Thursday, 2014-07-10

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sledgesthp, i added one of your fixes already, as per prev pr comment:
sledgesis good you found an implication with that global bool08:55
thpoh yeah, just saw that a few minutes ago in the mailbox as notification from github08:57
thpso you merged that change with the swap interval also to master branch?08:57
sledgesand tested - everything works as before09:04
thpso should we also do the eglSwapInterval return value check and resetting of the bool or is that not really useful?09:08
thp(and if so, which branch still needs that?)09:08
sledgesi didnt touch sbj, as that needs proper testing to avoid regressions09:09
sledgeswhat are the implications of absense of that extra check+reset on master?09:10
thpwell i guess the swap interval could not be set in some situations. but given that we already do that now only when makeCurrent succeeds, this imho means that at least the context shold be good09:13
sledgesgrr github webui doesnt show dest branch x) sorry, i thought you're merging into master :)609:15
sledges*mobile webui09:15
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situvgrade_: Please take a note
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vgrade_situ: thanks18:43
vgrade_there is a firmware update avaiable18:43
situAny updates about N5 ?19:03
vgrade_situ: not from me.19:04
vgrade_no footie tonight, might have a tinker19:05
situvgrade_: we should try to fix clock issue.19:05
situSometimes correct time is not displayed by clock.19:06
vgrade_is tearing solved?19:06
situmorphis is working on it. He sees similar issues on web os.19:08
vgrade_situ and I have prepared a N5 TODO at
situWhat version of sailfish jolla guys are using on N5 ?19:51
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