Friday, 2014-07-11

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sledgesfellas do you get UI freezes on n5?14:53
sledgeswhen scrolled into clock area on homescreen14:53
sledgesMar 06 07:29:40 Jolla lipstick[1105]: [W] ckit::Property::tryOpen:403 - Error accessing property  "Battery.IsCharging" :  "User" :  no file ,  "Sys" :  can't open14:53
sledgesmany such ^ spat in journal14:53
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vgradesledges: not seen UI freezes at all on U5 builds. Not done extensive long term tests on U7 as yet15:30
situsledges: I don't see any UI freezes on u7 (using qpa which does not use virtual displays).15:33
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sledgessitu: latest qpa
sledgesthe one with num_displays thing in?15:50
sledgesprobably hwc is unrelated due to nature of error15:50
sledgeswhich .ks are you using (again)? :))15:50
situsledges: The one which was generated using HADK.15:51
situsledges: If you are using virtual displays, expect to see hangs and tear down.15:51
sledgesalso, how does your wallpeper scroll when you scroll donw?15:51
sledgessitu: i thought tearing is fixed with num of buffers instead15:52
situsledges: Why do you think I am using my repo which does not use virtual displays ?15:52
sledgesjust saying what is in piratepad15:53
sledgeswouldn't know otherwise15:53
situsledges: Point me to pirate pad page again.15:53
sledges22:48 < vgrade_> situ and I have prepared a N5 TODO at
sledgesworkaround - use only 2 buffers15:54
situThat is 2 physical displays.15:54
situTearing is now a blocker for public release.15:56
vgrade_sledges: do you have tearing fixed?17:27
sledgeswill now try with
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vgrade_Stskeeps: I had on the list to try the slimport branch17:40
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vgrade_\o sledges17:40
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* sledges_ checks backlogs after a phantom disconnect17:42
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* Stskeeps is trying macos x on his desktop computer..17:46
Stskeepssurprisingily nice compared to desktop linux..17:46
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