Sunday, 2014-07-20

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ParkerRAre there any distro specific build guides yet? The PDF isn;t bad it just leaves some stuff up for guessing and honestlu Id prefer maybe an archive with all the script ready for editing. I dont trust myself copying and pasting fromt he PDF03:19
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Nokiussitu: what u did to get over this error
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Nokiussitu: have the same error now and i guess i have to fix it with 14.3.5 but dont get the point there ...06:22
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sledgesah porting is so addictive ^_^07:55
sledgesmorning :)07:55
sledgesNokius: find your defconfig that CM takes07:55
sledgesthen check your paste, see for example:07:55
sledgesERROR: CONFIG_CGROUPS is invalid07:55
sledgesIt is unset07:55
sledgesAllowed values : y07:55
sledgesmeaning, you add CONFIG_CGROUPS=y to the end of your defconfig file07:56
sledgesand Nokius: how to find which defconfig CM uses? (paste from tomorrow's hadk ;):
sledgesok, im off now :p07:57
sledgeshey stephg guess what im off to the Shire :)) the most crop-circled area of it ^_^08:00
stephghehe have fun, but do take an umbrella, and don't stand under any tall trees if it starts raining :)08:07
sledgesi won't, clear skies all day in this part of uk \o/08:09
sledgesi hope you didn't get electrocuted over there O^O08:10
stephgI hope you have your water diving rods, your cosmic crystals and all the other things you need to be messing around with the crop circles ;)08:11
stephgnot electricuted here yet, but the storm on early on friday AM was biiiig08:11
sledgesi'll take this: (starting from 1:16):
sledgeshe's bril!08:14
stephgyes. yes he is.08:14
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locusfhey sledges08:22
locusfI'll continue my kernel debug today08:22
locusfI'll search for the most common reasons for the kernel not booting on the internet08:23
stephgout of interest, what device are you trying to build for locusf?08:27
locusfstephg: galaxy note n700008:30
locusfhaving trouble to get mer recovery kernel to boot08:30
stephgboot? not even boot then panic?08:31
stephgick, so you don't have much to go on then...08:34
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locusfalthough I couldn't tell about panick08:50
Nokiussledges: yes it is08:55
Nokiussledges: but will take now some time for the family | enjoy your sunday too ^^ cu u the next days again08:57
locusfisn't Android 4.2.2 == Jelly Bean?09:05
locusfseems so09:06
stephgaccording to wikipedia: Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)09:06
locusfdownloading samsung sources for 4.2.2 N7000 kernel and using their defconfig to build the mer kernel09:07
situNokius: IIRC you don't need to fix that error, just move on with next step.09:09
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Nokiussitu: okay but u had no fail later with this ==> mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$ build09:11
situNokius: Read the comment above "mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build" in 7.1.1, build failure is expected.09:13
Nokiussitu: okay was not sure if this fail is there correct one ^^09:14
situNokius: IMHO you can move onto next step.09:14
Nokiussitu: is this one mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build09:16
Nokiusand this returns also a fail as i got it it is not wanted or?09:16
Nokiussitu: dont looks to me HADK days This should leave you with several RPM packages in $ANDROID_ROOT/RPMS/.09:16
situNokius: Show me the build log09:17
Nokiussitu: from mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build? or mka hybris-hal09:19
situNokius:  mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build09:19
situNokius: was mka hybris-hal succesful ?09:21
Nokiussitu:  returns Install: $ANDROID_ROOT/out/target/product/$DEVICE/hybris-recovery.img09:22
NokiusInstall: $ANDROID_ROOT/out/target/product/$DEVICE/hybris-boot.img09:22
Nokiussitu: so guess it is09:22
NokiusHABUILD_SDK [find5] user@Build-Box-II:~/1/android/droid$ ls -la out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config09:22
Nokius-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 107084 Jul 19 18:31 out/target/product/find5/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config09:22
situNokius: what device are you building for09:22
Nokiussitu: find509:22
situok, find5.09:22
situok, I am wondering why it's not able to open .config file.09:24
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Nokiussitu: me09:24
Nokiussitu: sorry have to go now family time ....09:25
situNokius: See you.09:25
Nokiuswill try it later :-/09:25
situI think %{device} should be replaced with find5.09:26
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vakkovHi guys!09:34
