Monday, 2014-07-14

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sledgessitu: for me lipstick fails with this
situsledges: did you unmount debugfs ?09:19
situsledges: also you will need this
sledgeswas gonna ask :)09:23
sledgesso this is hwc12 version09:23
sledgeswithout tearing09:23
situsledges: hwc13 without crash and tearing.09:23
situsledges: You can use this repo
sledgeserm this doesn't have hwc13 commits:
situsledges: Oops sorry, it's hwc1209:25
situsledges: You will need copy generated .so (forgot it's full name) to /systemm/lib/hw I think.09:26
sledgesmakes sense09:27
sledgessitu: ^ which means it's not publicly elegant ;)09:30
situsledges: That's why I opened a pull request :P09:30
sledgessitu: copying .so files to /system that is09:31
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situsledges: Yes, if we get the pull request merged, we don't have to copy this .so under /system in future cm nightly builds.09:32
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sledges^_^ well done situ now it comes together ;)09:33
situI need to reply to the comment on my review request.09:34
situI will wait to check if morphis is able to fix tearing issue.09:34
situIf he fixes it, we don't need this pull request.09:35
* sledges nods09:36
sledgesyet i still need to validate ui freezes09:36
sledgesi get them on u7 and on internal u809:36
sledgesso not a regression from jolla part09:36
sledges(first spotted on u8 and thought otherwise)09:36
situsledges: When is u8 coming ?09:45
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sledges'cause i wouldn't have a clue why anything wrong in hwc layer would cause lipstick to misread status icons values Jolla lipstick[1105]: [W] ckit::Property::tryOpen:403 - Error accessing property  "Battery.IsCh...09:47
sledgesmemory corruption?09:47
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morphissitu: don't count on me in the coming days/two weeks, need to manage a move :)10:22
sledgesmorphis: a braindump would be invaluable (cc: thp ) :)10:25
morphisdidn't even started to look at it yet, sadly10:26
morphishowever there is something wrong with the fence handling as it seems10:26
morphishad to remove a sync_wait for the retireFenceFd to get it working:
morphisotherwise it blocks10:27
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morphispossible that this is related to the tearing10:28
sledgesmorphis: we're running hwc13 without this, still tears10:29
morphisso on your side the sync_wait doesn't block, right?10:30
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sledgesmorphis: right10:34
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w00tc0d3I'm the same guy as netchip :D10:45
sledgesw00t will be delighted :))10:46
sledgesin italy already w00tc0d3 ? :)10:46
situmorphis: Thanks for the update :)11:45
situsledges: Did you get lipstick running ?11:48
w00tc0d3sledges: I'm not yet in Italy11:49
w00tc0d3It's 13:49 here11:49
w00tc0d3we depart (car) at ~0:0011:49
sledgessitu: not yet, doing other things11:49
w00tc0d3I installed Arch Linux on my parents' laptop :)11:50
w00tc0d3it's awesome11:50
w00tc0d3i3 wm <3 conky <311:50
sledgesarchlinux here there and everywhere alive and kicking :)11:50
w00tc0d3my server's running Debian11:50
w00tc0d3but I made the right decision by installing AR on the laptop11:51
w00tc0d3superfast, and easy to code with11:51
w00tc0d3unfortunately I haven't setup the Mer SDK11:51
w00tc0d3how many MB is it?11:51
w00tc0d3this setup only uses 327MB :o11:52
w00tc0d3(Arch Linux, i3 wm, urxvt)11:52
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situsledges: We are using actually using hwc13 only on N512:21
situsledges: Also you may want to remove this comment if you are using virtual displays
sledgesreview appreciated:
sledgesthanks situ12:49
sledges(previously manifest did not even sync)12:49
situsledges: I blindly replaced my name with 'mer-hybris' :(12:50
sledgessitu: im not mudslinging ;)13:12
sledgesi.e. you didn't know about "sticking to the same branch"13:37
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situsledges: Which component is responsible for reading time from device ?14:36
situStskeeps: ^14:37
sledgeskernel rtc?14:47
situI hope nothing much is broken with u8.15:20
lbtcan anyone check is up? and can you login?15:39
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sledgeslbt: yes and yes15:41
sledgesta u15:41
situsledges: when's /lib/systemd/systemd-timedated run ?16:05
sledgessitu: noidea16:09
situsledges: When time is correctly displayed on my device I have "'Time has been changed" message in journal logs.16:13
situotherwise time incorrect time is displayed. I am trying to find what outputs this message16:13
situotherwise incorrect time is *16:14
* sledges nods16:14
situJul 14 21:45:40 Jolla systemd[793]: Time has been changed16:17
situnemo       793     1  0 21:45 ?        00:00:00 /lib/systemd/systemd --user --unit=default.target16:17
situIt's coming from
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situCan anyone check what is the output of "hwclock" on their jolla or mako device ?21:05
stephgit errors on jolla21:06
stephghwclock: cannot open /dev/rtc: Device or resource busy21:06
stephgsitu: ditto on mako21:08
stephgsitu: re: the Time thing in the journal, I remember seeing that loads on mako (and thought it was a result of the deep sleep trouble mako had(has)21:08
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situI still haven't figured out which service reads system time at boot up.22:23
sledgesthe one which spits out "Time has changed" is not timedated ?22:28
situsledges: It is systemd itself.22:29
sledgesit's systemd's service, no?22:29
situsledges: But I think that's run on demand.22:30
situand it doesn't run on boot22:30
sledgessystemctl status systemd-timedated22:30
sledgessays loaded, does it mean it ran?22:31
sledgessays same on me arch laptop22:31
situsledges: I don't see anything in journal logs related to systemd-timedated22:32
sledgeswhat if you remove it?22:32
situsledges: Remove service file or binary ?22:34
sledgesi'd start with .service22:35
sledgesshutting down for tonight, the training was pleasantly too exhausting22:36
sledgeshave fun!22:36
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