Saturday, 2014-07-19

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NokiusMorning step 7.1.1 says it will fail but it also mention that it will make a few packages in folder RPMS/07:35
Nokiusso this errors are not wanted dune to the absent of packages in RPMS07:35
Nokiusany idea?07:35
Nokiusthe droid-hal-find5.spec is here
Nokiusfollowed the HADK07:35
vakkov/home/vakko/MerSDK/android/droid/external/busybox/scripts/ line 11: cc: command not found07:37
Nokiusvakkov: guess u struggle at this error right? which part of the HADK?07:41
Nokiusvakkov: may I ca help07:41
vakkovNokius: 5.207:41
vakkovwhy the hell do we need that chroot and so on ... i could build it on my host system07:42
Nokiusvakkov: sorry can't answer the chroot question07:43
Nokiusvakkov: so u try have an error when running make -j4 hybris-hal07:44
vakkovNokius: were you able to buiild hybris-hal07:44
vakkovNokius: es07:44
vakkovyes *07:44
sledgesvakkov: symlink /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 -> /usr/bin/gcc07:46
Nokiusyes try please this sledges07:46
NokiusNokius: symlink /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 to /usr/bin/gcc07:46
Nokiusand have a look at 14.3.2 Configure mountpoint information HADK07:46
sledgesand then you should populate fixup-mountpoints (if not already there)07:46
Nokiusvakkov:  oh sledges just told you ^^07:46
Nokiussledges:  Morning07:47
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sledgeshehe, good helping Nokius :)07:47
vakkovthanks guys :)07:48
sledgesvakkov: chroot is to keep all needed things, not everyone has ubuntu on host07:48
sledgesbut google says latest ubus needed for android sdk kitkat etc07:48
sledgesNokius: your kernel defconfig will need those changes07:50
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sledgeswelcome pat_o :)07:52
Nokiussledges: HADK point 14.4.2?07:56
sledgesim still txting from phone :)607:56
Nokiussledges: :)07:57
Nokiussledges:  take your time no rush needed07:59
Nokiussledges: is part is out of the pdf range :-/ (14.4.2 HADK.pdf)08:01
Nokiussledges: got it08:02
Nokiussledges: exept the lipstick option08:04
sledgesuse good pdf reader ;) should be able to copy with bit of effort08:06
vakkovstays stuck on that -    I symlinked the gcc and it works, though08:07
Flysermorning guys08:07
sledgeshoy Flyser08:08
vakkovit shouldn't be a problem if I build it with my host ubuntu 12.04 that is building stock 4.3, should it?08:08
sledgesvakkov: is recovery.fstab around? (in device/asus/maguro)?08:08
Nokiussledges:  is this correct "COMPOSITOR_CONFIGS_DIR=rpm/device-$VENDOR-$DEVICE-configs/var/lib/environment/compositor"08:16
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sledgesit should be /var/lib/...08:19
sledgeswelcome JohnyZ :)08:19
* Flyser takes the popcorn. building image *_*08:21
JohnyZhi all08:21
AnarkyI'm wondering, is it mandatory to use a "pure" cm10.1? There is a custom cm10.1 for my phone that fixes a lot of bugs, reverted the bluetooth and changed the kernel, can I use it?08:22
FlyserI think it should work. you need to make sure the build process uses the correct repositorys though08:25
Nokiussledges: user ahs now rights to create the droid-hal-device.conf in the MerSDK :-/08:25
Flyser\o/ finished08:26
Flyserso I guess its flashing time sledges?08:26
Flyserafter "mic create fs"08:26
Nokiussledges:  work around works08:26
sledgesNokius: which dir ?08:27
sledgesyou must have gone astray with chown at some point..08:27
sledgesFlyser: congrats ;)08:27
Nokiussledges:  $COMPOSITOR_CONFIGS/ (rpm/device-$VENDOR-$DEVICE-configs/var/lib/environment/compositor)08:30
Nokiusmanunal works08:30
Nokiusvi rpm/device-oppo-find5-configs/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf08:30
locusfnow the race is on wether anyone can boot to gui :p08:31
locusfsledges: the recovery image doesn't boot when flashed as kernel08:32
sledgeshehe, in the end, no rush fellows, better to get it right rather than get it done08:32
FlyserI am currently running cm11 on the device. is it enough to flash and wipe cache/data or do I need to flash cm10.1 first?08:33
sledgesNokius: ls -ld $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm08:33
sledgeslocusf: as kernel? o.O08:33
sledgesFlyser: did you build sfos against hybris-10.1 branch?08:33
sledgesin that case, wipe cache+data, install cm-10.108:34
sledgesboot cm10.1 once just to be sure (not needed when one's overly confident)08:34
Flyseryes, against 10.1 branch08:34
sledgesand then flalsh sfos08:34
sledgesthat sounded falsch ^_^08:34
Nokiussledges:  ls -ld $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm08:35
Nokiusls: cannot access 1/android/droid/rpm: No such file or directory08:35
Nokiusbut MerSDK user@Build-Box:~/1/android/droid$ pwd08:35
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sledgesNokius: where is this located then: rpm/device-$VENDOR-$DEVICE-configs/va... ?08:35
sledgesJohnyZ: how's things, ready to hadk? :)08:36
alinsledges: hi08:36
alinsledges: made it up to here08:36
alinsee the second line08:36
alinafter this all is downhill08:36
sledgesalin: pardon?08:37
Nokiussledges: MerSDK user@Build-Box:~$ ls -la /home/user/1/android/droid/rpm/device-oppo-find5-configs/var/lib/environment/compositor/08:37
Nokiustotal 1208:37
Nokiusdrwxrwxr-x 2 user user 4096 Jul 19 08:26 .08:37
Nokiusdrwxrwxr-x 3 user user 4096 Jul 19 08:03 ..08:37
Nokius-rw-rw-r-- 1 user user  198 Jul 19 08:26 droid-hal-device.conf08:37
vakkovsledges: it is samsung, and yes, recovery is there08:37
alinsledges: i mean the make fails08:37
alinand I was going back for strange errors08:38
sledgesNokius: `echo $ANDROID_ROOT` <- your problem08:38
alinsledges: and the one at line 3 looks to me strange08:38
Nokiussledges:  MerSDK user@Build-Box:~/1/android/droid$ echo $ANDROID_ROOT08:39
Nokiusis correct or?08:39
sledgesNokius: no, it should be full path08:39
sledgesalin: you followed this: ?08:39
sledgesNokius: inspect your ~/.mer*.env files08:40
alinsledges: yes08:40
alinsledges: if I ignore and I do make
alinpractically does not find gcc08:41
alinand other folders08:41
sledgesalin: symlink /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 -> /usr/bin/gcc08:42
Nokiussledges: ops dont have an .mer*.env08:42
sledgesNokius: that's improbable08:42
sledgespage 908:43
sledgesah soz08:43
sledgesand also .hadk.env08:43
JohnyZsledges: just got instruction pdf and im downloading stuff, but ill start building it later (maybe in 6 hours)08:43
sledgesin $HOME08:43
sledgesJohnyZ: ok, hopefully i'll get the updated doc with fixed bugs by then ;)08:43
sledgeswhich device are you on?08:44
JohnyZsledges: good, every update and bug workaround would be useful08:44
JohnyZNote 208:44
alinsledges: needs symlinked to cc08:45
alinbut fails soon after08:45
JohnyZsleedges: and yours ?08:45
locusfJohnyZ: Samsung N7000 here :)08:45
JohnyZlocusf: any progress on it ?08:46
locusfJohnyZ: got image built and trying to boot to hybris-recovery08:46
alinhow cannot find the find: `src': No such file or directory is beyond me08:47
locusfsledges: I apparently don't have boot partition08:48
Nokiussledges: whats wrong
sledgesalin: it's fine, but you should show this paste to situ and vgrade_08:50
sledgesNokius: export MER_ROOT="1"08:50
sledgespath must be absolute08:50
sledgesmake it '$HOME/1'08:50
sledges(note the single quotes)08:50
alinsledges: question08:51
sledgesalin: just ask08:51
alinsledges: if i start afresh can I copy the git08:51
alinsledges: rathen than cloning it via repo?08:51
sledgesNokius: change also this to export ANDROID_ROOT='$MER_ROOT/android/droid'08:51
locusfsledges: my /boot partition is referenced as KERNEL in android and /data as DATAFS08:52
sledgesalin: the last error indicates that you have not synced everything08:52
locusfthe latter is probably right08:52
sledgesso just run repo sync again08:52
sledgeslocusf: boot contains kernel, so also ok08:52
alinsledges: thought so but run it08:52
locusfsledges: ok08:52
alinsledges: now if i try08:52
alinit blows08:52
sledgeslocusf: flash recovery08:53
sledgesalin: paste08:53
locusfsledges: to KERNEL?08:53
sledgeslocusf: flash hybris-recovery08:53
sledgesto KERNEL08:53
locusfI have08:53
sledgesnow i remember you say08:53
locusfit didn't get me very far08:53
sledgeswhat's exact outcome?08:53
sledgesJohnyZ: i got n5 n4 and sgs3 here08:53
locusfI get stuck at the device name screen with big yellow warning exclamation mark08:53
sledgeslocusf: dmesg?08:54
sledgesJohnyZ: note2, niice!08:54
locusfsledges: nothing Mer indicating in dmesg08:54
sledgesi mean, is there any output at all?08:54
locusfnope, it doesn't even notice I have plugged the phone in08:54
Nokiussledges: okay takes this from the HADK shows "" there :-/08:54
Nokiusbut Vendor and Device are correct with "" ?08:54
sledgesNokius: paste?08:55
sledgeslocusf: ideally you want to replace hybris-boot.img in the zip with -recovery, and rezip08:55
sledges(cp hybris-recovery.img zipcontents/hybris-boot.img )08:56
sledgesNokius: yes, "" is fine, now i read you ^_^08:56
locusfsledges: ah ok08:56
alinFetching projects: 100% (356/356), done.08:57
alinSyncing work tree: 100% (356/356), done.08:57
Nokiussledges: may the HADK needs a fix there if the "" are wrong at MER_ROOT and ANDROID_ROOT08:58
alinsledges: fatal: duplicate path kernel/lge/hammerhead in /home/alin/lavello/mer/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml08:58
alinthis is in the guide... but if I remove it08:58
locusfsledges: mv hybris-recovery.img updater/hybris-boot.img08:59
vakkovalin: there is a solution in the guide08:59
alinI am in trouble i cannot sync08:59
locusfsledges: in .ks08:59
sledgesNokius: did you read email? ;P09:00
vakkovalin:  looka at 5.3 of the guide09:00
sledgesit has that among known issues ^_^09:00
alinvakkov: sledges yap...09:00
vakkovsledges:   which of those should i set fixup-mountpoints09:00
sledgeslocusf: no, not in .ks, we're at hacking stage now ;)09:01
vakkovset as *    still sleepy :D09:01
Nokiussledges: mailing list? nope sorry09:01
sledgeslocusf: but if you prefer lazy way, go ahead ;) (i'd suggest- unzip current .zip, and do the dues, then rezip)09:01
locusfsledges: ok lol :)09:01
sledgesNokius: how did you find out about hadk? ;)09:02
alinsledges: my $ANDROID_ROOT 18GiB09:02
alinsomething is fishy in denmark09:02
sledgesvakkov: "all o'them" :))09:03
Nokiussledges: Twitter09:03
locusfI somehow lost my recovery.img :/09:04
alinvakkov: sledges by the way the solution did not work for me... I had to remove from the manifest file the duplicated repo09:04
sledgesNokius: ah ;)
sledges(check bottom)09:05
vakkovalin: if you have the same repo in two files you should comment out it from one of them :D09:05
sledgeslocusf: because you mv`ed it? ;)09:05
sledgesvakkov: but we use only one manifest09:06
sledgesmaybe something went wrong yup09:06
locusfsledges: no, because I reran make hybris-hal09:06
alinvakkov: was the same repo twice in the same file09:06
sledgeslocusf: then you should have one more, not less ^_^09:07
sledgesalin: where?
