Wednesday, 2014-07-09

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tbrat least we allowed them one pity-goal. I was cringing to see them get creamed like that08:04
sledges (see "Edited" 2nd version :D )08:11
netchipToday, The Netherlands - Argentina09:05
netchipin about 11 hours09:05
netchipMay Argentina be crushed >:(09:06
netchipthe finale the Netherlands - Germany would be interesting09:07
netchipGermany might have better players, but the Netherlands play it more tactical09:08
sledgeswill sure be interesting :)09:13
tbrmay the team with the more goals at the end of the game win!09:17
sledgesand may the odds be ever in your favour09:20
netchipsledges: hunger games reference? :P09:32
* sledges nods09:32
sledgesdidn't it look like one yesterday? ;)09:33
netchipHah, Low (I don't know how to get an umlaut), the coach of Germany, feels sorry for Brazil09:33
sledgessorry, for german speakers again :))09:37
netchipMeh, I understand German quite well09:39
sledges(still others in this room ;)09:39
netchipI only watched the first part of the match yesterday09:51
netchipbut I heard that the Germans deliberately didn't make goals in the second parT?09:51
sledgesohhh :)09:58
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netchipRussia has launched its first new spacecraft since the fall of the USSR13:48
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sledgesdid you fellows experiment if lipstick still hates debugfs mounted and sensors .so present?15:13
sledgesi accidentally reverted sensors .so :) and all seems ok15:14
situsledges: it crashes with debugfs17:22
situlast time I checked17:22
sledgessitu: oki ta20:04
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