Monday, 2014-07-07

Stskeepsgood morning07:25
sledgeshow have you been fellows?09:15
situsledges: Pretty good. I hope you enjoyed holidays.09:17
sledgesthanks, was very refreshing :)09:18
sledgesi see you're still talking about droid-hal-init ;))09:19
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situvgrade: Morning09:20
Stskeepsmorn vgrade09:20
Stskeepsvgrade: aren't you like.. on a cruise?09:20
sledgesvgrade: ahoj09:20
Stskeepsor was that somebody else..09:20
situsledges: We have fixed lipstick crash. Just need to get systemd services work in right order.09:21
Stskeepsah, 200909:21
Stskeepsvgrade: i have a n5 now too, bw09:21
situStskeeps: Please update topic of the channel :P09:21
sledgessitu: well done, what was the crash problem?09:23
* vgrade wonders why Mr Brook is posting old photos09:23
Stskeepsvgrade: it said 'edited'09:23
Stskeepsso might be why09:23
vgradewish I was on a criuse :)09:23
sledgessitu: nice catch09:25
situsledges: Thanks to morphis, he pointed it to me :)09:26
Stskeepswe shouldn't need to mod any HAL bits, fwiw09:27
Stskeepsit usually means we're using the HAL wrong if it crashes09:27
sledgesmaybe thp could pin that better in hwc?09:28
Stskeepsmorphis sent a patch that looks like a reason why, to the hwcomposer qpa09:28
* sledges nods09:29
thpwe had to patch samsung hwcomposer hal once because they dereferenced a null function pointer that was set from another thread with no synchronization09:38
thpwhich works in surfaceflinger (luck?) but not from hwc hal09:39
Stskeepsshould be exception, not rule though09:40
* thp drops out again09:40
situStskeeps: surfaceflinger uses virtual displays and we don't. qpa needs to be fixed to use it.09:53
Stskeepswell, at least sailfishos looks beautiful on this device..10:33
* vgrade hopes he can get some time to port to his one+10:36
morphisStskeeps: right, there should be no need to modify the HAL bits if we're using them correctly the same way as Android does10:54
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sledgesthanks morphis; any objections anyone?
morphissledges, thp: what is with merging and too?14:08
situsledges: I belive this will cause problems on Nexus 5.14:13
situI will test and confirm.14:15
sledgessitu: thanks14:15
sledgesmorphis: #20 merged, #19 needs testing14:19
sledgessitu: don't forget to revert num_displays14:22
situsledges: I didn't get it.14:22
sledgesit should not be needed with 13 fix14:23
morphissledges: have pulled 19 into our branch, works fine so far14:27
situbuild fails14:29
situ[   67s] hwcomposer_backend_v11.cpp:42:37: fatal error: android/android-version.h: No such file or directory14:29
situThis commit breaks compilation
sledgesandroid-version is provided by dhd iirc14:35
sledgescan't understand how can not including #include "hwcomposer_backend_v0.h" for v13 would make difference?14:39
situsledges: oops sorry, it's this pull request
situ+#include <android/android-version.h>14:45
situlbt's commit had also broke compilation, but that was for differnt reasons.14:45
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situLooks like it was fixed by
situsledges: droid-hal-hammerhead-devel package provides '/usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers/android-version.h'.15:21
* sledges nods15:25
situmorphis: How did you build this package ?15:28
morphissitu: which one?15:30
situmorphis: qpa15:30
morphissitu: /home/morphis/work/wop/webos-ports/tmp-eglibc/work/tenderloin-webos-linux-gnueabi/linux-hp-tenderloin/3.0.101-20140707-61-r0/ :)15:31
morphisah damn it15:32
morphis is the one15:32
morphisnot using Mer :)15:32
situsledges: Look at this line
situsledges: and look at how surfaceflinger does this
situIt only initializes 1 display.15:35
situit doesn't matter what numDisplays is. That's what qpa plugin should do too.15:36
situEven if we manage to compile morphis's changes, qpa plugin will still be broken on Nexus 5.15:37
situmorphis: Is there any specific reason you want to use virtual displays ?15:40
morphisyou see the hwcHasApiVersion call before?15:40
morphisit verifies you have atlest 1.015:40
morphisbefore using numDisplays15:41
morphisyou only had one display in times before 1.015:41
morphissitu: I would assume that the nexus 5 should just work with that change16:01
situmorphis: ok, I will try to get your changes compiled.16:02
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situsledges: I am trying to build from this repository
situand stuck at this error :19:48
situ[   66s] /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/ undefined reference to `HwComposerBackend_v0::HwComposerBackend_v0(hw_module_t*, hw_device_t*)'19:48
situFixed through
situmorphis: I managed to compile your changes, but I start seeing tearing after 30 seconds or so. I am using this repository
vgrade_situ: same tearing as before20:06

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