alinsledges: in mine in .repo/manifest.xml for a reson i had the libhybris line twice09:08
sledgesalin: manifest should be identical to that hybris-11.0/default.xml09:08
alinsledges: by the way spotted the mistake09:09
alinsledges: i had no target in make09:09
alinsledges: bloody computers they do not read my mind09:09
Nokiussledges:  okay ^^ but now cant cd to $MER_HOME and $ANDROID_ROOT09:09
sledgesNokius: ?09:09
sledgescheck $MER_ROOT and actual physical location09:09
locusfsledges: isn't the hybris-recovery.img in hybris-boot?09:09
vakkovsledges: what mmcblk0 should i "assign" to every partition09:10
sledgeslocusf: they're next to each other in out/09:10
alinsledges: now it builds09:10
Nokiussledges: change my .hadk.env
sledgesvakkov: boot to cwm and adb into it, to check how they look under /dev09:10
vakkovsledges: will google for the partition table (the device is not here yet)09:11
sledgesvakkov: ok09:11
sledgesNokius: correct; now why can't you cd? ls -ld ~/109:12
sledgesand ls -ld ~/1/android/droid09:12
sledgesare they there?09:12
Nokiussure it is09:13
Nokiusls -ld ~/1/android/droid/09:13
Nokiusdrwxr-xr-x 21 user root 4096 Jul 19 08:38 /home/user/1/android/droid/09:13
Nokiusls -ld ~/109:13
Nokiusdrwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Jul 18 20:47 /home/user/109:13
sledgesso 12:09 < Nokius> sledges:  okay ^^ but now cant cd to $MER_HOME and $ANDROID_ROOT09:13
Nokiuscd $MER_ROOT09:14
Nokiusbash: cd: $HOME/1: No such file or directory09:14
sledgesoh darn, Flyser you're the expert ^ ;)09:15
sledgesi think it has to do with cat > EOF things09:16
sledges'EOF' needs be09:18
sledgesNokius: change back to ""09:19
sledgeseverywhere in hadk.env ;p09:19
sledgesthis shall be in hadk doc next version:
sledgesthanks fellows!09:20
Nokiussledges:  this works09:21
sledgesoyes :)09:23
Flysersledges: btw is there any particular reason why the source code of the document is not in a public git repository so we can send pull requests?09:24
Nokiussledges:  but still have erros at step 7.1.1
sledgesFlyser: the licence at the bottom maybe? ianal :))09:26
sledges10:50 < sledges> Nokius: your kernel defconfig will need those changes09:27
locusfsledges: moved recovery as hybris-boot.img, no success09:28
sledgeslocusf: and reflshed .zip ?x09:28
Nokiussledges: did
locusfsledges: yes09:28
sledgesthen it stucks at logo?09:28
locusfsledges: yes09:28
sledgeslocusf: nothing in dmesg?09:28
locusfsledges: nothing09:29
sledgeslocusf: unzip cm-X.Y.Z*.zip for your device and examine where it flashes its boot.img09:29
sledges(in META-bla bla/*updater* folders09:29
locusfsledges: ok09:29
sledgesNokius: refer to 14.3.509:29
Nokiussledges: thanks09:31
vakkovthis file might be needed at system/vold
Nokiussledges: my $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp is empty09:33
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locusfsledges: big difference to hybris updater-script is that it doesn't do write_raw_image09:35
Nokiussledges:  may this step is also failing wrong was guessing it has to but ma not this way09:35
sledgesNokius: did you update your defconfig?09:39
Flysergreat ... I can't flash the image, because die model number does not match09:40
NokiusI did step 14.4.1
sledgeslocusf: but does hybris' updater-script performs "package_extract_file" to correct partition?09:40
locusfsledges: yes09:41
sledges12:29 < sledges> Nokius: refer to 14.3.509:41
sledgeslocusf: then you know what to do ;)09:41
locusfsledges: already rewrote it to correspond to cm-updater script :)09:41
sledgeslocusf: only that part right?09:41
sledgesok, fingers cross(compil)ed09:41
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Nokiussledges:  no file like arch/arm/configs/$DEVICE_cm10.1_defconfig09:46
Nokiusls -la arch/arm/configs/f*09:46
Nokius-rw-r--r-- 1 user user  2561 Jul 18 21:37 arch/arm/configs/footbridge_defconfig09:46
Nokius-rw-r--r-- 1 user user   611 Jul 18 21:37 arch/arm/configs/fortunet_defconfig09:46
Nokius-rw-r--r-- 1 user user  4557 Jul 18 21:37 arch/arm/configs/fsm9xxx-perf_defconfig09:46
Nokius-rw-r--r-- 1 user user  4569 Jul 18 21:37 arch/arm/configs/fsm9xxx_defconfig09:46
Nokius-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 12679 Jul 18 21:37 arch/arm/configs/full_msm8960-perf_defconfig09:46
sledgesNokius: it was only very generic example09:47
sledgesi'll fix that in hadk09:47
sledgesyou need the one CM uses09:47
sledgeschec kin $MER_SDK/android/droid/device/$VENDOR/*-common/BoardConfigCommon.mk09:47
locusfnope, wasn't that either09:47
sledgeslocusf: same results?09:47
locusfsledges: yeah09:47
sledgeslocusf: ok, can be that selinux is enabled09:48
sledgeslocusf: you'd need to add selinux=0 to kernel cmdline09:49
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sledgeslocusf: i just don't understand why you cannot reproduce flashing of .img manually - as whenever you do different things with heimdall/cwm - you get different boot behaviour09:50
sledgeslocusf: all you need now, is a hybris-recovery.img flashed correctly to correct partition (with selinux=0) - don't even need rootfs for now09:50
locusfsledges: ok09:50
sledgesour aim - Mer output on USB connect09:50
Nokius1sledges:  all the stuff i have there is09:51
locusfwhere is the kernel command line?09:51
*** Nokius has quit IRC09:51
Nokius1sledges: noting like you mention $MER_SDK/android/droid/device/$VENDOR/*-common/BoardConfigCommon.mk09:51
Nokius1okay have to go now will return later again —> family launch ….09:52
sledgeslocusf: examine hybris-boot ( in it)09:54
sledgesNokius1: laters!09:54
locusfsledges: found it09:56
locusfHYBRIS_RECOVERYIMG_COMMANDLINE := bootmode=debug selinux=009:56
sledgesalready =0 ?09:56
sledgesah, you just appended :P09:57
sledgesgave me heartattack :))09:57
locusfhow do I regenerate the kernel images?09:59
sledgesmake hybris-recovery10:01
sledgesis enough10:01
locusfsledges: I have yet to try split_bootimg btw10:04
sledgeslocusf: and then re-assemble :)10:05
sledgesyep, if you please10:05
locusfmake hybris-recovery is stuck10:06
locusfsplit_bootimg kernel didn't work either10:07
sledges(also try `mka hybris-recovery` instead)10:07
locusfmka: command not found10:08
sledgeslocusf: build/envsetup and breakfaset?10:08
sledgesdid you have breakfast? :)) lunch even (1pm in .fi, gosh only 11 here :))10:09
*** nodevel has quit IRC10:09
locusfalready did 3 hours ago10:11
sledgeshehe :)10:13
locusfok now flashed sfos with selinux=010:17
Flysersledges: the updater-script tries to mount("ext4", "EMMC", "", "/data"); which obviously fails10:18
Flyserany idea why that happens?10:18
locusfsledges: nothing new10:20
sledgesFlyser: updater-script should contain valid map, e.g. (from n5): ui_print("    /data -> /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata");10:21
sledgeswhich is taken from fixup-mountpoints10:22
Flyserui_print("    /data -> ") here10:22
* sledges nods10:22
sledgeslocusf: then you need expertise ;)10:22
sledgesCSI or the like :)10:22
locusfhmm ok10:23
sledgeslocusf: like serial console ^_^10:23
sledgeslocusf: also you need to check /proc/cmdline on a boot cm10:24
sledgesand replicate that10:24
sledges*booted cm10:24
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC10:25
locusfsledges: ok10:26
locusfcm extracts itself to factoryfs10:26
locusfand sfos to data10:27
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters10:27
sledgeslocusf: expected10:30
sledgeslocusf: rootfs is irrelevant now10:30
sledges-recovery has it's own initramfs10:31
locusfsledges: added all cmdline from cm to hybris-recovery cmdline10:34
locusfdidn't boot10:39
sledgeslocusf: flash boot.img from cm and see if it boots to cm10:39
sledgesto see if we're flashing correctly10:40
sledges(this is your validator to find correct heimdall sequence too)10:40
locusfcan't boot to cm anymore with cwm kernel10:40
sledgescwm kernel what's that?10:41
locusfthe rooted kernel which has cwm, my downloaded one10:41
locusfthis one always boots10:42
sledgesyou mean, what you use to get into cwm?10:42
sledgesor to restore cwm when it's gone (like yesterday)10:42
locusfMerSDK locusf@locusf-desktop:/parentroot/home/locusf$ split_bootimg zImage10:43
locusfAndroid Magic not found in zImage. Giving up.10:43
*** teotwaki has joined #sailfishos-porters10:43
sledgeslocusf: split_bootimg <.img file>!10:43
locusflol :)10:43
locusfyeah to restore cwm when its gone10:43
sledgeslocusf: like i said, flash/boot boot.img from instead of hybris-recovery.img10:43
sledgesfor good measure10:43
locusfsledges: ok10:45
locusfsledges: inside cm now?10:45
sledges ;)10:47
sledgeslocusf: ^10:47
locusf(13:39:56) [  ->sledges<- ] locusf: flash boot.img from cm and see if it boots to cm10:47
sledges13:45 < locusf> sledges: inside cm now?10:47
sledgesit was a statement10:47
locusfwith what do I boot it with10:47
sledgesnot a question?10:47
Flysersledges: on which files is fixup-mountpoints executed?10:48
locusfquestion yes10:48
sledgeslocusf: whichever you know of, try them all until it boots ;)10:48
locusfsorry with what do I flash10:48
sledgesi.e. heimdall/cwm flash10:48
sledgesFlyser: examine the src, hybris-boot executes it so grep its src10:48
sledgesand also dhd/.inc executes it10:49
Flyseryeah I found it with grep10:49
Flyserbut the script contains so many variables that I would have to figure out10:49
sledgesFlyser: a bit of sweat c'mon ;)10:51
Flyserok ok :P10:52
sledgesFlyser: how does your fixup-mountpoints patch look like?10:53
Flyserso far it seems to be working10:58
Flysersince DATA_PARTITION in out/target/product/xt897/obj/ROOT/hybris-boot_intermediates/initramfs/init is correct10:58
locusfsledges: boot.img from boots to cm10:59
sledgeslocusf: cmdlien to flash it?11:00
sledges(good job btw locusf )11:00
sledgesFlyser: then it should appear also in cwm11:01
sledges(in updater-script)11:01
locusfheimdall flash --KERNEL Desktop/cm/boot.img --no-reboot11:02
Flyserthe updater script looks like
Flyser(with an assertion manually removed)11:02
sledgeslocusf: and doing the same with hybris-recovery.img results in?11:02
sledgesFlyser: ui_print("    /boot -> ");11:02
sledgesis the problem11:02
sledgescheck sed in Android.mk11:02
sledgeswhere it replaces the template with values11:03
locusfsledges: not booting11:03
sledgesso locusf , now you got a working isolated case of cm, you'll need to arrive to the same one with hybris-recovery ;)11:04
sledgesi suspect your kernel11:04
locusfsledges: nice11:04
locusfyeah I suspect it too11:04
locusfsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl mer_verify_kernel_config 'kernel/samsung/smdk4412/arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_n7000_defconfig'11:04
locusfdoesn't return errors11:04
sledgeslocusf: you need to rebuild cm kernel11:04
