Friday, 2014-07-04

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situvgrade_: Looks like we are seeing lipstick crashes because of uniniitalizes variables12:54
situcompare above to
situthp: Is that correct ?12:56
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morphissitu: what exactly do you mean in the code?13:25
situmorphis: From surfaceflinger code look at line 733 to 761 and 794 to 81613:28
situWe are not doing that in qpa plugin.13:28
morphiswe're doing it but differently13:29
morphissurfaceflinger builds its display list from time to time13:29
morphiswe build it once and set variables to the right values when needed13:29
morphissitu: is what I currently need to get it working on a HP touchpad with hwcomposer 1.313:30
morphiswith two additional changes on top of hardware/qcom/display-caf:
situhmm ok13:32
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vgrademorphis: this one
vgradeis interesting14:45
vgradethis is directly related to the issue we saw and tried to work around with
vgradeie reducing the number of times round the loop14:48
vgradesitu: ^14:49
situvgrade: But I saw another very stragen thing, let me show you14:51
situSo in qpa plugin num_displays variable is used only at 2 places14:53
situline 83 and 8614:54
vgradelooks like more than 2 places14:56
situnone of the 2 methods actually use that variable14:57
vgradesitu: those look like cm1014:59
situSorry, Same case with hybris-11.0
situBut those are static methods hmm15:00
vgradeare those in a layer above the specific hardware implementation15:01
* vgrade needs to go back to day job.15:02
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situmorphis: on your device, what happens if you do 'cat /dev/fb2' ?15:18
morphissitu: the one you're looking at is not the qcom hwcomposer implementation15:29
morphislook at for cm-11.0 && nexus515:30
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netchiptoday, school has ended for real :D16:51
netchipAnd, MSameer, I discovered new parts in the C programming language book xD16:51
situmorphis: but in what case this will happen :17:20
situopen("/dev/graphics/fb2", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOTSUPP (Unknown error 524)17:20
situIn my kernel config17:24
situ# CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL is not set17:24
situShoud I try setting it ?17:24
MSameernetchip: what have you discovered :)17:33
MSameernetchip: and congrats for getting rid of school17:33
MSameersitu: it helps to check the code and see what returns the ENOTSUPP17:34
situMSameer: I don't see anything returning ENOTSUPP in code.17:35
MSameerlink to a git repos I can clone?17:35
situWhat if kernel support is not there for a feature ?17:35
MSameerwho makes that device node then?17:36
situMSameer: How would I know which kernel driver is being used ?17:36
MSameersitu: ls -lh /dev/graphics/fb217:36
situYes, but which kernel driver is it using ?17:37
MSameershould be possible via udev/sysfs17:37
MSameer /sys/class/graphics/fb217:38
MSameeron jolla phone:17:38
MSameercat /sys/class/graphics/fb2/name17:38
MSameerso it's msmfb "something"17:38
situHow would I track it kernel source ?17:40
MSameerdo you have a link to the git repos?17:40
MSameerI don't know but I can try to help if I have the code17:40
situMSameer: This is my manifest
MSameercat kernel/lge/hammerhead/.git/config17:43
situMSameer: It's actually ./out/target/product/hammerhead/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config17:44
MSameerthat's the kernel .config17:44
MSameerI am looking for the git config to know the clone url17:44
MSameerI don't have enough space to download the whole manifest :/17:45
situMSameer: ohh sorry, misread your command17:45
MSameerI am sure there is a smarter way but I don't know it :)17:46
situI am building from hybris-11.0 branch17:46
MSameerhere I did mknod fb2 c 29 217:50
MSameertried strace cat fb2 and got:17:50
netchipMSameer: I discovered the reference part. :) It's like a summary, but it's more goes more in details17:50
MSameeropen("fb2", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE)       = -1 ENODEV (No such device)17:50
situMSameer: which device ?17:50
MSameernetchip: that's good :)17:50
MSameersitu: just tried to see what happens if I create a device node which does not correspond to a real device driver17:51
situI am pretty sure it could be the kernel optioni which I showed earlier.17:51
MSameerso it's a different error AFAICT17:51
MSameersitu: why don't you try then?17:51
situI was waitning for someone to confirm :P17:52
situkernel building takes lot of time.17:52
MSameerdrivers/video/msm$ rgrep ENOTSUPP | wc -l17:53
MSameersitu: any dmesg output when the open() fails?17:56