vakkovwhat are the possible ways to debug sailfish? ssh and then journal?09:34
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stephgvakkov: also the sdk10:01
stephg(if you have the source for what you're trying to debug)10:01
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locusfno wonder it doesn't boot!10:05
locusfI have downloaded the SGS3 kernel ...10:06
locusfhmm no, its the right kernel alright10:06
locusfit just says Samsung Galaxy S III in the github description10:09
vakkovuhm, i built a uart cable :D i think that a kernel panic prevents galaxy nexus to boot10:10
locusfI unfortunately would need some sort of a JTAG cable to debug the kernel boot messages10:10
vakkovit was the first thing i built when i bought the phone :D now i only changed the resistors10:13
vakkovresistor, actually. If somebody reads this in future have in mind that you can type commands ONLY with a 150k Ohm resistor (not 619)10:14
alinsitu: hi10:16
alinsitu flashing stage...10:16
alinseems to take it a while to do the running10:16
vakkovi already flashed ;D now i am investigating why it is not booting10:17
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alinflashing done stuck on the Google screen10:18
locusfI'm still stuck at the Samsung boot screen too10:19
alinlocusf: ok... so something is fishy10:20
locusfsomethings wrong with the recovery kernel for some devices10:20
locusfcm build of the kernel went fine10:20
vakkovdo your kernels have the configs needed10:20
alinwhat recovery? i used the cm recovery image...10:22
alinlocusf: anyhow needs to be something very fundamental or very stupid... cause I am on cm 11 with nexus510:23
locusfalin: yeah10:23
locusfI'm on 10.1.3 on SGNote10:23
vakkovwow, i keep it on cm-10.1 .3. Does hybris work with cm11 ?10:23
alinvakkov: in principle yes.. situ knows better there is branch10:24
alinlocusf: yap... I remember you doing samsung10:24
vakkovgalaxy nexus here ... with no volume buttons (to get to recovery) so now i will have to flash via odin10:25
alinlet me see if cm actually boots10:25
alinyap...  it seems to boot10:25
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alinmaybe a set -x10:27
alinin the installation script may tell us more10:27
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alinanyhow cm boots10:28
vakkovhow the hell does cm boot if you have sailfish over it10:29
alinlocusf: i went back10:30
alinlocusf: and stopped at the cm and booted it10:31
alinlocusf: just wanted to be sure that the cm is fine10:31
locusfalin: sure, good :)10:31
alinlocusf: anyhow... now with sf again... what I noticed... that at one moment in the boot process.... (the phone is all time connected to usb) tells me connections is deacrivated10:32
locusfI wonder if the ssuks utility is open source10:47
locusfoh it is10:47
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vakkovbtw, all of the partitions of the device are getting mounted on my p11:00
alinlocusf: i wonder... in the guide they say all shall match android/cm/sailfish os...11:00
alinlocusf: but in reality is not so... all of them are a little bit delayed11:01
locusfalin: what do you mean?11:01
alinlocusf: I mean the image from google is a snapshot at some moment t011:01
alinthe same the cm one but at a t111:01
alinnot necessary the same code in the trunks at that time11:02
alinthe same with our image11:02
locusflets wait for tomorrow for backup from sailors :)11:04
alinlocusf: yap...11:05
alinlocusf: I think that if we have to build all three images may be an overkill11:06
locusfI have built both mer kernel image and full cm 10.1.3 on my system11:07
alinlocusf: ok... so you are practically in sync11:09
alinexcept the google one...11:09
alteregoWassup? :)11:11
situalin: Does you system show your phone is connected through usb ?11:11
situalterego: Hey11:11
situalin: Show me the output of ifconfig -a from your host11:11
alinsitu: not really is stuck at the google screen11:12
alinlocusf: has the same issue11:12
alteregoWhat device?11:13
situalin: connect your phone to the system with usb cable.11:13
alinI will need to leave soon11:13
alteregoI think situ is trying to say you should be able to see the USB telnet recovery console.11:13
alinalterego: nexus 511:13
situalterego: There is a problem on Nexus 5 and you have to manually change ip address of host to be able to connect with the device.11:14
alteregoWhat sailfish os version are you building against?11:14
alteregositu: yeah, I know that issue.11:14
alteregoI'm pretty sure I sent a fix for that, lol.11:14
alinalterego: guide plus the wiki corrections11:14
alinalterego: friday git11:14
alteregoCan you give me a link to the wiki page?11:14
alinalterego: yesterday synced11:15
situalin: Have you connected your phone to your machine with usb ?11:15
alteregoalin: that's the CM/mer hybris version. I mean sailfish os release, something like
situalin: You have to make some fixes manually after flashing to run lipstick.11:16
