Sunday, 2014-07-06

situvgrade_: This patch fixes lipstick crash
situmorphis: Thanks for helping me fix it.09:08
situI sent a pull request
situuntil it gets accepted please use my repository
vgrade_situ: nice work10:35
vgrade_morphis: thanks10:35
vgrade_it was the intersting patch then10:35
morphisvgrade_: np10:37
morphissitu: btw. I think you have to submit your patch for cyanogenmod through gerrit instead of a PR10:41
situmorphis: oops, never submitted a patch to cyanogenmod before.11:01
situmorphis: Done.
morphissitu: you afaik need to set some reviewers11:21
situmorphis: I am not sure who to add for this change.11:24
situShould I pickup someone from frameworks team ?11:25
morphismaybe look at other reviews for the same component and add the same peopl11:25
situor check in git log ;)11:26
situWe have to remove 'qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw' package (to remove /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf) after installing from automatically generated .ks.13:15
situand unmount debugfs13:15
situand lipstick comes up fine.13:16
situWe need to fix audio issue now.13:17
vgrade_situ: is /system mount issue still there13:20
situvgrade_: no, but since I have added '' in /lib/systemd/system/system.mount , sometimes device does not boot and gets stuck. Let me show you the logs from one such boot :13:22
situLast 1000 lines of dmesg output
situjournal logs :
situmount output :
situso /system is mounted13:26
vgrade_situ: from dmesg init seems to be running before13:27
vgrade_system is mountef13:27
situvgrade_: Looking at line 884 of dmesg output, it seems we are dropped to emergency mode.13:30
situvgrade_: are you talking about droid-hal-init ?13:33
vgrade_yes from the start of dmesg log its running through init process13:34
vgrade_it should be droid-hal-init13:34
situsystemctl output
vgrade_do you have the start of that dmesg13:36
vgrade_from t=013:36
situvgrade_: [   44.795424] systemd[1]: About to execute: /bin/mount /dev/mmcblk0p25 /system -t ext4 -o ro,barrier=113:36
situvgrade_: [   45.044822] systemd[1]: Got notification message for unit droid-hal-init.service13:36
situso /system is mounted before droid-hal-int starts13:36
situYes I have dmesg from t=0 (actually right now my device is in this state only).13:37
situvgrade_: I blieve something is wrong with mounting /acct13:38
vgrade_I'm looking at the log from the start13:39
vgrade_its runing init before 44.79 and 45.0413:39
vgrade_I wonder if thats the android init and not droid-hal-init13:40
situJul 14 16:15:47 Jolla mount[371]: mount: special device /devices/platform/xhci-hcd does not exist13:40
situJul 14 16:15:48 Jolla mount[389]: mount: none is already mounted or /acct busy13:40
situJul 14 16:15:48 Jolla mount[392]: mount: unknown filesystem type 'functionfs'13:40
vgrade_or droid-hal-init running early13:41
situvgrade_: Can I reboot my device or you need more information ?13:42
situso that we can check when should droid-hal-init run on succesful run.13:42
vgrade_I think the dropbox log is better13:42
vgrade_looking at the log now13:43
situ[   43.899157] systemd[1]: Starting droid-hal-init...13:44
situso that is before /system is mounted13:44
situI rebooted and lipstick comes up fine :13:47
situ[   12.971909] systemd[1]: About to execute: /bin/mount /dev/mmcblk0p25 /system -t ext4 -o ro,barrier=113:47
situ[   13.060390] systemd[1]: Starting droid-hal-init...13:47
situthis is in order13:47
situlbt_: ^13:48
vgrade_so the order is not being configured correctly13:48
situAdded : RequiredBy=droid-hal-init.service13:50
situin local-fs.target13:51
situI tested by booting several times and booting issues seems to be resolved13:56
situlbt_: This is my '/lib/systemd/system/' , I have added line 17 and 1813:57

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