Vgrade-j_if i place some execstartpre=sleeps then for example language selector comes up. without sleep no language selectot10:12
Vgrade-j_looking at systemd configs to try and undetstand10:13
situVgrade-j_: It comes up every time with sleep ?10:17
netchipI wonder which idiot came up with that idea10:19
Vgrade-j_situ tried10:20
Vgrade-j_twice  . with and without10:22
situbut systemctl start lipstick.service is not succesful everytime.10:24
Vgrade-j_it seems to be for me10:32
Vgrade-j_on our ks at least10:32
situok, I am using other image.10:34
Vgrade-j_if it does not come sutonatically on boot i can akways systenctl start lipstick.service10:34
Vgrade-j_ok. i dint have access to that here10:34
situI moved /usr/bin/lipstick to /usr/bin/lipstick-original, and created /usr/bin/lipstick shell script which adds a 5 second delay before kicking /usr/bin/lipstick-original10:35
netchipI feel like coding, and expanding the code I was working on, MSameer10:36
netchipand sledges, gastboot boot <cm boot.img> didn't work for me10:36
situVgrade-j_: : We don't have droid-hal-hammerhead-kernel-0.0.6-201406220757.armv7hl package installed in automatically generated .ks, could that make any difference ?10:40
Vgrade-j_possibly if there are kernel modules but i dont think we have any on hammerhead10:42
Vgrade-j_lsmod returns nothing on our ks based imagr10:43
situVgrade-j_: oops... I booted with image generaed with our .ks and getprop doesn't list all the properties
situjournal logs
Vgrade-j_and i think thats because /sytem has not beem mounted in time10:59
situVgrade-j_: Is there anything in the logs to prove it ?11:00
situVgrade-j_: Output of mount and getprop just before lipstick is launched
situVgrade-j_: I think you are right, I printed output of mount command just before executing 'droid-hal-init' and /system is not mounted.11:21
situThis invalidates following line in droid-hal-init.service :11:38 systemd-udev-settle.service11:38
situIn system.mout prbably replace '' with ''11:39
situseems to work after 2 reboots, let me try a few more11:42
situit didn't work on my last try :(11:49
situNow trying this :11:55 swap.target11:55
situin sysinit.target11:55
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vgrade_situ: back home now12:18
* Stskeeps is home for a while, too12:18
situvgrade_: So we agree that mouting /system is inconsistent.12:18
vgrade_situ: well I think its when it gets mouted is the important thing12:20
vgrade_hi Stskeeps12:21
situvgrade_: Yeah, that only :)12:21
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Stskeepswhat does getprop output in general say when it's broken12:22
vgrade_the last pastie from situ 14:0612:23
Stskeepsthat looks broken12:24
situStskeeps: Right, I actually tried printing output of getprop before launching 'droid-hal-init' and /system is not mounted sometimes.12:25
situMy /usr/bin/droid/
Stskeepswell getprop won't work before droid-hal-init is up12:26
Stskeepswon't work properly, at least12:27
Stskeepsdroid-hal-init needs /system to be up though, afaik12:27
situStskeeps: sorry, I meant output of mount.12:27
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situIs it a bug in systemd ?12:44
lbt"Note that requirement dependencies do not influence the order in which services are started or stopped"  Before=, After=  .... "Configures ordering dependencies between units. If a unit foo.service contains a setting Before=bar.service and both units are being started, bar.service's start-up is delayed until foo.service is started up."13:05
lbtvgrade_: situ: so add an and that should be reliable13:06
situlbt: for droid-hal-init.service ?13:06
lbtit seems to have one13:08
lbtbut oddly doesn not Require it13:09 systemd-udev-settle.service13:09
situYes, it's there.13:09
lbtI think I should have added some Requires= in there too13:10
situlbt: will check that13:13
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situlbt: I added that line and it didn't mount /system before starting droid-hal-init in third reboot13:23
lbtthe WantedBy change you made13:24
lbtthat only takes effect when a unit is installed13:24
lbtso it's possible that local-fs is failing to mount /system but it's not Required at that point13:25
lbtso local-fs succeeds13:25
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situbut why would it fail to mount ?13:29
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lbtyou need to do a systemctl enable system.mount  I think13:30
lbtuse reenable13:31
lbtsystemctl reenable system.mount13:31
lbt"Reenable one or more unit files, as specified on the command line. This is a combination of disable and enable and is useful to reset the symlinks a unit is enabled with to the defaults configured in the "[Install]" section of the unit file."13:31
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situlbt: I had added that line in droid-hal-init.service13:32
lbt[28/06/2014 12:39] <situ> In system.mout prbably replace '' with ''13:32
situlbt: Ohh right, I have done that before.13:32
lbtbut did you do a reenable ?13:33
situI didn't13:33
lbtthe [Install] section is only read by enable/disable and it is used to create symlinks13:33
lbtsystemd is very very logical but can be a bit confusing :)13:34
lbteg Requires & Before/After are not tied together but you may casually expect them to be13:34
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situlbt: It worked for several boots, but got stuck twice at this point
situJul 06 16:45:06 Jolla mount[385]: mount: none is already mounted or /acct busy13:51
lbtsounds better13:59
lbtit feels to me like local-fs is not defined tightly enough14:00
lbtI wonder14:00
lbtlogically local-fs could signal complete when all 'Required' fs are mounted and continue to try and mount "Wants"14:00
lbtsince that's a softer dependency14:01
lbtI dunno if systemd actually does that14:01
netchipanyone knows CAN bus?14:02
netchipit's a communication bus14:02
netchipdunno how it works...14:02
lbtknow of, yes - know details .. google :D14:04
netchipah, found it:
netchipmy school has joined a 'karting' competition... Electrical motors for the win :P Wanted to look into reading the information the motor outputs14:06
netchipI think, not motors14:07
netchipor maybe it are motors14:07
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situlbt: But it just gets stuck at this error and nothing proceeds.15:30
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situlbt: I think all those 'WantedBy" should be replaced with "RequiredBy" in systemd files.21:21
situI see lipstick crashing several times after this function call :21:29
situclock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {223, 931506376}) = 021:29
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