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alinalterego: yap that release11:19
alinsitu: ok11:19
alinunfortunately i have only 5 minutes11:19
alinsitu: I am installing the image now again11:20
situalin: why ?11:20
alinsitu: because I reverted to cm11:20
alinsitu: ok... tell me the process...11:21
situalin: which boot image are you using to boot your device ?11:21
alinsitu: i did not manage to detect11:21
situalin: It's the default one right ? That is hybris-boot.img.11:21
alinsitu: what do you mean.. now after will install the sailfish11:21
alinsitu: yes11:21
alinsitu: rebooted11:22
situalin: connect your phone with usb cable11:22
situalin: and show me output of ifconfig -a11:22
alinsitu: ok11:22
alinsitu: for one moment was something11:23
alinthen message about deactivation11:23
situalin: it will connect again.11:23
situno it won't :(11:23
situalin: ifconfig -a11:24
situalin: sudo ifconfig <interface_name> broadcast
situalin: telnet 232311:26
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situalin: reboot your device and check if connection stays activated.11:33
alinsitu: it does not11:34
alinsitu: this is one problem11:34
alinafter 10s is gone11:34
situalin: reboot your device in fastboot mode.11:35
alinsitu: done11:36
situin your build tree cd to the directory containing hybris-boot.img11:36
situalin: sudo fastboot boot hybris-boot.img -c bootmode=debug11:37
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situalin: does the connection stay now ?11:38
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situalin: telnet 2311:41
alintrying trying11:42
alinsitu: if i manually set the network does not work at wall11:43
alintime to go now.... situ we will see later about11:43
situalin: See you.11:43
alinI shall be back in few hours11:43
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locusflets try with same kernel sources and config but different build trees and environments12:22
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locusfyeah with same config and kernel source tree the kernel I now rebuilt works12:53
locusfweird, means that the hybris kernel building way somehow bugged for samsung note12:53
locusfpossibly others too12:54
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alteregousing: make hybris-hal?12:56
alteregolocusf: ^ ?12:56
locusfthat and mka hybris-recovery12:56
alteregoHrm, not sure off hand when mer-kernel-checker gets run12:58
locusfthe config is fine, I just rebuilt a cm source tree kernel with it12:58
locusfalterego: are you on the HADK team too?13:03
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locusfhmm mer hybris also has smdk441213:42
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alinsitu: ok I am back17:50
alinand now I have time to debug17:50
alinlet me reinstall the sailfish17:51
alinlocusf: any luck?17:52
situalin: Are you able to telnet to 23 ?17:54
alinsitu: no17:54
alinsitu: now I will try again17:54
situdid you boot in debug mode ?17:54
alinsitu: what do you mean by debug mode?17:55
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alinsitu: fastboot?17:55
situalin: sudo fastboot boot hybris-boot.img -c bootmode=debug17:55
locusfalin: no luck stilö17:55
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alinsitu: now I do exactly that17:55
situalin: is the device shown connected ?17:57
alinsitu: yes... when I boot in debug remains connected via network17:58
situalin: telnet 2317:58
alinsitu: or rather like trying to connect17:58
alinsitu: the interface is up but no ip associated17:59
situalin: ifconfig -a17:59
situalin: what distro are you using ?17:59
alinsitu: opensuse18:00
alinsitu: nm ios showing like is trying to communicate18:00
situlbt: how to fix this ?18:01
alteregoFix what?18:02
alinsitu: this is the nm log18:02
alinsitu: seems the dhcp is not really successful18:02
situalterego: in debug mode he is not getting ipaddress for host18:02
alinalterego: situ check the log I get a signal 1518:02
alinfor dhcp18:02
alinnm reports it like enp0s20u1  ethernet  connecting (getting IP configuration)  Wired connection 118:03
situalin: sudo ifconfig enp0s20u1 broadcast
alteregoDoes SuSe have any weird firewall stuff?18:05
alteregoHave you tried using a different USB cable?18:05
situalterego: I think his usb cable is fine.18:06
alteregoWell, it's always good to make sure ;)18:06
situalterego: As we already know dhcp has some problems on Nexus 5.18:06
alinalterego: i do not have the firewall enabled18:06
alinput manually the address18:06
alinconnections refused18:06
situwhat command are you executing ?18:06
alteregoVery weird.18:06
alin[root@abbadon:/home/alin]: telnet 2318:07
alinif I ping is up18:07
situalin: telnet 232318:07
alinsitu: alterego refused18:08
situalin: is iptables running on your system ?18:09
alinsitu: not that I know18:09
situPlease check if any firewall is causing any problems.18:09
