Thursday, 2014-07-17

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sledgesmorning 74 windows!08:11
stephggood morning window no. 7 :)08:16
situMy personal laptop is not booting today. Won't be able to debug time issue further.08:51
Stskeepsi know the problem.08:53
situStskeeps: I tried changing batteries but it just doesn't power up.08:54
Stskeepstry to boot it without a battery in?08:54
situI did08:54
situBut was not able to boot.08:54
situHave filed a ticket with support.08:55
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sledgeslbt: LGTMd09:22
lbtI removed the 'master' branch of
lbtand made it hybris-10.109:25
sledgesultimately we should do hybris-10.1->master for all base-independent repos09:28
lbtnot confident which will be independent yet :)09:33
sledgeshybris-boot and dhc for sure; i read you about dhd though ;)09:34
lbthybris-boot ... thinking aosp09:34
lbthybris boot may even become DEVICEy?09:35
lbtanyhow ... we'll see09:35
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situThe permission error for setting time seems to be coming from
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sledgesPMIC_ARB_STATUS_DENIED needs tracing..12:25
situI guess we can try turning this off.12:28
situDeep down under there is this call
situsledges: Does this line mean CONFIG_MSM_SECURE_IO is on ?
sledgesif it's on, then it takes the .o12:36
situWhat does this line mean ?12:37
sledgesif the flag is set, .o is taken into image12:37
situI couldn't find any code which proves this option is on.12:38
sledgesit's in config12:39
sledgesit has default setting there12:39
situOn my device 'zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i CONFIG_MSM_SECURE_IO' does not output anything.12:41
situSo this means this option is not on.12:41
sledgesmeans it has taken default value12:42
situHow would I know the defautl value ?12:42
sledgesalso you can check for existance of scm-io.o12:42
sledgesin your build tree12:42
situsledges: My laptop died.12:42
situsledges: Is it there in your build tree ?12:43
sledgessitu: looks like no: sledges@prospect:~/n5$ find out/target/product/hammerhead/obj/ -name "scm-io.o"12:44
sledges(no output)12:44
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situIn section 11.2 in HADK, just reboot to bootloader "adb reboot bootloader" and do "fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img"20:16
situinstead of finding partition number and using dd.20:16
sledgesthanks, will check check21:12
situI went through whole draft, rest looks good.21:21
sledgeswhich version?21:23
situsledges: one from 15th july21:40
sledgeswonder why cm guys aren't going ahead reviewing/approving your patch21:46
situI received a private mail that request to review was forwarded to another guy, haven't heard back since then.21:57
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