Saturday, 2014-07-05

situhmm I am seeing tearing if I run surfaceflinger.04:20
situThis probably means it's not a problem with our qpa plugin.04:20
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situNot able to debug with gdb :(14:57
MSameersitu: what are you trying to debug?15:35
situMSameer: Has 'info locals' ever worked for you ?15:35
MSameersitu: are you trying to debug a bionic binary?15:36
situMSameer: No, qpa plugin15:36
MSameerwhat's the problem then?15:37
MSameerno symbols?15:37
situYeah, it does not show anything when I run 'info locals'15:39
MSameerperhaps they are optimized out15:39
MSameeryou need the -debuginfo package too15:39
situI did install them15:40
situBoth debugsource and debuginfo packages.15:40
situmorphis: Can you poinit me to your commits which fixed compositor on webOS ?19:44
morphissitu: on the android side?19:45
situmorphis: Yes19:46
situI am afraid this line is causing the crash19:46
morphischange it to use numDisplays19:48
situmorphis: Yeah, I just want to see what all changes you have made to fix compositor for webOS19:48
morphissitu: second one on android side is
morphisbut I doubt you need it19:49
morphisit's dirty as hell but works to avoid the GLES binaries allocating more memory as they should (it happens so far only in one specific case)19:49
situmorphis: You are right. At this point I am just concerned about the crash which I see when I tweak value of numDisplays.19:49
morphissitu: everything else is
situI am not sure if I need changes in hwcomposer.19:51
situlbt_: Now I am finding that it's better that we clone all the repos under build tree even if we don't need them. So if we need to change something outside our current changes, it's easier to resolve dependencies.19:56
situlbt_: That said, it would be better if we revert our changes from this commit
situmorphis: Strange code
situThey are iterating in reverse order.20:00
situmorphis: I see these messages in logcat output before crash
morphissitu: you tried to run lipstick with gdb and generate a backtrace?20:25
situmorphis: I never get a usable backtrace.20:25
morphisyou need to load the android symbols files at the right place20:26
morphisthey are not loaded automatically20:26
morphisuse something like to generate the add commands to load the android symbol files from /system/symbols20:26
situmorphis: will try that later, it looks like 'MAX_DISPLAYS' is blindly being used at several more places.20:30
lbt_situ: I'm a bit afk at the moment- hurt my back20:53
situlbt_: Enjoy the match ;)20:54
lbt_I'd really rather not revert that change - the point is to clone and manage a minimal subset of android. Many of our users don't have huge amounts of space or the bandwidth20:55
lbt_hehe - nah, don't do football20:55
lbt_luckily I can still stand and hence I can still dance so Tango is OK20:55
situlbt_: But it will help in debugging new packages.20:55
situI agree we can remove all the application repositories.20:55
lbt_I have no problem growing that list if we need ot20:56
situBut at least we should keep all the lower layers.20:56
lbt_why ?20:56
situlbt_: So, right now I am debugging hwcomposer and I had to tweak build/core/ file to resolve dependencies.20:56
lbt_we're competent to do that20:58
lbt_the goal is to have a tree which is minimal to 'build'20:58
lbt_and I agree the more advanced of our team should document how to extend the package sert20:58
situhmm ok.20:59
lbt_to make it less of an adventure to debug :)20:59
* lbt_ is still chasing segfaults in init which are down to 4.4 changes20:59
lbt_but I mainly know what's going on now20:59
situlbt_: Is 4.4 changes very different from what we have done for cm11 ?21:02
lbt_I haven't fully compared them - there was not much needed really21:04
lbt_I was looking at how to do manifest management21:04
lbt_it took me a while because I've had a lot of infra stuff to deal with21:04

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