sledgesand resplit it inside cm's boot.img11:05
sledgesfor a laugh, you could just replace zImage of hybris , after splitting cm's boot.img11:05
sledgesare you with me? :)11:05
sledgesyou'll need to use mkbootimg with all correct cmdline arguments to put back split image into boot.img11:06
sledgesyou can get those arguments from running mka V=0 hybris-recovery11:06
sledgesif i rememver V=0 correctly11:06
sledges(or was it V=1?)11:06
sledges(quite likely mkbootimg baking will be in mka output anyhow)11:07
sledgesFlyser: yes11:07
*** QAQ has joined #sailfishos-porters11:07
sledgesafk for snack11:10
locusfhmm I didn't get the parameters for mkbootimg in mka V=1 hybris-recovery11:11
locusfthere is mkbootfs however11:12
Anarkywell, I can't enter the ubuntu chroot because it lacks zsh, is there a solution?11:15
AnarkyI tried some export SHELL and add "/bin/sh" at the end of ubu-chroot without success11:15
locusfis there a way to get the currently running kernels config somehow?11:18
locusfin cyanogenmod11:18
Anarkylocusf: if you're lucky, it's /proc/config.gz11:20
locusfapparently I'm not :/11:21
locusfMerSDK locusf@locusf-desktop:~/Desktop/cm$ split_bootimg boot.img11:25
locusfAndroid Magic not found in boot.img. Giving up.11:25
locusfhmm shite11:25
Anarkylocusf: your device has cyanogenmod?11:27
locusfAnarky: yes11:27
Anarkymaybe pull the kernel repo they use11:27
sledgesAnarky: you should enter ubuntu chroot from mersdk, which is already non-zsh11:28
sledgeslocusf: boot cm /proc/config.gz as Anarky said11:29
sledgeslocusf: try this instead:
locusfsledges: ok11:31
sledgeslocusf: boot cm *and check /proc/config.gz11:31
locusfMerSDK locusf@locusf-desktop:~/Desktop/cm$ perl ../ boot.img11:31
locusfAndroid Magic not found in boot.img. Giving up.11:31
locusfsledges: no config.gz in prco11:31
sledges(or any other config* ?)11:31
sledgesat any rate, it should be the config in defconfig which you then after modified11:32
locusf/proc/*config*: no such file or directory11:32
locusfwhere did I modify it?11:33
Flysersledges: a perl oneliner seems to be the culprit11:33
Flyser... again :P11:33
FlyserI don't know why it works for mako though ... I get an error when I run this oneliner against the recovery.fstab of mako as well11:34
sledgesFlyser: multiple files are checked11:36
sledgesnot only recovery.fstab is read11:37
sledgesbut also fstab.qcom and the like11:37
sledgesin mako case11:37
sledgesalso, your device -has- fstab.qcom (in ../etc)11:37
sledgeslocusf: when mer kernel verify script spat the config flags missing11:37
locusfsledges: ok11:38
sledgescheck your bash history for defconfig11:38
locusfI reran it and now I got it spewing out config errors11:38
sledgeslocusf: reran against out/.../.config ? or defconfig11:38
*** QAQ has quit IRC11:39
*** QAQ has joined #sailfishos-porters11:40
Flysersledges: both throw an error ...11:41
locusfsledges: defconfig11:41
Anarkysledges: I checked again, I run bash without "sdk", I still get an error about zsh11:42
sledgeslocusf: means your culprit might look there ;)11:42
sledgesFlyser: paste?11:42
sledgeslocusf: if you do repo sync in between, your changes might be lost11:43
sledgesAnarky: so, bash; sdk; ubu-chroot -> boomt ?11:43
sledgesAnarky: what host OS?11:43
locusfsledges: what is the out/config path?11:43
Flysersledges: just run /usr/bin/perl -w -e '$$fs=shift; while (<>) { next unless /^$$fs\s|\s$$fs\s/;for (split) {next unless m(^/dev); print "$$_\n"; }}' /data ./device/lge/mako/recovery.fstab11:44
Flyserin $ANDROID_ROOT11:44
sledgeslocusf: search hadk for ".config"11:44
Anarkysledges: exactly; I use Archlinux11:44
sledgesAnarky: same here11:44
locusfsledges: yes11:44
sledgesbut bash all over11:44
locusfsledges: found it and reran it11:44
locusfno errors now11:44
sledgeslocusf: no errors when?11:44
sledgesyou should re-run it on defconfig11:44
sledgesand fix errors in defconfig11:45
locusfI have11:45
locusfand rebuilt recovery now11:45
sledgesriiight, hopes high then ;)11:45
locusfso I guess its time to reflash again?11:45
sledgesjust heimdall11:45
locusfreflash kernel I mean11:45
Flysersledges: nvmd ... $$ -> $11:46
Anarkysledges: it's usual to have this error, but a normal chroot can get an option of the shell to execute11:46
sledgesFlyser: ;)11:46
locusfnow I have that overly messy kernel cmdline :/11:46
Anarkylike "chroot /media/system /bin/bash"11:46
sledgesAnarky: ubu-chroot is a script11:47
sledgescheck inside11:47
Anarkyok :)11:47
locusfsledges: no dice :/11:48
Flyserthe is run by "make hybris-hal", correct?11:49
sledgesFlyser: make hybris-boot to be precise11:50
sledgesand yes11:50
sledgeslocusf: link to your CM .zip ?11:51
locusfI mean
sledgeslet's see..11:52
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters11:55
vrutkovshey guys, need help with pulseaudio-modules-droid:
locusfgotta go bbl11:56
vrutkovsdroid-util.c:74:2: error: #error "No valid ANDROID_VERSION found." is weird :(11:56
sledgesvrutkovs: did you do sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install \11:57
sledgeszypper install droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel11:57
sledgesand others?11:57
*** teotwaki has quit IRC11:58
vrutkovssledges: didn't find that one in the pdf12:00
vrutkovsbut that command did help, thanks!12:00
sledgesvrutkovs: 13.8.112:01
vrutkovssledges: ah, found it, thanks again!12:02
Nokius1sledges:  so there is nothing with $DEVICE in the folder only this ? (still at the error finding at 7.1.112:03
sledgesNokius1: did `mka hybris-hal` succeed?12:04
Flyserah ... the updater-script was created before I added the fstab12:06
Flyserand it was never regenerated12:06
Nokius1sledges:  did try this yeat12:06
sledgesNokius1: that was supposed to be back in chapter 5 ;)12:07
Nokius1sledges: ah found it uner 14.3.412:07
Nokius1chapter 5 is about make -j4 hybris-hal12:09
Nokius1sledges: oh12:09
Nokius1sledges:  no12:10
sledgeswell, it's a duplication there12:12
sledgesim working on the flow there a bit12:13
Nokius1sledges:  looks got to me12:13
vrutkovsoh, it seems some paths are corrupted:
sledgesNokius1: yep12:15
sledgesdoing well12:15
*** trojrozec has quit IRC12:16
sledgesvrutkovs: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu lr12:16
vrutkovssledges: found it - extra slash in .ks for local repo12:16
sledgesvrutkovs: ok12:16
vrutkovsfinally the packages are being fetched12:16
*** hexo has joined #sailfishos-porters12:19
sledgeswelcome hexo :)12:20
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters12:21
Nokius1sledges: but what is wrong ? my droid-hal-$Deivce.spec looks as needed12:22
Nokius1but get this12:22
Nokius1and this12:22
vrutkovsNokius1: you need to rebuild the kernel12:23
vrutkovsthe last paste says you need different config - CONFIG_VT must be Y, CONFIG_ANDROID_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER = n etc.12:24
*** hexo is now known as shallow12:24
sledgesNokius1: did you run mka hadk-hal ?12:24
sledgesah yes soz vrutkovs right, you need to fix your defconfig12:24
sledgesas said in 14.3.512:24
sledgesNokius1: no idea how you managed to build hybris-boot.img already ;)12:25
sledgesmaybe defconfig gotten reverted or you modified .config instead?12:25
Nokius1sledges: i did make -j4 hybris-hal12:26
sledgesNokius1: ah probably that one does not check kernel?12:28
sledgesat any rate, fix your defconfig and rebuild hybris-hal12:28
GranPC_has anyone managed to get any ports running?12:37
Nokius1sledges: so the best if i start from zero again ?12:37
GranPC_tempted to try it, but would like to know if anyone has succeeded12:38
* vrutkovs flashes the image, sweats of heat and excitement12:38
*** QAQ has quit IRC12:40
*** QAQ has joined #sailfishos-porters12:40
sledgesNokius1: fix your defconfig and rebuild hybris-hal12:41
sledgesGranPC_: given sailfish ran on nexus one, we'll see some interesting developments :)12:41
GranPC_sledges: oh cool12:41
sledgesFlyser was also last known to be building final image ^_^12:41
GranPC_makes me want to look into porting it for my phone12:41
sledgesGranPC_: which is? ;)12:42
GranPC_xperia t12:42
vrutkovssledges: what's his device?12:42
GranPC_pretty good phone12:42
sledgesvrutkovs: motorola photon q (xt897)12:42
sledgesGranPC_: nice12:42
*** QAQ has joined #sailfishos-porters12:42
GranPC_used to run a custom build of cm10 there but in the end i just took the prebuilts. didn't have time to continue making my own builds12:42
sledgesGranPC_: well, gather a community around your phone and you'll be baking images without worries (hint: raise it in xda on xperia t thread)12:43
locusfok back12:43
sledgeslocusf: your boot.img is encrypted/invalidated12:44
locusfsledges: oh?12:44
sledgespurposely by samsung it appears12:44
locusfbut its from cm12:44
vrutkovsstuck on boot, nothing in iSerial, nothing in dmesg :(12:44
sledgeslocusf: probably same mechanisms, dunno12:44
sledgesvrutkovs: welcome to next stage ;)12:44
GranPC_is the sailfish UI ever going to be open sourced anyways?12:45
GranPC_lots of conflicting information about this online12:45
Nokius1sledges:  so where i find about this in the HADK?12:46
sledgesGranPC_: subject for #sailfishos discussion ;) nemomobile is open though12:46
sledges12:41 < sledges> 12:29 < sledges> Nokius: refer to 14.3.512:47
locusfsledges: I'd have to build cm from sources to be sure12:48
sledgeslocusf: yes, was my other suggestion12:48
locusfor rather replicate the boot.img creation12:48
sledgesif have enough resources, just repo init a new dir, following instructions on how to build n7000 from cm wiki12:49
sledgesi guess `make bootimage` creates kernel and boot.img12:49
sledges(just read what i wrote..)12:49
*** SmarteX has joined #sailfishos-porters12:53
sledgeswelcome SmarteX :)12:53
Nokius1sledges: now geting confused is on the host system MER_ROOT=/srv/mer correct? is may this why its now a mess?12:53
SmarteXHi :)12:54
sledgesNokius1: shouldn't cause a mess, what mess do you refer to ooi? all is going as planned, defconfig needs mods ;)12:54
SmarteXAre you guys aware that in EA3 Mitakuuluu doesn't let me go into the chat window?12:54
sledgesSmarteX: we aren't :)12:54
sledgescoderus @ #sailfishos will help you best12:55
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters12:55
Nokius1sledges: just wondering were my ubuntu-chroot is :-/12:55
SmarteXThanks :)12:55
sledgeswe :)12:55
locusfsledges: compiling, will ping you when done :p12:59
locusfmight take a while though12:59
sledgesim looking into that screwed boot.img atm13:00
*** SmarteX has left #sailfishos-porters13:00
sledgesvrutkovs: how's it going? :)13:00
vrutkovssledges: boot.img seems dead, also trying 'make bootimage'13:01
vrutkovsthough during install it did found a correct device for /boot13:01
