Sunday, 2014-07-13

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situsledges: This should be merged now , what do you think ?12:28
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sledgessitu: yes brilliant, since they are all pointing to mer-hybris12:40
sledgesfeel free :)12:40
situsledges: Do you have some free time rebuild from scratch for N5 ?12:50
situto rebuild *12:50
situEverything is working fine in best of my knowledge, just want to confirm it.12:51
netchipI go to Italy tomorrow \o/12:58
netchipHope the campsite has unlimited wifi, because 3 weeks no internet isn't fun xD12:58
sledgesnetchip: c00l!13:06
sledgesfirst time in .it?13:06
netchipsecond time13:06
sledgessitu: define everything? ;)13:06
netchipprevious trip we went to the Major Lake13:06
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sledgessitu: repo syncing, taking ages :P15:02
situsledges: Yes, we should chop out few repositories.15:06
situsledges: I think you can remove all repositories under packages/*15:07
* sledges nods15:08
sledgesbut sync is already underway15:08
situsledges: just kill the process which is syncing15:09
situsledges: I do it with every sync :P15:09
sledgesyes, but chopping in the midst might not conclude15:10
situI think it should.15:10
sledgesdoes it remove existing but no-longer-in-manifest trees?15:10
situhmm can't recaall.15:10
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vgrade_sledges: yes it does17:41
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