alinI do not do any low level magic... just a simple install... no firewall at wall18:09
alinsitu: interesting18:11
alinif I ssh I get a passwrod prompt18:11
situalin: do you have any host machine with any other distro ?18:12
alinsitu: no...18:12
situalin: iptables -L -n18:12
alinsitu: i have my doubt that the distro is the issue18:12
situalin: in network manager, go to settings of connections.18:13
situalin: of the connection for Nexus 518:14
alinsitu: is not setup in nm18:14
situalin: can you disconnect and reconnect it.18:14
situalin: what desktop environment ?18:15
alinsitu: kde and I have indeed an entry in nm18:15
alinso is created manual18:16
Stskeepsport 2323?18:17
situalin: he is not able to telnet to 23 or 232318:17
situbut can ssh and ping.18:17
situStskeeps: ^18:17
alteregoHe's supposed to be in recovery.18:17
situalterego: but if ssh is working that means he is not in recovery.18:17
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alteregositu: indeed18:18
alinrebooted again18:18
Stskeepswell, ssh is good... :P18:19
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
alinand is in revovery18:19
alteregoOh he's connecting to the wrong host, lol.18:19
alini see it on the screen18:19
situalin: telnet 2318:19
Stskeepsalso, before that, sudo ifconfig -a18:20
alinStskeeps: now I cannot boot in debug18:20
situalin: What do you mean you "cannot" boot in debug ?18:21
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alinsitu: fasboot .... bootmede=debug18:22
alinbut now is crayz18:22
alingot mounted18:22
situNot getting you.18:22
alinremember you told me to boot in debug mode18:23
alin[alin@abbadon:~/lavello/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/hammerhead]: sudo fastboot boot hybris-boot.img -c bootmode=debug18:23
situalin: can you telnet 23 ?18:24
alinsitu: no18:24
alintelnet: connect to address No route to host18:24
Stskeepsfastboot parameters don't always work, fwiw18:24
situalin: can you telnet 2323 ?18:24
situso is not reachable.18:25
alinsitu: same story18:25
situalin: Right, I missed your last message about "No route to host".18:25
alinsitu: yap18:25
energycsdxactualy i had two problem with telnet: host interface some times don`t receive ip via dhcp, another looks like conman reset ip from usb018:25
situalin: I think your device is booting fine, you just need to fix connection issues with your host.18:26
situalin: so just reboot your device and find some way to connect to 2323.18:26
energycsdxwhy dir %{_libexecdir}/droid-hybris/lib-dev-alog/ exists?18:26
situalin: one way to fix is to boot to cyanogenmod, and fix init script to use address 10.42.0.* range.18:28
situalin: and use "shared connection" with the device.18:29
energycsdxalin: try to use init-debug script from hybris-boot repo18:29
alinsitu: energycsdx too many things... one disaster at a time18:30
alinfirstly... connection dies after 10s with normal boot18:30
situalin: I belive device is doing fine and connection dies becuase of issues with host.18:31
energycsdxalin: connection dies because conman inside sailfish reseting ip on usb018:31
situalin: If stucks to google logo and does not reboot, you should be able to telnet to 232318:31
alinsitu: I have my doubts about that... as I could connect it without issues from cyanogen...18:31
situalin: cm uses different ways to connect.18:32
energycsdxalin: atleast for me18:32
alinenergycsdx: yap... this is what I can thing from nm logs18:32
energycsdxi used workaround that periodicaly sets proper ip18:33
alinI go in fastboot then [alin@abbadon:~/lavello/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/hammerhead]: fastboot boot hybris-boot.img -c bootmode=debug18:33
situalin: Use cm boot image to boot to cyanogenmod18:33
alinand in this way I get an stable interface but dhcp does not give an address18:34
energycsdxalin: got this also18:34
alinmanually setting the address... does not allow me to ping18:34
alinok.. so these are the facts... pretty reproducible18:34
alinthe funny bit is that i can mount the partitions18:35
alinsitu: so in principle I can delete the file from guide18:36
situalin: which file ?18:37
alinsitu: in the wiki guide18:37
situalin: can you boot using boot.img ?18:39
*** piggz has quit IRC18:39
situalterego: Is boot.img from build tree supposed to boot to cm ?18:40
alinsitu: what do you mean?18:40
situalin: ok, don't try that.18:40
alteregoWell, it might.18:40
situalterego: I think it should.18:40
alinbut I have access to files18:40
alini can mount the partitions18:41
alinvia the usb cable18:41
alinI can edit any content from there18:41
alteregoIt certainly might be an idea, but we don't build a CM kernel.18:41
alteregoThere's the possibility that our kernel is incompatible with Android18:41
situalin: ok, cd to /data18:41
situ /data18:41