sledgesvrutkovs: like with locusf , try fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img first13:03
*** smartex has joined #sailfishos-porters13:04
vrutkovssledges: I can't seem to reach booloader anyway ('fastboot devices' is blank)13:04
smartexvrutkovs: What device are you talking about?13:05
sledgeslocusf: your boot.img is simply missing the first page (size=4000)13:05
vrutkovssmartex: u881513:05
sledgesvrutkovs: what is the method of accessing your device then?13:05
sledgesi.e. getting into bootloader/recovery13:05
vrutkovsah, finally13:05
sledgesgood :)13:05
locusfsledges: which one of the boot.img files?13:06
locusfhmm interesting13:06
sledgesyep, im reversing further now..13:06
locusfhow can I replicate that in hybris-recovery13:06
sledgeslocusf: i don't think that's a good idea13:07
sledgesas you'll lose cmdline (unless you bake it into zImage)13:07
sledgesfor fun, just delete first 4000 bytes in your img ^_^13:07
sledgesand quite test13:07
vrutkovssledges: meh, fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img -> nothing happened13:07
sledgesvrutkovs: and fastboot boot boot.img from
sledges(also, vrutkovs , nothing happened = stays in bootloader, or screen blank?)13:08
locusfsledges: dd if=/dev/zero of=hybris-recovery.img seek=0 bs=1 count=4000?13:09
sledgeslocusf: the opposite13:09
vrutkovssledges: still on logo, but not detected via 'fastboot devices' - I guess that is 'blank screen'13:09
sledgesyou need to trim it 4000b shorter13:09
vrutkovstrying cm's boot.img13:09
sledgesvrutkovs: ah ok13:09
sledgeslocusf: close: dd of=hybris-trimmed.img if=hybris-recovery.img seek=4000 bs=1  ;)13:10
*** smartex has quit IRC13:11
locusfsledges: ok13:11
vrutkovssledges: the same stuff with cm's boot.img13:11
sledgesvrutkovs: fastboot flash boot boot.img ; fastboot reboot and see if it boots to cm13:12
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters13:13
locusfsledges: trimmed image didn't work13:13
locusfhad my fingers crossed though :p13:13
sledgeslocusf: nope13:14
sledgesmy cmd is wrong13:14
locusfbs=4000 skip=113:14
sledgeslol yes but it skips too much13:15
sledgeshang in13:15
sledgesah ofc13:15
sledges2056 :P13:16
locusfand seek is still the same?13:16
sledgesnever liked odd numbers :))13:16
sledgesin computer science13:16
vrutkovsyep, booting to cm with cm's boot.img13:16
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC13:16
locusfok done and flashing now13:17
sledgesvrutkovs: now do same `fastboot flash boot hybris-recovery.img`13:17
sledgesalso point me to cm .zip you're using vrutkovs13:18
vrutkovsflashing recovery13:18
Flyserwhats this hybris-recovery.img btw? shouldn't CWM or TWRP work fine?13:18
locusfsledges: nope, nothing13:18
sledgeslocusf: ok was worth a try, i'll continue bisecting it13:19
sledgesFlyser: it's just as hybris-boot, except that it stops in initrd with usb ethernet and mmc exported13:19
sledgeswith debug environment13:19
Flyseri c13:19
vrutkovsManufacturer: Mer Boat Loader13:20
vrutkovsat last!13:20
locusfvrutkovs: congrats on being the first to reach mer boot loader :)13:21
sledges\o/ vrutkovs get's the first porter's badge :)13:21
vrutkovslocusf: party at my place, byob :)13:21
sledgesvrutkovs: usb eth avail?13:21
sledgesor you can flash hybris-boot instead if youre ultra brave :)13:22
sledgesMer -Boat- Loader lol gotta luv lbt :))13:22
vrutkovssledges: yep, got telnet13:25
*** ernesti has quit IRC13:26
sledgesvrutkovs: \o/ telnetted in?13:26
sledgesjust go for continue > ... (whatever it says)13:26
sledgescan't wait :D13:27
vrutkovssledges: ah, okay (I was going to flash hybris-boot)13:27
locusffull gui would be quite a show13:28
sledgesand quite an achievement considering the effort ;)13:28
vrutkovsheh, after "echo 'continue' ..." telnet broke connection and lost IP:)13:30
sledgesvrutkovs: normal13:32
sledgeswait for gui13:32
vrutkovssledges: here's what I've got
* sledges runs13:32
sledgesvrutkovs: ^13:33
sledgestelnet should re-appear on 2323 now13:33
vrutkovsah, right, I need some dhcp server to reply on discovers13:34
sledgesdhcp server is inside device13:34
sledgesbut if it malfunctions13:34
sledgesyou do ifconfig usb0
sledgesin host13:35
*** tbr has quit IRC13:35
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters13:36
vrutkovsstill nothing, is gone13:37
vrutkovsright, tried both anyway13:38
sledgesvrutkovs: 1.113:39
sledgeslol 2.1 i mean13:39
vrutkovssledges: nope13:41
vrutkovsokay, I'll go with hybris-boot13:41
sledgesok, back to recovery then ;)13:41
sledgeserm, you'll end up dead straight away13:42
sledgesbut heh, try13:42
sledgesand observe dmesg13:42
Flyserokay ... finally flashing worked13:42
Flyserstuck on bootloader screen :P13:42
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters13:42
*** tbr has quit IRC13:43
sledgesFlyser: dmesg?13:45
Flyserwait ... I am reflashing to eliminate a potential error13:47
Flyserstrangely flashing takes aaaaages13:49
Flyserthe takes several minutes to finish13:49
sledgesyes, bz213:50
sledgescm keeps everying inside zip uncompressed, so they lose on unix permissions/ownerships13:50
Flyserah ... interesting choice for a mobile device :P13:50
vrutkovseh, I'm back to recovery with the same results: after I do "echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin" the device loses ip13:51
sledgesvrutkovs: yes, so advance with caution ;)13:51
sledgesvrutkovs: you need to disable usb-moded i think13:52
vrutkovssledges: well, I still got recovery + /boot suffered ~ 10 reflashes - what can go wrong? :)13:52
vrutkovssledges: okay, on it13:52
sledgesvrutkovs: rm lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service13:53
sledgesunder target13:53
sledges(or move it out somewhere)13:53
sledgesit's udner /target/ in recovery13:53
sledgesafterwards, sync, echo continue > ... but have dmesg -w open on host13:54
Nokiussledges:  one question is MER_ROOT /srv/mer ? on the host so ubunto-chroot goes to /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu right?13:55
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters13:55
vrutkovssledges: '/target # find . -iname "usb-moded.service"' is blank13:57
Nokiussledges: if iam in the sdk $MER_ROOT is $HOME/[my value] ?13:57
vrutkovsthough I'm sure I had this in my .ks13:57
*** ernesti has quit IRC13:59
Flyserand the screen still shows a warning about the bootloader being unlocked13:59
sledgesvrutkovs: you can check tar.bz213:59
sledgesvrutkovs: anything under /target at all? ;p13:59
vrutkovssledges: yep, a normal fs seems to be there14:00
sledgesNokius: yes, under sdk your home is still $HOME, the host rootfs is under /parentroot/ though14:00
sledgesFlyser: you get the badge of 2nd porter \o/14:01
vrutkovsfwiw here is a dmesg from device -
Flyseruuhhh :P14:01
vrutkovsthose crashes look nasty14:01
Nokiussledges: guess i messd this up14:01
sledgesvrutkovs: paste /init.log14:01
*** pat_o has quit IRC14:01
sledgesNokius: take a deep breath and break it down14:01
sledgesvrutkovs: not critical14:02
Nokiussledges: ^^14:02
vrutkovssledges: there you go ->
Flyserbut: dd if=/dev/sdb # dd: failed to open '/dev/sdb': No medium found14:02
sledgesFlyser: telnet in14:03
sledgesread backlog about ifconfig14:03
Flyserhow am I supposed to telnet in, if it prints "rndis_host 1-1.2:1.0 usb0: unregister 'rndis_host' usb-0000:00:1a.0-1.2, RNDIS device" after a few seconds?14:05
sledgesvrutkovs: comment out "import *usb*" lines in /target/init*.rc14:05
sledgesFlyser: sad ;)14:05
sledgesFlyser: is because you did not boot hybris-recovery14:06
sledgesi hope ^_^14:06
vrutkovsah, yep, init.huawei.rc set some usb's there, lets see14:07
sledgessync & cont14:07
vrutkovsthe same (though I didn't do the sync)14:09
sledgesok, run forensics on where usb-moded went14:09
Nokiussledges: sorry me again  $ANDROID_ROOT point on /home/user/1/android/droid in my MerSDK right?14:09
sledgesvrutkovs: FYI, sorry about that it was done onl yesterday night:
sledgesNokius: echo $ANDROID_ROOT14:10
Nokiussledges: the question is if this is correct ? /home in SDK?14:10
Nokiussledges:  before messing up again14:11
vrutkovssledges: no worries, I did sync today - and I have those disables14:11
sledgesNokius: best from experience if everythign is under home14:11
sledgesvrutkovs: ah!14:11
sledgesgood man14:11
sledgesso usb-moded is gone for good then14:11
*** tbr has quit IRC14:12
sledgesvrutkovs: your aim is now to trace, following hint: The init script also functions as a post-switch_root debugger too: cp /init /target/init-debug14:12
sledges(When run post-switch_root, telnet is on port 2323, not 23)14:12
sledgesexamine what /target/init-debug14:12
sledgesand where it might go wrong14:13
vrutkovssledges: okay14:13
sledgesyou can even run switch root yourself14:13
sledgesjust see /init14:13
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters14:13
*** tbr has quit IRC14:17
Flyserfastboot boot hybris-recovery.img fails :(14:20
* Flyser suspects it's motorolas fault14:20
GranPC_Flyser: what phone?14:21
sledgesFlyser: you have to boot -recovery.img same as -boot.img got booted with success14:21
sledgesvia flashing(?)14:22
Anarkysledges: when I enter the ubuntu chroot, is it normal to get this warning? "bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied"14:23
FlyserGranPC_: photon q (xt897, msm8960)14:23
sledgesAnarky: dont enter as root14:23
GranPC_fastboot boot should work fine there14:24
Flysersledges: yes via flashing so I need to create a new with hybris-boot.img replaced by hybris-recovery.img?14:24
sledgesFlyser: in worst case yes14:24
sledgesor just try fastboot flash boot ....14:24
Anarkysledges: I guess I get this error because I'm not root so it can't read this file14:24
AnarkyI was just wondering if my fix was correct14:25
sledgesAnarky: but it should no attempt to read it14:25
sledgesAnarky: hm for me it says only sudo: unable to resolve host prospect14:26
sledgesprobably you can ignore too then14:26
Anarkysledges: ok; to be sure, the sudo part is needed for mer-ubusdk-bash-setup?14:26
sledgesAnarky: dont know, check scripts :)14:27
Anarkysledges: well it's a bit nested there :d14:29
sledgesAnarky: chroot always needs sudo14:29
Anarkysledges: inside the ubu-chroot, is it normal if $MER_ROOT isn't defined?14:29
sledgesAnarky: run hadk14:30
Anarkyseems to work14:30
Anarkyso I guess it's fine, I'll make a patch for ubu-chroot then14:31
sledgeszsh? thanks!-14:31
AnarkyI'm not 100% sure it's the correct solution but it seems to work14:32
sledgeslbt will take a look ;)14:32
Anarkyok :)14:32
sledgeshey you get a badge of first contributor ;)14:32
Anarkyyeah :D14:33
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters14:34
piggzhi, what size /boot does sailfish need on android?14:34
sledgeswelcome piggz mate :)14:34
piggzthx sledges14:34
sledgespiggz: du -sh *14:37
