Wednesday, 2014-07-16

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* situ is still wondering about permission error with rtc11:54
situCould someone check if this condtion is true on mako ?12:01
stephgsitu: how do you mean?12:13
situstephg: Modify the kernel source to put debug statement to check value of rtc_dd->rtc_write_enable, recompile the kernel and boot with it.Then check the dmesg logs.12:14
situIt may be possible dsme lacks CAP_SYS_TIME capability.12:15
stephgthat sounds plausible12:17
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situdsme is run as root. Does root user need to have capabilities to set time ?12:33
sledgessitu: i'll rebuild the kernel12:36
situsledges: It might be possible that time is being set through
situon mako12:38
situIf rtc->ops->set_time is not set.12:39
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sledgeswill see12:53
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s5pik3The question was probably ask before but, is there anybody who knows how to build or send me a link to build the nexus 5 image of sailfish ? :)13:33
sledgessitu: none of those codepaths are taken: (pardon the puns :P)13:40
situsledges: dmesg output ?13:46
sledgesat the bottom13:47
situIt's using other driver.13:47
sledgess5pik3: hadk will be out soon and you will be able to join this crew of ours full time :)13:47
sledgessitu: right13:48
sledgesnot rtc?13:48
sledgesor not qpnp13:48
sledges(interface does not output anything too mind)13:48
sledgesyou gave me drivers/rtc/qpnp-rtc.c#L52413:48
situsledges: That's what is used on hammerhead13:48
sledges? and rtc-pm8xxx.c13:49
situsledges: I thought same is being used on mako.13:49
sledgesbut i put code into interface.c - i thought that was pretty driver-independent13:50
situsledges: fulll dmesg output ?13:51
situsledges: wait are you sure dev_info will work ? I think I used dev_err13:51
sledgesi used dev_err too - same13:52
sledgesthen saw dev_info is used for the visible lines13:52
sledges(see the "setting system c*..." line :D)13:52
sledgesfull dmesg ^13:54
s5pik3sledges: I know and I'm very impatient to see this hadk, but there some ressources on the repos ( for the n5 and I want to try to build the image from there but the instructions I found was not clear ^^13:54
s5pik3sledges: but thanks :)13:54
sledgess5pik3: understandable :)13:55
situs5pik3: You will be able to run Sailfish on N5 soon. Please bear with us, everybody who is working on it wants a public release ASAP.13:56
sledgess5pik3: trust me, not long now13:56
s5pik3sledges: well on xda there is an image for the n5 but it's an older version of sailfish and nobody has build a newer so I want to do this myself for my personal knowledge :)13:56
sledgess5pik3: completely understandable, and your eagerness is just helping to get people's asses kicked ;)13:58
s5pik3sledges: thanks you man, I know that the persons who's working on it do their best. I'm just want to understand for my personnal knowledge, but you guys doing a impressive work :)14:00
sledgescheers, and don't forget, we "do it together" ;)14:01
situsledges: Those double quotes looks fishy, let's remove them :P14:02
s5pik3ahah right !14:02
sledgessitu: yes, very -fishy- :D14:03
situsledges: May rtc_set_time is never excuted14:04
situwhere you had put debug statements14:04
situLet's trying putting some debug statements in
situsledges: This line
sledgesah, you pasted rtc-pm8xxx from hammerhead repo earlier and i got baffled a bit  ;p14:10
situsledges: I get confused while browsing between both repositories :P14:11
sledgesofc now it's obvious why none of rtc*.o files got rebuilt :D14:12
sledgesgood to undust kernel dev every so often ^_^14:12
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situsledges: Would it be possible for you to test again ?14:29
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sledges<6>[    1.391088] rtc-pm8xxx rtc-pm8xxx: !!! rtc_write_enable: 114:35
sledgessitu: ^14:35
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situsledges: This means is execute and is succesful.14:41
situsledges: Do applications running as root need capabilities too ?14:43
* sledges shrugs14:45
situ" To set the RTC's time the process must be privileged (i.e., have the CAP_SYS_TIME capability)."14:48
situStskeeps: ^14:48
sledgeswhy wouldn't dsme have those? (as they work on mako)15:10
situsledges: probably the driver never checks for capabilities.15:10
sledgeswhereas n5 does?15:10
situCould be, just guessing.15:11
situsledges: Here is the irony, I disabled dsme on my device and it shows correct time now.15:14
sledgesthe original problem was that it fails intermittently?15:14
sledgesalso, no output on mako for sh-3.2# getcap /usr/sbin/dsme-server15:15
situsame here15:15
situsledges: See this
situProbably dsme shows time in rtc if ioctl fails.15:16
sledgesdo you get error in dmesg when running hwclock ?15:20
situsledges: No.15:21
situstrace -s 2048 hwclock --systohc --utc
situRight now running on kernel which has rtc_write_enable = false.15:29
sledgesok, means i could try to disable dsme on mako too15:34
situFrom where system clock picks up time ?15:40
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dwangoACwindow 1523:16
dwangoACHeh - well, didn't mean to do that, but yeah, I have at least 15 windows open :)23:16

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