alteregoBut there's nothing stopping you from doing a full CM build or even just build the appropriate boot.img (though you'd need to switch kernel branches)18:42
alinsitu: that is on which partition18:42
situalin: let me check18:42
alinI have 5 partitions18:42
alin2.0... persistent cache system and userdata18:43
locusfboot.img in cm is just the kernel18:43
situalin: /dev/mmcblk0p2818:43
situalin: ok, check userdata18:43
alinsitu: no such thing they are available as /dev/sdb16 18 25 2818:43
alinyes there is an empty data18:44
situalin: ls .stowaways/18:44
alinno such thing18:45
situalin: I think you should just boot back to cyanogenmod and edit the file.18:46
situalin: and then boot to fastboot mode and boot using hybris-boot.img18:46
situalin: do you have .zip file for cm on your host ?18:47
alinsitu: I have it on my phone18:47
alinsitu: and on my host too18:48
situalin: extract boot.img from it.18:48
alinsitu: I did18:50
situalin: boot to fastboot mode18:50
situalin: sudo fastboot boot boot.img18:50
situThis will boot cm18:51
alinsitu: yap I am there18:51
alinsitu: done.. by the way sudo is not needed18:52
alinso now I am in cyanogen18:52
situalin: open /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init-debug18:52
alintakes a while to generate all the java shit18:52
alinsitu: was .s18:53
alinblimey I did not check that18:53
alingot a shell18:53
situalin: start adb shell and open /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init-debug18:53
alincd /data18:53
alinpermission denied18:53
situexit the shell18:54
situalin: adb root18:54
situalin: adb shell18:54
alinroot access is disabled by system setting - enable in settings -> development options18:54
situalin: ok, please do so18:54
locusftap multiple times on the build number to activate it18:56
alinsitu: in it18:57
alinlocusf: yes I know did it18:57
situalin: can you open open /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init-debug18:57
alinsitu: of course I am in it18:57
situReplace this line with :18:58
alinsitu: done18:58
situnow reboot to sailfish18:58
situdo not boot to fastboot, just let the device reboot.18:59
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:59
alinsitu: that fixed nothing19:00
situalin: sudo ifconfig <interface_name> broadcast
situalin: telnet 232319:00
alinsitu: the interdace is dead19:00
alinsitu: as before19:00
situalin: ok open settings for the connection.19:01
alinsitu: what connection .... there is no connection19:01
situalin: ifconfig -a ?19:02
alinsitu: is dead as before19:02
situalterego: do you know of any command which you use to bring up usb interface manually ?19:03
*** log` has quit IRC19:03
alteregoErm, ifconfig?19:03
situalterego: I don't know much about how to bring up interfaces manually, can you help me here ?19:04
alteregoI can't really recommend anything more than anyone else already has19:04
alteregoIsn't ssh enough?19:04
situalterego: you have to enable ssh from UI to use it I think.19:05
alteregoOh, I thought you'd got ssh working.19:07
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #sailfishos-porters19:07
situalin: I am pretty sure lipstick is crashing on your device and we can try to fix it, but all the fixes have to be made using cm.19:07
situalin: as you can not telnet to the device.19:07
alteregoChanging init-debug under /data wont effect networking in debug mode btw.19:09
situalterego: Right, we are not trying to boot to debug mode anymore.19:09
alteregoYou have to remake hybris-boot to do that. (With updated init script)19:09
situalterego: Correct.19:09
situalterego: Because it uses the init script built into the image.19:10
alteregoYes, I know, I did have somewhat of a hand writing it ;)19:11
* alterego ponders19:11
situalterego: I am pretty sure you do ;)19:11
alinsitu: i have found the stowaways19:12
alteregoSo, just to recap, you're trying HADK on N5 right?19:12
alinthey are on the partition19:12
situalin: ok, do you want to debug network connection or make the fixes by the mounted partition (I am not sure how well they will work) ?19:13
situalterego: Yes19:13
alinsitu: if is a matter of editing files... probably is good to just use the mounted ones19:14
alinmuch simpler19:14
situalin: can you confirm me your device does not reboot and it stucks to google logo when you boot to sailfish ?19:14
alinsitu: yes19:15
alingoogle logo all the time..19:15
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:16
situalin: open /lib/systemd/system under stowaways19:16
alinsitu: ok19:17
situalin: Actually open /etc/systemd/system/
situalin: Do you see sys-kernel-debug.mount ?19:18
alinsitu: no
situalin: which .ks file did you use to build the image ?19:20
alinsitu: I have no idea... whatever was default for the guide19:21
alinwith the changed from the page19:21
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC19:22
situalin: open /lib/systemd/system/
alinsitu: here is the .ks
situalin: Do you have /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf ?19:28