vrutkovsugh, I though I could use "usb_info" for debugging, but it seems to be overwritten14:38
sledgesvrutkovs: as i understood, after switch_root dmesg on host is silent?14:39
piggzsledges: too big for my device then :( ... htc ace has 4mb partition, ive been trying to build ubuntu-touch for it without success14:39
sledgesor no14:39
sledgespiggz: trim down kernel? :;)14:40
sledgespiggz: consult vgrade_, he put sfos on nexus one14:40
piggzfor ubuntu i tried that, removed features from kernel, and adb+libcrypto, which got  it small enough, but im stuck ina boot loop14:40
vrutkovssledges: yep, I'll do 'touch file' for each line I guess14:40
sledgesvrutkovs: going blind yeah, im jealous now :))14:41
sledgespiggz: how does android fit?14:42
piggzsledges: i think the initram is smaller maybe14:43
vrutkovswat, why my changes to /init were not saved on next reboot?14:45
vrutkovssledges: should I be editing /target/init-debug or /init ?14:46
sledgesvrutkovs: everything on / is volatile14:47
sledges/target/* is persistent14:47
*** QAQ has quit IRC14:47
sledges /init is already executed by the time you telnet14:47
sledgesafter switch_root /target/init-debug kicks in14:47
sledgesso touches there are your best bet14:47
Anarkysledges, lbt: the patch for zsh users with ubu-chroot:
sledgespiggz: gunzipped hybris-ramdisk is 65014:49
sledgesAnarky: perform rpm -qf /usr/bin/ubu-chroot14:50
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters14:50
sledgesin mer sdk14:50
Anarkysledges: it's android-tools14:51
piggzsledges: well, it might work then.  what distro is best to work from, ubuntu?14:53
sledgespiggz: arch linux in this channel as i see ^_^ some fedoras too, no big issues unless you like zsh14:54
piggzwell, i use opensuse, but i set up a ubuntu vm for building ubuntu-touch14:54
sledgespiggz: hadk has mer-sdk->ubu-chroot nesting14:54
sledgesAnarky: could you please contribute patch straight to android-tools repo?14:55
Anarkysledges: well in fact it doesn't work ^^14:56
AnarkyI misread, I was in Mer SDK when I tried "hadk"14:56
sledgesAnarky: you need to execute hadk in either, see hadk doc ;)14:57
vrutkovsokay, /target/init-debug doesn't get started for me14:58
vrutkovssledges: is there any way to edit /init? I think there's some typo there14:59
sledgesvrutkovs: edit hybris/hybris/boot/init*14:59
sledgesthen re-run mka hybris-recovery14:59
sledgesvrutkovs: ../hybris-boot/..15:00
vrutkovssledges: ah, right, thanks15:00
sledgesvrutkovs: don't forget, you can switch_root manually in recovery prompt15:01
*** pat_o has joined #sailfishos-porters15:04
locusfsledges: any news for me?15:04
*** tbr has quit IRC15:06
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters15:06
Flysergreat ... it does not boot *at all* due to the fastboot error >.<15:08
sledgesfirst brick badge? ^_^15:12
sledgeslocusf: sec15:12
sledgesFlyser: only joking ;)15:14
sledgeswe've gone through like 10 phones, no bricks so far ;)15:14
*** tbr has quit IRC15:16
Flysersledges: :) no its not hardbricked15:17
Nokiussledges:  looks like i did not check out witj all the needed stuff for the find5 ^^15:17
Nokiusstarting from zero again helps ^^15:17
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
sledgesNokius: good you found :)15:19
sledgesFlyser: yep, it's hard to hardbrick 'em these days ^_^15:19
Nokiussledges:  yeah15:19
Flyserwell ... I replaced the hybris-boot.img with the hybris-recovery.img, now I get a bootloop and nothing in dmesg15:20
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:20
sledgeslocusf: cm build ok?15:21
sledgesFlyser: revert back to hybris-boot.img and see if you get dmesg back15:22
locusfsledges: still in repo sync15:22
sledgesthen access target rootfs and touch /init_enter_debug15:22
*** pat_o has quit IRC15:23
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC15:24
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:24
vrutkovssledges: weird, "switch_root /target /sbin/init" only prints me a usage string15:25
vrutkovsduh, forgot "exec"15:25
sledgesyou need to inject those into init15:26
sledgesi guess15:26
sledges(echo > ..)15:26
sledgesbut try anyhow15:26
*** tbr has quit IRC15:26
vrutkovsright, it simply loses connection if I switch to full inut15:26
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters15:27
sledgesvrutkovs: yes, switch_root does that15:27
NokiusNeed we to care about this during make -j4 hybris-hal ?15:27
NokiusYou are attempting to build with an unsupported version15:27
Nokiusof java.15:27
NokiusYour version is: java version "1.7.0_55".15:27
NokiusThe correct version is: Java SE 1.6 or 1.7.15:27
sledgesNokius: non critical15:27
Nokiussledges:  okay15:27
sledgesvrutkovs: so how's with touch files in /target/init_debug ?15:27
vrutkovssledges: I'm still on it15:28
sledgesvrutkovs: you need exec switch_root /target /init-debug15:28
sledgesnot /sbin/init15:28
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:28
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:28
sledgesvrutkovs: you should copy it over15:29
sledgescp /init /target/init-debug15:29
sledgesso it will stop before systemd kicks in15:29
sledgesbut after switch_root15:29
sledgesis what we need now15:29
Nokiussledges: any idea?15:31
*** pat_o has joined #sailfishos-porters15:32
locusfNokius: you need to sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.7 /usr/bin/gcc inside ubuntu android chroot15:33
Nokiusah yeah !15:33
Nokiusgave this hint in ther moning15:33
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC15:34
locusfnp :)15:34
vrutkovssledges: oh gosh, why -> ?15:34
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:35
sledgesvrutkovs: you need to echo that command instead15:35
Nokiuscu later will be away during bulid15:35
sledgesvrutkovs: echo "exec switch_root /target /init-debug" >/init-ctl/stdin15:36
sledgesvrutkovs: also15:36
sledgesthis file is touched;:15:36
sledgesdo cat /target/init-*stderrout15:36
sledgesto see what happened before15:36
sledgesmost interesting: /target/init-stderrout15:36
*** pat_o has quit IRC15:37
sledgesalso /target/boot/systemd_stdouterr15:37
sledgeslocusf: salvation maybe: xiaolu/galaxys2_kernel_repack15:38
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC15:40
locusfsledges: ok, last ditch effort then :)15:41
sledgeslocusf: nope15:41
sledgesunlzma: /home/sledge/Downloads/galaxys2_kernel_repack-note/unpack_kernel_tmp/kernel.lzma: Compressed data is corrupt15:41
sledgeslocusf: last ditch is cm build ;p15:42
sledgesnote-ics maybe :p15:42
locusfsledges: ?15:43
sledgesinitramfs extracted15:44
sledgeskernel still fails15:44
locusfsledges: could I have done repacking then with hybris kernel and initramfs?15:46
sledgeslocusf: yes, download this and use and
locusfinside HABUILD_SDK?15:50
sledgesanywhere, you'll pass boot.img as argument15:50
alinsledges: is there a version of the guide with a correct page 16?15:50
sledgespatch:     #rm -Rf $TEMP_DIR15:50
alini see some overflow on it15:50
sledgesin unpack.sh15:50
sledgesso you get kernel too ^_^15:50
sledgesit extracts it regardless, very weird15:50
sledges(you'll see for yourself on what it does wit hdd)15:50
sledges*with dd15:51
sledgesalin: you can copy paste with orakul15:51
sledgesthat ;)15:51
sledgeslol it's just an anagram15:51
sledgesapparently :)15:51
alinsledges: not really15:52
sledgesalin: yes really15:52
alinsledges: anyhow the missing word is build?15:52
sledgesalin yes15:52
sledges12:24 < lbt> click/drag-down worked for me15:52
sledgesalin: ^ for okular15:52
alinsledges: mine seems to be a little bit more adamant that does not want to copy more than bu from last word...15:52
alinsledges: anyhow that is not important15:53
alinthe word is build?15:53
alinand here is the error15:53
alinFatal: 'hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec' doesn't exist (and couldn't be made from a yaml)15:53
sledgesalin: repo sync incomplete15:54
alinsledges: are you sure... up to this point everything build15:54
sledges(surely you are in $ANDRIOD_ROOT )15:54
sledgesalin: $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-hal-configs must exist15:54
sledgesif all complete15:54
locusfsledges: [E] not found kernel from /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu/android/droid/out/target/product/n7000/hybris-recovery.img!15:54
alinsledges: a small flood15:55
alinMerSDK bash-3.2$ ls RPMS/15:55
alindroid-hal-hammerhead-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm                 droid-hal-hammerhead-kickstart-configuration-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm15:55
alindroid-hal-hammerhead-devel-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm           droid-hal-hammerhead-patterns-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm15:55
alindroid-hal-hammerhead-img-boot-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm        droid-hal-hammerhead-policy-settings-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm15:55
alindroid-hal-hammerhead-img-recovery-0.0.6-201407191546.noarch.rpm     droid-hal-hammerhead-preinit-plugin-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm15:55
alindroid-hal-hammerhead-kernel-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm          droid-hal-hammerhead-pulseaudio-settings-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm15:55
alindroid-hal-hammerhead-kernel-modules-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm  droid-hal-hammerhead-sailfish-config-0.0.6-201407191546.noarch.rpm15:55
alinMerSDK bash-3.2$ pwd15:55
alinMerSDK bash-3.2$ echo $ANDROID_ROOT15:55
sledgesalin: pastebin ls -l hybris/15:56
alinsledges: one sec I am redoing the sync15:56
sledgesalin: no need, it's our fault, sorry15:56
sledgesbranch 11 is not yet ready so15:56
sledgesthere be dragons15:56
sledgeswb Stskeeps15:57
Stskeepsnot really here15:58
sledgeslocusf: cm's boot.img :P15:58
sledgeshybris boot is in -correct- format which sg note doesn't chew on15:58
sledgesStskeeps: we feel your ghost o.O15:59
locusfsledges: locusf@locusf-desktop:~/galaxys2_kernel_repack$ ./ ~/Desktop/cm/boot.img15:59
locusf[E] not found kernel from /home/locusf/Desktop/cm/boot.img!15:59
sledgeslocusf: note-ics branch? :P16:00
locusfOn branch note-ics16:00
sledgesmd5sum /mnt/homecom/sledge/n7000/boot.img16:01
sledges1e61e9f4195da44cb48c2857e0050625  /mnt/homecom/sledge/n7000/boot.img16:01
sledgesalin: fix is under way16:02
alinsledges: cool... so found a bugger?16:02
sledgesyea, back up already16:02
sledgesback up in the chat i mean16:02
locusf1e61e9f4195da44cb48c2857e0050625  /home/locusf/Desktop/cm/boot.img16:02
sledges./ /mnt/homecom/sledge/n7000/boot.img16:03
sledges[I] Extracting lzma'd kernel image from file: /mnt/homecom/sledge/n7000/boot.img (start = 8400)16:03
