Tuesday, 2014-07-15

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sledgessitu: well pitched comment there http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/67489/08:08
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situsledges: Thanks.08:59
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sledgessitu: how did you rebuild `make hwcomposer.msm8974` ? tells me no rule to make target: libcamera_client_intermediates11:52
situsledges: You need to tweak an .mk file. I think it is core.mk11:52
situsledges: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_build/commit/ac574b74890d0949d626dc4d0c96f143fa60ae9f11:54
situsledges: Just revert these changes11:54
situYou can keep this: +# include build/core/pdk_config.mk11:55
sledgessitu: now it says build/core/base_rules.mk:134: *** prebuilts/misc/common/ub-uiautomator: MODULE.TARGET.JAVA_LIBRARIES.ub-uiautomator already defined by frameworks/uiautomator.  Stop.12:08
situshow me your core.mk12:09
situcore/main.mk *12:09
situIt looks you have not reverted all the changes.12:10
situsome .mk's are being included multiple times.12:10
sledgessitu: https://pastee.org/ms69z12:21
situsledges: Try this branch https://github.com/siteshwar/android_build/tree/hybris-11.0-test12:29
situThat's what I use (your changes look similar however).12:31
sledgessitu: did you do full make ?12:37
situsledges: Nope, mka hwcomposer.msm897412:37
sledgesah there's difference in build outcome between make and mka when followed by a single module name ^_^12:39
sledgeswill try other way round soon12:39
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situsledges: Isn't hwclock command supposed to work on jolla device ?12:47
sledgessitu: dsme-server is possessing /dev/rtc12:51
sledgeswhich could be a clue ;)12:52
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situsledges: How did you find dsme is possessing /dev/rtc ?14:07
situsledges: How would I know which kernel driver is being used by rtc clock ?14:17
sledgestry dmesg?14:28
situsledges: It's this https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/drivers/rtc/qpnp-rtc.c14:36
sledgesi think im moving ahead, but now no rule to make target obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libgabi++_intermediates/export_includes14:42
situsledges: Are you missing any repositories from build tree ?14:49
situsledges: Do you get this message in journal logs on Jolla ? Jul 22 23:50:56 Jolla DSME[689]: IPHB: /dev/rtc0: RTC_SET_TIME: Invalid argument14:50
situor mako.14:50
stephgsitu: fwiw I don't have that on mako in the ring buffer nor in the journal14:55
situstephg: Ok, thanks.14:56
stephgsitu if it's any use, here is a full mako: http://paste.kde.org/palrphftl14:57
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situsledges: nothing provides ngfd >= 0.94 needed by ngfd-settings-sailfish16:00
sledgessitu: thanks, sec16:01
situsledges: Causing build failures with ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator on
sledgessitu: understood ;)16:03
sledgessitu: disable build flag for ngfd-0.91-branch on sailfish_1.0.8.19_armv7hl (https://build.merproject.org/project/show/home:siteshwar:hw:hammerhead )16:05
situsledges: why ?16:06
sledgesbeacuse it's 0.9116:07
sledgesand u8 has the newer (needed) one16:07
sledgesalso disable publish flag16:08
sledges(and request wipe binaries on https://build.merproject.org/project/show/home:siteshwar:hw:hammerhead )16:09
situsledges: still build not starting https://build.merproject.org/package/show/home:siteshwar:hw:hammerhead/ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator16:12
sledgesit takes time before binaries wipe16:13
sledges( they are still there: http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/siteshwar:/hw:/hammerhead/sailfish_1.0.8.19_armv7hl/armv7hl/ )16:16
situsledges: I did delete binaries from OBS ui.16:17
sledgesyou clicked on "Delete bineries" in webui?16:17
sledgesok, then it reloads and says "Request to delete binaries issued"16:18
sledgesdoesn't mean they get immed deleted ;)16:18
situtaking a lot of time16:21
sledgessitu: obs might by hickuppy, try this:16:22
sledgesre-enable all flags16:22
sledgesrequest to "Delete published binaries" again16:22
sledgeswith flags on16:22
situsledges: I will just remove target and readd it.16:22
situsledges: but then it will build again16:25
situsledges: it worked16:29
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situInstalled Looks good.17:19