alinpreactically is as per guide plus an extra repo19:28
alinsitu: yes19:29
situalin: Delete this file19:29
alinsitu: done19:29
situalin: /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/sensors/ ?19:29
situalin: Delete it19:30
alinsitu: sone19:31
situalin: now reboot19:31
situalin: and wait for some time, it should bring up lipstick.19:31
alinsitu: now... i remember something... when I tether on usb... I cannot access the data.. and the other way round19:32
alinis not something similar happening now?19:32
alinsitu: no change the same story19:33
situalin: wait for 3-4 minutes19:35
situalin: it doesn't work, please try to fix the connection issue.19:35
alinsitu: but if the issue is to remove some files... why we do not deleted them in the stage of creating the image?19:36
situalin: Ideally we should be able to have lipstick running without deleting those files.19:37
alinsitu: anyhow there is no success19:41
situalin: can you show me demsg output from host ?19:41
*** aironeous has joined #sailfishos-porters19:43
situ[ 6698.482571] systemd-udevd[6421]: renamed network interface usb0 to enp0s20u119:46
situ[ 6704.460203] usb 3-1: USB disconnect, device number 4719:46
situusb device disconnects after 6 seconds.19:47
aironeousi know this is a little off topic but I don't know what future plans you guys have as far as new devices you will be putting Sailfish OS on. Just thinking you might want to check this out under the category of UI design, if you ever decide to enter the robotics area or have to have your device interact with robots
alinsitu: ok... thought were 1019:49
alinbut this is what I see19:49
situalin: I think it will be best to ping lbt about this.19:50
lbtabout ?19:51
situalin: alternatively if you can get access to a fedora machine and try to connect your device from there.19:51
situlbt: he is not able to telnet to his device.19:51
lbtnb .. dmesg does not report all usb status info19:51
lbtlsusb -v | grep Mer19:51
alinlbt: no lsusb on my machine19:52
lbtI find I have to ifdown/ifup the usb interface too19:52
lbtalin: zypper ?19:52
* lbt guesses based on pastie url19:52
*** cax has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
*** cax has quit IRC19:53
Stskeepsaironeous: a bit off topic; but i'll put it on my research reading list..19:53
situalin: usbutils19:53
lbtthe main reason is it should tell you the IP address if19:54
alinsitu: ^19:54
alinjust a google inc19:54
situalin: lsusb -v19:55
lbtthat looks like you missed -v19:55
lbtand then you'll see why we grep...19:55
lbtalthough I think we miss 'Mer' from some status messages - may have to fix that19:56
alinplus few errors Couldn't open device, some information will be missing19:57
locusfso the device doesn't even boot to mer, just like mine19:57
lbtok - so that doesn't quite tally with   [ 6698.421396] usb 3-1: SerialNumber: Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=yes)19:57
situlocusf: It does boot to Mer, see the dmesg logs.19:57
lbtalin: grep Mer with capital M ?19:58
alingrepped with -i19:59
lbtwell - I'm a touch confused about why it appears in dmesg and not lsusb - unless it then reboots or something20:00
alinlbt: that info may be mixed with info from other boots20:00
lbt(which it hould not do)20:00
alinlbt: i force a clean reboot20:00
lbtif you don't get Mer boat loader in dmesg/lsusb then it's not booting to the initrd20:00
alinthis is the relevant bit20:03
alinfrom dmesg20:03
alinthat is for c full reboot cycle20:03
situlbt: how is it being detected as usb mass storage device ?20:03
lbtsitu: droid usb multifunction20:04
lbtso this is what's running:
alinlbt: I run the 11 branch20:04
situlbt: that means services run by droid-hal-init are doing it ?20:04
lbtOK - so I made an assumption here :)20:05
alinlbt: situ the funny bit is that if I force a debug mode20:05
lbtif it doesn't boot I go to the recovery img20:05
lbtare you doing that?20:05
alinthen it does not disconnect20:05
situlbt: No, he gets stuck at the google log.20:05
alinlbt: no...20:06
lbtok - so recovery.img may be badly named - think 'force-debug.img'20:06
lbtit allows you to telnet in and 'watch' the boot20:06
alinlbt: no such thing20:07
lbtit pauses *before* running systemd20:07
situlbt: I understood, but the interface to connect to the device goes down and never comes up.20:08
lbtyou know the port changes?20:08
situalin: I think you should really try your device with a fedora box.20:08
situlbt: I am aware about that.20:08
lbtand as I say, I have to ifdown/up the usb0 (or whatever your system names it to)20:09
alteregolbt: check /other/ chat ;)20:09
alinlbt: what do you mean by force-debug?20:11
alteregoIt stops booting in initramfs20:12
alteregoYou have to tell it to continue booting. But it keeps usb network and telnet up20:12
alteregoTo make it easier to see what's going on.20:12