*** tbr has quit IRC16:03
sledges46e3b61ac12b59cf4c11fe690956021d  ./unpack.sh16:03
locusf46e3b61ac12b59cf4c11fe690956021d  unpack.sh16:03
sledgesxfiles time?16:04
sledgeslocusf: change chroot to something else :))16:05
locusfI'm not in chroot16:06
sledgeslocusf: then go into one :)16:07
sledgesmaybe it's the host OS?16:07
sledgestry from sdk16:07
alinsledges: i have been away between 10 and 16 my time.. so I miss that lines16:07
locusfsledges: I tried from sdk and it worked ...16:08
sledgesalin: do repo sync16:08
alinsledges: I did16:08
sledgesalin: now16:08
sledgesi just pushed fix ;)16:08
alinsledges: ok...16:08
sledgeslocusf: lol16:08
sledgeswhat host os?16:08
alinsledges: let me do again16:08
sledgesvgrade_ situ: does repo sync redownload manifest?16:09
locusfsledges: so whats next?16:09
sledges18:46 < locusf> sledges: could I have done repacking then with hybris kernel and initramfs?16:09
locusfhumm ok16:10
alinsledges: synced... still the same error16:10
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:10
sledgesalin: add this to your .repo/manifests/default.xml
alinsledges: is there already16:13
situsledges: Not sure.16:13
alinsledges: the issue is that is 10.116:13
alinremember I am 11.016:13
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters16:13
locusfsledges: where is to crosscompile toolchain in ubuntu-chroot?16:15
alinsledges: i see what you did.... synced the manifest file only... did not pull the repo16:15
Anarkysledges: I can confirm the patch doesn't work, when it'll work I'll contribute directly to android-tools16:16
alinsitu: moved a little... I forced a reiinit and pulled the added repo16:17
alinsledges: ^16:17
alinsitu: sorry16:17
alinnow I have another one16:17
sledgesalin: sure you repo init hybris-11.0 !?16:18
alinsledges: this is what it says16:18
sledgesi mean from wiki16:19
sledgesyou confused me with: 19:13 < alin> sledges: the issue is that is 10.116:19
alinsledges: (reverse-i-search)`repo i': repo init -u git:// -b hybris-11.016:19
situalin: echo $VENDOR16:19
sledgesit's fine16:19
situalin: echo $DEVICE16:19
sledges(the 10.1 in reference)16:19
alinsledges: lge hammerhead16:19
alinsitu: ^16:20
sledgessitu: alin: i know the prob, moment16:20
alinsledges: yes... I have fixed that...16:20
alinsledges: you gave me the nexu5 page16:20
alinand used that one16:20
sledgeslocusf: oh no, why would it ever need to compile anything... o.O16:21
sledgeslocusf: cross compilers are in mersdk (/opt/...) and also android sdk provides (/prebuilts/ iirc?)16:21
sledgesalin: ok16:21
alinsledges: so on that one I am kosher16:21
sledgesalin: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in droid-hal16:22
alinsledges: 'droid-hal' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.16:22
alinsledges: and the rest is normal about not finding a packge16:23
sledgesalin: ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE16:23
alinsledges: thought in the previous I just build them16:23
sledgesalin: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE16:23
alinsledges: DBus call failed, falling back to libssu16:24
sledgesalin: normal16:24
sledgesalin: there's a bug in hadk: 7.1.3 needs to be executed before 7.1.216:25
alinsledges: exacrly my thought16:25
alinsledges: i was reading ahead now16:26
sledgesand alin 7.1.3 contains zypper ar ... ignore and use ssu ar above16:26
sledgesanother bug ;)16:26
sledgesfixing those as we speak ;)16:26
*** shallow is now known as wao`16:26
alinsledges: ok16:28
sledgeslocusf: wow16:29
sledgesmental innit? :)16:29
alinsledges: one more step fixed16:31
locusfsledges: what? :D16:33
sledgesisn't it? :)16:33
alinsledges: 7.2 section... does not specify mer_sdk or ha_sdk to efit the files16:33
alinis pedantinc16:33
sledgesalin: because it's the contents of a file, not console commands16:33
locusfsledges: had to be in habuild-chroot to repack to work16:36
Flysersledges: I got the dmesg back, but touching /init_enter_debug did not have any effect16:38
sledgesFlyser: that's sad news16:38
sledgesFlyser: ok, it means it pops out of initrd16:39
alinsledges: i know... is a file... anyhow I see is more complicated to edit it...16:39
locusffingers crossed for repacked kernel to run16:39
locusfsledges: won't work16:40
sledgesmeans kernel is to blame16:40
alinsledges: page 19... are the full command somwhere?16:41
sledgesHA_REPO="repo --name=adaptation0-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@"16:43
sledgessed -e \ "s|^$HA_REPO.*$|$HA_REPO --baseurl=file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE|" \ $ANDROID_ROOT/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks > \ tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks16:43
sledgeshm, i shouldn't have flooded :P16:44
sledgessoz about that16:44
Flyserrunning fastboot flash boot hybris-recovery also causes a bootloop again16:45
alinsledges: that is fine great... the second one16:45
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC16:45
sledgesalin: the second one you are not needing16:46
sledges(read above it as to why)16:46
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:46
sledgesFlyser: boot recovery is less friendly as we see16:46
alinsledges: yap...16:46
alinsledges: you are right16:46
sledgesalin: wait a minute16:46
sledgesyou need it ;)16:46
sledgesalin: read below that overflown line, and adjust it to:
locusfsledges: isn't doing the offsets right16:48
sledgesalin: in
alinsledges: why I needed... thought only if I want to do magic is needed16:48
sledgesalin: if you want to save lots of time, it's needed16:48
sledgesbecause nexus5 is already in public repos16:48
sledgeslocusf: good catch (pun intended)16:48
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos-porters16:49
alinsledges: ok.... I see... now I am silly is situ repo16:50
sledgesalin: yep and you'll be one of the firsts to test this cool feature of re-using repos ;)16:51
sledgeslocusf: o.O my eyes are leaking out watching that paste &)16:52
alinsledges: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mic/3rdparty/pykickstart/commands/ UserWarning: A repo with the name adaptation1-hammerhead- has already been defined.16:54
alinsuggestion replace mako by $DEVICE16:54
locusfI have no idea what that payload is16:54
alinsledges: in 8.416:55
alinsledges: and the error Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:
sledgesalin: 19:47 < sledges> alin: read below that overflown line, and adjust it to:
sledges19:48 < sledges> alin: in
locusfsledges: if I don't add payload I get a 0 sized zImage for the kernel :p16:56
alinsledges: total messup... understtod exactly the other way round16:59
sledgesgood all good now ;)17:00
alinsledges: almost... now I hit another repo17:03
sledgesshoot ;)17:03
locusfgrr getting segfaults due to bad overclock, sigh17:03
alinsledges: Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:
alinsledges: stange in that file I do not see situ's17:04
alinsledges: that one exists... but password only17:05
alinsledges: did you forget some things shall not be there?17:05
sledgesalin: ok that's another bug you bumped, again apologies ;);17:06
sledges22:43 < sledges> open rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec17:07
sledges22:43 < sledges> comment out #  %{!?ssu_override: %define ssu_override domain=sales}17:07
sledges22:43 < sledges> and under it add17:08
sledges22:43 < sledges> %define ssu_override domain=sales17:08
alinsledges: now I think I messed up this temp file17:11
alinI shall have three repos in it17:11
alinthe local the sitewar and the sailfish one?17:11
*** tbr has quit IRC17:13
alinand of course not jolla ones17:13
sledgesalin: did you fix dhc ?17:14
locusfsledges: still trying with cyanogen build17:15
alinsledges: dhc?17:16
sledges20:07 < sledges> 22:43 < sledges> open rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec17:16
*** pat_o has joined #sailfishos-porters17:17
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC17:17
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:18
*** pat_o has quit IRC17:21
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC17:22
alinsledges: no I missed that17:24
NokiusWOW just back and now it stobs buliding YEAH!17:24
alinsledges: there is no configs.spec17:25
sledgesNokius: good timing :)17:25
sledgesalin: hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec17:25
sledgesreplace =jolla to =sales17:25
sledgesall done17:25
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters17:26
Nokiussledges: Ah One thing i run first time make -j4 hybris-hal says missed find5 related stuff so again repo sync and run again make -j4 hybris-ha now says need find5 kernel so again repo sync boom than no missing stuff at make -j4 hybris-ha not sure if its normal ?17:26
*** pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:26
Nokiussledges:  yes17:26
sledgesNokius: maybe you've hit github api rate limit ?17:27
sledgescouple of times17:27
Nokiussledges: mh maybe ?! ;-/17:28
sledges- During `repo sync` github might start saying "Forbidden" after you check-out too many repos and break API limit. Add your username to ~/.netrc to avoid this (more info: )17:28
sledgesthanks to locusf for this one ^_^17:28
alinsledges: before I go mad... are this the repos I need to add17:28
alinI think i got lost in lines at one moment17:28
alinso the 1 shall not be there... unless I did a mistake17:30
sledgesalin: adaptation0 points to local17:30
sledgesalin: adaptation1 points to situ's17:30
sledgesthat's all17:30
alinsledges: perfect17:30
sledgesalin: but first you must regenerate .ks17:30
alinand I still get the 3 from jolla despite the change17:30
alinlet me double check17:30
Nokiussledges:  hm still not sure ifs an api thing dune its only find related which where missed17:31
sledgesalin: yes, from jolla is ok, jollamobile is not17:31
alinsledges: Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:
alinsledges: and I changed the .spec as you suggested17:33
locusfdid you rebuild the packages after?17:33
sledgesalin: listen to locusf ;)17:33
*** aaa has joined #sailfishos-porters17:34
alinlocusf: of course not...17:34
Nokiussledges: is targets/$VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl in srv or $HOME17:36
locusfhell of a lot of moving parts in hadk17:36
alinsledges: locusf subbess17:36
sledgesalin: \o/17:36
alinnow next issue17:36
alinWarning: repo problem: nothing provides jolla-rnd-device needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201407191546.noarch,17:36
locusfalin: building image now?17:36
alinlocusf: not so fast...17:37
locusfoh yeah17:37
Nokiussledges:  makes me creasy :-017:37
locusfthat one17:37
sledgesNokius: targets are where you create them17:37
sledgesalin: remove jolla-rnd-device from rpm/patterns/hammerhead/*17:37
locusfand rebuild packages and repo for patterns, rinse and repeat17:38
