Saturday, 2014-07-12

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stephgI only just found out this exists :)15:58
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situ_stephg: Welcome !17:06
stephghehe thx situ_ ;)17:35
sledgeswho reads emails ;D18:06
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situsledges: It looks like timed is not reading correct time from system on each boot.18:18
situsledges: Could be another timing issue with loading services18:18
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sledgessitu: I don't think services are loaded according to time19:12
sledgesor the moment timed is loaded is racing?19:13
situsledges: could be19:13
sledgesi'll first need to solve sensors on mako19:13
sledgesas i know prerequisities to put it to working state at lesast19:13
sledgesunlike n519:14
sledgeshope solution then can hint other timing issues19:14
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