alinalterego: ok.. I get that... but how do you achieve that20:12
lbt is set in the img initrd20:12
situalin: bootmode=debug parameter to kernel command line.20:13
lbtsitu: you can do that too - some devices won't let you20:13
situlbt: It used to work with Nexus 5, hasn't checked recently.20:14
lbt*nod* ... just explaining why we don't exclusively rely on kernel cmdline20:14
alinsitu: ok but then probably is ok... as the ethernet connection seems to be up20:15
alinwhen I fastboot20:15
alinths indeede   890  2014-07-20 20:06:32 fastboot boot hybris-boot.img -c bootmode=debug20:17
alinget me in a state where I can see the network on20:17
alinbut I cannot tellnet20:17
situalin: ifconfig -a20:17
alinand dhcp dies20:17
situalin: does the interface stay up ?20:18
alinsitu: yes20:18
alinand the partitions get listed ready to mount20:18
situalin: what is the output of 'ifconfig -a' ?20:18
situalin: sudo ifconfig enp0s20u1 broadcast
situalin: telnet 2320:20
alinrhis is the dmesg20:21
*** sledges has joined #sailfishos-porters20:22
*** sledges has quit IRC20:22
*** sledges has joined #sailfishos-porters20:22
alintelnet: connect to address No route to host20:22
sledgeshow's fighting? :)20:23
alinfrom lsusb   iSerial                 3 Mer Debug telnet on port 23 on rndis0 - also running udhcpd20:23
JohnyZis there any updated pdf guide ?20:24
situalin: ohh right, we have not changed rootfs yet.20:24
alinand I am in20:24
alinon 1520:24
situlbt: so bootmode=debug works.20:24
lbtit's easier than recovery img20:25
alinsitu: I had to pur a 192 address20:25
lbts// it can be easier20:25
alinmanually but then is ok20:25
lbt  now has an 14.04 ubuntu chroot courtesy of alterego20:25
situalin: Yeah, I confused it with "" address we had put earlier.20:26
sledgeslbt: awesome, i'll point to this in next version of hadk out tomorrow (cc JohnyZ )20:26
situalterego: cheers20:26
alinsitu: now ince in20:28
situalin: echo "continue" > /init-ctl/stdin20:29
situalin: This will continue the bootprocess but there is no chance of lipstick coming up as you need other kernel parameters to bring it up.20:30
alinsitu: ~ # Connection closed by foreign host.20:31
situalin: interface will come up again.20:31
alinsitu: i get the recovery mode20:32
situalin: that is because you have not disable selinux through kernel parameters.20:32
alinsitu: was in the guide?20:32
alinsitu: then would have been difficult20:33
energycsdxis it ok that when i run /sbin/droid-hal-init it deletes all content of /dev ?20:38
situenergycsdx: doesn't sound too good.20:39
situlbt: I think we should fix the dhcp issues. Do you know what is causing it ?20:40
* lbt doesn't use the dhcp bit20:40
situlbt: how do you connect to your device ?20:41
energycsdxi guess he have serial20:41
lbtmanual if config20:41
*** pulser has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
situlbt: but now in this case it is causing the interface to disappear.20:42
situlbt: I do manual ifconfig too.20:42
JohnyZim stuck at building hybris-hal for n7100, cc not found + n7100 does not have mounpoint fixup data20:43
energycsdxok i understand droid-hal-init mounts tmpfs over /dev, how to prevent to do this?20:43
lbtI don't think it's dhcp doing that20:43
lbtJohnyZ: I'm not sure why but the ubu root seems to have a problem20:44
lbtyou could try the new 'trusty' one:
JohnyZok, ill try20:45
lbtJohnyZ: also you need to modify the moutpoint fixup by hand20:45
lbtand then MR it when it works20:45
situalin: Can't help you further, please try connecting with any other distro.20:46
lbtalin: and I'm not around much tonight - can help more during the week though20:47
sledgessitu: alin: remove usb-moded from (/target)/lib/systemd/system/ when in recovery ?20:47
alinsitu: what has the distro to do with... I connected...20:48
alinsledges: what recovery?20:49
situalin: you should be able to connect without debug mode too.20:49
*** aironeous has quit IRC20:49
*** tinker-f595 has quit IRC20:51
alinsitu: the problem is in debug mode too20:51
situalin: what is the problem in debug mode ?20:52
alinsledges: no I did not remove anything20:52
alinsitu: when hit continue closes the connection and game over20:52
alinsitu: exactly the same as before20:52
situalin: That's why I am asking you to try with any other distro.20:53
situWe don't see such issues on fedora.20:53
alinsledges:  i am a little bit confised... what is revoery mode... the only recovery mode I get is the one from which I can install new images20:55
alinsitu: maybe you are just lucky...20:55
situalin: when you boot with bootmode=debug then it boots to recovery (in Mer's terms).20:57
situvgrade_: what distro are you using ?21:00
alinsledges: situ remember you said to use some repo of situ to save time21:04
* energycsdx understans that is using not patched android init21:04
alincan that be the cause?21:04
situalin: Nope.21:04
alinalso I noticed that while connected with telnet ls -lrt21:05