locusfhadk makes this quite clear that its iterative17:39
alinlocusf: self consistent is the right word17:40
sledgesalin: locusf: yep, 2nd bullet list in 8.4.117:40
locusfalin: yeah that too17:40
*** pat_o has joined #sailfishos-porters17:42
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC17:42
*** pat_o has left #sailfishos-porters17:49
Nokiussledges: looks better but not good yeat17:50
alinok fixed that one too17:51
Nokiussledges: or is this normal HADK says that there is  FAIL17:51
alinok now the local repo is the problem Error <creator>: Package installation failed: <creator>URLGrabber error: can't find file /home/alin/lavello/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/hammerhead/droid-hal-hammerhead-img-boot-0.0.6-201407191546.armv7hl.rpm17:52
sledgesalin: re-run createrepo17:53
alinsledges: blimey... stupid me I assumed I do not need17:53
alinsledges: do I need to re-add it to the target?17:54
sledgesalin: no, just refresh17:54
sledgesalin: 2nd bullet list in 8.4.1 ;p17:55
sledgesNokius: 14.3.517:55
Nokiussledges:  ah agian tmp is empty :-(17:59
sledgesNokius: it shouldn't be full yet :)17:59
Nokiussledges: ah okay17:59
alinok now downloads...18:00
alinsome respite till the next error18:00
alintill then... one question18:02
alinis there any reason why ubuntu-12.10 is there for chroot?18:02
Nokiussledges:  is
Nokiussledges: is cyanogenmod_find5_defconfig the file i have to use ?18:04
alinsledges: in chapter 8... before the build image command.. maybe you shall add the sections with the issues18:04
Nokiussledges:  HADK "Look for a file like: arch/arm/configs/$DEVICE_cm10.1_defconfig in18:04
Nokiuskernel/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/ and modify it in your kernel repo fork."18:04
alinsledges: that is enigmatic18:09
*** piggz has quit IRC18:09
sledgesalin: you're out of disk space18:09
sledgesNokius: check $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfigCommon.mk18:10
alinsledges: almost 1GiB free on root18:11
sledgesand home?18:11
sledgesalin: wherever your mic-cache points, it's tight18:12
sledgescheck space in sdk18:13
alinsledges: is the normar /var/tmp18:13
sledgesin mersdk18:13
alinyap now is installing18:13
alin10GiB there18:13
Nokiussledges:  wait so got the error i start in Chapter one and went on no i stuck at seven again but 14 is the right place if i work on an new device for the port ?18:13
vrutkovssledges: do you know if default mer kernel is built with /proc/last_kmsg support?18:13
alinsledges: qemu: Unsupported syscall: 31118:15
Nokiussledges:  ah18:15
alinthis one and some others18:16
alinconnman not AVAILABLE18:17
alinnow is packing Info: Pack rootfs to /home/alin/lavello/mer/android/droid/sfa-hammerhead-ea- Please wait...18:17
*** ballock has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
sledgesballock: o/ how are you friend?18:18
sledgesvrutkovs: no idea18:18
sledgesNokius: yes :)18:18
sledgesNokius: i'll add an indication for new porters, thanks ;)18:18
sledgesalin: those errors are irrelevant, you're on a good way18:19
*** Eztran has quit IRC18:19
alinsledges: yes... I go to pub now...18:19
alinsledges: that is the right way...18:19
sledgesInfo: Finished.18:19
alinsledges: tomorrow I will see... breaking it bad18:19
sledgesalin: yes, celebratory ;)18:19
sledgesalin: tomorrow pls work with situ, you'll have to do more in order to reach stable graphics18:20
sledgesim off tomorrow ;p18:20
sledgesfriend's birthday18:20
alinsledges: ok... I will ask him if he is around18:20
sledgesas much as i enjoy staying here and helping porters.. ;)18:20
alinsledges: good... drinking, eating and other debauchery ...18:20
alinsledges: the funny bit... I go to a pub called porter house18:21
sledges:D him bastard did it on sunday, so not much to let go, but i'll do my best :))18:21
sledgesalin: lol!18:21
sledgesdrink some porter beer for us ;)18:21
alinsledges: I can drink only two...so18:26
*** aaa has quit IRC18:26
sledgestwo is some :))18:26
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:32
ballocksledges: I'm ok, waiting for another batch of free time to do something cool.18:32
ballockI've had a company training in Oslo, so I thought I'd have a drink with some guys related to cfengine18:32
ballockbut it seems they are not as cool as the sailfish community, there was no response there ;)18:33
sledgesyay sound cosmic ^_^18:33
sledges:)) got you18:33
sledgeswell, been pretty hot in this channel since yesterday :)18:33
sledgesadding up to the weather :)18:33
ballockdarn, no channel log?18:34
sledgesgood you were busy, as i felt guilty not having time to invite you over :)18:34
sledgesballock yes channel log18:34
sledgesbut mainly hadk issues ;)18:34
sledgeswait for new version on monday to start fresh18:34
ballockthat bad? I already started reading it, but only got to the definitions when my kids started to pull my ears and legs18:35
sledgeswell, nothing what you wouldn't spot yourself ;)18:36
ballockah, ok18:36
sledgesjust annoyances that passed the experienced eyes :))18:36
sledgesto be more correct :))18:36
ballockthat's fine, I can read between the lines.18:37
*** alin has quit IRC18:37
ballockNow I've got another tempting challenge: porting Opera Mini to Sailfish18:40
ballockThere's an android version, of course, and with the latest update it's not that irritating to have it as an android window, hidden in the background18:41
ballockbut still, that's not it.18:41
ballockIt should be "pretty" easy for a dev (which I am not), as it's more or less some UI and instructions on text and images placement.18:42
ballockIt would need to be closed-source and I guess I would need to get a couple of approvals in the company to have it released, but...18:43
ballockthere's a couple of hundred of millions of Opera Mini users in Asia, perhaps having it on Sailfish would raise its (Sailfish) chances of adoption there.18:44
*** ernesti has quit IRC18:44
ballockIt's the cheapest (regarding amount of data transfer while browsing) browser on the world :p18:45
tbrballock: opera was always quite interested in bringing their browser to new platforms. There were proof of concept versions for maemo and harmattan IIRC18:46
tbrthat was their full engine back then IIRC18:46
ballockOh, really?18:46
tbrballock: I seem to remember that aard knew something about that stuff. so he from the jolla side might still point you to the right people on your side.18:47
vakkovi'm back again :D sledges:
ballockThat might be a good start. Although the maemo/harmattan engine might have been the Presto core...18:47
ballockThe whole browser is a larger project, not a single-man effort.18:48
tbrI'm aware of that18:49
ballockEspecially that the version currently out there (and I guess the one released for Nokia X) is probably the new engine (Chromium)18:49
*** ArkkisN has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
ballockso having it up-to-date would require porting Chromium... ugh18:50
sledgesballock: when you have more of your guns ready, fire that idea away on #sailfishos pls ;)18:50
sledgesArkkisN: welcome :)18:50
ArkkisNHey everyone! Anyone knows if any Nexus 5 ports are going out there?18:50
sledgesArkkisN: yes, one guy just rebuilt it from repos following hadk18:50
ArkkisNsledges, hey :) Changed my phone from SGS3 to Nexus 5.. Love this device & multirom <318:50
sledgesand went to drink beer as celebration :)18:50
ArkkisN: D18:51
sledgesArkkisN: follow situ 's link ;)18:51
locusfsledges: cyanogenmod build done18:51
sledgesvakkov: latest repo version? are you in correct folder?18:51
ArkkisNSo I should start to hack :o18:51
sledgeslocusf: inverwesting ;)18:51
sledgesArkkisN: up to you isn't it ;)18:52
vakkovsledges: i just saw the git error. it's obviously my fault18:52
vakkovsledges: sorry18:52
ArkkisNIts fully usable yeah?18:52
situArkkisN: Status of hw support
ArkkisNMaybe I should wait for rom :) Too much that I can fail : D18:53
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
locusfArkkisN: which device are you thinking about?18:55
ArkkisNNexus 518:55
situArkkisN: Nexus 5 is still work in progress and we will release rom once it stabilizes.18:55
ArkkisNaka which I should be checking.18:56
sledgessitu's twitter account? ;)18:56
situsledges: Will there be something like notifying you through mail like Nexus 4 ?18:57
*** tinker-f595 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
sledgessitu: yes, that can be doen too18:58
sledgesgood idea18:58
situsledges: I wonder how many devices until you give up :P18:59
sledgesArkkisN: i got your email so you'll get it ;)18:59
sledgesn5 is on the early adopters wishlist ;)18:59
situArkkisN: Just hang around in this channel and you will know.18:59
ArkkisNI'll just wait for the mail then!18:59
sledgesyep, easy :)19:00
*** ernesti has quit IRC19:00
ArkkisNLove your naming policy with Sailfish updates <319:02
sledgeslakes? ;)19:03
ArkkisNActually can't remember any of those and did not check those either.. They are just awesome.19:03
sledgesand photos19:03
vakkovsledges: error: File not found by glob: /home/vakko/MerSDK/android/droid/installroot/usr/share/package-groups/*.xml19:03
locusfsledges: mka -j1 bootimage now19:06
sledgesvakkov: bottom paragraph of 8.319:06
sledgessorry a bug ;)19:06
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
sledgesalready fixed in next ver ;)19:06
Anarkylbt: do you remember why you changed from su to sudo to enter the ubu-chroot?19:08
vakkovfind: /home/vakko/MerSDK/android/droid/droid-local-repo: No such file or directory19:09
vakkovchecking for /home/vakko/MerSDK/android/droid/droid-local-repo/maguro/*-patterns*.rpm...19:09
vakkovError: no patterns RPM found19:09
sledgesvakkov: it was long story i rememer, something really didn't work :)19:09
sledgesvakkov: did you run the script19:09
vakkovi think not19:09
sledgess/vakkov: it was long story/Anarky: it was long story/ ...19:09
vakkovwhere is it19:09
sledges22:06 < sledges> vakkov: bottom paragraph of 8.319:09
Anarkylbt: I get an error if I try to use it (su: Authentication failure) but otherwise it seems to work, and it permits me to keep zsh19:10
vakkovsledges: i'm blind ....19:10
Anarkysledges: while I'm still in this error, I feel very dumb :d19:10
sledgesAnarky: so no fixes?19:10
vakkovsledges: ok, regenerated patterns but the error stays19:10
sledgesis gonna be a tough fight it seems ;) (but i thought you got worked around it at some point)19:11
vakkovsledges: the error from *19:11
sledgesvakkov: go back to what you were doing in 22:03 < vakkov> sledges: error: File not found by glob: /home/vakko/MerSDK/android/droid/installroot/usr/share/package-groups/*.xml19:11
sledgesit's too early to process patterns19:11