situMSameer: Nothing related to video driver17:58
MSameerdo you happen to have the full dmesg output BTW?17:58
MSameerI am almost sure it's some file under drivers/video/msm17:58
MSameerbut I don't yet know which one17:58
situlet me check17:59
situMSameer: Now I am getting18:01
situsorry wait18:02
sitush-3.2# cat /dev/fb218:02
situcat: /dev/fb2: No such device18:02
situI had set display count to 1 with this commit
situReverting it now18:03
MSameersitu: ls -lh /dev/graphics/fb218:03
MSameeryou are missing the device node18:04
MSameertry: cd /dev && mknod fb2 29 218:05
situIt's there18:05
sitush-3.2# ls -l /dev/fb218:06
situcrw-rw---- 1 system graphics 29, 2 Jul 12 20:55 /dev/fb218:06
MSameerthen something is missing from the kernel18:06
MSameerI guess I can't help here :(18:07
situMSameer: ok, will try with CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL option18:07
MSameersorry I could not help :/18:07
situNo problems, will catch you guys later.18:07
netchiptotally offtopic and irrelevant for me, but I'll still ask the question: is it worth to get a PhD in Eruope?18:59
* MSameer does not have a PhD19:00
* MSameer does not even have a masters degree :(19:00
* MSameer did not even study computer science or engineering :'(19:01
netchipI did some research on this, and I found out it's veru useful for women, but not so much for men.19:01
netchipwell, you could always do that, MSameer19:01
MSameernetchip: any tips? but then: does it help much ? :D19:02
netchipsomething like maths or computer science?19:02
netchipany tips?19:02
netchipwhat do you mean?19:02
MSameeryou said that I could always do it19:02
MSameerif it's about books and practical experience then I think I might have that :)19:03
netchipI don't know if it's helpful, but my intuition says it is19:03
MSameerAcademia is a waste of lifetime IMHO19:03
netchipmaybe, but the degree you get is not19:04
netchipand well, in several branches you need to do a study. Learning calculus/linear algebra/combinatorics without college might not be easy19:04
MSameerteachers are persons from planet X. using vim is easier than dealing with them :P19:05
MSameernetchip: my POV is: If I discover that I miss something then I try to catch up19:05
netchipthat's a good POV :)19:05
MSameerbut that is me and whatever has lead me to this has happened. If you are in the beginning then think carefully and decide19:06
MSameerI don't know about Europe to be honest so I cannot tell19:06
netchipgetting a master degree is something I really want to do, after that I have no plans :P19:06
MSameerthen go for it by all means :)19:07
MSameernetchip: but also make sure you concentrate on the practical aspects19:08
vgrade_seems to depend on
vgrade_which we don't have in defconfig19:08
vgrade_mako has it however19:09
MSameervgrade_: but that's an ioctl (seems so)19:09
netchipMSameer: I'm always unsure which ECs are useful, and which aren't19:09
MSameeropen() does not involve any ioctl calls unless the driver does something19:09
MSameernetchip: in what sense?19:10
vgrade_MSameer: was it on open, was just checking for ENOTSUPP19:10
MSameervgrade_: [20:20] <situ> open("/dev/graphics/fb2", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOTSUPP (Unknown error 524)19:10
netchipMSameer: Once in a month, someone from school (usually a teacher) offers me to do a project on a certain subject19:11
netchipand I always wonder if it's useful19:11
MSameernetchip: I'd say if it adds to your knowledge or lets you exercise some skills then it is useful19:12
netchipthen I didn't waste 3 months on a project, yaay :P19:12
netchip(I gave a presentation about the inner workings of a solar cell)19:12
MSameernetchip: but sometimes ECs don't seem to have any practical benefit but that's the mistake of the teacher not you19:12
netchip(I have had a lot of positive feedback :))19:12
netchipthat's true, MSameer19:13
MSameernetchip: and you are not yet in college so no one knows what would interest you the most. I'd say that diversity in topics is always needed at this stage19:13
MSameerI guess it helps you to discover what your passion is (and even if you already know what it is, it shows you other stuff)19:14
netchipUnfortunately, my passion is not one subject19:15
netchipit's not that I like one thing19:15
MSameerthen maybe it is something common among a handful of subjects19:15
netchipprogramming, physics, maths - it's all interesting19:15
netchipit's abstract thinking19:15
netchipbut that's very broad19:15
netchipor wide (don't know the right word)19:16
MSameerhumans don't have passion towards one thing only ;)19:16
MSameernetchip: too abstract :D19:16
MSameervery broad or wide or abstract :D19:17

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