alincauses a segfault21:05
alinok... some progress.. sledges situ with the service removed now the interface is up21:10
situalin: which service did you remove ?21:10
alinsitu: the one sledges suggested21:11
situalin: how did you boot ?21:11
alinsitu: with the debug mode21:12
alinthey stoped and I had access to target21:12
alinremoved from it and the of course when continue it crashed21:12
energycsdxso usb-moded reseted ip?21:12
situalin: does the interface stay up if you boot without debug mode ?21:13
alinsitu: yes21:13
alinsitu: let me try one more time21:13
alinyap up and stable21:14
situalin: sudo ifconfig enp0s20u1 broadcast
situalin: telnet 232321:15
alinsitu: i am back to the old image with 192.16821:15
situalin: what is the output of ifconfig -a ?21:15
alinsitu: the same things as previously21:16
alinno ip address set21:16
situalin: ifconfig -a21:17
*** tinker-f595 has joined #sailfishos-porters21:17
*** teotwaki has joined #sailfishos-porters21:21
sledgesalin: ifconfig enp0s20u1
sledgestelnet 232321:24
alinsledges: all telnet: connect to address No route to host21:25
situsledges: it's
alteregoIt's 2.1 isn't it?21:25
alinalterego: situ no worries threste 2.121:26
alinthe same issue21:26
situlbt: when are you planning to fix the issue with ordering of systemd services ?21:28
alteregositu: elaborate?21:28
situalterego:  droid-hal-init is sometimes started before /system is mounted and causes problems with property service.21:28
alteregoInteresting, I'll look into it in the morning21:29
energycsdxi run followin scrip befor doing echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin21:29
alinsitu: what version of nm are you using?21:30
situalterego: we have seen this issue on Nexus 5 only.21:30
alteregositu: yeah, unusual, but unlikely to be Nexus 5 specific.21:31
alteregoRace conditions suck like that sometimes ;)21:31
situalterego: if a services depends on other service we should use "RequiredBy" instead of "WantedBy".21:32
situalterego: That's how I fixed it on my device.21:32
situalin: GNU nm version 2.23.221:33
alinsitu: network manager... sorry21:34
alteregositu: why don't you submit a PR then? :)21:35
alindid any of you saw ls -lrt segfaulting?21:35
situalterego: ok, will need to check whic repo it will go to.21:35
situalterego: will do that, thanks21:36
alteregonp :)21:36
situalterego: I believe who tree of systemd services needs to be analyzed.21:36
situwhole tree *21:36
situalin: It works well for me (but I am not in debug mode).21:37
alteregositu: I'm probably not the best person to ask about that. A bit of a systemd novice here :)21:38
sledgesboot graph could do well with..21:41
sledgesnever gotten 'round to play on those21:41
alteregoIt is something I'd like to learn, systemd and all that magic.21:41
alteregoI know we have some boot chart stuff available. So should be pretty straight forward to use it in sfe.21:42
alteregoNot just about startup times though, it's also about dependency trees. Which looks like what situ found in Nexus 521:42
lbtI think we mis-specify the before/depend in the units21:46
sledgesyep, but things depending on same target, might get executed in random order21:46
sledgesso will need to see and stricten bits ..21:46
lbtwe had a chat on this but I don't recall the full solution21:46
sledgesok, feeling knackered after day off :) nnight!21:47
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:04
*** alin has quit IRC22:04
*** teotwaki has quit IRC22:05
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:07
beidlhello guys! someone around who could lend me a hand?22:08
beidlI'm trying to port SailfishOS to the Galaxy Nexus (maguro) and I'm having a problem when packaging up the HAL.22:11
alteregoWhat's up?22:11
beidlit seems to me that building droid-hal-configs fails because it's not finding dependencies, some of which have been built in the step before22:12
beidlI assumed that I had to add the local repository beforehand. but the command  in the pdf is cut22:12
alteregoCan you paste your error output to a web based paste bin? :)22:12
GranPC_beidl: in some PDF readers you can select the text that is otu of bounds22:15
GranPC_to copy and paste it elsewhere so you can read it22:15
GranPC_it's a "known bug" in the PDF :P22:16
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC22:16
beidloh PDF, you fancy "standard" ^^ okular (KDE PDF reader) doesn't do it, sadly, already tried that :P22:17
*** s5pik3 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:24
beidlbut am I right by assuming that 7.1.3 has to be done before 7.1.2 ?22:30
beidlI was right, actually had to enable the repo (including disabling GPG checking) to make step 7.1.2 work22:37
beidlhow long until there's a fixed pdf file available? 8.2 is having the same problem :)22:45
*** s5pik3 has quit IRC23:46

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