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sledgesi think i should've re-run breakfast after modifying under build/*.. ;P17:41
sledgesnow after git clone it decided to wipe out/ and building everything now :))17:41
situsledges: Yes, running breakfsast is required, I do it always17:42
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situsledges: Here is relevant dsme journal log http://pastie.org/939471720:55
situioctl on /dev/rtc0 should not fail.20:56
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sledgessitu: on Jolla there's never such failure21:21
sledgesi got logs since 25th May21:21
situsledges: It's failing somewhere in https://github.com/siteshwar/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/drivers/rtc/interface.c#L5121:22
sledgesdebugy times :)21:28
situsledges: This condition is not met https://github.com/siteshwar/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/drivers/rtc/qpnp-rtc.c#L53421:40
situsledges: This property is being read through https://github.com/siteshwar/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/drivers/rtc/qpnp-rtc.c#L43921:45
situIs there a way to read this property directly using command line ?21:45
vgrade_related, https://github.com/siteshwar/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/arch/arm/boot/dts/msm-pm8941.dtsi#L53521:47
vgrade_is that set to 1 in mako21:49
situsledges: https://github.com/siteshwar/android_kernel_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/rtc/qpnp-rtc.txt#L2321:50
situvgrade_: ^21:50
situvgrade_: Out of these configurations http://pastie.org/9394814 , how would I know which one is being used ?21:51
sledgesi'd say 89xx21:54
vgrade_just looking at mako21:54
vgrade_qpnp-rtc-write not set in there21:56
sledgessitu: i always thought writing to rtc means setting hwclock21:56
vgrade_to 121:56
sledgeswe don't do that, we just want to read it21:56
sledgesand set system clock21:56
situsledges: but dsme does set rtc uncondtionally21:57
situsledges: https://github.com/nemomobile/dsme/blob/master/modules/iphb.c#L286121:58
situstephg: Hey21:59
vgrade_\o stephg21:59
situQuestion should be, does mako always show correct time ?21:59
sledgesif( t_rtc < t_min ) {21:59
situsledges: If you look back at http://pastie.org/9394717 again, you will see that dsme is trying to set correct time but it fails to do so.22:00
sledgesi should try to set time to 1970-07-23 18:20:00 GMT on mako and reboot22:01
situI enabled rtc-write by adding "qcom,qpnp-rtc-write = <1>;"22:12
situNow it gives: Jul 24 01:07:29 Jolla DSME[676]: IPHB: /dev/rtc0: RTC_SET_TIME: Operation not permitted22:12
vgrade_permissions on /dev/rtc022:16
sledgeson mako they are more relaxed than on jolla22:27
sledgesunless dsme is not running under system:system22:27
situvgrade_: crw-rw---- 1 system system 252, 0 Jul 24 01:07 /dev/rtc022:36
sledgesyep, same on mako22:38
sledgesand dsme is running as root22:39
situsledges: but you never see invalid argument error on mako ?22:40
situsledges: Can you show us journal logs from mako ?22:40
sledgessitu: http://pastie.org/939490522:43
sledgesi changed time to July 23rd 1970 and rebooted -^ is the result22:44
sledges(changed time via settings, not via `date -s ...`)22:44
sledgescrw-rw---- 1 system system 253, 0 Jul 23  1970 /dev/rtc022:44
situhmm ok.22:44
sledgessitu: no tearing with your hwc12 patches \o/23:01
sledgesand no ui freeze23:01
sledgesthat's a big thanks23:01
sledgesso all confirmed now23:01
situsledges: Great.23:02
sledgesstill wallpaper goes up when homescreen scrolls down ;)23:02
sledgesbut that's some UI glitch :))23:02
sledgesnow, whilst waiting for proper hwc13, we could find a way to gracefully cp .so into /system/lib/hw or put it under /usr/libexec/droid-hal/system/lib and hope it gets picked up23:03
sledgesuntested, and probably things won't *just* work like that23:03
situsledges: I tried to put it under  /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib but it didn't get picked.23:04
sledgesmkdir /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/hw23:05
sledgesbut yea, won't *just* work..23:05
sledgesbut that's food for thought for tomorrow23:06
situGood night.23:06
situFor now I can say that we are not getting permission error on /dev/rtc0 because of file permissions.23:12
situIt has to do something with spmi permissions.23:12

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