Anarkysledges: with "the old way" (ie su instead of sudo) it seems to works even with an error, so I don't get why su/sudo is needed there19:11
Anarkybut with the previous patch it doesn't work, I'm $USER but with $HOME=/root so it doesn't work19:13
sledgesodear :)19:13
Anarkylbt took his weekend? in the meantime I can use bash as a shell and loose my hair somewhere else :)19:15
vakkovsledges: what should be at the end of this ->   mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec bu19:16
locusf/home/locusf/android/system/out/host/linux-x86/bin/acp -fp /home/locusf/android/system/out/target/product/n7000/kernel /home/locusf/android/system/out/target/product/n7000/boot.img19:17
sledgesAnarky: yes pls19:17
locusfthats all boot.img is19:17
locusfno special mumbos or anything, just pure kernel file copy19:17
sledgeslocusf: what's acp?19:17
locusfsledges: some kind of special copy19:17
sledgeslocusf: no initrd?19:17
sledgesprobably initrd can be baked into kernel?19:18
sledgeshumm sounds not friendly19:18
locusfsledges: seems so19:18
Anarkysledges: ok, I think I'll try again tomorrow, unfortunately I have some work to do19:18
sledgesbut good to know!19:18
sledgesAnarky: see you monday then, tomorrow im off :)19:19
vakkovi got dependency errors similar to those -
Anarkysledges: ok, I think you had a long week ^^19:20
sledgesmaybe, but maybe some slacking off that the beginning of it :DD19:21
sledgeslocusf: no comments :D19:21
sledgesvakkov: skip to next section in hadk first19:22
sledgestheir order is mixed up19:22
*** cax has joined #sailfishos-porters19:24
sledgescax: welcome :)19:24
caxsledges thnx:)19:25
vakkovsleges: ooook, another command. sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper ar $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-rep19:25
vakkovi guess repo/$DEVICE but still doesnt work19:25
sledgescax: device guns out? :)19:26
sledgesvakkov: which pdf reader are you using?19:26
vakkovsledges: evince... ouch, ofrgot it was one of those with the problems :D19:26
vakkovsledges: firefox should be ok?19:26
vakkovsledges: the same happens with firefox. it's just not finished19:28
vakkovthe line is not finished *19:28
sledgesvakkov: hmm, install okular?19:30
vakkovso, what's the ending of this command19:30
vakkovok, i will19:30
locusfvakkov: which page?19:30
vakkov16 (20)19:31
locusfsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper ar $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE local-$DEVICE-hal19:31
vakkovlocusf: thanks :)19:32
locusfsledges: so my kernel is screwed, what now :) ?19:32
sledgeslocusf: you initrd is? ;)19:33
locusfwell that too I guess19:33
sledgeslocusf: i guess with that copy you can build kernel19:34
sledges*boot kernel19:34
sledgesjust needs to learn how to incorporate initrd19:34
vakkovokular also has the same problem :(19:34
sledgesvakkov: ouch, thanks; i was just curious how bad it is (and how urgently we need next hadk ver ;))19:35
vakkovsledges: which one displays it properly?   And I did step 7.1.3 but 7.1.2 still fails (dependencies)19:36
sledgesvakkov: sorry other bugs19:37
sledgesb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper dd local(...))19:37
sledgesand do19:37
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install ssu ar $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE local-$DEVICE-hal19:37
vakkovsledges: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper dd local(...))   - is that the proper spelling?19:39
vakkovbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('19:39
sledgesvakkov: no ;p19:39
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper dd local-$DEVICE-hal19:39
vakkovUnknown command 'dd'19:40
vakkovType 'zypper help' to get a list of global options and commands.19:40
vakkovthis channel should be logged so others can do it faster19:41
sledgesvakkov: rr19:42
vakkovnp :019:42
sledgesvakkov: i log everything to hadk doc ;)19:42
sledgesandthis channel is logged, but people will get lost19:42
sledgesbetter wait for monday :)19:43
vakkovconnman not AVAILABLE19:44
vakkovInvalid parameters for 'ssu ar': URL required.19:44
vakkovsledges: but i can ping from the sdk :O19:45
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install ssu ar file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE local-$DEVICE-hal19:45
vakkovconnman not AVAILABLE19:46
vakkovDBus call failed, falling back to libssu19:46
locusfall good ignore those19:46
vakkovso should i try 7.1.2 again19:48
*** ernesti has quit IRC19:49
locusfwhy does Mer SDK mess up my /dev/shm?19:50
sledgesshmmm dont know ;)19:50
vakkovlocusf: this happend to me yesterday19:50
vakkovsledges: what about 7.1.319:50
vakkovi guess no19:51
sledgesvakkov: already done19:53
vrutkovssledges: hmm, after I do switch_root my host says "rndis_host 2-1:1.0: RNDIS init failed, -19" and "rndis_wlan 2-1:1.0: RNDIS init failed, -19" in logs19:55
vrutkovsis that bad?19:55
sledgesvrutkovs: yep19:58
sledgesi assume it does both times equivalent requests, but fails 2nd time around :/19:58
sledgesvrutkovs: maybe interface name changes? you could log ifconfig -a before and after19:58
sledgesexamine the routine which writes to android functions to enable rndis, too19:59
locusfsleep now, good night for you all and good luck with your hadk adventures :)19:59
vrutkovssledges: ipconfig -a on guest? it doesn't change on host at least20:00
vrutkovsalso there's nasty "usb 2-1: can't set config #1, error -110"20:00
sledgesvrutkovs: yes very nasty20:00
sledgeslocusf: night night! chat monday :)20:00
locusfsledges: sure :)20:00
sledgeswas great experience that one :)20:01
locusfyeah :)20:01
*** piggz has quit IRC20:03
vrutkovsheh, kernel's CONFIG_USB_NET_RNDIS_WLAN is not set20:04
sledgesno need for wlan?20:05
*** furikku has quit IRC20:07
vrutkovsright, it seems NM on my host machine is playing tricks on me20:10
sledgesoh the darn thing20:13
GranPC_so any successful porters yet? :)20:16
vrutkovsargh, restarted the whole procedure again - no rndis warnings in the logs, and no telnet after switch_root20:17
sledgesvrutkovs: moar debug :)20:17
sledgesGranPC_: nexus5 img done ;)20:18
GranPC_sledges: nice20:18
GranPC_wasnt that an officially supported device tho?20:18
sledgessemi- ;)20:18
sledgesi mean, community worked on n5 even before hadk20:18
sledgesand now a newcomer just replicated the effort since20:18
sledgesfollowing the doc and wiki20:18
GranPC_thats awesome20:19
sledgesyet, not much jolla involvement :)20:19
sledgeswas gonna say :)20:19
vrutkovssledges: and when I do switch_root the whole thing just hangs...20:19
sledgesvrutkovs: expected20:19
sledgesnon-recovery boots do switch_root right away20:19
sledgesvrutkovs: to init_debug ?20:20
vrutkovsmoar touches that is20:20
sledgesvrutkovs: so logs are gone from *stderr ?20:21
sledgesi hope they all flush sync in time if any o.O20:21
vrutkovssledges: those are not created even! And no new files, though I did "touch /work_damn_you" straight after "set -x" in /target/init-debug20:22
vrutkovsmy usual ways - triple sync and reboots - don't help20:25
sledgesso it never switches root?20:27
sledgesmight be to do with DEVPTS20:28
sledgesCONFIG_ thing20:28
vrutkovssledges: so, if I build a new kernel it would be sufficient to flash new recovery.img, right?20:29
sledgesbut otherDEVPTS are in?20:30
vrutkovssledges: yep, I've got "devpts on /dev/pts type devpts" in mount at least20:33
sledgeswell, worth a try, switch_root is a tipping point anyhow20:34
vrutkovsaaaand nothing... No /proc/last_kmg even20:44
vakkov8.2  - the commands please20:44
sledgesvakkov: 19:44 < sledges> alin:
vakkovsledges: bash: tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-maguro-@ARCH@.ks: No such file or directory20:49
vakkovshould i just copy it from share/kickstarts20:50
sledgesvakkov: sec20:50
sledges19:44 < sledges> alin:
sledgesit's taken from there20:50
vakkovyep. I am asking if it would work if I copy it from there20:53
sledgesvakkov: ?hm that cmd line should just work20:53
sledgesit creates it for you20:53
sledges(unless you didn't mkdir tmp)20:53
sledgesas it needs to do that sed20:54
vrutkovsokay, now its beer time20:56
vakkovError <creator>: URLGrabber error:
sledgesvakkov: replace jolla with sales20:56
vrutkovssledges: great thanks for your help! I hope I'll be more lucky tomorrow20:56
sledgesvakkov: in hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec20:57
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC20:57
sledgesvrutkovs: same here, im off until monday :)20:57
sledgesnew hadk looks shiny :)20:57
sledgeshope my colleagues are back early monday so we publish it20:57
vakkovsledges: %define ssu_override domain=jolla    here?20:57
vakkovand here ssu-kickstart-configuration-jolla20:58
*** aa has joined #sailfishos-porters20:59
sledgesvakkov: only the first20:59
sledges(fix is already in the github tree btw ;)20:59
vakkovsledges: still gives the error21:03
sledgesvakkov: regenerate patterns21:04
sledgesregenerate .ks21:04
sledges(mb2 .... droid-hal-configs)21:04
sledgesand re-sed it21:04
vakkovsledges: here we go21:08
vakkovsledges: damn, error again :D21:09
vakkovWarning: repo problem: nothing provides qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hybris-droid-vibrator-0.0.6-201407191911.noarch,21:09
vakkovError <repo>: found 1 resolver problem, abort!21:09
vakkovwhere should i clone that21:11
sledgesvakkov: just set PKG=qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator21:13
sledgesand carry on like any other PKG21:13
vakkovsledges: yep, worked21:17
vakkovnow i will have to figure out how to make it dualbootable :D21:17
vakkovi am planning to take advantage of that u-boot21:18
vakkovbtw, my nexus doesn't have a volume down button now. If i flash CM and then install the image that is being cooked atm and it dies how do i revive it ;D21:19
Nokiusstill building …21:20
sledgesvakkov: how do you flash cm?21:21
Nokiuscu tomorrow guys21:22
vakkovi will enter recovery via a command21:22
sledgescya monday Nokius !21:22
sledgesvakkov: that recovery will still be there then ;)21:23
vakkovhmm, i can istall a touch recovery21:23
vakkovbut i can only enter it via adb21:23
vakkovwhich means working android :D21:23
Nokiussledges: okay will try to find time … in the week days21:23
sledgesvakkov: fastboot?21:26
sledgesgrouper works that way21:27
sledgesvakkov: you say where's your volume down? ;p21:28
*** wao` is now known as shallowest21:30
sledgesok, new hadk is now in an internal merge request, see you monday bright and early (if i won't party too much tomorrow :)21:42
*** aa has quit IRC22:11
*** cax has quit IRC22:42
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:58
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:58

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